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Warlords MC: Book 4 – Deuce : Chapter 3

The wedding would be at noon sharp, so the newly married couple could leave for a weekend in Billings. That was as far as they wanted to go.

They would be back on Monday morning, recharged and ready to take up the reins again, in the fight to run down the bad guys.

Ace and Charli were taking Annabelle for the weekend as a wedding gift to Jack and Jaden.

Charli joined him, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. Her hair was loose as it brushed the top of her hips. For being comparatively a short girl at 5’6, she made up for it with her huge personality. “The guys are with Jack in his bedroom, not exactly sure what they’re doing, but Ace said to tell you when you came in.” Then she grinned and handed him a bottle of vodka. “Jade said you guys could share a drink but only one, she doesn’t want a drunken groom today.” She handed him the bottle and five small paper cups. Then she shook her finger at him. “Behave yourselves.”

“Yes ma’am, we will.” Deuce nodded then went down the hall to Jack’s bedroom. He opened the door and joined his brothers. “Jack, your woman thinks you’re too uptight.” He lifted the bottle. “But I’m under orders to just take the edge off, not get blotto.”

Jack was tall and well muscled but he didn’t look like a bouncer or a giant, like most of his brothers. He had dancing green eyes and a ready smile. A real charmer. He was far more easygoing than the rest of his brothers with a quick wit. He lifted his head and smiled. “Yeah, I don’t want to miss any part of today. Today, Jade and Annabelle will finally belong to me and me alone.”

Deuce glanced over at Ace and caught his frown but other that, he smiled and agreed with his brother.

“So, we toast to our brother as he sets sail into the land of marriage…” King raised his paper cup.

“What the fuck are you… 70?” Joker asked King, as he looked amused.

The men laughed.

“He always acts old.” Jack laughed. “The king and his crown gets too heavy, so he topples over.”

They again, chuckled.

“Well, he got felled by a mighty woman,” Ace added.

Joker nodded then raised his glass…cup. “To Jack, he found his One.”

The men all paused, but lifted their paper cups in a toast.

They all then teased Jack about wearing an apron and ironing dresses.

“Ha-ha, you’re all just jealous jackasses.” He laughed.

All too soon, it was time to meet the women under the arbor.

Jack took his place.

Ace then walked Jade and Annabelle down the aisle.

When Jack began his vows he claimed, “I, Lincoln Jack take you Jade Aluna to be my wife…”

Deuce caught his breath and really wished it were him up there. Not with Jade of course but with someone who loved him without question. In fact, he superimposed Luna’s face onto his imaginary bride. Shaking his head, he berated himself for acting like some teen with an obsession fantasy going on.

The next thing he knew Jack was kissing Jade.

Then Jack picked up Annabelle and swung her around, much to her delight. And that was when the party really began…

The house was quiet now as all the hubbub of the wedding was over. Jack and Jade were now away for their weekend honeymoon. Everyone else had gone to bed but Deuce was still awake. He was growing restless now.

Deuce sat out on the front porch sipping a beer. He must have been zoned out because when his younger brother, Joker sat down next to him, Deuce actually jumped.

Joker frowned and stared at him for a moment. “What the hell is with you today?”

Deuce just shrugged and took a swig his beer. Before he could say anything, another set of footsteps joined them as King sat down on his other side.

King was nearly as tall and as large as Ace with wide shoulders and powerful long legs as he could powerlift 250 pounds with those legs. His hair was darker like Joker’s. His eyes were one of his most startling features as they were not the same hazel as Aces’ were. They were actually green with gold flecks. He could stare at you with no expression and scare you to death, but if angered, his eyes gave him away as the gold flecks would almost glow at you. “Talk to us man,” King urged Deuce. “If there’s something going on here we need to know.”

Deuce exhaled hard. “I found something last night that kind of blew my mind.”

“What would that be?” King frowned as he looked over at Joker then back at Deuce.

