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Warlords MC: Book 2 – King (Tremaine) : Chapter 2

Three days later…

The Eighth Precinct… Always busy with hookers on the benches and crackheads chained to a chair. The noise grew near to deafening and it felt permanent, like it might echo in your brain long after you left the room.

Felix Seymour signed a form and gazed up at the room full of mostly lowlifes. You had your variety of felons here, and petty creeps. Then there were the so-called ladies of the night. He shook his balding head. Of the night? Nah, they worked 24/7 at the crack of dawn and even offered lunchtime specials along the boulevard every day.

He’d been sergeant of the desk for five years now, one of the first black men in this city to achieve that honor and he’d seen it all. Every black eye, tattoo covered piece of shit that ever crawled the earth. He’d heard every lie and wild excuse along with many creative stories about how a person got to the point of standing in front of his high desk. He released a disgusted sigh. Day in and day out, the humanity, mostly the dregs of humanity were paraded before his weary eyes.

Then once again, his semi bloodshot weary eyes automatically glanced to the clock.

“We still have two minutes,” Lucky Benright nudged into his thoughts from the desk to the right of his.

“I don’t know what ya blabbering about,” Felix snapped.

Lucky chuckled as he shuffled a stack of forms. “Yeah, right. Well, I ain’t ashamed to admit it.”

Felix shrugged his uniformed covered shoulders. “Well, if’n you get caught gawking, at least you already know which cabinet the sexual harassment paperwork is in.”

Lucky laughed even harder. “She don’t care. Why if she ever noticed any male, it sure wouldn’t be us!”

The double glass doors opened.

Felix was busy shoving the morning reports into a folder. The utter silence that hit the so called ‘lobby’ told him who just arrived. He didn’t want to look up, he knew he shouldn’t but he simply couldn’t help himself.

In full dark blue uniform, she strode through. The way she walked couldn’t be described as a walk really. It was more of a glide, silent like, even with all those curves.

Felix couldn’t stop his eyes, he’d tried so many times to resist and now, he just plumb gave up on that goal. His thirsty gaze went to that bust line, behind a row of brass buttons and a shiny silver badge. It was ample and drew a man’s eyes no matter who the man was. Her hips rolled in a poetry of motion. Full hips they were too and thighs just like in the old days of Betty Grable when legs like these were called gams. Before he could stop himself, he released a soft sigh.

Officer Giovanni, as she was addressed here at the precinct or Officer G. Magdalena Arianna Giovanni. Lieutenant, Patrol 7. Most here though, knew about her nickname of Mags. Yeah, it could be her initials or even short for Magdalena. Felix was one of the few who knew where the name really came from. One of the facts he’d kept to himself.

You couldn’t see it all under her cap but she had this thick lustrous jet black hair, fairly long and it looked like black silk up close. Her eyes were dark too.

She bore olive like skin and all he could think the first day he ever saw her was how she looked like a dusky rose. It was all that Italian blood he supposed. Yeah, like Sophia Loren…It did show his age when you considered who he compared Mags to. Ah well, he didn’t care. He’d been an observer of beautiful women for 40 years and this girl moved to the top of that list already. Now, he held his breath in anticipation as she neared.

She stopped at the desk and smiled.

Yeah, there it was. A brilliant dazzling thing and to him…It was like seeing a glorious sunrise every day.

“Hey, Felix.” She dropped her reports on his high desk and stood waiting.

Attempting to focus and be all business, he flipped through them. He could feel Lucky staring at him. Well…when the stupid clod wasn’t gawking at her probably. He searched through them for a long minute or two. Glancing up, Felix smiled at her. “It all looks perfect as usual.”

“The graveyard shift is never perfect,” she joked.

Lucky laughed really loud—too loud.

Felix turned his head and glared at him till he shut up.

“Okay, well it’s my bedtime. See ya tomorrow,” she said,

Felix felt his gut tighten. She was about to turn around—he glanced down and saw Lucky’s fingers grabbing the desk with a mighty grip. It always affected him more than anyone else when he watched her walk down that well lit hallway.

Felix’s gaze shot up as if he might miss it and despite propriety, he couldn’t stand the thought of doing so.

