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Shameless Puckboy: Chapter 27


WHEN I WENT to grab the merch from the car, the last thing I assumed I’d be coming back to is a huddle of hockey players discussing my sex life. Actually, I don’t think that’s something I assumed I’d experience ever.

I’m still trying to work out how I feel about them knowing about us, but from everything Oskar has told me about how close they are and my pushing him to let them in and find his support network, it’s not as though I have grounds to be mad about it.

“I assume you’ll all keep this quiet?” I ask.

Five hockey players nod like kids in trouble, and when I look down at where Oskar is sitting, his gorgeous blue eyes are wide.

“I need help getting something from the car,” I say, then turn on my heel, knowing he’ll follow.

Before I’m out of earshot, I pick up the sound of jeers and ooh, Oskar’s in trouble and Daddy’s mad, and I can’t help it—I smile. Just a little.

All because of idiot hockey players and not because Oskar shared a hard thought with them and admitted that he actually cares. About us. And wants it to go on.

“If you want to yell at me, you could have done it without demanding cardio first,” Oskar pants, jogging up beside me.

Yell at him? I almost laugh. The farther we get from the camp, the lighter I’m starting to feel. There’d been affection in his voice. For me. Fuck. Oskar’s in trouble, but not the kind he’s imagining.

The trouble will come when I struggle to give this man up.

He’s under my skin, this incessant need to build up and protect. To touch and comfort and care for. He wants something? I’m prepared to serve it up on a fucking platter, and there isn’t even the tiniest part of me ashamed of that fact.

There is a car parked on either side of ours, blocking the view from the entrance to the facility, and it’s still early enough that no one is around. I lead Oskar between our car and the SUV beside it before I suddenly turn and press him into the door.

Surprise crosses his face as I lean in, forearms pressed to the window behind him and body snug against his own.

“You don’t want to stop?” I ask.

Oskar’s eyebrows pull down. “What do you—”

“This. Us. You don’t want to stop it. Why?”

“Who’d want to give up convenient sex?”

“No.” I grip his jaw carefully, just firm enough that he knows I’m not messing around. “Don’t do that bullshit with me.”

“Who says it’s bullshit?”

I want to kiss him, claim him, force him to admit that I’m the only one he wants. For this week, this month, who knows? But he’s given me the tiniest window of opportunity, so I’m sure as hell going to take advantage of that. “I do. You want to keep this thing going? Tell me I mean more to you than an easy orgasm. Because you sure as shit aren’t that for me.”

It breaks my heart that he could be so surprised by that. He struggles for words for a full couple of seconds, then swallows roughly. “It’s possible that I don’t find you completely unbearable.”

I give his jaw a warning squeeze. “Try again.”

Urg, I take it back. You are unbearable. Completely annoying and a pain in my ass I could do without. All you’ve done is walk into my life like you have it all figured out and push me out of my comfort zone. Maybe I was happy with the way things were, did you think of that?”

“Were you?”

A frustrated noise leaves him. “No, damn it. But I didn’t know that until you and your bossiness and the way you put me first and check that I’m okay and meet my every single need that I didn’t even know I had.” His hands grip the sides of my shirt. “I hate everything you’ve ever done to make me like you.”

Happy nerves fizzle in my gut. “You like me.”

“More every stupid day.”

I can’t hold back. My chest floods with something indescribable as I press a quick, hard kiss to his mouth but pull away before he can try and take things deeper.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to climb into that back seat, and I’m going to blow you, but you’re going to keep that filthy mouth shut because one noise that could fuck up your stitches and I stop. Understand?”

“You really like torturing me, huh?”

I chuckle. “You have no idea. Now, get in the car and keep a lookout. We’re very public here.”

His pupils blow wide. “We could get caught.”

“We could.”

Then he surprises the hell out of me by cupping my face. “If we are, it could be bad for you. I don’t want that.”

“That’s for me to worry about.”

Oskar shakes his head. “Maybe I’m a little worried about it too.”

Fuck, that softens me toward him. “You’re beginning to see that your choices have consequences, but I’ve known that for a very long time. I knew what I was doing when I got into this.”

“And you chose me anyway.”

I turn my head to press a kiss to his palm, then pull open the door behind him. “I’d do it all over again too.”

“Now, not that I’m complaining, but why do you suddenly want to suck my cock? Is this a reward for being a good boy?”

“Oh, you’ve definitely been a good boy.” I quickly slide the driver’s seat forward before nudging Oskar toward the back. “But it’s mostly because I really, really need to touch you.”

“Well, feel free to touch me whenever you like.”

Oskar climbs in, and I follow him, pulling the door closed behind us. The windows are tinted dark, so there’s very little chance of anyone seeing in, even without the cars on either side, but from in here, we can see everything.

I sink onto my knees between Oskar’s spread thighs and yank his gym shorts down. His half-hard cock bobs in front of my face, and I almost groan. “I take it back. You were right. A suit would have been a terrible idea.”

Oskar’s laugh is husky as he runs his fingers through my hair. “Are you saying you were wrong?”

