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TEAM PLAYERS: Chapter 23

The den is cast in shadows, the only light a slice of yellow pouring in from the hallway, and around me, my foster brothers seem to sense that something is in the air. Maybe it’s the way that I lean into Logan’s kiss, sliding my hand underneath his shirt and over the smooth skin of his chest. He’s so warm and packed with muscle that reacts to my touch. I open my mouth to him, moaning as his tongue strokes against mine.

Is it my moan that becomes the ignition that changes everything?

Time seems to slip as they move closer, Sean’s hand running up the outside of my thigh, bunching the gray fabric of my dress with every inch. Nine of them have already seen me naked. Nine have seen me come. Only Sean and Trey are doing this for the first time, and I make a mental note that I need to make this extra special for them. They’ve waited patiently, and they should be rewarded.

I feel lips on the bare skin of my thigh as Sean bends to kiss me. Logan turns me in his arms, tugging my body until I’m straddling him. He doesn’t ask if he should pull my dress over my head, he just does it in one quick motion that has me reeling.

Behind me, there’s an audible intake of breath from around the room. I didn’t have a strapless bra to wear tonight, so I’m left wearing only a pair of sheer black panties. My instinct is to wrap my arms over my breasts, to cover myself from so many gazes, but Logan’s eyes are fixed on my face, his mouth wearing just a ghost of a smile. “You’re so pretty,” he says. “The first time I saw you on Main Street, I just had to tell you.”

Sean moves closer, his hand trailing down my spine. “I saw her first, remember?”

Logan nods, leaning in so he can kiss my neck, then lower, his warm breath hardening my nipples. “You’re meant to be ours.” When he latches on to my breast, sucking then nibbling, I arch my back, allowing my long hair to trail down. Sean’s fingers trail lower, over my ass, grazing my taint through the fabric of my panties, making me buck against Logan’s already erect cock.

“Just because you called out to her first doesn’t mean you get to keep her all to yourself,” Gordon says impatiently.

“You’ve had your turn,” Sean says.

“So has Logan.”

“I think we need to serve our queen,” Donovan says. I turn to find that someone has moved the small square table to the side of the room and spread a large brown furry blanket on the floor.

“You think queens fuck on the floor of their den,” Logan sniggers.

“You think queens have dens,” Sean laughs.

“I think I like the idea of getting served.” Logan doesn’t object when I slide off his lap and stand before turning to survey them all. There’s a crackle of electricity as their eyes rake over my body that makes me feel powerful and desired. Two weeks ago, I was a totally different person. I struggled to feel confident about my body or my sexuality. Now, things couldn’t be more different. The blanket is soft under my feet and against my legs and back as I lower myself, laying and stretching my arms above my head.

My foster brothers crowd around me like a pride of hungry lions. “Take off her panties,” Gordon says, always the first with instructions. Sean moves to kneel between my legs, his fingers finding the sheer fabric and drawing them slowly down my legs. There’s a collective sigh again as he uses his big hands to part my thighs, opening my pussy to the whole room.

I didn’t know that having so many men looking at me there would feel almost as good as a physical touch, but it does. Seconds tick past as they feast on me with their eyes. Shirts are tugged away from toned bodies, and jeans dropped to the floor. As they uncover themselves, it’s me who gets the real visual feast. So many long thick cocks to gaze at and appreciate. So many athletic bodies to kick up my arousal.

I’m so lucky.

The thought practically sings through me, and they haven’t really touched me yet. How am I going to feel after, when they’ve all had their pleasure and worked to bring me mine?

Wrecked, probably. Somewhere between fantasy and reality in oblivion experienced only by a handful of women who choose this lifestyle and succeed in making it work. Danna knows. The glow on her cheeks tells me exactly how much.

Maybe I’ll have that glow tomorrow.

“Can we touch you, Maggie?”

“Yes,” I gasp as they all inch closer. I want to watch it but I can’t. It’s just too much for me to take in. Resting my arm across my face, I sink into the darkness behind my eyelids, waiting, and there is something blissful in it. I don’t have to worry about anything. They’re going to take care of it all. A finger slides between my legs as mouths latch onto my breasts. A ghost of a kiss grazes my lips, then another from a different angle as they alternate kissing me and touching me. Hands slide over my skin, and it’s like being surrounded by a multi-handed mythical creature created for human pleasure.

So much sensation travels from my skin to my brain that it feels as though little fireworks are going off inside my mind. My back arches, pushing my breasts up into the mouths and hands that are currently stimulating them. Between my legs, there’s a tongue lapping at my clit, and fingers from at least two hands are working their way inside my pussy. Oh God, it feels so good.

