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Tirone: Chapter 38


“Get out of the fucking car,” Jo rustled, her hand on the key in ignition, as I slid into her car where she seemed to be hiding in the school parking lot at lunch.

I slammed the door shut, settling inside, ignoring her. “I see you still come to my school, teach. What? You couldn’t find another job or your husband made you come here still to prove me wrong…or it’s you who want to prove him and yourself wrong?”

“I said get out of the fucking car!”

“Yell harder, Jo.” I gestured at the windshield, at the many students and staff members scattered outside. “Make a fucking scene. Show everybody there’s something wrong happening between you and your stepson.”

She swore under her breath, tapping the steering wheel. “What do you want?”

“I reckoned I didn’t leave things on the best of terms last time I was inside you, ma’am,” I drawled like Furore, letting my fingers crawl up her thigh.

She caught my wrist in a flash and twisted it. “I’m going to break your hand if you think about laying it on me ever again. I don’t give a fuck if I make a scene. I don’t give a fuck about anything.”

I groaned in pain. If she applied any more strength or pressure, she’d break my hand. Why did her fighting me, angering me, even slapping me, turn me on?  Perhaps I was a glutton for punishment just like her. Or because strong women were a challenge to bring to their knees. It made the game much more fun. “Oh, you will give a fuck when you know what’s gonna happen if you don’t obey me.”

“Nothing is going to happen because you’re a coward. You always hide behind me, forcing me to carry your guilt instead of facing it on your own. You always send me to do your dirty work, Tirone. Nevermore.”

“Think again, little faerie.” I smirked with another groan. “Do you remember the guy that hit on you at the bar or Lenard Grant?”

Color rushed out of her face. “What the fuck are you up to now?”

“Many things that are ten times worse than what happened to those two, and the worst part is, it’s gonna happen to random, innocent people that have nothing to do with the shit you did to me. I don’t think you want blood on your hands, Jo. Actual blood.”

Her hand dropped off mine. “What the fuck?”

“Remember when you told me you’d rather died if you couldn’t be happy with him? That if I killed him, you’d go to the Lanzas yourself and let them kill you?”

“The same goes if you hurt an innocent person, Tirone.”

“Who cares? I don’t. I don’t care about you anymore.” I knew I was lying to myself before her, but I’d keep lying until I believed it so that excruciating pain would leave me the fuck alone. “Give yourself to the mob that’s gonna kill you. I’ll drive you myself, little faerie.”

“You’d rather see me dead than happy?”

“Isn’t that exactly what you did to me? You preferred to see me dead than happy when you chose him over me. You killed me first, Jo. Eye for an eye, little faerie. If I can’t have you, no one else will. The present mixed with reasons gone, and past and present all as one. Say maiden can thy life be led, to join the living to the dead. Then trace thy footsteps on with me. We’re wed to one eternity. That was my promise to you. The only one I intend to keep.”

She didn’t seem to be breathing for a few moments, but then she leaned back. “How did you earn your cut back, Rex?”

Rex? “He didn’t make me kill anyone if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Then all your threats about killing someone are bullshit. You don’t know what it takes to murder someone.”

“And you do?”

I couldn’t see her eyes because of the shades, but I didn’t miss the little twitch in her lips and the bob of her throat. “Get out of my car, Rex. I’m done playing games.”

“Don’t call me Rex. That’s for them, not for you.”

“We’re all Night Skulls now, Rex, ain’t we?”

I snorted. “It doesn’t suit you.”

“The accent?”

“And the life.”

“But they suit you. The accent, the life…and your new girlfriend.”

“Is that a hint of jealousy I detect in your voice, Miss M?”

“To the contrary, I’m delighted you finally found another girl. Now you’ll leave me the fuck alone. You had your revenge in the worst of ways, and I took it all. It’s time we moved on and became a real family.”

My eyes rolled. “I opened up a new operation for Furore in Westfield. Your husband, the man you chose over me, makes me sell drugs to kids. That’s how I earned my cut back.” I put my hand under her skirt and cupped her pussy. “But as for killing, don’t worry. I can handle it. But, by all means, don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and try me.”

Gasping, she tried to subtly push my hand away, her head darting around to see if anyone was close enough to see, but I shoved my fingers inside her panties and fluttered them. Her wetness coated me in an instant. “Mmm, that’s a good girl. You still like it when I call you a good girl, Jo?” She was busy crying. Who cared about the tears coming from her eyes when her pussy wept? “Oh yes, you do.” My cock pulsed painfully in need. “Then be a fucking good girl and come for me. I didn’t like that I left you last time like that. I owe you an orgasm, little faerie.”

“You think I can come when you’re finger fucking me against my will? When you’re forcing me, blackmailing me?”

“I’ll bet my life on it. You know why? It’s not just because you like it when I’m rough, when I’m forcing you, when I’m dominating you,” I upped the pace yet kept the rhythm she loved, “but because my fingers raised that little pussy of yours and learned what it needed better than any lesson, Miss Meneceo.”

“It’s Mrs. Lazzarini now.”

I pinched her clit, and she stifled a yelp, her face beetroot red. “When I’m inside you, you never mention that name. Do you understand?”

“I hate you. I hate every moment I’ve had with you.”

“Not that I care, but you’re lying. You’re only telling yourself that so you won’t feel guilty about loving the filth I’m staining you with so much. You love to be dirty, Jo. You love the forbidden, the taboo that makes you feel like the dirty slut you are. You loved fucking me when I was seventeen. You loved getting fucked by your student as much as I loved getting fucked by my virgin teacher. And you love that you’re cheating on your husband with his own son, as much as I love fucking my stepmom.”

“I’m not cheating on him,” she panted. “You’re raping me.” Her moans went directly to my cock. “My stepson is raping me.”

Her clit protruded, and her wetness doubled. “You like that even more.” I smirked at the revelation. “How could I not have seen how much of a sick, filthy bitch you are,” I leaned closer and whispered, “Mommy?”

She whimpered a curse, her teeth burying in her lip in shame. “Please…please stop.”

I only moved faster. “Why? Because you’re gonna come all over your stepson’s hand while you’re married to his father? While he’s forcing you? Blackmailing you?”

Her mouth parted in a silent moan as her pussy gushed and fluttered with her orgasm. I watched her discreet face while she fell apart to the taboo of our new thing that my cock seemed to enjoy more than her pain or my revenge.

I unzipped my jeans, took her hand and commanded her to stroke me. I wasn’t planning on coming, on showing her that she had any power over me still, but my erection was too painful. I needed the release.

“What if someone saw? We’re in the school parking lot and your cock is out for anyone to see.”

That made it even hotter. I guided her hand down my pierced shaft. “You know what I’m gonna say. My stepmom and teacher has no shame. She’s been using me for her pleasure since I was seventeen.” Fuck, I still loved her hand on me. “I can’t tell her no. She’s as evil as my father.” I groaned as pressure gathered in my balls. “A woman who takes advantage of a kid won’t think twice before silencing him if he ever speaks.” My growls spurted out of my mouth as my cum spilled out of my cock and on both our hands.

With a hitch to her own breath, she looked at my cum-covered cock with both our hands on it and the new jewelry that resembled the kind she liked now, and her tongue darted out to lick her lip.

This changed the game for me. It wasn’t going to be just about revenge anymore.

Like I said, quite a family we had here.


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