Wildcat: Chapter 24




As soon as we return from our road trip, I convince Scarlett to come back to my place and hang out for the day. I have homework, a massage scheduled, and a meeting with my agent, and she has editing to do for some photos she took, but I want her in my space, even if we can’t be doing the same things.

I’m pacing the living room and talking to Daria while Scarlett sits on the couch with her laptop in front of her.

“Your new roster photo is a definite upgrade,” she says, humor laced in her tone. “Not that it could get much worse.”

“Glad you approve.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. I have a long list of gripes.”

I laugh and shake my head. I love that about Daria. She isn’t afraid to bust my balls. While she tries to convince me to do a few more interviews or appearances by going through the list of events I’ve been invited to, I walk around behind Scarlett and lean down to kiss her neck. She smells all girly. Her hair is some sweet floral scent and she has this peach lotion that she’s always putting on her hands. I’m never going to be able to see a peach again and not think of Scarlett.

“Earth to Leo,” Daria chirps.

“Sorry, Daria. I don’t have time for any of those right now.”

“An hour tops. Make an appearance, take a photo, bring a date,” she says the last thing pointedly.

“I’ll think about it.”

“I’m sending over my top five. Pick one. And if you need a date, Tiffany Ryan would loooove for you to finally take her up on a joint appearance.”

I grumble, which makes her laugh.

“Honestly, you’re the only player I manage who isn’t jumping to go to all the A-list events. Enjoy your youth.”

I nip at Scarlett’s neck. “I will. Promise.” Just not the way she has in mind. Who needs A-list events or Tiffany when I have my dream girl right here?

I drop the phone and hurdle over the back of the couch, bouncing onto the cushion beside Scarlett.

“Those are good.”

She tries to hide the screen with both hands. “Don’t look. I’m not finished.”

“Come on, let me see.” I give her puppy dog eyes until she relents.

It’s a picture of a couple embracing outside near a lake. She clicks through several more, all of the same couple. Some are posed, others aren’t. They’re all really good, as far as I can tell.

“This one is my favorite.” She stops on one where they’re smiling at one another.

“What kind of photographer do you want to be?”

She shuts her laptop and turns to face me. “The really good kind.”

I pull her legs onto my lap. “You know what I mean. Do you want to take pictures of buildings, nature, weddings, events, sports?”

She laughs lightly. “I’m not sure yet. I think events would be fun. I like the idea of capturing candids of people out with friends and family, having a good time, living their best lives. Like those A-list events your agent is trying to get you to attend.”

“You heard that, huh?”

“She talks awfully loud.”

“I’ll tell her you said so.”

Her eyes widen. “Don’t you dare, Leo Lohan. She’s already trying to pawn you off on other women. I need her on my side.”

“Uh-oh. Both names.” I lean back, taking her with me, so she’s lying on top of me. “I must be in trouble.”

She hums, then threads her fingers through my hair. I take her mouth and palm her ass—a cheek in each hand. I never considered myself much of an ass man, but Scarlett’s is perfect.

“I’m not interested in other women.” I bring my hands up so I can slide them under her shirt. Her skin is warm, but she shivers as my fingertips run along her spine. I get her shirt off and jeans unbuttoned before my phone rings again.

I’m so hard and out of my mind for her that I have no plan to stop until Scarlett murmurs, “You should probably see who it is.”

“Don’t care.”

She giggles, pulls away and reaches for my phone. “It’s Ash.”

“I’ll call him back later.”

“Answer it,” she says. “If you don’t, he might show up.”

“Good point.” I sit up and take the phone, then pull her back on top of me. I answer as I bury my face in her breasts. “Busy. Call you later?”

“Only take a second,” he says. “I’m having a few people over later.”

Scarlett works on the button of my jeans. I help, and she kneels in front of me and pulls both my pants and boxers down my legs.

“Great. See you then.” I suck in a breath as she looks up at me with wet, swollen lips. She wraps a hand around the base of my dick, and I groan.

“Wait,” Ash says before I can hang up. “I need to talk to you about something else. It’s kind of important.” Worst.timing.ever. I tighten my grasp on the phone and close my eyes as Scarlett wraps her mouth around the head of my dick.

“What’s up?” I grit out.

“It’s Talia. I think I might really be falling for her.”

White-hot pleasure courses through me as Scarlett works her lips down, taking me all the way in and sucking hard.



