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The Poisoned Princess: Two years earlier

Dorogoi Prince Yevgenich,

Zdrastvuite. I am told I am to marry you. Have you been told? Maybe I should have started this letter differently, but I cannot seem to find the words. What if you have not been told yet and you are getting this letter out of nowhere. I apologize, but I cannot bring myself to restart.

The advisers announced this to me only last night, and I am still in shock. Well, maybe not in as much of shock as I should be. I always knew I would marry for the good of my kingdom. After my father’s passing, I suppose I simply forgot that he had arranged a marriage with your kingdom. I am surprised. Are you?

I was told we met when we were children, when my father was still alive. Do you remember me? I am sorry to say I do not remember you. I am also sorry to say I only know you by your patronymic name, as I know you are the son of King Yevgeni. I think it might be safer like this for us. There will be a sense of distance and respect.

Those are not my words. The queen has only given me small bits of information about you, saying it did not matter if you liked animals or are an early riser or a night owl. These things are not important in an arranged marriage. But I would still like to know them, if you are willing to share.

I have never been a morning person, which is probably not a good look for a queen. But I do love animals. All kinds. I would love to have a pet one day. Maybe a kitty or a bunny. I think they are so cute.

I hope you do not find this letter strange, and I hope you will reply. If we are to spend our lives together, I would like for us to at least become friends.

There is more I would like to say here and more I would like to know. I will wait eagerly for your response.

S uvazheniyem,

Princessa Sergeivna

Dorogaya Princessa Sergeivna,

Dobriy den. I will be honest with you, the way you were honest with me. I was also in shock when I received the news. It seems that our fathers made this agreement long ago, and I suppose the time had come for it to be brought to light.

But I was not in shock the same way you would think. Simply put, I could not believe this responsibility was actually put on me. I am not what you may call a serious fellow. At least, that is what my father tells me. He thinks this marriage will be good for me and will help me settle down. Whatever that means.

Do not be alarmed. I do not plan on causing you any trouble. But I will require fun. You do have something called fun in your kingdom, right? I can already picture your shocked face as you read this. Well, not actually picture it because I have no idea what you look like. I definitely do not remember meeting you as a child.

Why is that? I think I have met a dozen princesses in my time and not one kingdom has kept their royalty hidden behind closed doors as yours does. I am being blunt. I have been told that is one of my strengths as well as a very great weakness. Also, have you noticed how I matched your formal tone in my letter? Maybe we could drop the majority of the formalities going forward and simply be ourselves. We are to be married after all.

S uvazheniyem,

Prince Yevgenich


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