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Warlords MC: Book 6 – Traven : Chapter 1

Two weeks later

Traven pulled off the road and was followed by another vehicle like his; both vehicles were dark SUV’s. They pulled into the tree line and semi hid the vehicles. He checked out the area before he exited his vehicle and when he stepped out, he and the two others were dressed all in black.

All three went to the back of their vehicles and began adding to the dark outfits. They all pulled on shoulder holsters and handguns. Each strapped a knife to his hip and they all pulled on black beanie type caps over their hair. Each of them added a special watch they could use to communicate with each other and an earpiece in case they needed to alert the others.

Finally, they all slung a high powered rifle over their shoulders and then they began walking deeper into the woods.

They walked for about a half an hour before each one broke off and went in another direction. They approached the base camp quietly and from different areas.

Traven squatted down and took a careful look around the area. They had just heard about this camp and they were here to scout it out. This was a survivalist camp. One of the many scattered all over the nation, but he had a feeling in his bones this wasn’t one of the better camps. This camp wasn’t set up like many of the others.

The other camps weren’t hidden like this one was. This camp was set in the Big Belt Mountain range. They were also off the beaten track and they had several temporary buildings set up. Traven knew that meant they’d been around for a while and planned on staying right where they were. He did take note of men on sentry duty and while that was normal, these men were carrying automatic AK47 rifles.

That wasn’t normal for a survivalist camp either. He moved into the shadows of the camp and shimmied up a tree. Most survivalists looked for perps at ground levels, they very seldom think to look above them.

He reached for his night vision binoculars and scoped out the camp. He counted the roving patrol and shook his head. What was this band hiding that called for such a secure perimeter?

He lowered the binoculars just as his watch glowed with a message from one of his partners. He glanced at it and frowned. Woman nearing the fence, six o’clock position.

He picked up his night vision nocs again, and began scoping the area to his left again.

It took him a minute or so to pick up her heat signature. He could see this was a woman but it wasn’t the only signature he found. A sentry was coming her way and he wasn’t sure she could see him coming toward her. She seemed to be staring at someone in the camp and she couldn’t take her eyes off the other man.

He shot a message back to his partner then shimmied back down the tree. Moving with the shadows, he approached her almost as the sentry reached her. He ducked behind the tree and rounded it, matching the sentry’s movements. Just as the guard was about to notice the girl, Traven knocked him out with a hard tap to the back of the neck. He helped the man to the ground softly to not alert any of the other sentries by making a sound. He laid the guard down and turned his head to glare at the woman.

The girl made a move to back up as she raised a weapon that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Snatching the gun from her, Traven swiftly clamped a hand over her mouth. She stilled while staring him in the eyes and he could see rage in her orbs.

He raised his finger to his lips and helped her up then using the shadows, he got her out of there. They almost got away with it but at the last minute, they heard a shot coming from the camp, shouts followed and Traven knew he had to move fast. Reaching out, he grabbed her up, tossed her over his shoulder, and ran into the shadows.

She tried to bite and claw at him.

He popped her on the ass and kept going.

They traveled fast and when they got to good cover, Traven set her on her feet and tugged her into the shadows.

Seething in rage at his manhandling, she grabbed the back of his belt and he clamped his arm around her legs to keep her from slamming down on his shoulders. She grunted and tried another move, as she swung around and elbowed him in the gut.

He gasped but it only managed to surprise him, not hurt him. Releasing a disgusted breath, he reached out and grabbed both her wrists then drew her down as they hid behind some of nature’s camouflage. Damnit, didn’t she know they were being followed?

The bushes hid them as Traven covered her with his own body. She seemed to have sense enough to go still, finally.

They heard footsteps in the distance but they never came close enough to find them. He kept his hand over her mouth as he listened for anyone coming toward them. When they didn’t hear anyone else, he eased up a little bit.

Then he looked down into her beautiful icy, green eyes. He thought icy because the orbs had a ring of pure gold around the outside and the brilliant green shone through. And damn, did those eyes glitter at him.

She dared to growl at him as she pushed him off her. Then from her boot, she whipped out a small knife. “What the Sam hell did you just do?” She snarled quietly.

