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Song of Sorrows and Fate: Character List – Southern Kingdom

Southern Kingdom

Fae Isles

  • Ari Sekundär: former Night Folk ambassador, King
  • Saga (Revna) Sekundär: raven shifter, Queen
  • Krasmira Sekundär: daughter of Ari and Saga
  • Eryka: seer from the Court of Stars, wife of Gunnar Strom
  • Lord Gorm: Blood Lord
  • Cuyler: Heir of the Court of Blood
  • Magus: Serpent Lord
  • Yarrow: former Lady of the Court of Serpents, mother to Magus
  • Shelba: Eldest daughter of Yarrow and Hawthorne
  • Dunker: a troll in the royal household
  • Rune: blood fae warrior
  • Bo: royal tracker
  • Ulv: Court of Serpents guardian
  • Davorin Avsky: battle lord for House Ode, former consort of Saga


  • King Bracken: High King of Court of Hearts
  • Queen Astrid: High Queen of Court of Hearts, mother to Bracken
  • Princess Signe: princess of Court of Hearts
  • Hodag: troll, friend of Ari and Saga
  • Lord Hawthorne: Lord of Court of Serpents
  • Bjorn: uncle to Cuyler and brother-in-law to Lord Gorm
  • Sofia Toft: Huldrafolk, former guard for Bracken
  • Riot Ode: High King of Fate, brother to Saga
  • Anneli Ode: High Queen, wife of Riot
  • Iris and Celeste: Ladies of the Court of Stars, mothers to Eryka
  • Lady Ernaline: Gorm’s late wife, Cuyler’s mother
  • Petter and Jytte Sekundär, and three daughters: Ari’s family that was slaughtered when he was a boy. His father was the royal cartographer to both House Ode and House Ferus responsible for designing the broken world, and his mother was a smith who created the heirloom blade.


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