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Touched By Sin: Chapter 17


We’re back in the human world, on the hunt for food, and our little angel looks anything but impressed as she follows behind us quietly.

I don’t like that the fire has gone out of her. But at the same time, it makes me feel in control and I like that. I hate how I feel in her presence—the sheer fucking power she holds over me. No woman should be able to bring me to my fucking knees like she does with one look.

I’ve tried to lose myself in other girls, but it’s not easy when I can’t touch them because of whatever voodoo magic she’s possessed me with. If I sit on my hands, willing myself not to flee, I can let them have their way with me, but I can’t actively participate. It makes me look like a fucking pussy. And what’s worse? It’s my little angel I see while they get me off. It’s always fucking her. I can’t get her out of my head. Even though she went behind my back and fucked my cousin.

He’s been inside her, tasted her lips, and witnessed her beauty when she comes. I can’t move past it. If not for our fathers, I would pluck out his eyes and keep them on my fucking nightstand. I might just do it anyway. Screw my father and whatever punishment he’ll dole out. Screw the wider repercussions. Dmitriy is a snake in the grass.

The music in this bar is too loud, and the smell of sweat, alcohol, and pussy is thick in the air. I’m no longer in the mood for this, but we need to feed. I don’t want to have to settle for the food in the cafeteria. Scared, anemic girls don’t do it for me; their blood doesn’t satisfy me.

We reach the dance floor, and I scan my eyes over the throng of sweaty, dancing bodies. My attention lands on a sultry brunette with tits that threaten to spill out of her sequin dress. I would have gladly fucked her if the little angel hadn’t cut off my balls. “I’m going in.”

Ronan and Alaric stay behind to ensure our angel doesn’t do anything stupid like she did last time. Tonight, she’ll have to stay and watch the hunt.

The woman notices my approach and offers an inviting smile that says, take me home, so I can bounce on your dick all night.

Stepping behind her, I pull her close to my body while keeping my eyes locked on Angel. I want her to watch. I want to see the fire spark to life in her dead eyes. The beat kicks in, and the music sinks into my veins, guiding my movements.

“You know how to dance,” the human, who reeks of peach shots and cheap perfume, shouts over the music. I smile against her ear, feeling a sense of triumph when my little angel grits her teeth. I’m hard and it doesn’t help that the brunette rubs her pert ass against me.

The moment she falls under my spell, she melts into me, and her arm around my neck slips away like dead weight. I guide her outside into the night air and she willingly follows across the street to a quiet alley, where we disappear into the darkness.

I have her pressed up against the brick wall, my fingers teasing the inside of her thighs, when Angel joins us in the alley. It fucking pisses me off that I can’t slide the human’s panties aside and feel her wet warmth wrap around my fingers. Angel’s gaze flicks from me to the girl and back. She wants to plead for the girl’s life.

I quirk my finger at her. “Come here, little angel.”

She takes a hesitant step closer, then another, briefly glancing toward the mouth of the alley. There’s no one around. We’re alone.

“Do you like her?” I ask her as I grab the girl’s throat to silence her soft whimpers.

“She’s pretty.”

“Yes, she is,” I agree, mostly to see my little angel’s reaction.

She’s possessive. It’s there in the hardening of her jaw.

“You need to feed,” I tell her, pointing out the obvious. It’s not something she has figured out yet, but now that she’s in Hell, purity alone won’t sustain her. Especially not now that she has so little of it in supply.

“I can’t drink from her.”

The girl whimpers again, and I press my palm over her mouth to muffle the sound. Then, to Angel, I say, “Of course you fucking can. You don’t have a choice.”

It’s the wrong thing to say at the wrong time. Angel puts her hands on her hips, arching her brow. “I don’t have a choice?”

I secretly love her sass, but I won’t tell her that. She’s been depressed for the last week since we found her sitting in a sea of her own feathers. I would lie if I said I wasn’t relieved she wasn’t let back in. On our way to find her, I kept thinking, ‘What if Eden welcomed her home? What then?’ That thought scares me more than I want to admit. Hell, she’s got me by my balls.

“Feed on her,” I order.

Angel shakes her head, looking up at me with her glassy doe eyes. “I’ve already killed once.”

With a groan, I release the girl. She tries to escape, so I grab her arm and pull her back, tossing her into the arms of Ronan. “The sin has already been committed. Your little man in the sky isn’t going to place you on a pedestal for only killing one human.”

She levels me with a glare while Ronan backs the girl up against the back wall. “I will not feed on a human.”

Okay, now I’m getting annoyed. I step closer, forcing her back a step. “Tell me, innocent little angel, how will you survive in my world without blood? Your incisors have grown in. You’re one of us now.”

“Am I?” she argues, half turning, showing me her white wings. “Do I look like one of you?”

It pains me to see the sorry state they’re in. The feathers will grow back, but it takes months. Right now, she looks like a distressed chicken.

My hand shoots out, grabbing her jaw. I prod her incisor with my thumb and smile when it sharpens and elongates. She’s angry. “Do any of your friends back home have these, huh?” I shove her away. “Your wings may be white, but they fool no one.”

Snorting, she strides off. Dammit. Fucking stubborn woman! I chase after her, seizing her arm and dragging her right back. She’s not getting away this time. I will get her to feed if it’s the last fucking thing I do.

