The Billionaire’s Crush: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Allie

Had I really slept with the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company? I couldn’t get the thought of our night together out of my head as I sat in the airplane making my way back to sunny California. I don’t know why I had slept with him but the minute he kissed me he had me under his spell.

My body had taken control and I couldn’t break away from his passionate embrace. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t regret it. Okay, maybe I had a boyfriend and maybe I had just cheated on him, but I am pretty sure Chad has cheated on me before. The only reason he keeps me around is to get good grades. I am nothing more than a tool for him to use and now that I have tasted the sweetness of love, I think I am ready to break up with him.

I smiled to myself as I started to watch the cheap movie they were showing on the plane, my mind wandering back to my new lover. I wondered, however, if I had just been a one-night stand or if our romance would continue during my internship. I hoped it would. As I thought about it, I blushed deeply, feeling my body react.

I tried to focus on the movie but it was no use. Vance McKnight was too much to ignore so instead I leaned back and tried to take a nap. As I did, my world of dreams brought him back to the forefront, reminding me, vividly, of how he had made me scream all night long.

When I finally woke up from my breathtaking dream, we were already landing. Quickly, I got out of the plane and took a taxi back home. I was excited to tell Julie everything that had happened. I opened the door and made my way inside, dropping my stuff off in the living room.

I raced upstairs and barged into her room to see her on her bed, her laptop in front of her. She looked up at me and smiled, seeing the excited look on my face. She closed her laptop before pushing it away and making room for me on her bed. I sat next to her, about to erupt with all the information I wanted to tell her.

“Julie!” I yelled. She chuckled and nodded, looking at me, waiting for me to say something else. I calmed down a bit, trying to get my bearings. “Sorry… I got excited.” I admitted before I took a deep breath and starting again. “I got the job… and I sort of laid the CEO.” I added in, twisting the event to make it seem like I had instigated the intimacy. Her eyes bugged out as she looked at me in disbelief.

“What!? No way! How? Tell me everything!” She squealed, getting closer. She was bubbling with curiosity now since she knew I wasn’t one to have sex out of the blue. I recounted my tale, making sure to include all the important details.

“Well, c’mon tell me about the good stuff already. Was he good in the sack?” She asked bluntly. I blushed at her question, wondering how I should answer her. She chuckled and held my hand. “Tell me!” She whined, getting on her knees, giving me a puppy dog look.

“He was really good… the best time of my life.” I whispered, admitting the fact. She smiled big and hugged me.

“Does that mean you are finally going to dump Chad?” She asked, looking hopeful. I bit my lip and nodded. I knew I couldn’t delay it any longer. I just had to figure out how I would do it. “I can help you if you want. Later, though. I have to go now. I have a hot date myself.” She chuckled and winked.

She got up and started to get ready. I envied her a little as she transformed into a goddess when she wore her bright red dress. I tried to keep my envy in check as she left the room and made her way into her car.

Now I was left all alone. I stayed on her bed for a few minutes before making my way out into the hallway. When I did I was taken by surprise as someone slammed me up against the wall, hard. “You little slut.” Chad suddenly growled in my ear, his hands like a vice grip on my arms. I winced.

“Let go of me!” I said, suddenly finding the courage I always lacked when he was like this. He stopped, looking shocked for a moment before his hand suddenly reached out and slapped me. My cheek started to burn as he pushed me to the ground, his anger apparent in the way he paced back and forth like a caged animal.

All of a sudden he pulled me up by my shirt, his face next to mine where I could smell his rotten breath. I cringed, making him even angrier. “Did you really think you could cheat on me and get away with it?” He threatened, pulling me up completely.

I tried to pry him off me but his grip was too tight as he started to pull me toward the bedroom. “Help!” I tried calling out, hoping some of the neighbors would hear me. He retaliated with a well-aimed punch to my face.

Everything seemed to stop for a moment and then everything started to swim before me as my surroundings melded together. I felt sick as a blow made its way to my stomach. All air left my body and I felt like I was being strangled. My whole world started to fade out in a moment.

The last thing I remember was him hovering before me, a crazed look in his eyes and an evil smile painted on his lips. Then everything went black.


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