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Warlords MC: Book 3 – Jack : Chapter 1

Jack watched her during the helicopter flight. Jade. Her name was Jade and that was pretty much all he knew. Well, besides the fact she had been a prisoner of Oscar Chapman.

She held the little girl on her lap since they all climbed onboard.

She cared deeply for the child, this he could see. From what he understood, she had sacrificed her freedom for the little girl.

Oscar Chapman had left a trail of utter destruction. He’d ruined many lives and almost destroyed an entire town with his selfish deeds… the blood from his actions could never be washed away. Their Captain and his family had been the first victims as far as he knew.

His cell rang. He swiped the screen, gazing down at it.

It was from Ace.

Jack, it is your job to protect this Jade and the kid. You also need to debrief her. We need to know all that she does. The copter is taking you, her, and the child to our safehouse. Contact me when you have the information.

Jack swiped his phone shut and leaned his head back. Debrief her? He let out a sigh. He raised his head up.

Jade was staring at him. Then she looked away.

What all did this woman know? She didn’t even look afraid. After all she’d been through. Telling them how she’d poisoned the guards to help Mag’s mom and her to be able to escape. When she told them this, her eyes didn’t even flutter. She’d said it was what she had to do, so she did it.

He stared at her profile. Either she’s cold blooded or… or what Jack? She’s what? Dammed fine to look at? Easy on your eyes? Curvy, dark blue eyes and hair the color of a dark night?

He shook his head and looked away. So? I can do my job without getting involved.

The chopper’s loud hum seemed to lull the child to sleep, he observed. But not the woman, she was staring back at him again.

Unbuckling his belt, he got up and headed over to her. He needed to make his introduction and tell her what was going to happen soon.

Peering up at him, her eyes took him all in. She stared from his jean clad thighs on up along his belly to his chest, his shoulders and then finally to his face.

Jack blinked. He just got checked. Damn and she stared unabashedly at him too. He cracked a smile.

Jade did not smile back.

He paused. Well, she had been through some truly bad stuff. He stepped closer. “Does she need a blanket?” He motioned to the kid.

Jade stared up at him and nodded.

He went over to the other seat and grabbed one. Bringing it back, he paused.

She’d moved the little girl to the next seat.

Jack bent over and pulled the harness belt down. He buckled the small girl in, then spread the blanket over her. Before Jade could do or say anything, he sat on the other side of her and buckled his belt. Reaching over, he re-buckled hers.

Jade simply watched him.

He let out a breath. How do I break the ice with this girl? Bring up the whole incident or…he got an idea. “So, Jade. Where are you from?”

She stared at his lips for a moment.

Jack wanted to lick his lips in response but he didn’t.

For the first time, a smile spread out on her face. “Is that some pick up line or is it part of your intended interrogation?”

He batted his eyes. Well damn, he never expected this response. “Neither?” He laughed. “Truth to tell, when we arrive at the safehouse, after you get some rest, I will be…” he paused as he stared into her cobalt eyes. “…asking many questions. We need to know all that you know.”

Nodding, she replied, “Well, thank you for the heads up. I like honesty. I am originally from Braaken, but I went to school over at Oklahoma State University.”

Jack cocked his head at this information. “What did you major in?”

She now cocked her head. “For a biker, you know some odd phrases.”

He grinned. “Things are sometimes, not as they appear.”

“So you mean you aren’t as you appear?” She stared at him.

Now, he felt like she had just turned the tables on him and very neatly too. He shrugged. “Depends on what you see.”

“Oh, good answer!” She chuckled.

Smiling, he got the idea that she’d just led him around the track by the fucking nose and he’d had no idea how she’d done it. “So what was your major?” he repeated the question.


“Ahh…Ok.” Yeah, now he got how she had just manipulated the conversation. “So do you practice?”

She shrugged. “Practice what?”

He laughed, thinking what a card she was. “At psychology?”

Nodding, she replied with a smile as she knew she had just bested him again, “Why yes, I practice every day. For example, I have studied you for all of the last two hours that we have been in the same vicinity.”

He raised his brows at this. “Oh? And what conclusions have you made?”

“I may not have all the factors yet. So it is premature to say.”

Jack sat back and kept smiling. Damn, this woman was full of surprises. “Well, can you give me some of what you have gathered?”

