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Warlords MC: Book 6 – Traven : Chapter 6

Winter went to the door and turned the key then she got ready for bed by putting on a clean t-shirt and taking off her jeans, she was a t-shirt and panties kind of girl when she slept. Then she shut off the light and thought about heading over to stand at the window. Along the way, she paused at the door separating the two rooms and made sure the key was turned in the lock between them.

She knew the man did not intend to harm her, as he could’ve done that at any time so far, but for some reason, she felt wary of him still. Maybe the heat he caused in her whenever he was too close or when he looked right at her.

She shrugged off the odd feeling and went over to the window. She could see the tree line and the clean yard behind the main house. The grass was cut short and it disappeared in the shadows. She would imagine it looked different in the daylight which would be in just a few short hours.

She knew she should go to bed but she knew she couldn’t just yet. She didn’t want the nightmares to begin again tonight. Something from her past kept trying to resurface and she didn’t want it to. And this whole mess tonight had rattled her but good. She couldn’t remember what it actually was but she woke up screaming every time.

She laid her forehead against the coolness of the glass. She hadn’t had this particular nightmare in a while but she also knew it came on when she was upset and right now… she was very upset. This particular nightmare had been coming more and more lately, almost as if her mind was making her remember something she didn’t want to remember.

Eventually, the sounds in the building settled down for the night but Winter still stood there looking out the back window. When she could no longer hold her eyes open, she went over to the bed and looked at it longingly. Instead of climbing into it, she grabbed the comfort off the bed and went over to the corner of the room, it could help stave off the nightmare to avoid the bed altogether. Wrapping the blanket around her shoulders, she sat down and leaned back against the wall. Closing her eyes, she let herself sleep.

Just as she settled into a deep sleep, a door opened in her subconscious and a memory of time a long time ago began leaking out. A memory she never wanted to remember.

As her memories became clearer in her mind, she saw for the first time since it happened exactly what her nightmares had been about. She was thirteen again, and just coming in the back door of her house after school.

She heard loud voices in the living room and then she heard her mother’s voice answering back. She crept forward and peeked into the room. She first saw her two older brothers facing off with her mom. She almost called out to them as they hadn’t been home in so long and she was glad to see them again. Then she realized there was something going on that she didn’t understand. All three of them were angry and shouting. Her mom was shouting at Matty and Brady that she couldn’t help them. That they should think very clearly about what they were asking her to do. Shaking her head she told them both, she wouldn’t do what they wanted.

Then Matty hit her. When she cried out, Matty put his hands around her neck and began to squeeze. Winter made a sound and Brady snapped his head around to glare in her direction. Winter, for the first time began to fear her brothers. They both had a crazed look in their eyes. Brady came toward her and she knew she had to hide.

She ducked into the pantry, closing the door quietly behind her. From behind the slats, she watched her brother come into the kitchen and look around. He was on his way toward her when he heard Matty call to him. Brady paused then turned back and left the room.

When she heard crashes and swearing from the living room, she slid down to the floor. She huddled there shaking as she heard them tear the room apart. She hadn’t heard her mom’s voice again and she was terrified about what was happening. Then she heard the front door slam shut and it took her a long time before she could move.

She finally got to her feet and pushed the door open. Creeping through the kitchen slowly, she forced herself to step into the living room area. The room was in shambles. Lamps were smashed on the floor and furniture was flipped over all over the room.

She took a few more steps into the room and she finally saw her mother. She was laying on the floor but she wasn’t moving. Winter crept closer, calling out her mom’s name.

Then she dropped down to the floor next to her mom. Reaching out, she pushed her mom over on her back. Then she began to scream. And scream, and scream.

She knew her mom was dead, but Matty had hit her more than once. Blood was drying on her face and body as her eyes stared at nothing. Her throat was bruised and the skin torn open.

A few minutes later, the front door was thrown open and the police rushed into the room but Winter was still screaming. She was still holding her mom’s hands and it was only when her dad arrived and he pried her hands off her mom that she looked up and stopped screaming. She threw herself into her dad’s embrace and then she didn’t remember anything.

Winter began tossing and turning as she remembered the events of that afternoon. Seeing her mom’s face after her brothers left the house and she began screaming all over again, as the horror of that day came back into focus.

Traven kept pounding on the door, calling out her name. “Fuck!” He sighed and shook his head. Her screaming continued. He slammed his body against the wood of the door that separated the two rooms and when it finally gave way, he rushed into the room.

He looked around the room to find her and when he did, he rushed over to her. He lifted her from the floor.

She had stopped screaming by then, just looking like she was in shock.

Her eyes were glazed over and he knew she was still caught up in the nightmare. He gripped her upper arms and began shaking her awake. Her head snapped back and forth but she didn’t come out of it. Whatever it was.

Will came through the door between their room and he just shook his head. “You can’t get her back like that,” he called out to Traven.

Traven shifted his gaze over to him. “What is happening with her?” he snarled.

“I think she’s remembering the day she found our mom after someone broke into our house and killed her.”

“How do I get her back from that?” Traven wanted to know.

“I’m not sure.” Will shrugged. “She’s always said that she never remembered much of that day before. Whenever this happened, my dad would have real trouble getting her back from it.”

“What did he do back then?” Traven demanded.

“He held her, told her it would be okay?” Will stared helplessly at his sister. “I never seen her this bad before though. She always woke up right away and I never heard her scream for this long either.” Tears rolled down his face as he looked at her. “She’s been so scared for so long. She has tried to hide it but I know her tells. I’m her brother and I know when she’s scared. I can’t even help her while stuck in this fucking chair.”

Traven wrapped the blanket around her shoulders again and looked down at Will. “You help her by being alive. You’re her family and she needs you as much as you need her. You both have lost too much in your life already, but you are important to her.”

Will shook his head. “I’m her burden.”

“No you’re not.” Traven shook his head as he swung her into his arms. “You’re her brother. When we brought her here after we left the camp she kept saying she had to get back to you. She had to protect you against your other brothers. She said she wouldn’t lose you like she lost your dad.”

He walked over to the chair in the corner and sat down with her in his lap. He just held her close to him. Traven looked over at Will. “Go back to bed kid. I’ll stay with her tonight.”

Will paused and studied him for a moment as if considering if he should leave her with this man. Then he wheeled closer and took her hand while he stared her face. With his other hand, he carefully brushed a strand of her hair away from her cheek. “Come back to me sis, I need you,” he whispered. “We got a job to do. We have to find Matty and Brady and shut them down. Then your nightmares will stop. It’s time to take back our family.”

He stared at his sister but she didn’t acknowledge his words so lost in her own memories as she was. But Will didn’t give up on her. He couldn’t, she never once gave up on him when his life got bad. Well, he wouldn’t give up on her either. He looked up at Traven and said, “I’d like to stay with her until I know she’s back. I won’t bother you but I need to stay here for now.”

Traven nodded. He looked over at the unused bed. “At least, make yourself comfortable. Sitting in that chair all the time must be a pain.”

Will grimaced. “It is.” He wheeled over to the bed and easily transferred himself to the softer surface. He groaned as he laid down and got comfortable.

Muttly jumped up and settle down next to him.


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