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Shameless Puckboy: Chapter 17


THIS PLAN IS GOING down the drain fast. I’d expected Oskar to pout and half-ass it. I clearly didn’t give him enough credit.

After the initial hesitation, he shone out there, and I hate how much I liked it. Those kids looked up to him in a way I’m not sure he’s experienced before, and seeing the hesitance melt away as he lost track of everything else but being on that ice was … yeah, I’m not getting into that.

It’s clear Oskar loves hockey. That’s never been the issue.

I hold open the hotel room door, and Oskar eyes me as he passes.

“No point pretending to be a gentleman now. I’m already putting out.”

I laugh. “We both know the gentlemen aren’t the ones you’re attracted to.”

Oskar walks over to his luggage and grabs some underwear and the bag his suit is in. I love seeing him in that thing. “Am I showering, or are we getting sweaty?” he asks.

“That depends on you.”

“Why? You’re going to let me call the shots this time?”

I chuckle like he’s adorable. “Fuck no. It depends on whether you’ll tell me what I want to hear.”

“Hard pass.” He heads for the bathroom, and when he gets to the doorway, he pauses to throw me a teasing look. “Besides, I’ll be taking Aleks out to dinner with Tripp and Dex tonight. Thought he might like to meet some of the Queer Collective before he decides to join. What do you think? Will he make me say I’ve had a good day before he blows me?”

My eyes narrow, a hot feeling building in my gut. “I know what you’re doing.”

“Showering?” he asks innocently.

“Trying to make me jealous.”

“Oh, I don’t think I even need to try. Your face is practically red.”

“I’m not jealous. I’m pissed off. There’s a difference.” Just don’t ask me what that difference is. “You’re supposed to be taking this shit seriously.”

His stare runs over me before it catches mine. “Then make me.”

Oh, Oskar. Wrong thing to say to me.

He hooks his bag over the door, then walks into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open. If he thinks I’m going to give in because he’s naked, he’s still got a lot to learn. Including the fact I will call every one of his bluffs.

I take my time stripping off my clothes and then follow him in.

The shower is already going, filling the room with steam, and Oskar glances up from where he’s pushed down his boxer briefs. He meets my eyes in the mirror.

“Coming in?” he asks like he’s won.

“Nope.” I step up behind him, not close enough to touch but close enough to see his body in the reflection. And while I’ve seen the majority of it in those photoshoots he did, it’s nothing compared to the real thing. The full real thing.

I refused to look when he opened the door to me naked the first time, but now I don’t have those same reservations.

He has hard muscles and tattoos everywhere. Twin birds sit on either side of his pecs, a huge flower surrounded by smaller ones in the center of his torso, a flock of tiny birds over his abs, and the one line above his pubic region la petite mort.

I’ve seen all those before. The one I haven’t seen …

Running between one hip bone and the next, right above his cock, are the words, Welcum to the fun zone.

I bark out a laugh. “Wow. Your tattoos really are like an instruction guide for sex. Just how dumb are the guys you hook up with?”

“Well, you’re one of them. Why don’t you tell me?”

I almost quip that this has nothing to do with his winning personality, but making this about looks with everything he’s told me doesn’t sit right. His personality is his defense, and I need to work with him on that, which doesn’t include putting him down. So I swallow back my pride at letting him get the final word in and decide to tease him instead.

“Feel free to join me in the shower, but nothing’s happening until you admit you liked today.”

“I didn’t not like it?”

I smile at his hopeful tone. “Nope.”

He acts unaffected, even though his cock is saying otherwise. “You’re really not that irresistible. I can get through one shower without wanting to fuck you.”

“Pity.” I lean in closer. “Because when I have a man in the shower with me, all I want to do is eat his ass.”

I don’t wait for his reply before I head into the shower and duck under the spray. Water runs through my hair and into my eyes and cuts out most of the sound in the room. I have no idea what Oskar is doing, if he’s left or planning to join me, but a moment later, I hear a soft splash as he approaches.

His shoulder softly bumps mine, knocking me out from under the showerhead as he takes my place. For a few minutes, we don’t say anything, just pass the bodywash back and forth, silently fighting for the water as we wash ourselves from head to toe. I greedily watch him wash his cock, and then he turns around and dips his hand into his crack.

“I like to clean everywhere,” he says.

“Always a good idea. You never know what might happen.”

“Especially when I’m going out with Aleks.”

This time, I’m prepared, and I try not to let it show how his taunt makes me want to punch a wall. “It’s astounding you think I’m letting you and Aleksander Emerson loose in Las Vegas. I’m going with you.”

“I don’t recall inviting you.”

“Not your choice. You know what is your choice though? Whether or not you’re relaxed for the game or sexually frustrated.”

“You’re really sticking to your guns, huh?” Oskar’s tone is more amused than pissed off.

“Willpower of steel, remember?”

“And yet you’re currently naked in a shower with me. Does that mean I win?”

“It means I let you win here, so long as you let me win when it comes to our careers. Believe me, I’m good at this game.”

“I’ve been playing games my whole life, and believe me. I play to win.” There’s a slight edge to his voice, and I wonder if he’s thinking back to the shitty situations he’s been in.

