The Billionaire’s Crush: Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Allie

Finally, I managed to pry myself off the wall. I could hear Chad in the kitchen but I knew I couldn’t face him just yet. So, I grabbed my jacket off the coat hanger and made my way outside. I didn’t really have a destination in mind. The air was chilly and I quickly zipped up my jacket, sighing as it was rather tight around me. Why did it seem like everything I owned was always too tight? It was as if people couldn’t make proper clothes for anyone who wasn’t twig thin.

Nevertheless, for the moment, it was all I had. I made my way across campus, taking in the scenery. Students were bundled up as they made their way through campus and into warmer buildings. California climate was pretty warm, however, so it wasn’t too bad. It would have been worse if I had lived in Maine or something. Here, even in the winter, we still had relatively nice walking weather.

I continued to walk, trying to forget about Chad. He was a jerk and I knew I was an idiot for staying with him, but I couldn’t think of breaking up with him. As I struggled with this dilemma, my phone chimed in my pocket. I furrowed my brows, trying to figure out who could be texting me. When I checked my phone, however, it wasn’t a text at all, but an email.

It was probably just spam, but nonetheless, I was curious and opened up the email app. My eyes grew large as I suddenly saw the subject of the email. It was from Blue Venta: the pharmaceutical company I had applied to intern at. Excited, I opened up the email and my eyes read the first word: Congratulations.

I froze in place, excitement coursing through my body. Had I really been accepted into one of the world leaders in orphan disease therapy? My hands shook a little as I tried to steady my phone and read the rest of the email. To my surprise, I had been accepted but they expected me to visit in two weeks, which luckily for me was right after my last exam.

In a flourish of emotions, I responded to the email quickly, telling them I was interested in the interview they had offered me. I still couldn’t believe it. Within a few minutes, they replied. There was an electronic ticket at the bottom of the email which would bring me to the icy East Coast. I couldn’t believe how fast everything was happening, but I wasn’t about to start complaining.

In two weeks I would be in New York… The thought boggled my mind. Still, I couldn’t deny the excitement that was coursing through my veins. I had to tell someone. Forgetting about my fight with Chad, I rushed back home, hoping to find Julie. I was dying to tell her about my accomplishment, knowing she would support and congratulate me. Unlike Chad, she was actually happy when I did well.

With shaky hands, I finally managed to unlock the door. The kitchen light was off, much to my relief. It seemed like Chad, at least, was gone, but I had no idea if Julie was home or not. I quickly made my way up the stairs, the old wood groaning under my weight, making me blush a little. The stairs never groaned like that when Julie used them. Sometimes I became really jealous of her and her gorgeous model-like body, but for now, I just prayed she was in her room.

When I got to the top of the stairs, I nearly ran down the hall before rushing into her room. I didn’t think to knock. She was there, half undressed. I stopped in my tracks and my cheeks turned red as I saw her reach back and unclip her bra. She was now wearing nothing but panties. I tried not to stare at her tiny waistline and delicate curves. Finally, I cleared my throat, trying to get her attention.

She jumped a little, turning around as her slender arms wrapped around her full sized chest. “Allie, don’t scare me like that!” She chided before grabbing an old t-shirt and tossing it on. She walked across the room and grabbed some sweats, putting them on and rolling up the hem in a style I had seen a lot of skinny girls wear. I was amazed how Julie could make sweats and a t-shirt look sexy. Whenever I tried wearing those things, I just looked like a slob.

“So why did you barge in here? If you were Chad I would beat the living daylight out of you.” She smirked, her red stained lips curling upward and her blue eyes sparkling.

“Sometimes I wish you did,” I muttered, remembering how he had insulted me this afternoon. Sometimes I wished I had the guts to hit him myself.

“What did he do this time?” She asked, her voice full of concern as she stepped closer. We locked eyes and I blushed a little, a bit intimidated by her gorgeous looks.

“Nothing…” I stammered, looking away.

“C’mon Allie, you can’t let him keep bullying you like this. It’s not healthy.” She said, trying to convince me for the millionth time that I should leave Chad. I knew she was right, but every time I tried to end it with him I would get cold feet. But, that wasn’t why I had barged into her room.

“I have good news,” I said with a smile. Her eyes grew big and her smile matched my own as she read the excitement on my face.

“Do tell.” Her sensual voice whispered as she got closer still, her face now inches away from mine, to the point where I could see all the makeup caked on her face. For someone so beautiful, I always wondered why she slathered her face with all that synthetic stuff. “C’mon Allie… I’m dying here.”

“I got into Blue Venta.”


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