Deuce blew out his breath and without looking at either brother, he told them what he’d found. “So when I picked up Annabelle’s stuffed puppy, I noticed a loose thread. I was just going to clip the thread and put it on Annabelle’s bed, so she would find it in the morning but then I felt something nard in the paw. I clipped the threads and dug out a flash drive.”

“What the fuck?” Joker swore.

Deuce nodded. “Yeah, I didn’t know what to think either. Then I plugged it into my computer and got my mind blown to hell.”

“What did you find?” Joker asked looking worried.

Deuce stared at his brothers. “Sable Hawkens wasn’t Annabelle’s real mother. Carmen Vance kidnapped her and forced her here to take care of his baby girl. She didn’t know who her mother was only that Carmen brought her an hour’s old newborn and told her she would live as long as the baby did.”

“Fuck.” King swore. “Did you find out anything else?”

Deuce nodded. “Yeah, I discovered the name of the Widowmaker.”

King reached over and grabbed him by the shirt collar. Turning him to face him, his gold flecks glowing in his eyes, as he growled, “What did you just say?”

Deuce glared at his brother, eye to eye. “I found out who Widowmaker is and his story goes back longer than any of us ever knew.”

“What the everloving fuck?” King looked disgusted. “Why are we just hearing this shit now?”

“Because Jack deserved his happy ever after,” Ace’s voice came out of the shadows as he approached his brothers. “I didn’t want him to tell you until Jack was married. I didn’t want this to mar their day.” He looked over at King. “You and I got our day and I wanted him to get his before everything went FUBAR.”

“So what is this this prick’s name and where do we find him?” King asked in a growl.

“His name is Jedidiah Whittaker,” Deuce told them.

King jerked and glared at his brother. “Whittaker? Are you fucking with me? Jedidiah Whittaker? Tell me you’re fucking with me?”

“You know the man?” Ace frowned.

“Yeah, I know the bastard,” King admitted. “And I hate his fucking guts.”

“How do you know him?” Deuce wanted to know.

King exhaled and ran his fingers through his hair. “We were over in the sandbox and about a year in already. Then we got a new shipment of guns and safety vests. My squad was the first to put them on and use the weapons. Were went on patrol, using the new stuff when we ran into the enemy. When we fought back, our guns jammed and the enemy was able to pick us off one at a time. We were sitting ducks because his fucking equipment failed us. Seven of us didn’t make it and I thought the rest of us were dead men too, but then reinforcements got to us and beat back the rebels. Later, we found the vests we were wearing weren’t worth a damn and neither were the guns. We traced the equipment back to the company that made it and it was Whittaker’s company.” He looked up at his brothers. “I lost seven men that day because he made faulty equipment and gave it to our men. Seven guys, I was in charge of didn’t make it home. When the military brought him up on charges, Whittaker claimed it was a faulty batch. He got a fine. He got a nothing but a god damned fine but we lost seven men.”

Deuce nodded. “I witnessed the man himself selling guns to a group of rebels and no one believed me.”

“We can’t turn vigilante and take the law into our hands,” Ace reminded his brothers. “I suggest we bring Shay into this and let him handle Whittaker.”

King narrowed his eyes at Ace. “Then we better come up with enough evidence to nail the man’s balls to the walls because I’m not letting this go. I want justice for the seven men I left bleeding in the sand because his equipment wasn’t good enough to keep them alive.” He got to his feet and stomped inside.

“The famous Bridges temper.” Ace shook his head.

“He’s got a point, big brother.” Joker nodded.

Deuce looked over at Ace as well. “And I know what I saw that day. Whittaker was there, selling guns to the enemy. Guns that would kill our own brothers. Maybe even the same guns that ambushed you and King that day. I can’t and won’t let this go either. If you think Shay needs to be in on this mission then you’d better call him in. Cuz I ain’t letting this go either. I’m with King on this and I will do whatever it takes to bring that fucker down.” Deuce got to his feet and followed King into the house.


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