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Warlords MC: Book 4 – Deuce : Conclusion

A collective gasp went all around the room by each person standing there.

The camera caught another odd sound and sight.

“A god dammed Blackhawk?” King exclaimed.

“What the…?” Deuce leaned closer.

“T-the house is…” Charli’s hands shook as she raised them to her mouth.

“…still there!” Ace finished for her.

They all watched as the Blackhawk maneuvered across the frontage of the property and scoured a fleet of SUVs’ with its front mounted machine guns.

Then they saw a second one as if it had just arrived behind the first.

The massive explosions of upending vehicles that Widowmaker must have sent out to make sure they were all dead‒ despite the missile‒ was a firework’s show of massive proportions.

“W-what is happening?” Luna asked looking entirely lost.

“The fuck if I know!” Joker replied and spanned to another camera.

The barn was gone…entirely laid to waste as it smoked and burned as well as some of the smaller outbuildings.

“They only got the barn?” Charli asked with hope in her voice.

“So far, but we don’t know…” Ace’s voice fell away as one of the Blackhawks lowered and landed in the big pasture in front of the actual farmhouse.

A man stepped out.

They all squinted to make him out.

“Well, fuck a god damned duck!” Ace shouted.

“Fucking Shay?” Jack asked in total astonishment.

“Yeah,” King said. “The Blackhawk must have hit the jet and knocked that missile off its trajectory, just enough to miss the house!”

Their gazes were all pinned to the laptop screen.

Shay walked forward to the front of the house, pulled out a cell phone, and tapped it.

Ace’s phone buzzed. He looked down at it on the table. “Well, I wonder who that is?” He chuckled as he picked it up, tapped the screen, and put it on speaker.

“Hello, my cards,” Shay greeted them.

Ace jumped right in, “How the fuck did you—”

“Widowmaker has a few toys,” Shay cut him off. “But I have the big boys.”

Charli burst out laughing and crying. “Oh, my God!” Tears streamed down her face. “Oh thank you, God!”

Shay grinned to the camera and motioned to the farm house behind him like he was some gameshow host directing them to a brand new car to win or something.

The Bridges brothers all looked at each other and back to the screen.

“Fucking showoff,” King stated with a laugh.

Shay spoke again over the phone, “Sempre fidelus, brothers, Sempre Fi.” Shay swiped the phone and strode away toward the helicopter.

“Always Faithful,” Deuce whispered.

They all grinned.

Charli was holding herself with her arms as if she couldn’t contain her emotions. Like she wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. “Your house still stands, Ben,” she whispered. “It still stands.”

Ace strode over to her and picked her up, swinging her around.

They all embraced and laughed with relief for several minutes.

Then it was baby brother, Joker that had to douse them with cold water. “Widowmaker was most likely not there, you know?”

Quiet fell at his statement.

They all paused.

“But…” He pointed at another screen, the one used for the warehouse.

They all came over to the table again.

“…we have someone odd joining us here,” Joker explained.

Out in the lot, a man stood next to a dark van.

Joker zoomed the camera in on him.

Tall, long black duster trench coat and cowboy hat, obscuring his face.

Luna gasped. “Traven!”

As if he knew or felt that he was now spotted, Traven, stepped to the side of the dark van. He pulled the door open and tugged something out.

The group stared at the screen, riveted by this strange scene happening before their eyes.

Traven dragged it out and tossed it on the ground.

The object was a person. But the person looked odd, like it was wrapped in something.

Traven leaned his head back, to stare at the camera. Then he tipped cowboy his hat at them. Without hurry, he then went around to the driver’s side of the van, got in and drove away.

“What in the fuck?” King said.

“Let’s go see what this gift is,” Ace said as he was already heading to the door.

They all filed out weapons in hand, as they did not know what the cameras and perimeter alarms did not catch.

Walking across the lot, they all slowed as they came upon a sight, most of them would never forget.

An older man on his back. Wearing a flak jacket with holes in it. All the holes seemed to be in non-lethal places as if not to kill him right away, just seeming to inflict damage and pain. His eyes stared up at nothing. His throat was slit wide open.

Gasping, Luna grabbed a hold of Deuce’s shoulder and put her face into his chest.

“Well, damn,” King muttered.

“He killed him the same way as our men were killed, faulty vests.” Deuce held his woman.

“And in honor of his father, the final cut,” Ace stated.

“How did he know we were here?” Joker asked.

“Yeah and how did he know about the vests?” Jack wanted to know

Deuce turned and tugged Luna into the warehouse.

Finally, she raised her head. “What does all this mean?” she asked him.

“It means…” Deuce took her face into his hands. “That you are free, sweet woman. Free to do anything you want. Free marry me and just enjoy life.” He kissed her deeply.


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