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Touched By Sin: Chapter 18


The blood moon hangs low in the sky, close to the Earth, and unusually big. It guides me deeper into the trees. It’s quiet. Not even the wind dares rustle the leaves. The single, red door up ahead creaks open an inch, urging me closer as golden light spills out, flooding the ground. With a glance behind me, I squint into the shadows. I’m alone. I turn back around, taking a hesitant step forward, when a twig snaps under my foot. Damp leaves stick to my feet, and the hem of my long white dress is stained from dragging behind me.


Moving a fir branch out of the way and stepping over a small stream of water, I gaze at the door. It’s closer now, my bare feet stepping into the beam of light on the damp ground.

Come closer…

My heart flutters wildly in my throat, and the silence that follows crawls down my neck and over the sheen of sweat on my skin.


Movement to my left—a darting shadow—startles me, causing me to trip over a root and fall to the ground. My knee explodes with pain that burns and throbs. I wince as I sit up and inspect the wound. It’s bleeding, dirt sticking to my skin. I try to wipe it off with my fingers but end up smearing the blood around.


The door slams shut behind me, taking the last of the light with it.

Shooting upright in bed and breathing harshly, I wipe the damp hair off my sweaty forehead.

Just a bad dream.

I glance over at the clock on my bedside table to see that it has just gone three in the morning. Shifting beneath the warm sheets, I light the bedside candle before throwing my quilt off and placing my feet on the floor. The bite from the chill barely registers while I slowly slide my nightdress up to look at my bleeding knee. Pieces of broken leaves and dirt still stick to the wound.

My dreams are happening more regularly now. I haven’t told the boys because I don’t know what to say. They saw what happened the day we did the meditation in class, and they dismissed it. Why does all this weird shit keep happening to me? Isn’t it enough that I have grown fangs like some fairytale vampire?

I slowly make my way downstairs to the kitchen to find something to clean the wound. Alaric once explained to me that houses here have kitchens because some fallen angels keep human blood slaves as pets. Hunger was a fairytale concept until I came here, having never experienced it before. Now I hunger for many things: sustenance, love, power, sex.

“What are you doing up?”

Bent down while rooting through the cupboard beneath the sink, I bang my head. “Ouch.” I straighten up and look back at Daemon, who is leaning against the doorway. “I cut my knee. I’m looking for something to clean the wound with.”

He pushes off the wall, nudges me out of the way, and reaches into the cupboard. When he straightens back up, he grabs hold of my hips and lifts me up on the counter. In his hands is a glass bottle of pure vodka. His warm fingers slide around my calf and he palms it, bringing it up. My foot rests on his chest as he grabs a towel beside me on the counter. “You good with pain?”

“I’m new to pain, remember?”

He unscrews the lid and flicks it off with his thumb. “I keep forgetting you’re not from around here.”

“Will it hurt a lot?”

“Yeah, it will.”

His warm hand is on the back of my knee, and his brown eyes hold my blue. “You ready?”

For him? No, never. “Yes.”

He tips the bottle, and the cool liquid pours over my knee. I release a pained cry. It burns, unlike anything. Setting the bottle aside on the counter, he pats my knee with the soft towel. He’s gentle, touching me softly but firmly, and I realize, caught in his gaze, that I’m holding my breath.

My knee is dry, but he doesn’t stop touching me. The towel falls to the floor, and his fingers trail a hot path up the inside of my thigh. My lungs burn almost as much as his touch, yet I don’t breathe. The throbbing, stinging pain in my knee is forgotten. When his fingers graze my damp panties, oxygen rushes into my lungs.

His other hand lands on the kitchen cupboard behind my head. He’s so close, devouring me with his eyes as he hooks his fingers in the fabric of my panties, sliding them aside. My hands fly up to his chest, and he shifts my foot to rest my ankle on his shoulder.

“Daem—” I start, but the words die on my tongue when his fingers press down on my clit. His intense, brown eyes stay locked on mine as he starts rubbing me in slow, torturous circles.

With my breath caught in my throat and my eyes falling shut, I arch into him. The way he touches me… I’m done for. This is not like the other times when he was rough and hellbent on dominating me. This is slow and sensual. This is for my pleasure only.

