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Touched By Sin: Chapter 4


Fury rises thick and fast inside me when we come to a halt inside the classroom. There she is, sitting on a desk and peering up at my fucking cousin with stars in her eyes. The fucker is up to no good. I can see it in the glint in his eyes when he turns to look at me. “Hi, cousin.”

I tell him with one glare to back the fuck off. Not that he takes any notice. I shove him away and grip the little angel’s chin. “Did he touch you?”

“Chill, man,” my cousin laughs, his ridiculous pimples popping. I’m not stupid, I’ve been a piece on his playing board my whole life.

“Did. He. Touch. You?”

My little angel whimpers, and I almost give in to the ridiculous urge to be gentler with her.


“No,” she finally admits, and I release a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Alaric is already up in my cousin’s face, making him laugh even more. It’s grating on my fucking nerves. Who does he think he is, moving in on our angel? This one belongs to us. I’ll kill anyone who touches her.

“Leave, Dmitriy, before we make you regret even so much as looking at our angel.”

His amused chuckle is low and deep, causing me to fist my hands at my sides. “Your angel? You don’t even know her name!”

“We don’t need to know her fucking name. Now, piss off!”

Dmitriy shrugs, then says to the little angel, “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you escape.”

She tries to look at him, but I dig my fingers into her jaw to keep her eyes on mine. No way is she looking at that fucker. The door shuts softly. Angel blinks up at me with her big, crystal-blue eyes that could bring a grown man to his knees. Why does she have to be so beautiful? Are all angels from Eden as breathtaking as her? I could stare at her all day, but I’m not in the fucking mood to be soppy. Not when she defied us by trying to escape.

“Did you think you could run away from us and not pay the consequences?”

The boys crowd in on either side of me. Our little angel bounces her eyes between us, unsure who to focus on. I make the choice simple for her by wrapping my hand around her throat. The urge to dominate her and make her bend to our will is an itch that demands to be scratched. I want to mount her like a fucking animal and possess her in every way possible while watching her squirm with pleasure beneath me. Hell, I want to own her. It’s not enough to simply play with her. Alaric and Ronan are equally restless next to me. We all want a piece of her, like a cake you cut into tiny slices and feast on.

“Answer him!” Ronan demands on my left.

Her fiery eyes burn with defiance and her lips remain closed. She doesn’t know who she’s playing with. It’s hot as fuck to have stumbled upon a girl who fights back. Here, in Hell, we can have anyone we want. If I click my fingers, the girls line up. But Angel is different. She doesn’t take shit. She’s scared, but she won’t let us break her spirit. We’ll see about that. I like to break pretty little things, and I won’t rest until our little angel lies in a thousand broken pieces on my bedroom floor.

I reach out and slide my fingers into her hair, pulling sharply on the silky strands. I love her like this with her neck bared, the rise and fall of her soft tits as her breaths come quicker.

“You think you’re so strong, little angel?” I taunt, stepping closer. My cock strains against the confines of my jeans, and when I begin to unclasp my belt buckle, she whimpers. It’s a submissive sound I could get used to.

Just as I go to slide my zipper down, the door opens, and the headmistress walks in. Her dark eyes scan over Angel. Gossip spreads fast here at the academy, so she already knows we have acquired a new plaything. I’m disappointed; there isn’t even the barest flicker of surprise in her eyes.

The left side of the little angel’s mouth curves up in a smirk, like she has somehow won this round. I suck on my teeth while buckling my jeans before treating the headmistress to my most charming smile. “We lost track of time, mistress.”

The lady in question waves her hand impatiently, and we part like the sea. Our little angel’s smirk falls when Headmistress walks up to her. Now it’s my turn to smile. Headmistress makes grown men shake in their boots with her cold eyes.

“What’s your name, child?”

“Aurelia,” she replies timidly.


I exchange a look with Ronan and Alaric.

“How did you find yourself outside of Eden? Were you banished?”