She stared at his face for a long moment. “Alright, but it is just preliminary, ok?”

He nodded.

“You are part of a group. Or maybe a family that are entirely loyal. You, yourself are calm and cool on the outside, while inside there’s a lot going on. I am not psychic, so I won’t comment on what all that interior might be. Then you are seemingly carefree, you like maybe to party a bit. With streaks of the wild you cannot seem to get rid of, despite being a soldier at one time, you don’t really like rules. Oh, you respect them, you just would rather do it your own way.”

Jack sat there in shock. “A-and you deduced this in just the last what? Hour, while watching me?” She had even nailed him on being a soldier. He had been that for more than ten years. His brothers were his family and his team. Then the part about rules. Shit. He had been in trouble even back in boot camp. Authority rankled him even as a kid. His brothers seemed more disciplined and took orders better than he ever did. He’d admired Eagle though. Their captain and the man was one of the few superiors he’d had little trouble following orders from. Otherwise, he would secretly grit his teeth when some of those egos in the service tossed their military weight around. So many times, he had clenched his fists to keep from clocking them as they spoke down to him.

Shrugging again, she made no comment.

“Well damn, woman. I feel like I just came off a microscope slide.” He raised his hands up and dropped them swiftly. “PLOP! Right off the glass and onto the floor. Totally dissected.” He laughed.

She held a serious expression. “Oh, no. I don’t think I got even half of it figured out. Also, what you did right there?” Jade shook her head. “You probably often use humor to change the subject or as subterfuge. You know, in order to keep control of the situation.”

He stared at her with his brows raised. “Well, fuck…” He shook his head. She’d just handled him a second time around.

She looked a little rattled for the first time during this conversation. “I-I hope I didn’t like… make you mad?” She let out a sigh. “Damnit, I do that a lot. I piss people off when I detail them. I shouldn’t have even brought it up.”

He placed his hand onto hers to comfort her. A jolt from just touching her seemed to travel up his arm. He pulled his hand back. “Hey, I asked for it. It was all true too. I think?” Jack smiled to reassure her, as he wasn’t so sure she hadn’t gotten him square on, warts and all in just a few descriptions. “Though, I can now see that the entire time I am debriefing you… You will be making frog legs out of me.”

She shook her head looking confused.

“Dissect me… you know like a frog in science class?” he explained.

This time, she laughed.

Jack stilled. Wow, now that’s a beautiful sound. It shook him a bit. He let out a breath and said, “So, when we land, we will get…” He motioned over to the kid. “…her situated and you. Then after you sleep and have breakfast…”

She nodded. “Then I will be umm…debriefed?”

There was a pause between them.

Jack wasn’t sure what was happening, but he wondered who would be debriefing whom now. He needed to really be on his toes with this woman. He nodded back. “I think with a sharp mind like yours, you could be the best witness we have ever come across.”

“We?” she noted. “You and umm…your team?”

He slowly nodded. “The loyal group you spoke of.”

“Ahh. Ok.”

The pilot signaled him from the front.

“Ok,” he turned his head and told Jade. “We are about to land. Just hang tight.”

She turned to place her hand on the little girl’s shoulder.

Jack again noted the protectiveness. Well, she was the child’s aunt and he wondered with her being a psychologist…what she thought and felt about her own trauma of the last week or month, or however long Oscar had her. He felt unease. Had her. Did he? He shook this thought away. He fucking hoped not. Still, she seemed so calm and unperturbed. Now, he did his own assessment.

Before he came over to speak to her, he had been wondering how she could be so calm and collected. She had just come from a showdown with a fucking madman. She had also been forced to kill two men to save herself, the girl, and the old woman. Didn’t that qualify as trauma? Yet, she seemed clear headed and didn’t have any of the signs of trauma or shock. This puzzled him to no end. He’d seen men come out of battle with those signs and yet, this small woman seemed unperturbed by what just happened back at that estate.

The copter shifted and pressure could be felt as it descended.

Well, I suppose I will just have to see how she tells this story. I also need to do what Ace told me to do. Debrief her and get all the info I can about just who Oscar’s boss or bosses are. But getting close to her to do that might be the most dangerous assignment my brother ever gave me.


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