“Did he make you feel this way?” he whispers when a shudder runs through me. “Did your skin erupt in goosebumps at his touch?” His lips are on my jaw, teasing me with his warm breath and nip of teeth. My whimpers grow in volume as his touch travels lower and lower. He sinks a finger inside me, flicking my clit with his thumb.

“No, Daemon,” I breathe softly, feeling the slide of his thick digit inside me.

His lips kiss a path down the curve of my neck, over my collarbone and shoulder, then back up to my mouth to steal my breath. He sucks on my tongue before snatching up my lip and giving it a warning bite, the kind that says, “Don’t trust me.”

“Open your eyes, baby,” he whispers as he leans back.

I gaze at him through a haze of pleasure while my tongue slides over my lips. As I reach up to bury my fingers in the short hair at the nape of his neck, he moves in, tasting me with hard sweeps of his tongue. His mouth, his touch… I’m in the sweetest Hell. Daemon reminds me with every kiss and sinful word of why I should rejoice that the gates didn’t open for me.

“You don’t need Eden, little angel. I’m your Heaven and the only one who can make you feel this way. Do you hear me? No one else can. And if this isn’t Heaven,” he nips at my earlobe, “then leave me here in Hell to burn for eternity.”

“Daemon,” I moan as my insides melt and warm.

“I need to taste you.” He pulls my ass to the edge of the counter, bending down to lick at my pussy. His warm tongue slides through my wet folds and laps at my throbbing clit.

Fisting his hair, I bite down on my lip to stop myself from coming too soon. I want to savor this moment. Feel every swipe of his tongue, scratch of his beard, and tickle of his hot breath. Daemon stayed away from me this week, and it hurt. I thought I’d lost him.

“Hell, this sweet pussy…” His fingers dig into my hips when he peers up at me from between my thighs. “Tell me he didn’t make you feel this good.”

There’s a vulnerability in his voice that tugs at my heartstrings. “He’s nothing compared to you.”

He rewards me by sucking my clit into his mouth and groaning deep in his chest. His wings flare out behind him, but not in a display of dominance but one of pleasure. He’s enjoying himself.

“Daemon,” I moan, my insides tightening. I can’t hold it off. The stack of cards comes tumbling down on top of us, and I throw my head back with a moan that’s sure to rouse even the sleeping birds in the trees outside. He laps up every drop of cum before dragging his lips up my body, over my dress, and pressing a hard kiss to my lips. My scent lingers on him like an expensive perfume, and it awakens the part of me that wants to possess him.

I grip his stubbly chin, smiling through sharp fangs. “Good boy.”

His lips curl back and he bares his own incisors, which are longer than mine and fiercer. “If you try to dominate me again, I’ll flip you over and spank your ass raw.” His words are a clear threat, but he lets me dig my fingers into his jaw. The line between us is thin, and I know he wouldn’t allow any other girl to hold him in such a possessive grip as I am now. I like that he lets me explore this basic instinct to claim my territory within limits. And I know if I push too far, he’ll make good on his threat to slap my ass until I beg for his cock.

He finally tears his chin from my grip, looking down at my swollen pussy and flicking my clit. Then he straightens up and says, “Now, will you tell me how you injured your knee, or do I need to fuck the answers out of you?”

Suddenly nervous, I close my legs, pulling my skirt down as I sneak a furtive peek at the outline of his hard cock inside his jeans. “It’s nothing.”


I hop down and try to move past him, but he grabs my neck and drags me back. “How did you hurt your knee?”

“I don’t even know how to explain,” I tell him, fidgeting.

“Did someone hurt you?”

“No, nothing like that.”

“Did you fall?”

I suck my lips between my teeth and look to the side. “Kind of.”

“Kind of?”

When I don’t reply, he pinches my chin between his fingers and brings my eyes back to him. “Kind of?”

Figuring it’s best to tell him the truth, I lean against the counter. “Remember the time we meditated in class? My arms were covered in scratches afterward.”

His brows pull down low. “Yeah?”

“Well, it’s like that. But in my dreams.”