No wonder Danna knew in a week. How could I ever go back after this?

“She fucking loves it,” someone murmurs, and all around me builds a quiet rumble of excited laughter. It’s as though all their birthdays have come at once, and they can’t quite believe the sheer size of the gift they’ve received.

“Trey, get up here.” It’s Sean’s voice. I’m certain of that, and I’m flabbergasted that he’s actually letting his brother take his turn first. That’s what you call brotherly love.

Between my legs, I’m wet as a river, my heart pounding with anticipation of what’s going to come next. Rough hands smooth up my legs, Trey’s palms calloused from all those days tending to the yards of Hope Valley. “Are you ready?”

I let my arm slip from my face so that I can look at the man who’s so considerate as to ask me that, even when I’m lying spread before him and his ten brothers. His blond hair seems lighter in the low light, the blue of his eyes giving him an air of innocence that doesn’t match with the sinful body he has or the way he’s clutching his big cock, ready to take me.

“I am,” I say and smile broadly as his pretty eyes seem to soften with relief. This must be strange for them as much as it is for me. A new experience where they feel as uncertain as I do.

They know that this will be overwhelming for me. I’m just one tiny girl surrounded by eleven men at the peak of their physical condition. Eleven men who have built themselves up to excel at a game where sheer power and weight provide a huge advantage. As Trey moves closer, his brothers pull back, giving him the space to lean over me. His nose skims mine, and he kisses my lips with another smile. “I’m never going to forget this, Maggie.” His cock slides over my swollen clit, notching at my entrance, but not for long. With a smooth and measured thrust, he pushes inside me, all the while his eyes are focused on mine. “Fuck.” I can’t help the word that leaves my mouth when his hips meet mine. He feels so damned good. And when he moves… oh God. My eyes roll, hands moving to clutch his tight, rounded ass to keep him close. Oh, the way he grinds into me feels amazing.

The way Trey fucks me is intimate, even though we’re being watched. It’s as though, for the time he’s inside me, we’re the only ones in the room. When he grinds hard against my clit, I can feel an orgasm building. There’s precision in his motions, as though he’s measuring the time it’s going to take to get me to come, and he’s walking the path at the same time. And when the orgasm rushes through me, his cock swells, spilling wet heat between my legs.

Trey kisses me tenderly as our bodies shudder together, making me feel safe and worshipped, but he doesn’t get time to linger long, conscious that his brothers are patiently waiting. As he pulls away, Sean lies next to me, turning my face toward him with a searing kiss that lights up my body and my heart.

“Last but hopefully not least,” he whispers in my ear.

“Best make it memorable then,” I say with a smile and a swat to his pec.

“Oh, I will.” With a flash, he’s pulling me on top of him, and Trey’s cum slides out of me in a rush. I think it’s partly on the blanket and partly on Sean’s leg, but nobody seems to care. This is the first time I’ve seen Sean’s body naked, and I have to blink to dilute the intense perfection of it. His shoulders are so broad and his waist so narrow, and his chest is rounded with tight brown nipples. But it’s the deep V of muscular power by his groin that my fingers roam to touch and the thick cock that taps his undulating abs. My hand looks tiny against the sheer heft of him, but when I run my thumb over the tip, he jumps and shudders with pleasure that gives me a rush of power. There might only be one of me, but I can bring all of these men to their knees. In fact, I have. Other than Sean, who’s on his back, the rest of my foster brothers kneel around me, their cocks in their hands, eyes hungry.

“Sit on it,” Sean orders, and I shuffle closer, bring his rounded head to my slick entrance.

I don’t rush, the slow slide of him into me causing Sean’s eyes to roll with pleasure, but when he has fully impaled me, he tugs me close to his body, grasping a handful of my dark hair and turning my face to his. “Maggie.” His eyes are racing green, dark pupils blown open by arousal. Shifting his hips, he fucks up into me, keeping me close. “Touch her,” he orders his brothers, and they do, hands finding my nipples and tweaking, while other fingers stroke my skin and probe between the cheeks of my ass. When they graze my taint, my pussy draws tight, and Sean smiles. “You like that?” he asks, but I can’t answer because my brain is too addled with sensation.

