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Warlords MC: Book 2 – King (Tremaine) : Chapter 1

Denver Colorado…

The street was covered in darkness and shadowsThe traffic on the next street over echoed along the dark buildings, otherwise it was silent. Mags knew it was dangerous here and she was working on her own. She wanted so badly to catch this drug ring. Things weren’t like this even ten years ago, in this part of town. The neighborhood had been halfway decent and the crime was just the petty variety. Now? It was like a fucking war.

She was fed up with the overdose count. Tired of the many arrests of users and no dealers being cuffed at all. It’d been going on too long. Her and her partner had been on this. But they never got a break. Everyone in town was closemouthed about the drug and its dealer.

A losing war. A war on people who were weak and needed some kind of high. There were the elderly and the struggling poor on one side. Then, the drug lords and gangs on the other. In reality, it was a frontline seat position to viewing a violent show. A show…where you could lose your life by just being in the audience. These gangers were killing innocents of they talked or if they witnessed anything. So not only were there drug deaths, now there were actual murders.

She made her way down the sidewalk. She intended to be a witness, just not a dead one. Almost to the corner where the deal would go down, she slowed, hoping to actually catch the deal going down. Dressed as a sort of an old bag lady, she hoped to blend into the street, not catch their notice. Her informant had told her a deal for the new designer drug would be going down here tonight. Benny had to. He was going down for another crime and she made a deal with her.

Blue Diamonds had hit the streets just under two years ago. It was a wicked drug but it was fast becoming the most sought after designer drug out there. As far as she knew, no one knew where it came from for a long while. People paid good money for it because it lasted a lot longer than some of the others and it gave you a good high.

Then she caught wind of the man’s name who was supposedly in charge. Well, not a real name but it was all she had. Only, she needed more and she was just tired of the runaround. At the station, that was all there was. They were tied at the wrists by rules and regs. She’d always been straight and narrow, but then… She lost a friend. Her best friend to an overdose.

This event sat within her chest like a lead balloon. Stuck there… in her heart like a steel knife. Then after the funeral and she saw Vikki’s parents… it hit her hard. They seemed to have aged overnight. Both shock and trauma marked them. They had raised her from the age of sixteen, when dad was killed in a stakeout, one that was for a drug ring. Now, she felt it was her mission in life to take the whole organization down and she would do whatever it took.

A dark silhouette formed along front of the wall by the rundown apartment building that sat on the corner where she needed to be. Her training was in full force or she would have never seen it.

Her steps slowed even more as the form grew into a large shadow and then seemed to become solid. Oh, he would want money or jewelry. I have neither…just my trusty Magnum. Too bad for him. Mags almost smiled as she stopped on the walk. Maybe he isn’t looking at me at all. Maybe he’s just here to meet this dealer? But she knew she was probably fooling herself.

“You need to get off the, street old lady,” a voice spoke from behind her.

She jumped with a start. And this one had gotten the drop on her. Two of them! Of course, she knew better, two would be how theses scumbags did it. She grasped her Magnum and thumbed the safety off. “I—I really don’t—?”

A loud thud cut her reply off.

Mags spun around and stared into a scary pair of eyes. Then her stunned gaze dropped to the sidewalk.

The gangbanger lay sprawled out on the concrete at the feet of the stranger.

“Move,” the stranger whispered.

She looked around to see why he said this.

The bulky shadow had already reached them.

Mags knew the score and as much as she wanted to use her trusty weapon, she needed to remain in character. A poor old bag lady caught in the middle. So, she dropped to the sidewalk and rolled to the steps. She heard grunts and shuffling.

“You sonofabitch!” the shadow thug yelled. Then he hit the pavement with a loud smack on the cement, flat on his back.

Mags was so close ‒ hand on her gun beneath the old shawl she wore ‒ that she could see the blood trickling from his mouth. He looked to be out cold. Good! She wanted to kick him in the nuts just as A What For.

A large hand came into view, he was extending it to help her up. She peered up to his face and saw him for the first time.

