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The Never King: Chapter 18


We take the Darling to her room so she can shower. As the water runs, Bash climbs onto her bed and lies back against the pillows. He flicks his wrist and the ceiling turns to twilight and a shooting star shimmers through the night.

There is a reason we both tend to favor the same illusion. It reminds us of the twilight room at the fae palace.

Some days it hurts just thinking about home.

I drop into the wingback and prop my feet on the windowsill. It’s silent on the patio where a dead Lost Boy lays. Someone needs to clean up that mess and it isn’t going to be me.

“Why do you think Pan gave in tonight?” I ask.

Bash pulls a length of rope from his pocket and starts tying knots. “I don’t know. But I’m glad he did.”

The ocean breeze turns crisp as the night grows old. It steals in and dries the sweat still clinging to the back of my neck.

“You think Vane will ever give in to her?”

Bash snorts and pulls each end of the rope taut, creating a clover-like knot. “Spitting in her mouth was a favor. She doesn’t want Vane to give in to her. He knew that. It’s why he did it.”

My cock twitches just thinking about Winnie and her pretty little mouth wrapped around me.

Fuck if she isn’t better than anyone I’ve had. Maybe it’s because she was forbidden until tonight. Maybe it’s something else entirely.

“We should have been watching her tonight.”

“If we had, dear brother, Pan wouldn’t have lost his shit, and if he didn’t lose his shit, he wouldn’t have fucked her trying to teach her a lesson, and if he didn’t fuck her—”

“Fine. Christ. I get it.”

A new knot appears in his hands. “I want to tie her up and do naughty things to her.”

Bash is better with ropes than I am, but I enjoy a girl in knots just as much as he does.

“Not tonight,” I tell him.

“No, I suppose she’s had enough for tonight.”

The shower shuts off. I can hear Winnie toweling off, can smell the heady scent of lavender in the soap Cherry bought for her.

We used her tonight. We are no strangers to using pussy for our own pleasure.

But this is different.

Winnie is different and I don’t know why.

With a snap of my fingers, fae magic fills the air and the hardwood floor is suddenly covered with plush forest moss and bioluminescent flowers. The light is fake but it still fills the room with a hazy pink glow.

Bash sits up. “You’re spoiling her now.”

“I want her to think we can be soft.”

“Why? She’ll only be disappointed when she realizes we aren’t.”


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