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The Dark One: Chapter 18


Strung up in the Never Tree, I can’t help but feel like a bug that accidentally flew too close to a spiderweb.

Kas knows what he’s doing when it comes to tying ropes and no amount of struggling or yanking or wiggling is helping.

I’m not going anywhere any time soon and the fae princes know it.

They circle me and my clit tingles with anticipation.

They’re going to make this oh-so worth it.

“What do you think, brother?” Bash says as he disappears from my line of sight. “Should we give her a safe word?”

Kas drags the point of his knuckle down my cheek. “She comes once for us, then she gets to pick whatever word she wants.”

He bends down and plants a gentle kiss at the corner of my mouth. I turn to him, trying to capture his lips, but he’s already pulled away.

Bash’s hands come to the hem of my dress and yank it up. He clucks his tongue. “I don’t think you should be allowed to wear panties anymore.”

“I would agree,” Kas says and relieves me of them in one quick yank.

“Maybe she shouldn’t be allowed to wear any clothes at all.” Bash lets the skirt of my dress drop back down, then slides his hand up the curve of my waist to my breast. His touch is patient as he presses into my ass, letting me know he’s hard for me.

“I can’t just walk around naked,” I say.

“Why not?” he purrs against my ear. “Then we could admire you at all hours of the day and night. Have you dripping wet whenever we’d like, with nothing to stand between us.” He rubs at my nipple, coaxing it to bead.

Kas’s hand trails up my thigh and stops dangerously close to the hollow between my legs.

I breathe out quickly in anticipation.

“How fast can we make her come?” Bash says.

Kas smirks and teases at my clit with his clever fingers and I sink against the ropes, desperate for more of him. “Minutes, if that.”

“You want the honor?” Bash asks.

“I will gladly take it.”

Kas covers my mound with his large hand. The sensation sends heat pooling to my clit and I instinctively rub against him. “That’s my girl,” Kas says, low and guttural. He spreads his fingers over me, wiggles them, and pressure builds in my clit as Bash reaches around from me behind me to pinch at my nipple.

I mewl for them.

Kas slips a finger inside of me and puts pressure on my clit with the heel of his hand.

“Make yourself come,” he orders.


“Grind against me,” he says. “And make yourself come. Do it now, Darling.”

When Kas commands me, I want to comply. I want to please him. Because he commands so infrequently, every command feels weightier.

It takes me a second to find my footing and balance, but once I do and circle my hips, I find the right amount of friction on his hand. He helps me too, following my rhythm by pressing the heel of his hand in just the right way, at just the right time.

“You hear how wet she is, brother?” Kas says.

“Fuck yeah, I do.” Bash’s left hand drifts up to my throat, while his other hand squeezes my breast and plays with my nipple.

It doesn’t take me long to reach the precipice.

I grind hard against Bash’s hand as Kas’s grip on my throat tightens.

“She’s growing wetter by the second,” Kas says.

I’m panting hard now, driving quickly against Kas and so fucking close. “Go on, Darling,” Kas says. “Take what you’ve earned like a good little whore.”

He adds his thick middle finger to my opening and fills me up, rubbing the palm of his hand against me as my movements grow frenzied and my breathing quicker.

“Fuck, Darling,” Bash says at my ear. “I can’t wait to fill you up too. I’m going to take your ass, stretch you around my cock.”

I moan out in surprise and his grip on my throat tightens. “Then my brother will take your pussy—”

“Finally,” Kas says.

“And you’ll be full of fae cock.”

“But first,” Kas nips at my bottom lip. “First, you need to come for us.”

I rock against his palm. Bash pinches my nipple between two fingers, causing me to yelp in pain.

And Kas hits my clit just right, forcing the orgasm out of me.

I slam down on his hand and he shoves up inside of me. Kas holds me fast against his chest as the ropes creak and the bindings on my wrist bite against my flesh.

The orgasm pounds through every hollow, burning through every nerve as my own pleasure drenches me and Kas.

“Fuck yeah,” Kas says. “Fuck, she’s clenching so tight around me.”

“Our little Darling likes being used.” Bash angles me to the side, his mouth coming to my ear. “You hear that, Darling?”

Kas drags his fingers out of me, then shoves back in, making a loud wet noise. “That’s the sound of your defeat.”

They leave me tied up but step back to admire me. My legs are weak, but I’m still glowing brightly from the orgasm. Fuck if I don’t love when the twins turn devious.