A large man, strong scruff covered jaw, dammed good-looking, but his hazel eyes were angry. “What the fuck are you doing here old woman?” he asked in a gruff voice.

Blinking, she wondered if she should take his hand at all. Fucker was sort of mean to say the least.

At her silence, those spellbinding eyes bore right into her.

Even though he might be one of the dealers and just angry the gangers and she had gotten in the way, she grasped his hand and he pulled her up. She felt the warmth from his fingers travel all the way up along her arm.

Without a word, he walked her the last twenty feet or so to the apartment building.

He must’ve figured that had been where she was headed. Well, she wouldn’t clear that up. Those two monsters worked for Gauntlet, but she couldn’t figure how this guy fit into it. She needed to find out what the fuck just happened. She felt more than flustered as she turned to face him.

No one stood there.

Fuck…. Looking around, Mags could see and feel that the streets were empty. Damn the man. He’d just fucked her entire set up.

King parked his bike at the safe house. He was more than pissed. This had been the first sign of Gauntlet’s activities. Jack had overheard a conversation at one of the local bars about the deal that was supposed to go down tonight. It had been in the shady part of town. He, Jack and Deuce had been waiting on each block of that street, as they hadn’t known what corner. They would shadow the deal and not interfere….just follow the dealers, back to where they came from.

When he’d seen that old lady, he could hardly contain his frustration. The fuck she was doing out at midnight? Then the 2 men had disappeared too quickly for him to grab one of them. They had been out cold, so someone else had to have helped them out.

Jack pulled up next to him, turned his engine off and kicked his stand down. “I saw you leaving and told Deuce it was a bust and to come back.”

Yeah, he would figure that if King had quit the meet, there was nothing there. “It wasn’t a bust,” he muttered.

Jack raised his gaze to him. “What?”

King sighed as he kicked his stand down and got off. “They were there.”

“What the…?” Jack looked stunned.

Just then, Deuce pulled in. He rushed to turn off his bike after kicking the stand. “What the fuck was all that King?” He glared at his brother.

Shaking his head, King sighed. “A fucking old lady, man. Right in the middle of it. They were going to tap her.”

“The fuck she was old!” Deuce retorted.

King paused and narrowed his eyes at him.

“I followed her after. Yeah, I saw it go down. She didn’t live in that building.”

King frowned. “Can you please explain what the fuck you’re spouting off about?”

“She was just dressed as an old lady, man. And that was camouflage. Great camo but an illusion nonetheless.”

“And how do you know this?” Jack asked looking just as confused as King did.

“The way she moved after you left. Like she was twenty, man! Then she hightailed it to the next street and hopped into a damn mustang muscle car. No way was she an old bag lady.” Deuce shook his head.

“FUCK!” King yelled.

His brother stared at him. “What?” Jack asked.

“She may have been the actual buyer,” King grumbled.

Deuce shook his head. “Well, we got nothing now. It took us two weeks to get that intel.”

King stalked angrily toward the door. “Come on. We still need to see what Joker has managed to pull up from his IT work. Maybe he’s got something.” King opened the door. He knew he was grasping at straws, but he had fucked up. He rarely did that, but when he did… it was usually huge. And this was God dammed colossal. He, alone had scattered the players and given them a tip off that they had shadows watching. “God dammit!” He kicked a chair out of his way.

“Hey!” Joker called from the far side of the room. “Watch the needless beatings on the furnishings man!”

King huffed in response and stomped over to the small kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed four beers out. Turning, he set the bottles onto the counter.

Joker stared at his big brother then looked over at his other two siblings. “What happened?”

King popped the top of his beer and chugged it, instead off answering.

Deuce and Jack simply shook their heads at Joker. They knew King well and to actually talk about a fuck up? No, they like their face just like they were, unmarked, and no bleeding. They would wait for King to tell it. Smarter and safer.

King opened his mouth to explain when his phone rang. He shut his mouth and dug it out of his inner vest pocket. “What?” he growled.