“I saved your life, darlin,” Traven drawled as he raised a brow at the knife she held. “And what are you going to do with that tiny knife?” He fought not to laugh.

“You damn near cost me my life,” she whispered and jabbed the little piece of steel closer to his large frame.

“Really? Is that a fact?” He raised an eyebrow at her. “Did you see that sentry coming? Did you even notice him before he almost stepped on you?”

She growled and glared at him. “Ok, no I didn’t. But now, they know we were here. They won’t stop looking until they find us.”

Traven stared at her. “And you know this how?”

“I just do, now back off,” she threatened him with her tiny knife.

He scoffed. “Look… I am bigger than you and take it from me…” He lowered his voice, “I am badder than you. So put that fucking toy away.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. Then she closed the small jack knife and stuffed it back into her shirt.

“Interesting place to keep a knife,” he commented with a raised eyebrow. “Come on, let’s get you somewhere safe for now.” He got to his feet and held out his hand for her.

She glared at his hand refusing to take it and rose gracefully. She wasn’t very big next to him but he stood six foot four and she was barley five feet tall, she hardly weighed anything but Traven didn’t make the mistake of calling her a child. She was a woman full grown, he’d felt that much in the darkness. Her weapons and fighting skills were also a surprise.

He studied her for a moment then moved out. He ushered her in the direction of his vehicle where he knew by this time, his crew was waiting for him.

Venom and Nite Stalker were indeed waiting for him when they arrived. They didn’t say anything but the two men did share a look.

Traven knew they would require an explanation for sure when they got back to the compound. He would like an explanation too, for what just happened.

He told her to get into his vehicle.

She shook her head. “I have my own vehicle, thank you. I’ll just be going now.” She turned to leave.

Traven wasn’t letting her go. “I don’t think so.” He growled as he reached for her and his fingers tightened on her arm.

She ducked down and turned her arm, somehow, getting out of his hold. “I’m not leaving my car behind. Everything I own is in that vehicle and I’m not leaving it behind. Besides, I don’t know you at all. Let’s just pretend that none of this happened, ok? Cuz, I’m not going anywhere with you guys. You go your way and I’ll go mine.”

“That is so not happening here, sweetheart. I am bad at pretending.” Traven shook his head. “We got questions that you need to answer. Besides, the men here know someone was spying on them tonight. They are going to double down on their security and we won’t get close enough to figure out what’s going on here and neither will you. Next time, they’ll just shoot to kill and ask questions like never. You’ll be safer coming with us.”

She shook her head and narrowed her eyes at him in defiance. “Like I said big guy, I’m not leaving my car behind.”

Nite Stalker held out his hand and grunted. “Gimme your keys, I’ll drive your vehicle back to the compound.”

She glared at him and shook her head. “No thanks, Creepy. I’ll drive my own vehicle. I’m going my own way. We’ll just pretend we never met. And believe me, I will have to try real hard to do that too.” Shrugging she added, “That solution works for me.”

Traven rolled his eyes and quipped, “But it doesn’t work for us.”

Nite Stalker motioned with his hand again. “Keys.”

She growled as she dug into her pocket and threw her keys at the man with a great deal of angry force.

Moving to the side, Nite Stalker barely kept them from hitting him in the face. “Fuck!” he swore.

Traven bit at his lip to keep his smile at bay.

Nite Stalker spat at her, “You trying to take my eye out or what?”

“Maybe or what…” Then she pointed in the general direction of where her vehicle was parked.

Nite Stalker grumbled as he took off.

Venom looked over at Traven.

Traven shook his head and couldn’t hide his smile this time. The girl was a damned firecracker.

They both turned to their vehicles. Traven escorted her to the passenger side of his SUV.

She tossed his hands from her with a growl and got inside.

Walking around the front of his vehicle, he hadn’t been surprised by her attitude. He got behind the wheel and started the engine.

She rode with Traven and she didn’t seem happy about it…. of course. She turned her face to the window and stared out at the darkness around her.

Traven grew more curious about her by the damned second. This woman was a force to be reckoned with and he found that…he liked it.


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