The Billionaire’s Crush: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Vance

I grabbed her hips as her arms wrapped around my neck. I was pleased to see she was eager and grinned to myself as I pressed my head against her neck, making her moan out in pleasure as I started to move my fingers against her.

My other hand moved over her curvy body, enjoying how supple it was. My dick twitched between my legs as I thought about being with her. I knew that in a few minutes she would be mine. As she started to moan a little louder a primal instinct took over my body.

I suddenly thrusted one of my fingers inside of her, hooking it upwards as I felt around for her G-spot. When I found it I smirked up at her, our eyes locking. I teased it gently, making her scream out in pleasure. “Scream my name,” I growled into her ear, pulling her closer as a second finger entered inside of wet folds.

Her eyes went big at my command but as I added yet another finger and thrusted them in and out of her, she couldn’t help herself. “Vance!” She screamed out, arching her back and giving herself up to me. I smirked in satisfaction and mid-scream I plunged deep inside of her. Her body froze for a minute at the intrusion of my member.

I could tell that I was bigger than any man she had ever had before. With this thought, I started to pound into her, going harder and faster with each passing second until her body started to rock on the couch. Her nails dug into my back and I grunted as the pain and pleasure mixed together inside of me.

Still I continued my rampage until I felt her quivering against me. “Cum for me.” I said my voice serious and my green eyes looking at her intently. Almost immediately she came, shivering in pleasure. I smirked and finally, after making her cum a few more times, I succumbed to my own pleasures, blowing my load.

She laid there breathing hard as I laid on top of her for a moment. I caught my breath before getting up. I leaned down and picked her up. She looked at me with a shocked expression. If I had to guess no one had picked her up in a very long time. I smiled as I saw the redness in her cheeks.

I took the short walk down to my bedroom, carrying her in my strong embrace until we go to my bed where I placed her down gently. She was still blushing as I laid down next to her. “I can’t believe we just…”

“Do you regret it?” I asked immediately, looking at her with an intense stare. From what I could tell she had enjoyed herself immensely but I didn’t know what was going on in her mind. Maybe she had secretly hated it, but from the wetness that had gathered between her legs, it was unlikely.

“No… I just…” She whispered, unable to make the words come out of her mouth. I chuckled a little and got closer to her, suddenly noticing a few bruises on her skin. I tried to remember if they were there before we had sex but I couldn’t remember. I decided to dismiss them, knowing I could be a little too rough at times.

“You can tell me,” I whispered, pinning a lock of her hair behind her ear. She looked beautiful lying down next to me completely naked. I ran my fingers over her skin slowly before kissing her cheek. She blushed a shade deeper when this happened and I chuckled, finding her incredibly cute.

Eventually, she fell asleep in my arms. She had never answered my question but then again I hadn’t urged her any further. In the future, I would teach her to answer back in a prompt fashion but this time around I would forgive her for what it was worth. For now, I was just glad that she had enjoyed herself.

With this thought I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me, feeling her body press into mine. With a smile on my face, I fell asleep, thinking about what would happen during her internship. After all, we would be spending a whole summer together. Already I couldn’t wait for the time to fly by.

Morning came faster than I expected. The snow storm had cleared up and I sighed, knowing I would have to forfeit my new lover for the time being. I looked at her, cherishing the few more moments we had left together. I pulled her closer and as I did she started to wake up, her eyes fluttering open until she looked up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes of hers.

She smiled a shy smile. “Good morning…” She whispered softly. Her hair fell into her face and I quickly pulled it away, not wanting to obscure my vision of her face for a moment. Her cheeks turned rosy before I kissed her lips again, reigniting the passion I had felt for her the night before.

Before things could get too intimate, however, my phone started to ring. I groaned as I saw an email notification from my secretary. Apparently they needed me at the office. “I have to go.” I finally said as I started to get up.

She watched me, her eyes glued to my toned body, giving me a confidence boost I didn’t need. I started to get dressed, finding a new sweater and dress shirt combination in my closet. “Get dressed,” I said looking at her. I didn’t like to be late but if she continued to lay in bed that’s exactly what would happen. She nodded and got up quickly, making her way to the living room where her clothes still lay scattered throughout.

Eventually, she came back, dressed. I smiled at her. “Good girl.” I praised, giving her a kiss on the cheek. I could already tell she was perfect.


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