“Open her there,” he says huskily, his hips still moving against me. This is a time when my mind says no, but my body says yes. I shouldn’t want the delicious sensation of a tongue lapping over my taint, but it feels so good that I don’t resist. I don’t resist when there’s pressure there either. Sean still has my hair gripped in his fist, so I can’t turn to find out who’s pushing their thumb inside me, pushing in and drawing out in the same rhythm of Sean’s cock. Oh… I flush hard with embarrassment but then moan when the pleasure between my ass and my pussy trips some kind of invisible switch. My pussy bears down again, and Sean smiles darkly. “Who do you want to claim that ass?” The thumb from his free hand strokes over my bottom lip, then pushes into my mouth as though he’s relishing the idea of all my holes being filled at once. “Tell me.”

He’s asking me to choose which of his brothers can fuck me in a place that no one’s ever been before. Just a thumb feels like I’m being split open. What would it feel like if a cock was there instead?

“You don’t have to,” John says softly from behind me. Maybe he’s worried that Sean is pushing too far too fast. Maybe he is, but I’m too turned on to go back.

“Reggie,” I say. I don’t know why his name is the one to leave my lips, but it feels right. Of all the brothers, he’s the one I’m most confident won’t get overwhelmed with the experience and go too hard. He’s the one I trust to be gentle.

I don’t see him move behind me, but I feel his hand rest gently on my hip. He soothes me like I’m a skittish horse, which is funny because that’s just what I feel like. “I’m going to need something,” Reggie says softly. I’m taking it that he means lube, and the fact he doesn’t say it is cute as hell.

“I’ll get it.” Daryl jumps up and sprints out of the door and up the stairs.

“Of course, Daryl would be the one with lube on hand,” Dwayne laughs.

“That guy likes it slippery,” Donovan says.

Sean slows his movements, keeping everything smooth. He kisses me deeply, fingers caressing my face, my neck, my breasts. “Do you want to suck one of my brothers?” he asks. I blink in surprise and wonder if he’s worried about monopolizing my body or just wants to see more and more deliciously filthy things done to me. When I nod, his grin is wide. “Who’s gonna come and take this pretty little mouth?”

“Me,” Hunter says and wastes no time in getting close enough for me to wrap my lips around him. Fuck he tastes good, salt-sweet, and ready for sex, and when he pushes deep into my throat and my eyes water, Sean begins to thrust into me faster.

So he does like watching.

“Fuck,” Hunter says. He’s gazing down at me with soft brown eyes filled with awe. “You don’t understand how good this feels… how unbelievable you look.”

“Here.” Out of the corner of my eye, I see a bottle of lube flying across the room. Reggie catches it without faltering — his football training coming into its own — and in a flash, the cool liquid is dripped over me. From the slick sounds I can hear from behind me, I’m pretty sure that Reggie is covering his cock in lube too.

There are things that I thought I would do in my life and things that are so outside of my reality that I have never even considered them. Anal sex had been on my not-sure-about list, and group sex was on my never-list. How things can change.

I’m still not sure how I feel when Reggie’s cock presses against me. His hand that is firmly on my hip slows Sean’s thrusting. It feels as though there is a lot of coordination needed for this to be achieved. The whole room seems to go silent with anticipation. “Slow,” Sean says, bracing himself.

“I know,” Reggie says gruffly. Did I do the wrong thing suggesting him? Is his kind and compassionate nature making this hard for him? His hand strokes my ass and back as he pushes. I’m clenched with nerves, but his soothing caresses help me to relax, and when he’s finally easing inside me, I’m boneless with pleasure. Oh… so this is why people do this. The rawness. The feeling of being filled completely, of being owned.

Hunter withdrew from my mouth while Reggie took my focus, but his hand on my cheek asks me if I’m ready. I am. When I open my mouth for him, there’s a collective groan. Sean’s hand grips my breast, his teeth gritted with pleasure as Reggie moves inside me.

What must it feel like for him? Tight and hot, the intensity of feeling another man moving against him with just a thin barrier between them. When Sean begins to shift his hips, too, the sensations build. I moan, and Hunter groans as the vibrations stimulate his cock, and suddenly, he’s letting go in my mouth, his thighs tense and his grip on my hair intensifying.

“Fuck,” Sean says as I swallow Hunter down. “Fuck.” Inside me, his cock swells, and he throws back his head, filling me with everything he has, and as Reggie’s movements begin to get more frantic, I know I’m going to come too. All it will take is fingers on my clit, but I don’t have to ask. Someone’s parts my labia and presses hard, and I’m propelled into the kind of orgasm I hadn’t even imagined would be possible.