“I’m saying I’m always open to negotiation.” Then I lean forward and wrap my mouth around his cock. I run my tongue over him, sucking him deep as I coax him to full hardness. The feel of him lengthening in my mouth makes me dizzy, and I bury my face in his pubes as he fills my mouth and pushes into my throat.

Oskar lets out a long, loud exhale, grip tightening on my hair. His legs shift wider, and I love the way he’s struggling to stay in control. I pull back and dive back down again, ears strained for the hitches in Oskar’s breath. The fact he wants to be vocal and can’t is turning me on more than it should, knowing that he’s having to control himself all because I told him to.

And, well, medical advice, but that’s nowhere near as sexy.

I bob up and down a few times, slicking his cock up with spit before I pull off and let my hand take over. “How many people are out there?”

His gaze flicks around. “A volunteer.” He gestures to the side. “She’s over there.”

“I bet she saw you,” I lie, and his cock twitches in my hand. “Bet she saw how desperate you are for me and knew I was on my knees in here for you. Bet she’s going to go in there and tell everyone that you’re having your cock sucked, and then they’ll all come out here and see what I do to you.”

“Ah, fuck—” He bites off the rest as his hips leave the seat, fucking his cock into my fist.

“That wasn’t very quiet.”

“I’m trying.”

“You are. And good boys deserve to be rewarded.” My hand drifts lower to cup his balls, one finger sliding over the skin behind them. “Now fuck my face.”


I sink back down and open my throat as Oskar’s hands tighten in my hair. He shoves me down onto him, hips tilting up to meet every movement, and when my eyes flick up to meet his, they’re hooded and unfocused.

I pull off. “Don’t watch me. I want your eyes on the window and everyone out there.”

He shudders and shoves me back onto him but pulls his stare away. The whole time he uses me, his jaw is clenched tight, like he’s fighting every urge, and the sounds building in his throat are hot as hell. His focus is on the front window, toward the facility, and I can only imagine the sexy thoughts running through his mind. It makes me regret blowing him and not being able to vocalize them myself, but then he rewards me with a taste of precum, and I hum around him. Everything about Oskar turns me on. Everything about him fits so perfectly into my fantasies.

I grip his thick thighs, the feel of his muscles bunching and flexing under my hands making my cock throb. Oskar’s not being gentle, and his cock hitting my throat over and over is making it tender. My drool is leaking out of the corners of my mouth, and I’m really having to work to breathe. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Making him feel good makes me feel good.

Even though I told him to look outside, I can’t drag my stare from his face. The windows are fogging up, and his breathing is heavy, lips parted, sounds and curses starting to slip out.

Shitshitshit,” he gasps, trying not to move his lips.

When his cock slides into my throat this time, I swallow around him and slide my hand back to press a finger over his hole.

“Tell me to come,” he begs.

I moan my approval and pull off with a deep, gasping breath. “Come down my throat.”

Then I wrap my lips around his head before I miss it and jerk him off into my mouth.

Oskar’s whole body tenses, hands forming fists in my hair as his cock swells. Then he comes, spurt after salty spurt hitting my tongue as he does his best to hold back his long groan.

When he’s done, I pull off panting, cock achingly hard.

“Here …” He’s practically boneless as he reaches for me, and fuck if that doesn’t make me feel proud.

“No. We have nothing to clean up with.”

“I’ll swallow.”

I brush a kiss against his temple. “Stitches, remember? Waiting until I can get back to jerk off isn’t going to kill me.”

Oskar pins me with a look. “This is starting to become a trend with us.”

“You like public sex. I like edging myself. Apparently.”

“It makes me feel like a shitty …” Lover? Boyfriend? There’s a moment of awkwardness as we both fill in whatever he was about to say because I’m realizing that I have no idea what we are anymore.

“I promise it’s fine,” I assure him, ignoring the whole thing. “When it comes to you, I’m happy to wait.”

I don’t stick around to see his reaction to that, just climb out and hold the door open for him.

Oskar follows me, then starts to laugh. “Shit, your hair looks worse than mine.”

I turn to the window to take in my reflection. Where my hair was smoothed back and neat, it’s now sticking out in all directions. Exactly like someone has held on to it real good. The red, puffy lips don’t help things.

Oskar’s attempts to flatten it down don’t really work, so fuck it. I ruffle it up until it almost looks purposeful. Half of the guys here know what’s happening with us, and the rest of the people coming today won’t be here to see me.

“Come on, this thing starts soon,” I tell Oskar, and he falls into step with me.

“They’re all going to know what we were doing.” The smile he’s wearing tells me he doesn’t give a fuck.

But he’s right. And I don’t give a fuck either.

We reach his friends, and some of them get it faster than others, but I can tell the exact moment it clicks. Well, with all of them except one.

Dex gives Oskar a sympathetic look. “How much trouble are you in?”

Tripp loses his cool laughing, and Ezra pats Dex on the back in pity while Foster and Anton exchange perplexed looks.

I just say, “A lot. And trouble tastes good on him.” Then I slap his ass and walk away to set up everything he needs to sign.

I’m trying not to overanalyze where we go from here and what happens with us when I no longer have to babysit him. I’m going to focus on this moment. Because it feels goddamn perfect.


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