If this weren’t the start of the best blow job of my life, I’d be more hesitant to believe him. His relationship with Talia has always been about convenience and sex. “Awesome, man. Congrats. Let’s talk—”

“She’s gorgeous and uncomplicated…”

I stop listening somewhere around the third adjective. Scarlett pops off my cock for a quick break and gathers her hair out of her face, pulling it to one side. I take over, holding it for her, and she smirks at me still on the phone. I give her an apologetic shrug, but she doesn’t seem to mind because she swallows my dick again.

She licks me from balls to tip, swirling her tongue and then taking me to the back of her throat and sucking until her cheeks hollow. This is heaven.

I’m getting close to coming, and Ash is still going on about how great Talia is.

“That’s really great. Happy for you. Call you la—”

Again, he cuts me off. “Yeah, I’m just not sure if I’m ready for a real relationship. You know? What if I screw it up?”

“You won’t.” I shudder as my balls draw up tight.

He bursts into laughter. “I can’t keep this up anymore. I’m sorry, man. You’re a good friend. Tell Scarlett hi for me when she gets her mouth off your dick.”

Mother fucker.

I end the call and toss the phone. I cup the back of Scarlett’s neck and pull her to her feet. I get her jeans and panties off as I kiss the hell out of her. I lie her down on the couch and hook an arm around one leg. “I almost came in your pretty mouth.”

She arches into me as I drop my mouth to her pussy. “You should have. I wanted you to.”

I push two fingers inside of her as I suck on her clit. When she starts to writhe underneath me, I grab a condom from my pants and cover myself. I help her onto her stomach and lift her ass up into the air.

Damn, there’s no better sight. I line my dick up at her entrance and then rub the tip along her sensitive pussy before pushing all the way in.

“Leo,” she gasps.

I squeeze her ass in my hands as I drive into her. It’s never been like this with anyone. I don’t want it to end, but nothing is sexier than watching her fall apart underneath me.

Later, we walk over to Ash’s house. When he sees me, he comes over with a big grin and pulls me into a hug.

“I’m sorry,” he says. “I couldn’t resist, but seriously, you’re the best. Know I can always count on you.”

“Next time, I’m letting it go to voicemail,” I tell him.

“Hey, Miller.” Ash hugs Scarlett next. “Glad you two could come up for air long enough to hang out.”

“I was promised there would be food and alcohol,” she says.

Ash runs a hand through his hair and laughs. “In the kitchen.”

I lead Scarlett to the back of the house. A spread of mostly healthy foods is laid out buffet-style. I hand my girl a plate and watch with amusement as she piles it high with so much food I know there’s no way she can eat it all.

“What?” she asks when she finds me staring. “I’m ravenous.”

I hug her from behind and place a kiss on her neck. “Me too.”

“Uh-uh. No more until I’m fed.”

Chuckling, I let her go, fill my own plate, and we take them to the living room. Some of the guys are playing video games, a group is playing beer pong, and others are just hanging out in couples like Scarlett and me.

My girl isn’t messing around. She doesn’t speak for five minutes. She devours the food with little moans of appreciation that have me waiting for the second she’s full, so I can drag her somewhere and make out some more.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been more anxious to get someone naked twenty-four-seven. It’s never enough with Scarlett.

She leans back and sighs. “I think I’m going to live.”

“Note to self, keep Scarlett fed, or sex is off the table.”

She hits me with a playful smile. “You should really keep more food in your fridge.”

She’s not wrong. Besides the prepared meals I get from Pam, my refrigerator is pretty bare. It’s just easier during the season, and it ensures I’m eating enough. Pam will be pleased to stock it with something besides her casseroles.

“Why is Daria trying to get you to go to more events?”

“All publicity is good publicity or some such nonsense,” I say. “My contract is up after this year, and she thinks the more I’m seen out enjoying Minnesota, the better my chances are of getting a lucrative deal that will keep me here. In addition to playing stellar hockey, of course.”

“Of course.” She leans back against me so that her shoulder rests on mine. “Do you want to stay in Minnesota?”

“Yeah.” I move my arm around her and pull her farther into my chest. “Minnesota is looking pretty fine.”

She rolls her eyes and laughs. “Then I guess you better go to some A-list events.”

“Will you come with me?”

Shifting so she can better look me in the eye, she says, “I’m not sure. People would know we’re… whatever.”

“Whatever?” I ask, grinning at her inability to define us. Whatever isn’t the term I’d use.

“Dating, hooking up, whatever.”

“I’m okay with that. Are you?”

We haven’t talked about it, but I know we’re reaching that point that we need to tell her dad before he finds out from someone else. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about that conversation.

She closes the space between us and presses her lips to mine. “I guess I am, Leo Lohan.”


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