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The Dark One: Chapter 19


Darling struggles against the ropes. She’s squirming as my brother takes her in his mouth. Watching the pleasure and the pain dance across her face is a sight I want to burn to memory.

God, she is a vision.

I don’t want to let her go.

I can’t let her go.

She is a quicksand I will welcome. We will never get out and I don’t want to.

Pull me under, Darling.

When she comes a third time, I can tell it edges on painful. She must be burning up, her clit so sensitive it hurts.

But we always stick to our word, my brother and I.

We do what we say we’ll do.

Forcing the Darling to come again and again is a gift I didn’t know I needed.

When Bash slides out from beneath her, he’s covered in her juices and he cleans them off with a swipe of his tongue.

Darling is breathing hard, covered in sweat.

I’m hard as stone, ready to fuck and take.

She’ll have the choice to stop us, but I hope she doesn’t.

She barely notices when we refasten the ropes, bring her to her feet. Her eyes are heavy, her body boneless. When I come around to face her, her lashes flutter against her cheeks.

“Darling,” I say and tip her chin up. Her eyes pop open. “Are you still with us?”

She nods emphatically. “I’m here.”

“One more,” I tell her.

“No,” she says on a moan.


Her tongue darts out, wetting her parched lips. She has her safe word, but her mouth won’t form it and a depraved part of me is terrified she will.

Don’t say it, Darling.

Keep it tucked behind your teeth.

Bash spits on his hand and grips his dick. Darling’s pussy is soaked for me. I won’t need any help.

Ready? Bash asks.

Fuck yes.

Bash winds his arm around her waist and I take her thighs and wrap her legs around me, lining myself up.

I’ve yet to have her pussy. There is nothing I’ve ever wanted more.

Bash guides himself into her ass and she moans loudly, eyes squeezed shut. I don’t know if she’s been fucked in the ass, but there will be plenty more of it after today.

I let him settle into her first. Because when I finally get inside her pussy, I will not be gentle.

“How’s she feel?” I ask him.

“Fucking tight, brother. Fucking tight.” His eyes roll back as he lifts her up and off his cock, and then slides slowly back in.

“Darling?” I say and her eyes flutter open again. Sometimes when we use illusion magic, a mortal can get lost to the feel of it and I need to know she’s still here. “One more,” I tell her.

She nods as my twin fills her up again. “Fuck me, Kas,” she says. “I want you to come inside of me.”

I will not deny my Darling girl.

And as I slam into her, as she clenches around me as we fuck her together, hard and fast and relentless, I realize one terrifying truth—I will pick her over Tilly and the fae court.

I will pick Darling over my own wings because with her I am already flying.

She is mine and I am hers.


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