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Ruined Secrets: Part 2 – Chapter 21


“Lorenzo insists on seeing me tomorrow,” I say as I’m unbuttoning my shirt. “I don’t know why he insists. We can talk business at the banquet on Saturday.”
“He wants to make himself feel important. Low self-esteem complex,” Isabella says from the bed. “Especially now, with you as the head of the Family.”
“Do you want to come? He’s booked us a table at Mirage.”
“Of course, he has,” she snorts. Getting off the bed, she stands behind me and wraps her arms around my waist. “He knows you’ll be paying the bill. Is it okay if I come? It’s a business meeting after all.”
“I don’t give a fuck that it is.” I take the box I picked up this morning from the specialty shop I’ve started visiting frequently and place it on a dresser. “I’ve bought you something.”
“What?” She peeks around me, and I see her eyes widen upon seeing the leather box. “Is it . . .?”
“Yes.” I take her arm and pull her around to stand in front of me. “Want to try it on?”
“Is it much bigger?” she asks and reaches for the box, but I catch her hand in mine.
“It’s bigger. Close your eyes.”
She shuts her eyes immediately, and I smile. Who would’ve expected someone as young as her to be so eager and responsive to all my unconventional ways. Moving my palms down her generous hips, I slide her panties down and wrap my fingers around the object lodged in her pussy. Two days ago, I decided to punish her for not putting on the dress I requested and removed her pussy plug. She whimpered and begged me to put it back, pressing her small hands over her pussy the whole time. I buried my cock inside of her instead. My little addict. Isabella can’t bear the thought of not having my cock or something else that reminds her of me inside her. Her reactions make me so hard that it feels like I’m going to explode.
As expected, she starts complaining the moment I take out the toy, so I temporarily push my finger inside her. “Keep your eyes closed,” I say and open the box.
I take the new pussy plug from the box. I’ve already washed it and put a good amount of lubricant over the thick end because it’s significantly larger than the one she’s accustomed to.
“Spread your legs slightly. Yes, just like that.” I place the tip of the new pussy plug at her entrance, pull out my finger and start sliding the sleek black toy inside her pussy.
“Everything okay?” I ask when her breathing hitches. “If it’s too much, I’ll stop.”
“Don’t stop.” She breathes out and squeezes my wrist. “I want it all in. Now, Luca.”
I slide it fully inside, then adjust the thinner tip so it presses on her clit. “Good?”
“What if it slides out?” she asks.
“It won’t, tesoro.” I press my palm over her pussy. “Let’s try walking, hmm?”
She steps forward and I follow without taking my hand off her. “See? It won’t slide out. You just need to get accustomed to a bigger size. Let’s try a few more steps.”
When she starts walking toward the bed, I let go of her pussy. “How does it feel?”
She turns to face me and lowers herself to the bed. Her movements are slow, her eyes closed as if she’s savoring the feeling. When she’s seated and moans, I can barely restrain myself from grabbing and fucking her senseless.
“How does it feel?” she repeats my question, biting her lower lip, and opens her eyes. “It feels like I have your cock inside of me, Luca.”
“You need to be really wet to use this one, Isabella. If you’re not, use lubricant. If you hurt yourself, I’ll throw it away. You hear me?”
I take her chin, tilt her head up, and trace her bottom lip with my thumb. “Now, let’s remove it.”
“Yes, Isabella. When I’m around, you get my cock,” I say and start unbuttoning my pants. “On the bed, please.”
I lower myself over her and reach to pull out the pussy plug. With the toy gone, I slide my cock inside her heat. Isabella pants and moans as I bury myself in her.
Instead of pounding into her hard, I slowly slide out, then in again, watching her face the whole time, enjoying the sounds of pleasure that leave her lips. My young little wife whom I’ve corrupted with my wicked ways. I don’t know what I felt for her before, but I know what I feel now, hearing her moan my name. I thrust into her again, and she starts shaking under me, but I keep sliding in and out, letting her ride the orgasm, and only allow myself to come after she’s done. When her body goes limp beneath me, I bend my head to whisper next to her ear, “I am so fucking in love with you, Isabella.” Then, I crash my lips to hers.


