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The Dark One: Chapter 20


The twins fuck me so hard, my teeth clack together. If it wasn’t for the ropes, I think I might be launched to the rafters.

The vines return, teasing at my clit as the brothers fill me with fae cock.

“We come together,” Kas says on heated breaths. “You hear me, Darling?”

My clit is so sensitive, it hurts. But I nod because I can’t deny him. I won’t.

The build of pleasure this time is a slow crawl, and it’s clear the brothers mean to wrench the orgasm from me if it’s the last thing they do.

“Come for us, Darling,” Bash says at my ear, his voice ragged and hoarse. “One last time.”

“Oh god.” I choke down a breath, trying to fill my lungs with oxygen. “Fuck. Yes.” When I reach the crest of the wave, there is a moment of nothingness. Time seems to slow. I am a bird with her wings open, caught in a headwind. And then…and then…

“Fuck! Oh fuck, oh god!” I’m sailing, crashing. I don’t know up from down. There is only the overwhelming wave of pleasure and pain and I sink into it, revel in it, let it consume me as the brothers pound into my pussy and my ass.

“Oh fuck, Darling,” Kas says and slams into me, unloading into me and Bash tightens his grip on me, filling up my ass with his cum.

We stay locked together for what feels like forever, sticky and sweaty and spent.

Bash breathes hard into my ear and Kas sinks into me, resting his forehead against mine as his cock throbs out the last of his pleasure.

And then he kisses me long and deep, and when he pulls back, he says, “You are a wonder, Darling. And you are ours.”

I nod because it’s true and I want it to always be true.

When they finally pull out of me and step back, I notice they both look past me and the Never Tree to where the stairs spill into the loft.

Heavy footsteps come over and Peter Pan comes into my line of sight. I can only imagine how I must look. Messy and used. Like a good little whore and I brighten beneath his bright blue stare.

“Word of advice, Darling,” Pan says, “never let the twins tie you up.”

I summon the last bit of energy I have and smile sweetly up at him. “I don’t know. I rather enjoyed it.”

Vane yanks open one of the knots and the rope drops from the branch of the Never Tree and Pan catches me as I sag. When the second rope is undone, Vane comes over and unties my wrists. “I told you to ask them for salve,” he says, his voice edged in annoyance, “not another brutal fucking.”

“I do what I want,” I tell him with a laugh that edges on madness.

He scowls at me, but his fingers are gentle as he undoes the knots. “Get the salve,” he tells them.

As soon as I’m untied, Pan scoops me into his arms and carries me over to his chair. He sits down, tucks me into the crook of his arm. “Get her a drink,” he tells Vane and for some reason the Dark One doesn’t balk.

He returns a few seconds later with a fresh glass of bourbon and holds it to my lips. “Drink,” he orders.

If I had known getting fucked hard by the twins would make Vane take care of me, I would have done it a lot sooner.

I drink and the buzzy warmth of the alcohol soothes some of the knots in my flesh.

It’s Kas that returns with this mysterious fairy salve in a circular metal jar. He twists off the lid to reveal a green goo that glitters in the light.

He takes my left arm in hand, then dips two fingers into the goo with his other. When he rubs the salve into the tender flesh of my wrist, I hiss out in pain, but he holds me fast and within seconds, the goo turns warm and comforting, sending a tingling sensation down my arm.

“Better?” Kas asks.

I nod and collapse back against Pan, resting my head on his shoulder. “That feels good.”

“You assholes shouldn’t have gone so hard on her,” Vane says.

Pan’s voice rumbles behind me. “You nearly killed her last night, so you can shut your fucking mouth.” He points at the twins. “And you two assholes need to ease her into your fucked up twin shit.”

“Oh, excuse me, Never King,” Bash says. “‘Crawl to me, Darling.’ You like our little Darling submissive but only when it serves you and—”

“Stop!” I say.

They all go quiet. Pan tenses beneath me. “Let’s get something straight.” With the fairy salve soaking into my bloodstream, I feel loads better and I lift my head off Pan’s shoulder to look at all of them. “You’re all assholes, all right? But you’re my assholes. I didn’t have to stay on my knees for Pan and I didn’t have to push Vane to the brink and I certainly didn’t have to get tied to a tree.