As anticipated, she flipped around and walked away.

Felix held his breath. ‘Walked?’ Nope, sashayed? Nah…The right word would never come, the adjective was never good enough to describe it. In all the six hundred and forty-four days she’d been working the third shift, he still couldn’t find the apt description for how she moved. During this time every day, he’d asked himself many times…Was there such a thing as the perfect female derriere? Round and perfect. As though feeling shame, his eyes moved away to insure no one saw him gawking just like Lucky was openly doing.

He spanned the room and every male, criminal, woman, transvestite and cop were doing the same as he and Lucky. Staring. He cleared his throat loudly just as Mags disappeared into the locker-room.

The room then came to life again with a get to business as usual hum while a boisterous fight broke out at the east window.

Lucky then made his way around the desk to see if he could get between the two biker looking dudes who were yelling.

Felix took the reports folder and shook his head. The highlight of his entire boring, sweat stinking day just passed. Whatever male lands her has to be the real deal. Not some office jerk, or regular slob. It just wouldn’t be right. He, himself was twenty-five years her senior, but even in his heyday…He wouldn’t have measured up probably. Pausing, he saw a tall silhouette through the glass doors and he watched as the double doors opened wide again.

A tall man stepped through.

He could do it.

A man who came close to being what she would accept and he measured up in almost every way too.

The women in the room all looked over. They might be on the other side of the law but they all would willingly break one or two just to get processed by this particular cop. Broad shoulders, sandy blond hair and cobalt blue eyes. At 6 ft 3 and change, he represented the very meaning of all male with an effervescent charm to go with it. “Hey, Felix,” Officer Maxwell Stoker greeted him.

“Hey Max, how goes it?”

“It goes. Not bad for a Sunday night anyways. One liquor store, 3 broken windshields and a domestic.” He shook his head.

Felix raised a brow at him as a hint to tell how it went with Mags.

Max chuckled and shook his head.

“Dammit!” Felix muttered.

“I’m tellin’ ya. A mighty beautiful brick wall. Can’t scale it, topple it or even climb it, hand over hand.”

Felix sighed. “Still the partner thing right?”

Max nodded and gave him a sly grin. “Sorry, cat.” His play on Felix’s name. “I struck out again.” He saluted him and headed back to the men’s locker-room.

Lucky rushed back over and gave him an expectant look.

Felix shook his head.

Lucky looked crestfallen as his scrawny shoulders fell with disappointment. Max existed as his walking hero. Ex Military, great sense of humor and smooth with the ladies. All the things Lucky might never be. “But I don’t get it?”

“Just ain’t in the cards, I guess.”

“I mean we know what Beatrice in traffic said. It was all based on three things. Mags—um, Officer G told her that the only kinda man she would consider would have to—”

“Yeah, I know.” Felix moved back to his PC. “He probably could match her, but I don’t know about beatin’ her at those things. Besides, she won’t date her partner, so we should give up hoping she will.” In all honesty, it wasn’t just that she was the most gorgeous thing he ever laid eyes on. No, it was the waste of such a sexy sensual woman, her heart lying dormant, her days without…Felix snapped his cocoa colored head up, knowing it wasn’t any of his business, what the hell did he think he was, old man cupid or something?

“Dammit!” Lucky looked all around. “I got a hundred running in the pool.”

Felix shook his head while grimacing. “How tacky can you be? It’s bad enough, we stand here gossiping like a couple of old hens. But betting on someone’s personal life? It’s beyond the fucking pale, Luck!”

Lucky shrugged his narrow shoulders. “No one in almost 2 years has gotten even a wing tipped toe in the door, but Max could do it!”

Felix gave him a lopsided grin. “Maybe, but not as long as they both work here, he ain’t. Now get back to work, you slovenly clerk.”

Lucky snickered and sat at his side desk.

The entry precinct door opened again.

Felix raised his disinterested gaze…The he did a double take.

In walked another man. Confident stride. Wide shoulders. Dark hair and with mannerisms that said military. Yet, he was dressed all wrong. A leather biker cut and jeans. But a clean looking biker.

Felix raised a brow. Now here was a mystery for sure. His curiosity peaked as the man came closer.