“Shit,” Sean says, as I collapse onto his chest, making a noise that doesn’t even sound human. Somewhere between Hunter, Reggie, and Sean, I’ve become a feral animalistic thing. I don’t even care when the two cocks that had speared me slip out, followed by enough cum to slick my thighs together. I don’t care when I’m rolled gently to my back, and someone thoughtfully attempts to clean me up with a damp cloth. John bends to kiss me, his lips so soft and teasing that my mind continues to drift somewhere in the stratosphere. My arms are lifted, and hands wrapped around searingly hot, rigid cocks, already slick with their own arousal. Between my legs, a tongue teases my clit that is now painfully swollen, and I cry out against John’s mouth, torn between the pain and the pleasure that I know lurks behind it. “It’s okay,” John whispers. “Daryl knows what he’s doing.”

So it’s Daryl who’s trying to murder me with his mouth, Daryl who’s trying to coax another impossible orgasm from my body in a way that feels like the best kind of torture. Or maybe he’s just getting ready to push his big cock into my pussy. Doesn’t he know I’m already as wet as a river? Doesn’t he know that I can take him and his brothers?

My body thrums with power and strength, confidence and conviction. We can do this. I can do this. I’m not the Maggie who was desperate for affection anymore. I’m not the Maggie who worried about everything.

These men are showing me that I’m the center of their world. They’re proving to me that a lifestyle I thought could never be possible can actually be the very thing that makes me whole. My body is open to these men to use for their pleasure because I can feel how carefully they are treating me and how much they want to make this the best experience. Every touch is just the right mixture of careful and sexy. Every word uttered is designed to make me feel comfortable and aroused. As Daryl pushes inside me, groaning like he’s already close, I feel laughter bubbling up inside me. John must feel my smile against his lips because he gazes down at me with eyes that are dancing with happiness. “Does that feel good?”

I glance between the triplets, who are the ones who surround me, Donovan to my left and Dwayne to my right while Daryl kneels between my legs, clutching my knees as my ankles rest over his shoulder. I blink because it’s almost like one of those mirror illusions that you see at funfairs, where just one person can make multiple reflections. Except these are three real identical men who are fucking me. “It feels amazing,” I tell John.

“I can’t wait to be inside you,” he tells me. “I’ve thought about it so much, remembering what it was like to have your legs wrapped around my waist.”

“I’ve thought about it too. About all of you. Ever since I found out about Danna and heard you talking in the kitchen. It’s been driving me crazy, wondering what this would be like.”

“And now you know,” he says softly.

His hand slides over my breast and lower until his thick finger rests just above my clit. Suddenly, Gordon is there, his rough beard scratching against my stomach and higher as he takes my nipple into his hot mouth. The sheer power and strength of them all surrounding me is enough to make me lightheaded. Forget the sensations that are assailing me from Daryl’s long, hard cock. When John squeezes my clit between his thumb and forefinger, I buck with the shock of a knife-sharp orgasm that brings tears to my eyes. Daryl can’t hold on any longer and groans his release. Donovan and Dwayne come hard, too, filling my palms with their hot cum and falling back onto the blanket on either side of me like tumbling dominos. There’s no rest between the triplets and the next group of men. They’re lined up, ready to fill me, and I’m starting to feel crazy with it.

Not because I can’t take it but because I want it. So much.


More of everything. They’ve made me an addict for them.

Gordon rolls me onto my front, and he climbs on top of me, his feet nudging my ankles apart just enough that he can push inside me. The weight of him pinning me down sends a ripple of sensation up my spine and over my scalp. There would be no escaping this big man if I wanted to. He’d be able to keep me with my face smashed into the blanket, powerless to resist him. His is the fourth cock to fuck my pussy, but amazingly I’m not sore, just slippery and wet from how turned on I am and his other brothers’ seed. He doesn’t seem bothered by the mess. In fact, the hard pistoning of his hips tells me he’s far from it.

I always wondered whether the brothers would be worried about fucking me together. Whether they would want to go first, so they didn’t get messy, but if anything, I think going last just means the arousal builds for them. There’s a franticness about Gordon’s movements that tells me his need to come is urgent.

“Maggie,” he breathes huskily into my ear. “Oh fuck.” Then he’s rigid above me, body spasming with overwhelming pleasure. He moves slowly then, eking out the last drop of sensation that he can, and I start to mentally count through who’s left.

John, Harley, and Logan.

They’re the most patient.

Logan was the first to touch me, shaking my hand at the door on the first day I came here. John was the first to kiss me. Harley was the first inside me and the first to make me come. Maybe it’s right that they’re the last to seal this thing between us.

Gordon rolls onto his side, taking me with him. His hand slides over my breasts, his mouth sucking on the back of my neck. Logan moves forward, lying in front of me, so I’m sandwiched between him and Gordon.

