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Warlords MC: Book 2 – King (Tremaine) : Denver, 8th precinct

Felix watched the clock and waited. A new cop had joined the third shift and she was due to drop her reports any minute now.

“Two to one, Hobbs gets at least a drink at Fifty’s with her by the end of the week,” Lucky whispered close as he paused briefly at the desk.

Felix rolled his eyes and grunted as Lucky waltzed away.

I doubt it. This one? Yeah, she’s cute as a God dammed pixie, red hair and blazing green eyes but deadly as a rattlesnake, or so he’d heard. He liked her though, cause she had that same attitude as Mags, same dedication and he felt curious as to how her beat reports would go for the next few months.

Felix felt more relaxed than he had in years as he looked all around. The ‘receiving room’ seemed so quiet now, as if it were a church. He suddenly realized the place was half empty. Crime had dropped so far, so fast in the last few months.

It all started to calm and the streets became safer when the Gauntlet the famous drug lord finally got what he deserved. How it all came about, remained mostly a mystery to the general public. It had been King though. This he knew.

Felix knew the some of the truth however. Just more secrets he would take to the great beyond. Well, afterward, Max got promoted to detective. Then, Mags went and turned in her badge. Gosh, he knew then he would miss seeing her every day. The sunrise just wouldn’t be the same without her. He did feel sad about it for a long while. She was leaving when Captain Bridges did, he supposed. Mags had taken his advice, he felt proud to say.

Then, three days after it all happened, when Mags came in to work and he was watching for her arrival like always? He nearly fell over in shock when he saw her.

She literally floated in this time, it was so dammed ethereal. Her beauty seemed to have tripled if that was even possible. All smiles and laughter, her dark eyes twinkling with some sweet mischief in them.

Felix knew it right then and there what’d probably happened. She had met her match. Her King, ya might say. Felix was chuckling. A match made in heaven and hell from what Max says. They fight all the time then they make up all the time. A man that could outdo her. Good for Mags, she’d found it. Felix laughed loudly.

The few so called ‘customers’ in the lobby all stared at him. Like he might be nuts, just standing there and laughing all by his crazy self.

His silly grinning seemed to be causing even more stares from the local lowlife club sittin’ in the chairs across the way.

He smiled back at them all, because he didn’t see all the sinners in the room or the rundown neighborhood the same way anymore. Nor did he deplore the shitty prospect of humanity any longer. He felt like a new cop all the sudden. Like good deeds might even save the day or some shit like that.

Let em stare at the goofy smilin’ old black man in the blue uniform. He didn’t care…Life just suddenly felt that God damn good.


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