“I chose those things. I choose all of you. Even you, Vane. So stop treating me like a fragile toy. I’m not. I’m a china cup that has been broken so many times that I’m never sure if I’m a cup or just separate pieces held together by glue and sheer determination, molded into a cup-like shape. I know how to crack and I know how to mend. At least with you all, I know I will never mend alone.”

They look between one another.

“Suppose she’s right,” Bash says. “The Darling knows what she wants. She always has.” He winks at me. He was the first to fuck me, after all. The first to break rank. And I’m grateful to him for it. If he hadn’t, I’m not sure Pan would have given in, or Kas.

Even Vane.

Vane drops into one of the chairs and puts a cigarette into his mouth, and lights the end with a lighter. After he’s inhaled and exhaled, he nods at Kas. “Don’t forget her neck.”

Pan tilts my chin up, exposing the column of my throat to Kas, but I bat his hand away and look squarely at Vane. “These marks I’ll keep, thank you.”

He scowls at me, the cigarette burning like a wick from between his fingers.

Once my wrists are done, Kas caps the tin and drops onto the sofa next to his brother. They share a cigarette, passing it back and forth. I’m coming to realize they share everything, including me.

“Let’s discuss the plan,” Pan says and readjusts me in his lap so I’m cradled against his chest, his hand resting on my shoulder. “Vane got us permission to enter Hook’s territory tomorrow night.”

“At the expense of what?” Bash asks.


Kas hands the cigarette back to his brother. “Does she know that?”

“Of course she does,” Vane answers.

“And how’d she take it?” Bask asks.

Vane takes another hit from his cigarette and holds the smoke in his lungs and says nothing. Bash laughs. “That well, huh?”

I sink into the warmth of Pan as he fingers the ends of my hair and sends goosebumps running down my arms. “Does she not want to go back?”

“We told her she was free to go home years ago,” Bash says. “And she chose to stay.”

“She wants the Dark One,” Kas says. “Going back to her brother’s territory means she will have significantly less opportunity to have him.”

“She’s not getting me anyway.” Vane stabs the cigarette into a glass ashtray on the coffee table and the embers spit out in an arch. “So I don’t know why the fuck it matters.”

“Where is she?” I ask. I’ve barely seen her since we came back to Neverland.

I wanted to befriend her, but I think she might slowly come to hate me. Especially if I get my way. want Vane. He will give in to me. Eventually.

Maybe Cherry returning to the pirates’ end of the island is a good thing.

“I haven’t seen her since we returned,” Vane answers and runs his hand through his dark hair. “She was in a pissy mood.”

“Should I talk to her?” I ask.

Vane cuts his gaze to me. “What would be the point? She’s going back home. That’s the end of it.”

“There’s something else we should discuss,” Bash says.

Kas spreads his long arms over the back of the couch. “Something neither of you will like.”

“Well, don’t leave me in suspense,” Pan says.

“We visited our dear sister,” Kas answers.

I feel the hard line of Pan beneath me grow harder still. “And?”

“And she is plotting against you,” Bash adds.

Vane gets up to fetch the bourbon and one of the parakeets flaps away from the bar seeing him advance. It comes to rest on the arm of Pan’s chair and chirps sweetly up at me. I try not to make any sudden movements for fear of scaring it away.

It has the softest looking feathers on its breast the color of sunrise, with a run of yellow down its head.

Pan curls a lock of my hair around his index finger. “What aren’t you saying, fae princes? Are you planning to turn on me too?”

“If we were,” Bash says, “we wouldn’t be here, now, would we?”

“Tilly has called someone back to the island,” Kas explains. “Someone she thinks will help her stage this coup. Against Pan and Hook.”

Pan looks over his shoulder at Vane. They share an unspoken conversation.

I get the distinct sense everyone knows something I don’t.

“What is it?” I ask. “Tell me. Who is this enemy?”

Vane puts his hands on the edge of the bar top and hunches over, bowing his head.

The bird chirps and flaps away.

“Tell me,” I coax.

“It’s Vane’s brother,” Kas says. “The Crocodile.”


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