“Well, fucking hello to you too, brother.”

King let out a breath and put the cell on speaker phone. Then he set it down on the counter.

“King? You there?’ Ace asked.

“Yes Truman, we are all here,” King snipped.

“Oh, man. You sound like someone pissed in your cheerios.”

Joker laughed.

King glared at him as he answered Ace, “So what’s up, Ace?”

“Well, we found some papers at Oscar’s place. You know the one he had with the mystery woman and his kid?’

“Yeah?” Deuce interjected. “What were they?”

“Real estate papers.”

Joker stepped closer and grabbed his beer, then asked, “Can you scan them for me?”

“Yeah, we already done that. Should be in your inbox now in fact. There could be info on where he is hiding,” Ace replied. “So King… what’s wrong?”

The brothers all had their beers in hand now as they simply stared at King.

“I fucked up,” King admitted.

“Explain” Ace urged.

“As you know, we got intel on a deal. For Blue Diamonds.”

“Yeah, and that happened tonight, right?”

“Yeah,” King muttered. “It was supposed to.”

“What do you mean?” Ace asked.

“I mean…” King gritted his teeth. “We were there. I saw an old bag lady that was right at that corner. I took two of the gangers down, as they were going to kill her.”

“What?” Ace asked.

Sighing, King raked his fingers through his hair. “I knocked them out. Then got her to safety. They were gone when I turned back to the corner.”

“So you became Good Samaritan and blew the deal.”

King opened his mouth to further explain.

“So? We are still soldiers. We don’t allow innocents to get caught in the line of fire,” Ace surmised.

“Only…” Deuce started then clammed up.

King stared at him. It wasn’t anyone’s bad except his. “She wasn’t what she seemed,” he explained.

“One of the deal?” Ace asked.

“We don’t know,” Jack interjected. “Deuce followed her and found she wasn’t old at all.”

“Damn, so she was a player maybe?”

King paused. He didn’t think so. Meaning his gut said no. He did remember her eyes now though. Damn, not the eyes of an old lady. “ I don’t think so.”

His three brothers in the room stared at him.

He shrugged. “Gut instinct. She was there for a purpose. Not a drug.”

His brothers still stared blankly at him.

“Yeah King, I have always trusted your gut. Well, except when it came to Charli.”

King furrowed his brows. “What the fuck does that mean?”

“You didn’t keen to her much at first,” Joker supplied the response.

“The fuck?” King grumbled. “That is not true.”

“It is!” Joker rallied. “But…” he paused.

“But?” Both King and Ace’s voice asked.

“Ace wasn’t so angelic either in his belief in her, now was he?”

The brothers all stood very still.

Then Jack began to laugh. “You fuckers are too damn much!”

“Shut the hell up.” King chuckled, then he sobered. “Well, they are underground now, cause of me. So, we are back to square one.”

“Maybe not,” Deuce spoke up.

They all looked over at him.

“Explain shithead,” came Ace’s voice from the cell on the counter.

“Well, if you’re gonna call me names and all…” Deuce grinned.

“Just spill!” King yelled, his humor gone.

Deuce raised a matchbook up.

“And what does that mean?” Jack asked with a raised brow. “You gonna lite up? Or what?”

Joker chuckled.

“No…but we will know who the bag lady is.” Deuce handed it to Joker.

Looking down at it, Joker grinned. “You carry a pencil with you Deuce?”

He stared at his brother as if that was a dumb question. “Of course.”

King stepped closer. “What the fuck are you two going on about?”

Joker glanced up at him. “Her plates. He wrote down her plate number!”

King paused as he felt the first glimmer of hope since that clusterfuck went down tonight. “I get first dibs on her.”

The brothers all paused and glanced up at him.

He snorted. “Not like that, you dolts.”

Ace’s laughter came over the phone.

King was disgusted by this point. “Ha-ha to you too, fucker.” He tapped his phone, cutting off Truman’s familiar laugh.


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