He stays quiet, watching me.

“I have these dreams… I’m walking in the woods and stumble upon a door. Just a single door—no house. Like what the teacher told us to visualize during the meditation, remember? It’s open, but only enough for light to spill out. And there’s a voice coming from inside. It whispers…”


I nod, wrapping my arms around myself to ward off the sudden chill in the air. “Yeah. It wants me to step inside.”

His deep voice draws my eyes back to his. “And how did you injure your knee?”

“Something ran past me—a shadow—and I tripped on a root.”

His dark eyes peer into mine but give nothing away. “You tripped over in your dream and woke up with a bleeding knee?”

“Like that time in class when I scratched my arms on the branches.”

“Fuck…” He steps away, dragging a hand down his face.

“What does it mean?”

“I don’t know,” he admits, looking back at me, “but I bet it ain’t good.”

I’m glad I told him the truth, relieved even, but I don’t like the concerned look in his eyes. Daemon likes to feel in control, and right now, he’s not.

“From now on, you’re not to sleep alone.”

My eyes widen and I push off the counter. “You want me to sleep in your bed?”

Daemon does a double take, his eyes widening, too. “I didn’t mean it like that.” It’s cute how he’s rubbing his neck. I try not to smile. “You’ll alternate beds.”

I cock my head to the side, then let my smile run free over my lips as they spread wide. “Or we could buy a big bed and share.”

This time he snorts. “Not fucking happening. Alaric starfishes in his sleep, and the last time I shared a bed with them, I woke up with Ronan’s feet in my face and his fucking wing on my cock. Never again.”

“You slept naked together?”

The look he gives me is anything but impressed. “Don’t get ideas. We’d shared a girl.”

I ignore the last part and the twinge of jealousy inside me. “So, there was no sword crossing involved?”

“I was hard, and now I’m not. Thanks, Angel. I can go back to sleep.” He walks out, expecting me to follow, which I do gladly now that he has sparked my curiosity. The candles on the wall light up with flames as we pass. It’s part of the boys’ magic. I still need to inquire about it. How do they make it happen?

“I think it could be hot.”

We ascend the steps, and Daemon takes them three at a time as if he wants to escape my line of questioning. The wrought iron banister is cold beneath my palm, and so are the stone steps. I barely notice, keeping my eyes on his broad back.

“You want to watch me with Ronan and Alaric?”

“It could be hot,” I admit when we reach the top.

The worn artisan carpet stretches out in front of us. It’s soft beneath my feet, staving off the cold.

“I think I would enjoy watching you pleasure Ronan or Alaric.”

Opening the door to his bedroom, he watches me walk in. “For your information, they would give me a blowjob, not the other fucking way around. I only lick girls.”

I was sliding my hand over the black silk sheet on his bed, but at his admission, I whirl around. “Girls?”

Notice the s in ‘girls.’


Daemon pulls his T-shirt over his head, which is a feat with his large wings behind him, and tosses it to the floor. Then he starts on his belt buckle while looking at me from beneath his tousled, dark locks that fall over his eyes. “Yeah, girls.”

“Huh?” I say, taking slow steps forward. “That’s interesting.”

He’s clueless, lowering his zipper.

Typical man.

“And I only suck dicks.”

No reaction. He kicks off his jeans, and I slide my tongue over my teeth as my eyes flick down to the thick bulge in his boxers.

“Lots and lots of dicks.”

He stiffens, his eyes slowly coming to mine. “What did you say?”

With a shrug, I turn around, walking deeper into his room. A deep-green couch is pushed up against the bay window, and the walls are bare except for a framed painting of an angel falling from the sky.

“I said I like cocks.”

I feel him before I see him. His heat presses up against my back, and his long fingers curl around my neck. I watch his reflection in the window when he leans down and growls against the curve of my ear, “The only cocks you like are in this house, understood?”

Ignoring the spark in my clit, I fight the urge to lean into him. “And the only pussy you like to lick is mine, understood?”

His grip on my throat is possessive, dominant. His alpha is coming out to play. “No, you heard me right. Girls,” he drawls, squeezing me.