“Are you the Sergeant of the desk?” the stranger asked.

Felix nodded as he cued in on that deep voice.

The man reached into his back pocket and lifted his ID.

Felix squinted and peered at it. His eyes widened when he took in the information. “Yes, sir?”

The man shoved it back into his jeans. “This has to remain…quiet.”

Felix nodded. “Yes, Captain Bridg—”

“King.” The man stepped closer.

Felix blinked rapidly.

“No rank. Just King.”

“Ok…umm…King. What can we at the Denver PD do for you?”

“I need to speak with…” The man pulled out a slip of paper and looked at it. “Officer Giovanni.”

Felix stared at him. He felt shocked. What did they want with Mags?

King stared back and raised a dark brow at him. “Is she here?”

“I am,” came a soft but steady voice from behind King.

Felix looked up and stared at a now civilian dressed Mags.

King turned around and seemed to freeze. His shoulders went rigid and his head rose up a bit.

Felix almost smirked. Yeah, that was the usual reaction to Officer Giovanni, if you didn’t know her personally. Then his smirk disappeared as Mags pulled her weapon.

“Freeze!” she spoke firmly, her eyes glittering at the stranger as she held her standard issue weapon out.

Felix was stunned for a full second.

“The fuck I will lady,” King muttered.

“Hold up!” Felix’s sanity finally kicked into gear.

Mags held her piece on King and refused to take her eyes off him.

“Officer!” Felix called to her. “Stand down.”

She blinked. “He’s a suspect.”

“The hell I am,” King responded. If he could have stopped staring long enough, he would have known sooner that she’d gotten the drop on him. But damn… This was no bag lady, nor did she look the part of a cop. Never had a woman… the mere sight of one take his breath from his lungs before.

The Sergeant of the desk spoke again, “Please Officer Giovanni…This man is—”

“—is here to ask some questions and maybe beat you at poker.”

They all looked up to see Max standing there.

Officer Giovanni kept her weapon trained on King. “You know him?”

Max laughed. “Yeah… We served together and I saved his life a couple of times.”

“Fuck you!” King smirked. “I saved yours.”

Both men laughed.

She lowered her gun looking entirely confused as she stared at King. “Then who are you?”

King’s laughter slowed as he gazed intensely at her. “Someone who wants answers.”

Max stepped close. “Mags, let’s take it to the back.”

King raised his brows. Mags?

“Yeah, use the far office,” the Sergeant suggested, as he looked troubled.

King stared at her and did a sweeping motion with his hand. “I’ll follow you.”

Placing her weapon into her shoulder holster, she turned and strode down the hall.

King stood rooted to the spot for a few seconds as he watched her walk away. That ass, it was—

“Yeah, that happens to all of us,” a man spoke.

King looked over at the side desk to peer at a slim man in uniform.

The man saw the look in his eyes and gulped as he shook his head.

King moved now. So what if she had a nice ass? She was still a pain in his. He needed to find out all that she knew.

When they got to the office, Max patted him on the shoulder. “So what’s with the cut and the tude?”

“I’m MC now.”

Max shook his head at this. “And what else?”

King shrugged.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” He looked over at Mags. “So why do you want to talk to my partner?”

King blinked. “Your—”

“—yeah,” Mags cut him off. “A female cop, what do ya know?”

King glared at her. “I’ve served with females. Don’t look here for an issue over it.”

She glared back at him as if she didn’t believe a word of it.

“Ok, boys and girls. Let’s try to get along here shall we?” Max joked.

The staring silence continued between King and the female cop.

“Come on, King. What is it you need answers to?” Max went on as if they were acting professional.

King took his gaze off Mags. “She was…” His words faded away as he realized she may have been working off the clock and he was about to out her. “I think that due to security, I should talk to her alone.”

Max blinked his eyes in shock. “Hey, I got clearances!”

King sighed.

“It’s okay… he should know,” Mags told King.

King stared at her.

She nodded.

King hesitated then said, “I can’t tell you too many details and you dammed well know why, Max.”

Max crossed his muscled arms over his chest. “I do.”

“She stepped into an opt, dressed as a bag lady,” King stated clearly with an edge to his voice.

