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Warlords MC: Book 2 – King (Tremaine) : Chapter 4

“We got three of his men and still, we can’t get them to say who is at the top,” Jack grumbled.

King shrugged. “Oh, they all talk all right. But just to say Gauntlet. None of them have ever seen him or known him personally. He runs it like a military operation. Generals, on down.”

“Yeah,” Deuce agreed. “But all we get are the grunts. Privates.”

“I checked out all the places on that real estate list and they are all legit,” Joker added. “As far as even the Fed’s data base can find.”

King paced along the floor as his brothers looked nervous watching him. “We have gotten fucking nowhere!”

“Calm down, King. It will happen,” Jack spoke up.

King stopped his pacing. “It is not happening. We broke up a few gangs, saved some old people from muggings. Caught kids that knew nothing and ones that were hooked on this dammed drug.”

“That’s a lot though,” Joker argued.

King spun around and stared at him, then at them all. “He is out there, free. Living it up. When they are dead in the ground for all these years! Alex has been gone now for a few months. We lost him to this asshole. How did we lose Chapman’s trail? He came here. Then he disappears? It makes no sense.”

“Well, maybe that cop knows something we don’t,” Jack suggested.

King stared at him. “Maybe.” But he sure as hell did not want to go there. He’d spoken to Max and he’d said she had been good about it all as far as he could tell. She seemed to have let her investigation go. But King had never really grilled her on what all she did know. He had been putting it off, hoping to get the info from someone else. He let out a long breath. That wasn’t good for the mission. He had to put feelings or whatever the fuck it was…aside. “I’m going to go and ride for a bit.”

They all watched him leave. They knew he must be very frustrated because when that happened, he would do one of two things, pound on a bag, or go for a ride.

Climbing on, King started his bike up. Just the roar of the engine soothed him. He sat for a couple of minutes and let the rumble encompass him.

He took off out of the street from the safe house. When he finally hit the freeway, he felt tons better.

He needed to admit that it wasn’t just the mission. It was her. Officer Magdalena Arianna Giovanni. Ever since he first saw her, she kept appearing in his head at odd times. Then when he would finally lay down for the night. There she was, front and fucking center. Those blazing eyes and that face, those curves. Then he would get angry all over again. Why? Not just because she messed up that Opt. He knew now they would have gotten zip from that. It wouldn’t have gotten them any closer to Gauntlet. No, it wasn’t anger if he admitted it. It was her—he wanted her. The worst was when saw her again in that bar last night and had managed to watch her for a full ten minutes before she caught him. He got to see her relaxed, off duty…not angry. It made his lust for her rise even higher, dammit.

He again, had to fight off all his thoughts of this woman, as he sped his bike up along the night time freeway as if he could ride away from, from the whole damn thing.

Suddenly, flashing lights were showing in his rearview mirror. “You have to be fucking kidding me!” He looked down at his speedometer. Fuck, he had been going 90. He hadn’t been paying attention. His training, his focus, shot to hell because of a woman he only met…once, really.

He slowed down and finally pulled over. He sat with his arms hanging at his sides after he kicked the stand. He knew the drill. He would get shot if he reached for anything at all. He sat and waited. Peering into his rearview, he sucked in his breath.


Getting out of the car, she strode over, her penlight in hand.

There were hundreds of cops in Denver. How in the fuck did he draw her?

Stepping up beside him, Mags paused. “Not you!” She looked surprised.

He snorted. “Rude and mouthy. Two not so admirable qualities.” He shut his mouth. What the fuck was he doing? He had to insult her the minute he saw her? God dammit!

She bit at her lip as her eyes flared daggers at him. “You were going 90 in a 65 zone.”

“I…” He shut his mouth. He wouldn’t offer any lame excuse. He’d fucked up. End of story. “Just give me the ticket.”

“Why?” she asked. “It will just disappear, considering you have people in high places and all.”

King shook his head. “No, I will pay the fine. We don’t…” He almost told her, they didn’t rely on that when they were on a Covert Mission like this. Blowing your cover would be the worst.

“Ok then. Driver’s license and registration please.” She stared at him.

He eased his large form back as he noted he was rock hard and probably had been from the moment she sashayed her fine ass up to his bike. He released a breath then popped his front chassis compartment open. Wincing a bit at the tight fit of his rather large organ pressing against the small metal door… he cleared his throat and handed over the registration.

Mags took it and putting her light on it, she looked it over.

“So, I have to get off my bike to get my DL, ok?” he asked.

Nodding, she stepped back, her eyes on him steadily.

Dammit, he wished she wouldn’t look so closely at him, just now. He stepped off his bike highly aware of his very … agitated state. “Now, I’m going to reach into my back pocket…”

She nodded then paused. “Why are you acting so…” Her voice fell away.

“So what?” He reached into his back pocket for his wallet.

“Never mind.” She shook her head.

“Cops don’t like bikers, Officer.” He took out his Driver’s License and handed it to her.

She said nothing for a minute then muttered, “We like drug dealers even less.”

“Well, fuck…” He smiled.

Her eyes rounded as she looked up at him. “What?”

“We finally agreed on something.” He raised a brow at her.

Her face actually flushed.