My tattered wings erupt, breaking our connection, and my vision becomes a red haze as I slowly turn around. “I think you know I like dicks outside of this house, too.”

His own wings unfold, and his teeth sharpen and grow. He stalks me, forcing me backward until the backs of my legs connect with his bed. “If you touch another man again, it’ll be the last thing you do.”

“And if you ever so much as look at another girl, I’ll tear you to pieces.”

Daemon throws me down onto the bed, climbing up my body like a fierce, growling lion with its teeth bared. I can’t look away from his wings behind him. They’re so fucking big, they nearly span the entirety of his room. And when he threw me down, my own wings knocked items off his nightstand.

I don’t care about the sorry state they’re in—I’m not closing them while he’s dominating me like this. I don’t care what weird and awkward angle my wings are forced into, squashed up against his fucking furniture. Why can’t I have cute little wings like the other girls here? Why are mine big enough to compete with his? It’s why we’re both peacocking, fighting for dominance over the other. If I had small wings, he’d be my ‘alpha.’ I refuse to give him the satisfaction.

As if he can’t help himself, he grabs my throat and growls, “So fucking defiant with your pathetic wings out. You think I’ll submit to you, little angel?”

I snarl, my body vibrating with anger and arousal. We’re two animals, giving into our lesser natures. This is what the elders warned us about. Every lesson ever taught to me about sin.

“We both know my wings are anything but pathetic,” I hiss, and he pats my cheek patronizingly until I bat him away.

“You want to do this?” he asks, yanking my dress up and slapping my thighs apart. “You really want to taunt my alpha right now?”

My legs fall open in response. I growl low in my chest, making vicious sounds I never knew I was capable of.

Daemon smacks my cheek with enough bite to anger me even more and warns, “Last chance, little angel. Fold your wings.”

The growl inside my chest intensifies, and I flip us over on the bed with a strength I never knew I had. My blonde hair falls around us like a curtain as I grit out, “Never.” Tearing at his belt, I shove my hand inside his boxers and wrap my fingers around his hard length. “Now, baby,” I taunt, sliding my hand over his silky cock. “Be a good boy and pull your wings back in.” I lean down and smile a sugary smile against his lips. “And I promise to fuck you until you don’t know your own name anymore.”

In a blur of motion, we move across the room, colliding with furniture and breaking a floor lamp in the process. Daemon swipes his arm over his desk, sending the content crashing to the floor. “Now, where were we?” he whispers darkly when he has me bent over the desk with my ass bared. “My sweet angel wants me to fuck her tight cunt, isn’t that right?”

My fangs cut my bottom lip as I snarl savagely at him. I’m so aroused, my pussy weeps with need.

With his fingers curled around my neck, he kicks my legs apart before rubbing the thick head of his cock between my ass cheeks. “Such a good girl,” he taunts, knowing full well how much it pisses me off. “You’re going to take my cock like a good little angel, aren’t you?”

“And you’re going to fuck me like a good boy.”

“Shut the fuck up!” he growls, reaching for something inside his drawer. “Remember these?” He quickly and expertly ties my hands behind my back with a length of rope, then stuffs a pair of silk panties in my mouth.

Leaning down, he whispers in my ear. “I gifted them to you the day after we defiled you for the first time in the living room. Remember that time, beautiful? When I licked your cunt for the first time, and we all painted you in cum?” His heat disappears, and I moan around the fabric in my mouth as he kneads my ass cheeks before sliding his touch over my wings. I snarl at him over my shoulder, but he shoves me back down with a hand on my neck.

“Now, now, sweetheart. Don’t be so angry.” His hard dick rubs over my pussy, and I arch my ass against him. “Such a submissive little angel,” he drawls, grabbing hold of one of my wings and filling me up with his delicious cock. I’m so wet the slide of him feels amazing. Every vein and curve rubs up against my inner walls. “Good girl,” he breathes. “Keep your wings open for me.”

I know he feels powerful fucking and dominating someone with equally big wings. And I would lie if I said I didn’t want to keep them open for him, because it arouses me that he gets off on asserting himself over me, even if I want to fight back. Fuck, I want to fight back so damn much. I can’t even tell him to fuck off now that I have my panties shoved in my mouth and my wrists tied behind my back. I can’t do anything but take it—every delicious inch.