Headmistress’s black velvet dress hugs her curves like a second skin. I catch Ronan checking out her ass and give him a subtle shake of my head. If she spots him checking her out, she’ll pluck out his eyes with her blood-red nails. True story—it has happened before.

“I wasn’t banished. I was…” she looks at me, “…curious.”

“A curious little angel?” Headmistress purrs, her voice soft as silk. “Tell me, child, has your curiosity been sated?”

Aurelia swallows, her eyes flicking back to the woman in front of her. “No, it has not.”

“Oh?” Now Headmistress sounds genuinely surprised. So am I.

Alaric looks at me, his eyes wide and intrigued. What is she doing?

I frown. Beats me.

“You’re a brave young girl,” Headmistress says, flashing fangs as she smiles. “Either that or foolish.”

Aurelia stays quiet.

Smart girl.

“So, what will it take to satiate your curiosity?”

“My powers.”

Headmistress grows eerily still. “Your powers?”

“The fallen angels have powers, so why wouldn’t I? I want to learn.”

“Child, you’re from Heav—”

“Why would that stop me from having powers? The fallen angels originate from heaven too, but they were banished. My elders don’t teach us or encourage us to discover our powers. You do. I want to learn.”

Headmistress is silent for a long moment before she turns halfway and looks at us. “She starts classes tomorrow. I want you boys to personally oversee her learning.”

My mouth falls open. “But, Headmistress, she’s an angel from Ede—”

“You heard her, Daemon. She wants to discover her powers. I’m holding you personally responsible to teach her.”

“But Headmistress—”

“Do we have a problem here? Do I need to contact your father?”

My mouth snaps shut. My father is away for the week and wouldn’t take kindly to being interrupted. I do a lot of stupid shit, but this is up there with the worst. He won’t be pleased when he returns and spots our new toy. He already chewed me out when I told him about her on the phone after he called me in a rage.

“Good,” she says, dragging the word out with a triumphant, slow-to-form, dark smile.

Alaric narrows his eyes at her as she walks out. As soon as the door shuts behind her, he turns to me. “What is she up to?”

Good question. Why would she want us to help Aurelia discover her powers unless she’s curious? Headmistress doesn’t have a kind bone in her body. She’s not ordering us to oversee Aurelia out of the goodness of her heart. No, she’s curious and eager to find out what powers—if any—Aurelia possesses.

Aurelia… I study the angel while she peers up at us. Her soft curves rise and fall with her every inhale, and her long, blonde hair falls down her back and shoulders like a cascading waterfall.

“So, you want to discover your powers?” I ask, wetting my lips. “You surprised me. I thought for a moment that you would beg Headmistress to let you go home. Not stay here with us.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” she hisses, sliding off the bench.

I’m a head taller than her. She reaches my collarbone, but the height difference doesn’t faze her as she cranes her neck to glare at me. “I didn’t ask to stay so I could be with you or your friends.”

Struck with the urge to shut her up with my fingers in her mouth or my cock, I fist my hands to stop myself from reaching for her. I want her rage and fire.

“If I go back, I won’t learn my true potential. Besides, we all know the gates won’t open for me anymore. You, Daemon,” she pokes me in the chest, “made sure of that.”

The fire in her eyes burns brighter when I smirk.

“So I will learn everything I can.” She steps even closer, her breath fanning my neck. “You better watch out, angel boy. I’m coming for you. I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but I’ll reduce you to a pile of fucking ashes. You think I’ll beg on my knees for you?” She gives a breathy laugh that stirs my cock in its denim prison. I definitely want to shut her up with it now—ram it so far down her tight throat that she chokes while clawing my thighs for reprieve.

“I’ll have you crawling to me like a leashed pet. You and your friends picked the wrong angel to mess with. And by the time I’m done with you three, you’ll wish you left me in the woods.”

I’m rock-hard. Didn’t her elders teach her why you should never poke the slumbering beast? This time, it’s her who walks out and us who stare after her like puppies waiting for the command to please their mistress.


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