Max’s eyes rounded at this. Then he tilted his head back and laughed.

King stared at him then looked over at this Mags woman.

She let out a long breath. “Max!”

He stopped laughing and looked over at her.

“It’s true.”

He batted his blue eyes. “You? Straight Laced, by the book Giovanni? No fucking way!”

She seemed to flinch at the description. “Yes, way.”

“But Mags, that’s…” He seemed too stunned to finish.

“Yeah, I know!” she yelled as she looked around the room. “I’m sick of it, ok? Sick of waiting, sick of sitting on our hands while this fucker is killing people!”

Both King and Max stared at her.

Her curvy body shook as she clenched her fists. “So I got a tip and I used it. They were to have an exchange and pass drugs or something.”

“And you went off grid?” Max yelled. “Do you realize you could lose your dammed badge?” He tossed his hands in the air.

She nodded. “I fully realized that—”

“No. I don’t think you realize anything,” King said.

Her gaze swung over to him.

“We have been hunting this guy for four fucking years.” King growled. “His men were there. Then you Mags…were there. Right in the fucking way!”

Her eyes narrowed at him as she took an angry step closer to him. “No. YOU were in my way!”

“Ding! Ding!” Max came over to stand between them. “Break it up! Damn, you two look like you’re going to throw down or something.”

“Yeah?” Mags glared at King. “I don’t care how big he is, I can take him down.”

Max shook his head and looked over at his ole buddy King. “She can too.”

King snorted. “I won’t fight a woman.”

“Oh, my god! You are a chauvinist I fucking knew it!” she yelled.

King stared at her flushed face thinking of ways he’d liked to take her down to. Then he shook away the sexual thoughts. “I only meant I do not hit women. It’s a code of honor thing.”

“Oh, and you think I don’t understand honor, is that right?’

King thought he might lose it right here and now, if she didn’t shut the hell up. “Look, I need answers. Where did you get your intel? Why exactly were you there and what all do you know about—”

“—Blue Diamonds,” she interrupted.

He stared at her. “Yes. That and the name of—”

“—Gauntlet?” Again, she cut him short.

King curled his hands into fists. “Well, fuck.” He looked over at Max. “You may lose your partner for a while.”

Max stared back at him. “Nah, man. You can’t mean that.”

King looked from him to her. “Maybe. She is compromising our… Mission. This thing goes to the top.”

“Lose me?” Mags placed her hands onto her hips. “To what?”

“Us,” King stated.

“Us?” She threw her arms in the air. “Just who is us?”

Max stepped close to King. “If I keep her out of it, can she just stay in the force for now?”

King shook his head. “Well Lord knows, I don’t want to…” he halted. He didn’t want her underfoot with her nose into everything. And he didn’t trust himself to not get her under him either. “If you promise to keep her out of it from here on.”

Max nodded. “I will.”

Mags looked back and forth between the two men. “What the hell are you two saying here?”

Max stepped closer and grabbed her hand.

King stared as he wondered if they were just partners or… He shook this question off. What the fuck did that matter? “If she gets in the line of fire or in my sights again…She’s going with us.”

Mags blinked at him. “I certainly will not. I mean who the hell do you think you are. Mr. Biker?’

Max dropped her hand. “Mags, he…” pausing he looked into her eyes. “Just take it from me. You need to stand down on this.”

King watched her face closely. That stubborn glint her amazing dark eyes. He knew right here and now…That she wouldn’t back off this. She knew plenty. He could see it in her eyes. Unfortunately, he would have to address this later after talking with Ace. He stuck his hand out to Maxwell. “It was good seeing you again, man. I gotta go.”

Max shook his hand in a firm grip. “Say hello to the cards for me.”

King laughed a little “Yeah, that deck is still stacked.” They meant Joker, Deuce, Jack and Ace along with the other men on their team. King then took a moment to look at Mags. He couldn’t help but to look thoroughly. Those curves, long legs, that silky hair and then he met her fiery gaze. And those eyes. He wondered without wanting to wonder, just what she would look like under him while climaxing. He took a deep breath and let it out. “Have a nice day, Officer.” He turned and left the room.


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