Unraveled: Chapter 17


“I’m so fucking sorry.” I mean every single syllable. It’s the only thing I could say. It’s something I’ve wanted to say since she slapped the bejesus out of me after I fucked her in front of Isaia. I had the blood of many on my hands, but when she looked at me with fractured eyes, I truly knew what it meant to be the villain.

I wanted to say it a thousand times over and over. And after I heard my babies’ heartbeats, I wanted to scream the words that kept burning the tip of my tongue and plaguing my conscience. But my pride kept me chained up, and I couldn’t do what I knew I needed to.

That’s why I sat in the dark for over an hour watching her sleep, her hair fanned out over the pillow, her chest rising and falling in a calm rhythm…my babies growing inside her belly. The shadows tried to hide her from me, but I could see her silhouette in the white silk nightgown. Or maybe I’m just used to the dark because I’ve been basking in it for almost my entire life—that’s until a poor waitress from the other side of town gave me a taste of the light.

Before she woke, I sat there musing over my uncle’s plans to harm her and how I would slaughter everyone who dared to come near her, a part of me wondered…what if?

What if something had to happen to her? What if something had to happen to me? What if I never get the chance to tell her how fucking sorry I am for hurting her?

Until now, it’s only ever been words. Words with meaning that didn’t apply to us. A Del Rossa never apologizes. We don’t relent, and we don’t wallow in guilt. At least that’s how it was…before her.

They’re the hardest words I’ve ever had to say—harder than saying goodbye to my father—but I had to find a way to make it right, even if she had forgiven me.

Apologizing is the only way I could make her see that my love for her is stronger than my life within the Dark Sovereign.

“I love you,” she whispers, and I swear to God I feel those words sink into my soul.

“I don’t deserve your love, but I’ll take it anyway.” I brush my cheek against hers. Her hair smells like orange blossom and coconut, and I thread my fingers through the soft tresses, tucking them behind her ear. “I love you, too, stray. More than anything in this entire goddamn world.” I drag my lips down to hers and kiss her lightly, a mere brush of lips and a colliding of warm breaths. “Being apart from you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through.”

She leans into my touch, closing her eyes. “I thought it was what I wanted, but I was wrong. I couldn’t breathe without you, and I never want to go through that again.”

The selfish bastard in me loves hearing her say that because there’s no chance I’ll ever put myself through that torture again.

“We’ll never be apart again. I swear it.” I reach down, placing a palm on her belly. “You and these babies are my life now. My sole existence is to protect you and give the three of you the world.” I’ve never been more serious in my life. “You are my world now. Just you and nothing else.”

Her beautiful, plump lips pull in a smile. “You know how much I love your dirty mouth, but hearing you say all these heartfelt words,” she shifts and slides over me, straddling my hips, “it does things to me.”

God, she’s been a vision before. But now, with the gentle swell of her belly and full breasts, she’s a goddess.

I lift my hips, and a groan rumbles in my throat as she slides her wet cunt along my cock, igniting a deep lust that hums in my balls. “Should I start writing you love letters and reciting poems?”

“As much as I love your words of affection, I think I prefer the filthy ones more.”

I grab her waist, digging my fingers into her flesh and forcing her to move her hips. “So, instead of telling you how much I love you, I should tell you how obsessed I am with this cunt of yours?” I buck and pull her down, so my shaft fits perfectly between her pussy lips.

“Oh, yes,” she moans and rocks on top of me, gliding my dick along her creases. “More.”

“When I’m not with you, all I think about is seeing your pussy swallow my cock.” I reach for her breasts and massage them lightly, loving how they fill more of my palm now. “And how I can’t wait to watch these tits bounce while I fuck you.”


“God, I want to make you come just by rubbing my cock between your folds.”

“I want to come with you inside me.”

“I know, baby.” My hands are on her waist again, and I lift her, watching as she reaches down, her eyes urgent, her long, delicate fingers wrapping around my shaft, positioning it by her center. I give her just the tip of my cock even though I want to pummel inside her and fuck her raw. But instead, I practice restraint so I can look at her beautiful face overcome with lust, her lips parted, and cheeks flushed. I give her a little more and tilt my head, watching her smooth, glistening pussy clench down on me before focusing my gaze on her face as she takes me, her body shivering and chest rising, her eyes closing in pleasure the moment I’m fully seated inside her.

“That’s it, stray. You’re such a good little slut taking all of me,” I murmur, holding her hips firmly in place. The feeling is exquisite, her wet walls engulfing me, and I move my hips upward, needing to be deeper.

“God, I love your cock,” she says, squeezing her tits together as she straightens her elbows, moving her hips in slow circles, grinding on me. “It feels so good to have you inside me.”

I clamp my fingers down on her hips. “Then stop fucking around and ride my dick like it’s the last time you’ll ever feel it inside you.”

She steadies herself with her hands on my abdomen and starts to move, slides up and down my length, her breasts bouncing with each thrust.

My abs pull taut, my thighs straining as I buck to meet her, the sound of our wet skin filling the room.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasps.

“Do not fucking come. You’re not done riding me yet,” I demand, clenching my jaw and biting my lower lip while watching her fuck me with wild movements, looking down at her pussy. “Fuck, I love watching your wet, slutty cunt swallow my dick.”

She moans and pushes herself down, rocking her hips while grinding against my pubic bone before lifting back up. This time I thrust upward, slamming back into her, and she cries out. “Alexius, I’m going to come.”

“Not yet.” Again, I buck, straining my hips to pound back into her.

“Fuck!” she cries, her arms shaking and legs trembling. “Please.” She smacks back down onto me and twists her waist, and my entire body goes rigid as my balls pull tight and my cock swells.

“Jesus, woman,” I curse and bite my fingers deeper into her waist, throwing my head back and arching my back off the sheets. “Come. You have to come before I do.”

“Oh, God,” she cries out, and I groan until my load erupts from my cock in a rush, spilling my hot cum into her, her body shivering as she explodes around my cock, both of us coming at the same time.

Her pussy tightens. My cock jerks. And I’m buried to the hilt inside her while she bounces and grinds, riding out her orgasm. It’s fucking beautiful, seeing the hard lines of ecstasy on her face, a soft sheen of sweat glimmering on her chest.

She drops onto my chest, breathing rapidly, her hot breath on my skin, and I wrap my arms around her. “God, I love your pussy,” I say breathlessly, and she lets out a winded chuckle. “And I’m not even kidding if I say I want to fuck you over and over, every goddamn day, for the rest of my life.”

“I’m totally okay with that, Mr. Del Rossa.” She trails a lazy finger along my chest, waking goosebumps along my flesh.

“Good.” I take her hand and bring it to my lips, kissing it gently. “You need to rest,” I say, shifting her off me and onto the mattress.

“I need to shower first.”

But I stop her from getting out of bed. “Lay still. Let me take care of you.”

I grab a towel from the bathroom, and Leandra keeps still as I clean between her legs, wiping her thighs clean, her pussy red and swollen. “We’ll probably have to start taking it easy with you being pregnant.”

“We can still have sex. The doctor says it’s completely safe during pregnancy.”

I still and lift a brow. “I don’t mean we should stop. Good God, no. Do you want to kill me?”

She lets out a gentle laugh.

“What I mean is, just…be a little more careful.”

I pull the sheet over her as she turns on her side, and I start a trail of tender kisses over her shoulder, collarbone, and neck, stopping below her ear. “Until death do us part.”


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