Besides, if she wants her fucking feathers to grow back, she needs to feed. “You’re acting like a fucking child!”

Her blue eyes fly up to mine, and there’s that fire and defiance I’ve come to love so much. “A child?! You think I’m acting like a child because I don’t want to commit murder?”

Okay, so now I’m laughing. “Murder?”

Angel narrows her eyes to slits and folds her arms over her chest, which only makes me laugh more.

“Are we feeding or debating?” Alaric asks.

I ignore him. The human isn’t going anywhere, and Ronan is doing a good job of keeping her under his spell. It’s the stubborn little angel I need to work on. No, fuck that. I’m not used to this weird shit. Women fall at my feet. If I click my fingers, they follow orders. They don’t glare up at me with their arms crossed and hips cocked. What the actual fuck is this? I’m not fluent in her language. It’s confusing as fuck, so I do what I always do when I feel out of my depth. I resort to violence.

Fisting her hair, I force her head back, baring the creamy column of her neck. The pulse point in her neck flutters wildly against her skin, and I can practically hear her hammering heartbeat. The desire is there to discard the food, slam Angel up against the wall, and take what I need.

I haven’t fucked anyone for weeks now and I’m not used to dry spells like this. My mouth waters at the memory of her tight cunt wrapped around me and my dick smeared with her scarlet virginity. Maybe I should have made it special for her and treated her like the angel she is. I dismiss that thought. I don’t do romance. I take what I want, when I want. And right now, I want the little angel. I want her so fucking much that my skin tingles in anticipation when she’s near. All it takes is one defiant look, and I’m hard.

I bare my teeth and growl, “Feed!”


Gripping her harder and inching closer, I pull her hair. I want to hurt her and force her hand. The urge to dominate is so fucking strong that I can’t stop myself from diving down and dragging my nose over her neck. Her sweet, tempting scent is designed to draw me in like a bee to her nectar.

Her pulse flutters against my lips, and when I threaten to sink my teeth into her creamy skin, she fists my T-shirt.

I give in to the urge and a shudder runs through me at the feel of my teeth slowly penetrating her skin, sinking deeper and deeper. I groan with desire. Her warm blood spills, flowing into my mouth like a river of need. Fucking hell, she’s a drug. The urge to drive into her is too much. I slam her up against the wall next to the human girl, yanking her dress up. Her panties have a damp patch and her moans are loud in the quiet alley. This feeling right here is dangerous, and is why I should keep my distance. I’ve got a meal not five inches away, but I’m drinking my little angel’s blood instead. It can’t sustain me, but my body sure wants to believe it can.

Pushing off the wall, I stumble back and point a stern finger at the human girl as I growl at Angel, “Fucking feed!”

Amused, Alaric chuckles next to me, clasping my shoulder. “Struggling, brother?”

I swipe Angel’s blood off my chin with the back of my hand, my tongue trailing over my teeth. I don’t deny it. How can I when she peers at me through lowered lashes, with beads of scarlet trailing down her neck and that glazed look in her eyes? Much to my surprise, she shifts closer to the girl, nudging Ronan out of the way. I can’t hear what she’s saying, but she talks to the girl in a soothing voice as her hand disappears beneath the girl’s skirt. I watch her pleasure her prey; something I can no longer do.

“Beautiful,” she whispers, “so smooth and wet.”

The human shudders as her lips part. Angel leans in to taste her quivering breath while stealing the whimpers that slip from her tongue.

Ronan and I exchange a look. How?

I frown. I don’t fucking know.

Alaric joins in. She’s making us look like a bunch of incompetent pussies.

“Tell me about it,” I huff out loud.

The woman’s eyes roll back as she comes. Angel leans in close and breathes her in before she strikes, causing the human to release a tiny cry.

It gets me hard to watch Angel feed. To see something so pure indulge. I don’t know how it happened, but she’s the sun in our galaxy now. We’re drawn in by her gravity. Three alphas, circling around one angel with wings white as snow. If I’d known this would happen when I stole her from the woods like some fucking prize, I would have stayed well clear. But it’s too late to change shit now.

She steps back and smiles innocently at us through bloodied teeth. “Your turn, boys.”

Alaric and Ronan surge forward to have their fill, but I narrow my eyes on her. “What game are you playing? First you refuse to feed, fighting me tooth and fucking nail, and now you give me the innocent doe eyes?”

I know I’ve been played when her long nails walk a slow path up my chest, but I am yet to figure out what playing board I’m on. I thought we were playing chess, but I don’t recognize these pieces. The rules are foreign to me. Angel uses it to get the upper hand.

“What was it you said to me, Daemon? Oh, I remember now.” As she leans in, her lips curve into a dangerous smile that brings armies to their knees. “Fucking feed.”

She leaves me to stare after her like some cartoon character with hearty eyes. It’s not my imagination that she puts extra sway in her hips, is it? I don’t understand women. She spends a week looking demure—a ghost of her former self—and now she’s playing power games with me? She knows I’m a sucker for those.

“The well is drying up. You’ll miss out,” Ronan warns.

I snap my gaze away from her retreating form and move in, my fangs glinting in the moonlight.


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