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The Dark One: Chapter 17


Are we going to let her get away with that? I ask my brother.

We’re watching the Darling walk away, smugly satisfied with herself, leaving us both fucking hard and wanting.

After our sister let us walk right out of the fae palace, my brother and I have been stewing over her threats.

There is no easy route to any of this and it’s really pissing me off.

Who do we owe the most allegiance to?

Peter Pan would never betray us. But he might kill us if we step out of line.

Our sister would betray us just as easily as she would the stableboy, but kill us? I’m not so sure. I think we could do a great many horrible things and our sister would never raise a hand to us.

Which is worse?

I don’t want to ask the question and I certainly don’t want to fucking answer it.

I want to forget about all of it.

I catch sight of the Darling’s ass as she rounds the corner. She’s always wearing those fucking dresses, her pussy always so closely within reach, her tits bouncing beneath the soft material, her nipples peaked, begging for teeth and tongue.

It takes no effort at all to conjure an image of her hands tied behind her back and the image builds pressure in my head until I can think of nothing else other than to fuck.

I can’t tell if my desire to pound some sense into her is a good or bad thing, Kas says.

Why can’t it be both? I reply.

We look at one another.

Get the rope, Kas says.

You don’t have to tell me twice.

Kas runs to head her off and I fetch the rope from our room.

When I return to the loft, my dear brother has Darling pressed to the trunk of the Never Tree. She’s trembling beneath him, occupied by his lips. So when I snatch her wrist and double loop the rope around her, it catches her off guard.

A cute little breath hiccups past her lips.

I am an experienced knotter and I have both arms tied to the tree in less than thirty seconds.

Kas and I step back to admire my handy work. I’ve used a single column tie on both her wrists and lashed her to low hanging branches of the Never Tree. They are good, basic knots. Easy to undo. Hard to get out of.

“Look at our Darling,” I tell my brother. “Trussed up like the naughty little girl she is.”

She struggles against the ropes. She won’t get out. Not unless I want her to.

She rises on her tiptoes, her dress creeping up her thighs.

I go to her. She’s tiny next to me and her smallness makes my gut clench. “What did you think would happen, Darling? You don’t get to touch our cocks and then skip away.”

Blood is pooling in the apples of her cheeks. “Maybe this is where I wanted to end up all along.”

I laugh. I actually believe her. I’m going to make her regret it.

She stops fighting the ropes. “Well, you have me held captive, fae prince. Now what do you plan to do with me?”

“What do you think, brother?” I say over my shoulder.

Kas comes up beside me, his arms crossed over his chest. “I say we prolong the lesson.”

“Mmmm. And what did you have in mind?”

There is a dark, devious fire burning in the center of my chest. I want to see the Darling beg for it. I want her to moan and writhe and lose her fucking mind the way I do every time she walks in the fucking room.

I want her to distract me from my own aching heart.

“She wants to throw her body at us,” Kas says, watching the Darling’s face turn redder by the second. “So let’s make her come so much it hurts.”

My cock strains against my pants. I am impatient to be inside of her. But the sooner I take that pussy, the sooner I’ll come.

“I like it.” I step into her and trail a finger down her cheek. She exhales in an excited gasp. “How many times do you think we can make her come? Three? Five? Ten?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Kas says. “Are you ready, Darling? When we’re done with you, you’ll be begging us to stop.”


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