He stared. God dammit. That creamy skin flushing? He grew even harder. Dumbass, stop looking at her!

She handed both the registration and the DL back. “Okay, you can go.”

“What about my ticket?’ he asked.

Shaking her head, she stepped back.

“I mean it, Magdalena. I want that ticket.”

She blinked her eyes at him using her name. “Okay, why?”

He shrugged. “Makes for good cover.”

“You get spots on your record for cover?” She looked stunned.

“Sure, I’ve been in county maybe three times.”

“Oh, shit why?” She still looked shocked.

King leaned close as he caught her scent. One that could drive him mad if he let it. “I do everything for my country,” he whispered.

She leaned in close as if she too, were taking in his scent. “So what? You’re some kind of biker- criminal- hero?”

King stared at her lips for a second then he laughed hardily.

Staring back at him, she seemed to forget the traffic stop and the ticket.

Suddenly, a huge sound roared at them.

King reacted instantly as he grabbed her up and leapt past his bike as far as he could jump.

Metal and glass flew everywhere as they both hit the ground.

The smell of smoke and rubber drifted over them.

King raised his head and looked down at her beneath him. “You ok?”

Blinking, she stared up at him, mute.

“Magdalena, are you ok?” he repeated.

She nodded as she continued to look lost.

Slowly, he rose up and looked around.

Her police unit car was side swiped and pushed over on the road. He then looked at his bike. It had landed on its side. Swinging his gaze over, he looked ahead on the freeway.


“L-let me up…” she mumbled from below him.

He released a breath and pulled her up with him as he stood.

Being lifted upright by him in one fluid motion, Mags looked stunned as she now stood on her feet. “Wow…” Then she looked over at her car. “Oh, fuck…”

“Yeah, oh fuck.” He stood and gazed around once again.

“I am so glad I dropped Max off at the station,” she whispered.

Looking back down at her, he nodded. “He would have been in that car probably.”

“Not probably, he would have.” She stepped back. “What the hell hit us?”

King shook his head. “I think it was a mac truck? But I can’t be sure.” He looked into her eyes. “Someone just tried to kill you.”

Startled, her dark eyes went even wider. “What?”

Nodding, he repeated, “Attempted murder… just now.”

She rolled her eyes. “No…I don’t think—“

He grabbed her up and tugged her close. “That mac would have stopped. It didn’t, it raced on and I never even saw it. This was premeditated.”

Blinking her eyes, she shook her head slowly.

King kept nodding his head slowly. “Yes. As a cop you have enemies, but this was bigger than some petty offender.”

“No. I mean—I don’t know who would…” Her voice fell away.

“I do.”

Shaking her head she argued, “He knows nothing about me.”

“Apparently, he or someone knows you are a cop and they followed you.”

“God dammit!” she stomped her foot.

King stared at her. “What all do you know about Gauntlet.”

Her eyes met his. “Not much.”

“Well, it is obvious, you know more than he feels comfortable with.”

“No! This was some kind of freak accident!”

King knew better. “You are now coming with me.”

She took another step back. “The fuck I am!”

“so how are you going to get the heel off the damn freeway?” he roared.

Anger entered her gaze. “I will call for back—”

He pressed his fingers to her lips. “There’s no time for that. Cops are slow.”

Her eyes widened.

He snorted. “I didn’t mean as in stupid. They just don’t arrive as soon as they’re needed.” He then removed his fingers, although touching her was all he wanted to do, he had a mess to clean up. He tapped the screen then spoke, “One, five, three, echo, ten brava.”

A few seconds passed then a voice came on, “How can we help you Captain Bridges?”

“I need a stat cleanup on interstate 10…” King paused and looked around till he spotted the next exit. “Between exit 105 and 106.”

“Very well sir. The crew is being sent out.”

King hung up to see Mags staring at him. “Your car will no longer be in service. So get on my bike.”

Batting her eyes, she replied, “Not just no… but hell no.”

King smiled as he figured that would be her answer. He took a step closer. “You will get your uniformed ass on my bike or I can grab you up and put you on my lap while I drive.”

Her eyes grew round in her face. “You wouldn’t!”

Nodding, he stated, “Oh, I would.”

Taking a defensive step back, she raised her fists in a fighting stance.

King snorted, though it really turned him on somehow to see this stance, somehow it was sexy as hell. “Look… you need to leave here and now. Do you want to be on the 10’Oclock newscast?” He pointed southward.

Looking past his finger, she could see a copter coming. “Dammit!”

King went over and raised his cycle up then checked it over. It looked a little scraped but undamaged really. He climbed on and gestured for her to get on.

“Fuck…a uniformed cop on the back of a bike?” Mags let out a sigh.

“Take off the over shirt.”

She raised her brows.

“Hurry!” he urged as the sound of the copter came closer.

She swiftly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it out of the slacks she had it tucked into then pulled it off.

King could not and would not look away. When he saw her white undershirt and those breasts—his breath got stuck in his throat. Her nipples were hard and he just knew those tits were made to fill his hands. He shook his head. Fuck… he might have to allow one of his brothers to handle her. Then he knew better. King knew something now…something for sure… finally. He would be handling her…a lot.


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