When not fucking or playing with me, they’re jovial and kind, but they are experts at being wicked and depraved.

“What shall her safe word be?” Bash crosses the room and goes to what remains of the bar. There are just three bottles left. He twists off the cap and pulls out two glasses and fills each with a few fingers of spiced rum.

“Do you have a preference, Darling?” Kas asks. He’s leaning against the back of one of the leather chairs, his arms crossed over his chest. Several dark tendrils of hair have fallen out of his bun, making him look disheveled and wild. Every cut of muscle seems extra taut today, like he’s tense or hasn’t eaten enough in the last twenty-four hours.

Something is definitely bothering them, but I seem to be reaping the benefit of it.

The air around them practically—

“Crackle,” I blurt.

Bash hands Kas a glass of rum and comes to stand beside him. “Crackle? All right.”

“Crackle it is.” Kas takes a long pull from the glass, draining half of it and then comes over to me. “Drink.” He brings the glass to my lips and tips it slowly. The alcohol fills my mouth with its smooth sweetness and then burns down my throat as I swallow it.

“You ready to come again?” he asks me, his amber eyes sparking with hunger.

“I don’t think I can.”

“Do you doubt me?”

I inhale, taking in the scent of him. He reminds me of being on the beach on a cool, rainy summer night. The smell of the sand, the salty air, the headiness of the darkness and the crashing of waves. The salty spray hitting your skin.

I haven’t known him long, but I think he is a man I could fall in love with quickly.

Kas slides his hand along my jawline and brings my face up to him. “Darling? Do you doubt me?” he repeats, just as something soft slithers up my legs. I look down to see a vine twining around my calves.

A sharp gasp rushes down my throat and Kas forces my face up again, forcing me to look at him as the vine slithers up to my pussy.

I don’t know if this is actually happening or if it’s one of his clever illusions, but it feels very, very real as a soft, feathered tendril flicks at my pussy.

Oh god.

I’m pulsing again, needy for more.

“No,” I say on a pant. “I don’t doubt you.”

“Good.” And then he steps back to join his brother as the vines slither over my body. A thick tendril slides up the wet center of me and twines around my waist so every tiny movement sends a tingling sensation to my core.

More vines steal beneath my dress, to tease at my nipples and squeeze at my breasts.

I’m panting and buzzing within seconds as the twins stand by and watch.

“Oh fuck.” I moan loudly when a cool, nubby vine slithers inside of me. “Oh my god.”

Every nerve in my body is burning brightly.

My knees turn weak and I slump in the ropes.

The vine fucks me harder and several feathered tendrils caress my buzzing clit. There are so many. I’m on sensory overload and I couldn’t stop the orgasm if I tried.

I hang my head back, eyes slammed closed as the orgasm slams through me.

The ropes groan. The Never Tree shakes as I fight for tension and control.

When I slip down the other side of the pleasure, I can barely stand and I’m shaking so badly, my teeth chatter.

Kas comes over. “No,” I say. “Please. I can’t do anymore.”

His eyes burn brightly. “Yes, you can.”

Bash drains his glass in one gulp and sets it down with a loud clang.

“I can’t.” I’m drenched from my own juices and my clit is buzzing like a live wire. “No more.”

“Loosen the ropes,” Bash says. “Let’s make her sit on my face.”

“What? No. No, no.” Oh shit. Do I use my safe word? Do I want to? I like toeing the line with them. I like pushing the boundaries. I like feeling the edge of pain with the caress of pleasure.

But I seriously don’t know how much more I can take.

I’ve never been with men like the twins, who are not only relentless, but damn near diabolical with pleasure.

I never in a million years thought I’d be begging not to orgasm.

Together, the twins loosen the ropes tied to the tree and I’m so weak, I automatically sink to the floor to my knees. Once I’m in the position they want me, they refasten the ropes.

Kas steps back again as Bash sits on the floor in front of me, his back to me. All of the deliberate lines of his tattoos stand out against his skin. He grins at me over his shoulder. “Lift up, Darling.”

Reluctantly, I find the last bit of strength in my legs and rise up enough so that Bash can lie back and settle in between my legs. He takes in a deep breath. “Fuck, you smell so sweet, Darling.”

The ropes creak again as my thighs quiver and I resettle right over his mouth.

I can feel the heat of his breath on my wet pussy. He folds up the skirt of my dress and bunches it around my waist, baring me, and then hooks his arms over my thighs where my legs meet my hips.

“So my brother can watch,” Bash says, and then he devours me.


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