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Warlords MC: Book 5 – Joker : Chapter 10

Sometime later, Rowen woke up. Her head was clear and she felt wide awake.

She peeked over her shoulder and saw Joker was sleeping now. She peeled herself away from him and got out of bed. Walking naked to the bathroom, she did her business and then started the shower.

When she stepped in, he stepped in behind her. Joker’s arms went around her and pulled her close to him. “I missed you,” he whispered in her ear.

“I didn’t want to wake you,” she said with trembling lips.

Then he noticed she was shaking. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure. Something just feels wrong. I can’t explain it but something is off. I can feel it coming toward me and I’m scared.”

Joker held her closer. “I got your back and my brothers got mine. We will protect you.”

“What about the other women here and that sweet little girl? I don’t want anything to happen to them either.”

Joker shook his head. “We can and will protect our own. Charli and Maggy can shoot if the need is there and anyone who knows them knows that. If someone comes after you, they won’t stand a chance.”

“Ok, but we should at least warn your brothers. I’d hate for anyone to get hurt.”

“Ok sweetie, we’ll let everyone know what you feel.” Joker shook his head and they finished their shower quickly.

When he walked her out to the kitchen, everyone was there just finishing lunch. Joker grabbed a couple of plates and they sat down to eat. Rowen was quiet but she did manage to eat something.

Later after the dishes were done, Joker told his brothers about Rowen’s feeling. “She claims there’s something bad coming our way.”

“Does she know what that might be?” Ace asked with a raised brow.

Joker shook his head. “But she’s sure it’s coming. What did Shay have to say about the tracker?”

Ace snorted. “He’s seen one like it before but not here. He claims this is something the Saudi royal family would have.”

“What the hell?” Joker swore.

King shrugged. “It could mean she was sold to someone in the Middle East. Someone high in power over there. But we may never know for sure.”

“Fucking hell.” Joker swore under his breath. “But as Grinder branded her, I don’t think he had any plans of selling her, do you?”

Deuce answered this, “Maybe not, but once he got everything she had, he could have sold her then.”

Joker shook his head again. Looking out the window that overlooked the yard, he had to wonder. “We should be ready for anything then. If the Eagles have figured out where she is, they could come looking for her.”

“We may need to move to the cabin to keep everyone safe.” Ace growled. “And you know how Charli hates to leave this house out in the open.”

“Charli does need to be safe especially now,” Joker announced.

Ace snapped his gaze over to glare at his brother. “Especially now? What the hell does that mean?” he growled.

Joker didn’t say anything, he just stared at his brother.

Ace studied him for a moment then got up to find his woman.

King raised an eyebrow at him.

Joker just shrugged. “It’s not my place but I have a feeling Charli is about to blow his world apart.” He smiled.

King, Deuce, and Jack seemed to catch on to what he was saying.

“Hot Damn.” Jack laughed.

King smiled and shook his head.

Deuce just smiled.

Joker looked out into the yard and wondered what else the day would bring.

In his office in Butte, Stafford Twinning looked over at the older man sitting across from him. “You need to tell her.”

The old man nodded. “I know but there are still too many questions we need answered before I can. That little bastard won’t get to count my money yet.”

“Austin, you need to let the police do their job.” Stafford sighed.

Austin Davis sat there and glared at him. “Do you know what those bastards did that day? Jared and his friends busted into the cabin and just started shooting. They were either drunk or high and caught us unaware. I barely got out when I realized my friends were dead. Then they began hacking the bodies apart to hide the fact that they died by bullets. They wanted everyone to think a bear or a cat got in there. Then one of those killers saw me and came after me. When he caught me, he left me for dead after beating the shit out of me. He damn near got his wish.”

Stafford sat and watched him. He looked troubled by this man keeping such a secret.

Austin got up and began pacing. His steps were hesitant and he had a limp on his left side. “Lucky for me, another hunter was in the woods that day. He called the cops and got me to a safe place.” He shook his head. “This time, Jared’s gone too far. I always thought of him as my son but after this, that’s all done.”

“What are you talking about? Thought of him as a son…” Stafford asked.

“Jared is not my biological son. My Amy was already a mother when I married her. Jared was about four months old when we got married. I adopted him after we were married but I didn’t do it legally, through the courts.” He shrugged. “I never thought I had to. He took my name from day one.”

Stafford smiled for the first time today. “So, he’s not your true son?”

Austin shook his head. “For all intents and purposes, he is, it just isn’t legal. I mean I raised him from the time he was four months old.”

“Do you have his birth certificate? Is his real father listed on it?”

“It should be in my file with your company. I handed everything over to Michael when he was still here.” Michael was his original attorney thirty year ago. Stafford took over when Michael retired ten years ago.

Stafford got up and disappeared and when he returned he grinned. “We got the little prick.”

“What does that mean?” Austin was puzzled.

“It means we have a way a way to stop Jared from getting a penny next week or any other god damned week. We just have to show this to the judge. That will invalidate the will you set up.” Stafford looked pleased.

Austin shook his head. “I think when his mother died, he just went a little wild. He forgot everything I tried to teach him and he began thinking I owed him.”

“Why do you think he changed so much?” Stafford asked.

“I think his mom told him the truth about who he was before she died.” Austin sighed. “It bothered her not to tell him before. She must have finally told him the truth.”

“You need to tell that poor girl that you’re still alive.”

“I know I do.” Austin hung his head. “I just hope Rowen can forgive me.” He growled, “But first we have to find her.”


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