I watch him as he sleeps, his thick eyebrows, mouth that does the most sinful things, hair falling freely over his face. My Luca. I lean into him, tucking my face into his neck and inhaling his scent.
He told me he loves me last night. I never dared to hope those words would fall from his lips. It was always an impossible dream. And now that I’ve finally heard the words I’ve been so desperate for, instead of being overjoyed, I’m scared shitless. What if his memory comes back? I don’t think I could take it if Luca goes back to being his old self. It would be even worse than before the accident if he knows I tricked him into believing the farce I’ve created.
An arm wraps around my midsection, and suddenly I’m facing the wall with my back pressed to Luca’s chest.
“What did I tell you? How do you sleep?” he asks, his words whispered in my ear.
“With your finger in me,” I say as his finger circles my clit and then slips inside, making me gasp.
“If I ever again catch you lying next to me in any other way, there will be consequences, Isabella.”
“What kind of consequences?”
“I’m going to keep you in bed”—his finger slides out then in again—“the whole fucking day,”—he pinches my clit—“torturing you like this, without letting you come.”
His finger vanishes from my core, and I cry out, grabbing his hand and pressing it over my pussy. “Please, Luca.”
“Please, what? What do you need?”
“Your cock. Inside me.” I squeeze my legs together, trying to relieve myself of at least some of the yearning in my core.
He turns me, his big hands holding on to my waist, and positions me above his cock, its tip teasing my entrance. I try sinking onto it, but he keeps me clutched in his grip, denying me the gratification.
“Do we have an understanding, Isabella? About the sleeping arrangement?”
“Yes.” I nod, gripping his forearms. “Please. I can’t take it anymore.”
“Is this better?” he asks as he lowers me onto his cock.
I breathe deeply, marveling at the feel of him filling me up so completely. I start rotating my hips, trying to take even more of him inside. Luca’s hand comes to rest where our bodies are joined, and he massages my clit as he pumps into me from below. I’m already close when his hands come under my ass, and he lifts me only to slam me down onto his cock again. A scream escapes me as I feel the orgasm nearing. I close my eyes. He raises my body again, and I arch my back when his length invades my pussy in the next moment. Up. Down. Up. Down. The pressure in my core skyrockets, and I come with another scream.
When I slump onto his chest, his cock still feels hard, and his breathing is labored. I tilt my head up and raise my eyebrows at him. “Why didn’t you finish?”
“I like the feel of my cock inside you too much,” he says through gritted teeth.
“Luca . . .” I reach out and place my hand on his cheek, trying not to laugh. “You’ll give yourself a heart attack from the strain, baby.”
“No!” he barks. “And don’t you dare move. I’m holding on by a thread.”
“And how long do you plan on us staying like this?”
“For as long as I can control myself. Don’t fucking move, Isabella.”
He’s crazy. I won’t let him do this to himself.
“I need to tell you something,” I say.
“When I went to the hairdressers yesterday, I removed the pussy plug.”
His eyes widen and his hands squeeze my ass cheeks. “You did what?” he growls. “For how long?”
“Two hours.”
His breathing quickens, and he stares at me, his nostrils flaring. “You left the house with nothing to remind you how my cock feels?”
I didn’t, actually. I planned to. I wanted to see if I could manage without it for so long, but I only got to the car before the need became too much, and I rushed back to the bedroom. If someone told me previously that I’d be using sex toys, especially in such an extreme way, I would’ve thought they were nuts.
The vein on his neck starts pulsing. Wrapping his arm around my middle, he rolls us until I’m on my back, then gathers my wrists with his hand pinning them above my head.
“You,”—he slams into me—“will never,”—another thrust—“fucking ever . . .”
I moan as my pussy starts spasming around his cock again. It should have been too soon, but seeing Luca losing it like this, turns me on beyond measure.
“. . . leave the house without it.” Another thrust. “Do you understand, Isabella?”
“Yes, Luca.”
He groans as his orgasm hits when the words leave my lips, and I shatter.


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