“Are you okay?” His pretty gray eyes fill with warmth, his lashes casting shadows over his cheekbones, framing his straight nose. I remember that first day he called out to me. That moment our eyes locked, and my heart skipped. I think I will always feel that way when I look at him, and I hope he’ll always remember what he saw in me that made him call out.

“I’m good,” I say. “Really good. Amazing, really.”

He grins so broadly that it makes me chuckle. “Does that mean you still have the energy for the rest of us?”

“I think maybe this harem isn’t big enough.” I raise my eyebrows thoughtfully, and for a moment, the room is silent. Logan’s face drops, and when I see that, I burst out laughing. The way his shoulders drop on realizing I’m joking is too cute. “You should see your face,” I say. “I can’t believe you’re happy to share me with ten other men, but the thought of any more pushes you over the edge.”

“Those ten men are my brothers… I’d trust them with my life.”

“So would I,” I say softly.

He kisses me gently then, building to something more possessive. Hands caress me from the back, and Harley’s voice murmurs in my ear, “I’ve been waiting for this.”

“Me too,” I tell him.

Logan lifts my leg and angles his cock into my pussy. When he’s fully seated, he pulls back and nods to his brother. Harley’s cock slips against my ass, slick with lube, until it notches against my taint. “I’ll be gentle,” he says. “I promise.”

And he is, even though it must be so tempting to push in fast and relish the unbelievable tightness. Even though when Logan starts to move, the friction must feel unbelievable. I know it must because it feels unbelievable to me.

“Look at that,” Sean says.

He’s not talking to me because I’m lost in Logan’s kisses and the warmth of Harley’s embrace, but I’m pretty certain that there are more than one set of eyes focused between my legs at the two cocks moving there.

“Fuck, you feel so good.”

“She feels perfect.”

“Better than perfect.”

How they are finding the brain cells to talk is beyond me. I’m so wrapped up at the moment that I can barely think. Gripping onto Logan’s thick bicep is the only thing keeping me grounded. That and Harley’s arm that is anchored around my waist.

“Can you come again?” Logan smooths a sweat-slicked tendril of hair away from my forehead.

“I don’t think so,” I gasp, my body feeling like something separate from my mind. They own it now. All of the physical parts of me is theirs to play with.

“You sure?” There’s a challenge in Logan’s eyes when he brings his finger to my lips for moisture, then pushes down between us until he can find my clit.

“Let me,” John says from behind Logan. They switch out, and John’s rough finger strokes over my clit in regular motions that make me want to scream. I can’t. I know I can’t. It’s too much, except maybe I can. Something seems to trip in my brain, images of my eleven men, naked, touching me, licking me, fucking me, flash through my mind, and then it happens. “Oh… oh… oh, don’t stop!” I yell as a woman possessed.

“That’s it,” Logan croons, even as he grits his teeth to fuck me in a pussy that seems intent on crushing him.

“Fuck,” Harley shouts as my muscles bear down on him. He’s seconds behind me, filling me with hot streams of his cum, and maybe Logan can feel his brother swelling because he’s coming too.

My eyes are so tightly scrunched, my brain obliterated by sensation, that when Logan and Harley pull back, and John rolls me onto my back, settling between my legs, I’m still lost outside of myself.

“Maggie,” he says, kissing my jaw and the corner of my mouth, my neck, and my breasts. “We’re nearly there, Maggie. Just me, and then you’re ours. Then you have to stay with us, okay?”

I gaze up into his soft brown eyes, my hand going to the scruff on his cheek. “Yours,” I say, and tears spring to my eyes because, with one word, John has made me feel like I finally belong somewhere. Like I can finally have the big protective family that I always wanted. He moves inside me with tenderness and care, his brothers surrounding us, recovering from their own orgasms, and it’s beautiful. It’s raw, and it’s real, and I never want to be anywhere else.

This is why Danna is so happy. She’s found this perfect cocoon of a relationship with enough men to fulfill her every need and desire.

And so have I. I’ve found my brave boys who have been through so much. And they have found me too.

When John comes, it feels exactly like he said it would, a sealing of our bond. And after, we relax together, laughing and cuddling until it starts to get cold and we all have to find warm beds to sleep in. I follow Sean and Trey to their room, lying between them as they sleep peacefully, and I wish I could slip into dreams as easily as they have. Instead, I lie awake, watching the rise and fall of their chests, dark hair and blond, so different but perfect.

And instead of basking in the afterglow of the most amazing experience of my life, I drift back into self-doubt. My heart panics that love isn’t certain, and my mind tells me all the reasons that I’m not good enough for these perfectly damaged men.

And inside me, a baby grows that could change everything.


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