And like usual, that need to protect strikes hard. Even as I try to push it away, I’m already working out how to distract him from all that. “What’s the prize?”

He isn’t expecting that question. “I haven’t figured that out yet. But I’d start with a rim job.”

“You know what to say. Just three little words.” I tick them off on my fingers. “I liked today or I enjoyed myself or even better—you were right. That’s it.”

Oskar holds up his hand, three fingers raised, and I think he’s about to do it. “Go”—he folds down his thumb—“fuck”—his forefinger is next—“yourself.” Then he gasps, pretending to be shocked over his middle finger still standing.

“Looks like I’m going to have to,” I say, turning back to the water.

Oskar reaches for my cock, and I swat his hand away. “Consent, Oskar.”

“Consent? You followed me into the bathroom.” Despite his complaint, he doesn’t try to touch me again. He crosses his arms and leans against the tile, clearly pouting. I take the moment of silence to check him out. My gaze runs from his wet, slicked-back hair down his gorgeous scruffy face, over his chest, his water-slicked abs, the glorious cock, and his strong legs.

Oskar shifts, and his voice comes out as a rasp. “If you eye-fuck me any harder, my prostate will feel it.”

“I’m more than happy for your prostate to get involved.”


“You have to say the words.”

“You’re an asshole.”

My lips hitch up on one side. I hold his stare. I’m desperate to give in and touch him anyway, but I’m trying to get him to stop lying to himself, and he needs to admit this more than he needs an orgasm.

“Fine,” he huffs. “I maybe enjoyed it. Can I touch your cock now?”

“Not if sex is going to be as half-assed as that confession.”

“What do you want?” he almost whines. “I said it, and you’re still being a dick.”

I take two steps, closing the small distance between us, and press my body up against him. My arms cage his head in, and this close, he has no choice but to meet my eyes. “I want you to drop the act.”

“What act?”

“That you don’t care about anything.”

“You give me way too much credit if you think my attitude is all an act.” He ruts his hips against mine.

“Not really. You’re just incredibly stubborn.” My lips find his exposed neck, and for all my talk about willpower, I’m quickly losing this game. Not only is he sexy and naked and willing, but after today, I’m more attracted to him than ever. Seeing him genuinely happy isn’t something I ever thought I’d witness.

He gasps as my lips work over his skin, leaving rough red marks behind. “Ah, yes,” he mutters, hands closing over my ribs. “That feels … damn … so good.”

My head is getting foggy with want, and this time, I rock my hips into his. My kisses are getting rougher, and I want so much more. I’m getting desperate, and Oskar’s killing me with the noises he makes.

“Say it,” I growl against his ear. “I need my mouth on your hole now.”

His grip on me tightens. “Fine. Fine. I liked it. It was fun, and I forgot what I was even doing there, and you were right, okay?”

I pull back, grin almost splitting my face. “I was right?”

“What? No. My brain is swamped with horniness. Practically drunk. People say dumb things all the time when they’re drunk. I didn’t mean a single word.”

I want to push him and make him admit it, to hear those perfect words again and again, but relenting to me the first time took a lot out of him, and I know when to push and when to back off. And right now, Oskar needs to be rewarded.

I push off the wall and trail my hands down his sexy body to wrap around his cock. “I’m going to make this so good it’ll be all you can think about tonight.”

His blue eyes light up with a challenge. “I’ll be out with Aleks, so you really better bring your A game.”

And I know he’s only trying to push my buttons, but it’s working anyway. I grip his cock harder, almost painfully. “I can guaran-fucking-tee that bumbling baby bi can’t give you what I can.”

“Oh yeah?” he asks, shifting his legs farther apart. “And what makes you so sure?”

“Because I know how to give you exactly what you need.” I walk out of the shower to where I’ve dumped my clothes and return a moment later.

“What are you …”

I lift up my phone, crossing to where the counter is opposite the shower, and water drips all over the tile as I open my camera and hit Record. “We’re going to make a little sex tape.”

Oskar’s surprise is genuine, and as he hesitates, my PR heart warms. It’s possible I might be changing his habits. But that’s not the part of me that’s driving this, and while I don’t want to ruin the illusion by pointing out that (a) it will be deleted as soon as this is over, and (b) there’s so much steam in here you won’t be able to make out much anyway, I also don’t want him to worry.

I join him back in the shower and press him against the wall again. “Trust me,” I say against his ear.

And when I pull back to see his tiny nod, he’s looking at me like … nope. I’m not reading into things.

Sex. That’s what we’re focused on here.

“I hope neither of us gets out of here and fumbles that recording,” I say. “It would be a shame if we accidentally sent it to everyone.”

He lets out a long, shaky exhale.

“I probably should have paid more attention,” I say, kissing my way down his body. “But I couldn’t wait to get back in here with you. Now I can’t remember if I opened my camera app or social media.”

His abs contract under my lips.

“Oh no. What if I hit the go live option? What if thousands and thousands of people are currently watching?”

His wet hands slap against the tile.

“Seeing you squirm for me. Seeing all the filthy, filthy things I’m about to do to you.”

“Holy shit,” he gasps, and he already sounds wrecked.