“You feel amazing strangling my dick with your pussy.” His hands squeeze me so good—borderline painful—as if it’s sweet torture for him to fuck me. I hope it is. I hope he’s as lost in me as I am in him. The empty wall in front of me blurs while he pounds me from behind with his hand fisted in my hair. I’ll be sore tomorrow. That’s for fucking certain.

Flipping me over on my back, he shifts my ankles onto his shoulders, then stares down at his dick as it moves in and out of me. His dark eyes flick up to mine and he smirks, picking up his pace and patting me on the cheek. Once, twice. Three fucking times. Who knew anger could be so arousing? I want to hurt him, but I’m powerless with my arms bound behind me and panties in my mouth.

“There’s a good girl,” he taunts, slapping me a little too hard to be gentle.

My pussy clamps down on him, eager for whatever humiliating shit he’s ready to dole out.

“I love the fucking fire in your eyes,” he tells me, squeezing my cheeks before wrapping his fingers around my throat. “I thought it was gone, but now the flames burn higher than ever.” As if to make a point, he moves his wings up and down behind him, then winks. Who’s in charge, baby?

From somewhere deep inside, something truly dark surfaces, and I kick him off.

As he stumbles to the ground, I give a hard yank, and the rope tied around my wrists falls to the floor. I don’t stop to question how the fuck I developed such strength. Not when he’s lying naked on the floor like a fucking feast.

I straddle his lap, stuff his mouth with my panties, and sink onto his cock, moaning at the delicious stretch. “Fucking hell,” I hiss, my nails digging into his chest as I begin to move. “Your dick feels so fucking good…”

He tries to spit the gag out, but I don’t let him. When he reaches for it, I grab his jaw, baring the column of his neck. His veiny hands land on my hips. We both know he could throw me off any minute, but he lets me play my games.

“Nu-uh!” I breathe, dragging my tongue up his neck while riding him slow and deep. “You’re my good boy, remember? Now you let me take what I need, okay?”

His fingers flex on my hips. He’s fighting the urge to teach me a lesson. And he could.

“That’s it, baby,” I whisper, forcing his dark gaze to mine. “Give me those beautiful eyes.” I roll my hips faster, harder. Then I lean back, balancing my hands on his thighs behind me as I let my head fall back.

Daemon shoves my dress down until it bunches around my waist, and then the warm palm of his hand slides up between my breasts and wraps around my neck. He’s trying to take back power, but I don’t mind. Not when he tweaks a nipple so expertly with his other hand.

“Oh, God,” I whimper while bouncing on his dick, chasing the orgasm at the end of the rainbow. “Oh, fuck, Daemon…” My tits bob, my arousal coating his dick and balls. The sound of slapping skin fills the room. I’m coming apart. I won’t survive this climax. It’ll be unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. “Your dick feels so fucking amazing!” I can’t fuck him any harder. My thighs burn from exertion, but I still need more, just a little more. Reaching down, I rub my clit fast and hard until the earth splits open and its core spills out. I orgasm with a scream, collapsing on top of Daemon, out of breath and exhausted.

He flips us over, stuffs my fucking panties in my mouth, and proceeds to fuck me so hard that I’ll have friction burns on my back tomorrow. Sweat drips from his nose as he chases his own release. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Pulling out, he shifts up my body, his knees on either side of my shoulders. He removes the gag, ordering me to stick my tongue out, which I do very willingly. The corded muscles in his arms strain as he jerks his cock, coating my face with his release. Thick white strings of cum land on my lips and cheeks. “Fuck, little angel…”

I gaze up at him, eagerly catching his cum with my tongue. Every drop. When he’s done, and the last spurt of release drips off my chin, he collapses next to me on the bed. Our wings—now tucked beneath us—overlap, his on top of mine, black on white.

“Shit, that was…” he starts, rolling his head on the pillow and sweeping his dark eyes over my face, “…something else.”

“Something else?” I burst out laughing, and he soon joins in. We descend into chuckles and giggles that last long into the morning.


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