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The Poisoned Princess: Glossary of Russian words and phrases

piroshki (multiple) piroshok (single) – boat-shaped baked buns filled with variety of fillings

tapochki – slippers

poleviks – mythical creatures from Russian folktales, portrayed as deformed creatures with different colored eyes and grass for hair

Nu nada zhe! – Oh my goodness

bogatyrs – knight-errants

Princessa – Princess

Dobroe utro – good morning!

babushka – the headscarf worn by older Russian women (also a term for grandmother)

Tetia – aunt, term of respect

sarafan – traditional long jumper dress worn over a blouse

Oy – exclamation of surprise or suffering

dorogaya – dear (female)

milaya – darling (female)

Moya dorogaya – my dear

Ny i tak – Oh well!

Da – yes

Nyet – No

Prastite pozhalusta – I’m so very sorry.

oladi – Russian buttermilk pancake

Spasibo bolshoye – Thank you very much

S uvazheniyem – with respect, sincerely

Gospodin – title of respect for a man, more formal than the English version of Mister

samovar – a metal container with a tap, traditionally used to heat and boil water.

Grechka – buckwheat, grain that’s very popular in Russian kitchens.

Zdrastvuite/Zdrastvui – Hello (proper way)

Mannya kasha – made of semolina, which is coarsely milled durum wheat

privet – Hi!

kissel – a Russian drink (and sometimes served as a meal) made from berries and starch.

Dobriy den – good day

leshy – a forest spirit who tricks travelers to their deaths.

Kroshka – a small crumb of bread or biscuit, also used as a term of endearment for loved ones, as in ‘sweet tiny one.’

dyadya – uncle

Zvyozdachka – little star

Sokolko/Sokol – little falcon/falcon

Dorogii moi – my dears

krasavchik – handsome

Pozdravlyaem vas – congratulations to you


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