I tilt my head back to look up at him, then drag my tongue over the head of his cock. “All those people watching you. About to see me completely fucking own you.”

I’ve never seen someone’s pupils dilate so quickly.

“Turn around.”

I barely shift back in time for him to spin and plant his hands on the wall. Then his delicious ass is hovering right in front of my face. My eyes almost roll back in my head, and I can’t stop myself from reaching down and giving myself a few pumps. The water pouring over me makes the action sound pornographic, and Oskar glances over his shoulder.

“No fair.” He tilts his ass back more. “I’ve been good.”

The crack of my hand finding his ass cheek echoes through the room.

Oskar strangles a cry. “Do that again.”

I chuckle. “I’d rather do this.”

My hands close over his firm glutes, and I spread his ass wide, then bury my face between his cheeks. Oskar might be the king of promiscuity, but I know sex. Good sex. Not just quickies and orgasms—which are great in their own right—but from everything I’ve seen and everything that Oskar’s told me, I’d be willing to bet that the amount of real, mind-blowing sex he’s had could be counted on one hand. And I plan on erasing every one of those times from his memory.

My mouth closes over his hole, sucking gently, then following it up with a long lick from his taint to the top of his crease. He tastes like Oskar but stronger, sexier, and I can’t stop my moan from slipping out.

My cock is aching to be touched, but I ignore it, reaching between Oskar’s legs to wrap my hand around him instead. It’s no surprise he’s so proud of his cock—he’s a perfect handful, long, smooth, with perfectly proportioned balls. I dip my head between his legs to suck one of his balls into my mouth.

“Lean forward more,” I tell him, and he immediately follows the instruction.

I spit in my hand and start to rub his hole as I suck on his balls and slowly ease his cock back between his legs. I want it all. Just one part of him isn’t enough, and when Oskar’s hips rotate the tiniest bit, I know he feels the same.

The delicious gasp he lets out when I wrap my mouth around the tip of his cock, how he trembles when I nip at his balls and presses his ass back as I slip a finger inside him … it’s all making me want to stand up and replace my finger with my cock.

But to do that, I’d have to stop and find a condom, and there’s no way I’m moving away when I’ve got him right where I want him.

My mouth travels up and down, wanting to devour every inch of him. Between the water, spit, and his precum, I’ve made a mess that I can’t stop chasing with my tongue.

“Can’t wait to watch this back,” I tell him, and fuck, I wish that was a possibility. “To see you bent over like this.” I drag my teeth over his taint as I keep lightly stroking his dick. Oskar’s vocals are magic, echoing off the tile. “I’m going to get myself off every night to the sounds you’re making. While you’re at practice, I’m going to watch the way you begged for me, and you’ll be on that ice, skating with your teammates, knowing I’m touching myself over you, desperate for you …”

He whines. “Lane … I need … Damn it, I need …”

“You’re so loud. I bet the people in the next room can hear us. I hope they don’t call the front desk. I hope the front desk staff aren’t on their way up here to find out what all those filthy sounds you’re making are from.”

He pounds his fist against the tile. “Fuck me.”


“Please. I need you inside me.”

“Fine.” But not how he thinks. I press my face into his ass, and my tongue finds his hole. It’s already soft from being worked open, and I push inside easily. Eagerly.

His gasps and grunts are everything I need to hear as I work him deeply with my tongue. I start and stop, draw him out, tease him over and over. I keep my grasp on his shaft light and his cock pulled back to hold off his orgasm, even as I knead his balls roughly with my other hand.

“Asshole,” he whines. “Such an asshole.”

I’m smiling the whole time.

Sex with Oskar is fun.

I let his balls go to spread him open more, pressing my face as deep as it will go. My short beard is rubbing against his ass, and a small part of me hopes I leave him with a dull burn that he feels all night. Something to keep me on his mind while he plays and then is out with his friends.

Eating his ass shouldn’t be as addictive as it is, but in my defense, he’s a hockey player, and the thing in my face is easily the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen. My cock is desperate to get in on the action, but I refuse.

am conscious that he has a game soon, so while I’d love to play with him all night, I reluctantly bring his cock back to the front and start to stroke with purpose. My tongue spears in and out, and I press a finger in to rub his prostate, and he pushes back against it before fucking into my fist. I’ve lost track of what he’s saying—it’s all nonsensical words and noise by this point, and I love every bit of it.


“I’m … I’m—” His groan cuts off his words as his whole body tenses right before he lets go. His orgasm paints the tile, spurt after spurt, until he shudders and goes boneless.

I give his hole one final swipe with my tongue before I stand up behind him. “I could be wrong, but it looked like you enjoyed that.”

He presses his face to the wall. “I’m usually an awesome liar, so I hate that I can’t deny it.”

“Your brain cells aren’t all firing, so that’s understandable.” I almost make a joke about there only being one of them, but I don’t have it in me to insult him right now. So instead of those words, I drop a kiss on his shoulder. “Better get ready for the game.”

“I want to suck you off first.”

“Nope.” I press my aching cock against his ass, hating the next words about to come out of my mouth. “You’re going to go to dinner, and when you get back, my cum is going to be your dessert.”


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