The Billionaire’s Crush: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Vance

Today was the day. I had plenty of important documents to look over and sign on my desk but today they wouldn’t get any of my attention. Instead, I was too concerned with Allie. She had just flown in this morning and would be here shortly.

I had wanted to meet her at the airport at first, but I didn’t want to come off as too infatuated. So I had forced myself to stay in my office and wait for her. It felt like an eternity before she got there. The minutes dragged on forever and whenever I looked at the clock it was like it didn’t even move.

But suddenly, there came a knock on the door. I straightened up my collar and held my head up high, knowing I had to make a good impression on the girl. After all, in my mind, I already wanted her to be more than just an employee. Finally, I walked up to the door and opened it.

I smirked when I saw her for the first time. She was even lovelier in person and the almost scared look on her face was precious. I could tell she would be a fun time. “Come in,” I said, ushering her inside until she sat down on the leather chair in front of my desk. My eyes glued to her backside for a moment as she walked in front of me. I had been right about her having some meat on her bones. She was perfect.

After she sat down, I followed suit and sat down as well, looking at her. I could tell she was trying not to stare and I grinned a little, seeing the nervousness on her face. There were small beads of sweat decorating her skin. “What’s your name, dear?” I said, leaning back and reclining slightly in my chair. Her eyes grew big at my informal nature. She was probably expecting more from me but I would soon show her that I was more than meets the eye.

“Allie…” She finally muttered softly. If this had been a real interview she would have done horribly, but luckily for her I liked her.

“Nice to meet you, Allie. Care to tell me why you are interested in my company?”

“Wait… this is your company?” She suddenly blurted out. She didn’t seem to be very good at this whole interviewing business but she was cute as she blushed, realizing the extent of her outburst.

“All of this, this entire building is mine,” I explained, looking at her, a grin on my face. I allowed the information to settle in as I adjusted my sleeves. Unlike most CEOs I didn’t like suits. Instead, I always went with the button up shirt and sweater look. From what I have heard from some of my female employees, it’s pretty damn sexy, and I had no doubt that Allie was attracted to me. After all, she couldn’t stop staring at me.

“Well, I’ll be frank with you, Allie. I like you. From what I have seen, you are a hard worker and I think you would make a great addition to this team… if you are interested, of course.” I leaned forward now, getting a little closer to her as I saw her eyes grow huge. She was in a state of shock and I chuckled as I saw a multitude of emotions fly across her face. “What do you say, hmm?”

When she still said nothing, I got out of my chair and walked around my desk. I stepped into the space in front of her, before leaning against my desk. I knew this put me in a provocative position as her eyes lingered, if only ever so slightly, on my pants. But quickly, she averted her eyes and looked up at my outstretched hand.

She got up and shook it. Her hand was sweaty. I could tell she was nervous. That pleased me. If a girl was nervous that meant she liked you and if she liked you enough she would do anything for you. My thoughts once again took a dirty route as I thought about pushing her down onto the chair and taking her right then and there. But years of professionalism had taught me to control myself so instead I gave her hand a squeeze and looked into her eyes.

“Is that a yes then?” I asked, straightening myself out to my full height. She was about a head shorter than me and had to crane her neck to look at my face. “I hope you aren’t this quiet in the future…” I whispered, getting closer to her. She didn’t know that at some point I expected to make her scream with the sounds of ecstasy.

“No… sorry, sir. I’m just nervous.” Her voice was small and meek as she said this. She had already addressed me as sir. She seemed perfect for my needs already. I grinned slightly before putting on a serious face and letting go of her hand.

“Well, no need to be nervous. You’re hired. Now all you have to do is come back in the summertime.” I announced, walking over to the door. She followed me obediently as if attracted to me. She was already showing great signs of potential.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity, sir. I really appreciate it and I look forward to working with you.” She finally managed to say more than a few words at once, but when I closed the door behind us and followed her I think the nervousness crept back into her soul.

“I’m escorting you to the airport.” I smiled a pearly white smile in her direction as her eyes grew big again. Those dark eyes were gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to spend more time with her in a few months.


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