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The Poisoned Princess: A year and half earlier

Dorogoi Prince Yevgenich,

I apologize for my late response. It has been a month since I received your last letter and I’m not sure if you remember what you wrote, so I will summarize.

No, I have never had ice cream in a cone. That sounds so delightful! Especially with the chocolate outer shell, like you described. I wonder if we can get some from the human realm. I’ve only ever had ice cream out of a carton, but I do love the sweetness and the texture. Honestly, I can probably eat ice cream for every meal.

I’m also sad to say I have never seen this thing you call a movie. Moving pictures on a screen sound fascinating. It seems that your kingdom has adopted quite a few of the human inventions.

It might seem strange that even though my kingdom is closer to the passage, I feel more removed from it all than you. But I suppose I’m just too busy with all the princess lessons to take the time for that thing you call fun. You’re very fond of it, and I’m not fond enough. Do you think we’ll balance each other out?

Speaking of things that I have actually been doing! I found a whole section of human books in the library. They were hidden behind a stack, almost like it was done on purpose. There are five and they’re murder mysteries. I know! How scandalous. But I’m determined to read them and solve the mysteries myself. It might take a while, since I have to schedule time to read. But it will be fun. See, I can use that word too!

I hope you are well and not getting into too much trouble.

S uvazheniyem,

Princessa Sergeivna

Dorogaya Princessa Sergeivna,

I was wondering if you had forgotten about me. We have only started this correspondence and you disappeared. I won’t ask you to defend your actions, but I will hold a grudge.

Don’t fret, Princessa. I’m joking. You will learn I do that a lot.

The mystery books sound like they will be fun. You know that using the word isn’t the same thing as actually experiencing it, right? We’ll have to work on that.

I am truly appalled you’ve never had ice cream in a cone. It is an incredible experience.

Why does your kingdom seem so behind times when you’re the closest to the passage? Is it a choice? And if so, why? We should be exploring all the new inventions and conveniences offered to us. Don’t you think so?

I guess, maybe you don’t. Maybe your whole philosophy is to stay old-fashioned in the way you run your kingdom. I won’t fault you for that, of course. It is a choice. But I wonder sometimes if we choose what we know simply because it is the safer option. It requires courage to step out of your comfort zone. Most people lack courage. At least, that’s been true in my life.

Oh no, look at me. I’m getting much too personal. Alas, I must go cause some chaos.

Until next time!

S uvazheniyem,

Prince Yevgenich


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