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Ruined Secrets: Part 2 – Chapter 19


Luca walks through the front door as I am descending the stairs and the moment his eyes land on me, his eyebrows furrow. He passes his gaze down my white shirt and tight beige miniskirt, then moves his eyes back to lock them with mine. I smirk and lean my hip on the banister, enjoying the look of displeasure that passes his face. Without breaking eye contact, he slowly climbs the stairs and stops on the step below me.
“I thought I picked the navy dress for you today, Isabella,” he says and wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me into his body. “Did I not?”
“You did.” I tilt my head up and smile, “But I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t do what you said. Maybe I was looking forward to being . . . punished for my misbehavior.”
The corner of Luca’s lips curves up and his hand moves lower to squeeze my butt cheek.
“To the bedroom,” he whispers next to my ear, then squeezes my butt cheek again. “Run.”
I squeal and dash up the stairs. When I’m in the middle of the second staircase I look down and see Luca climbing them in a relaxed manner.
“It seems like you’re too old to chase after me.” I smile.
Luca’s eyes flare. The next moment he’s running up the stairs, taking two at a time. I laugh and sprint the last few steps to the landing, then turn left. I’ve just reached the bedroom when I feel two strong arms wrap around my waist from behind.
“I guess I’m not that old,” Luca says next to my ear.
The sound of a door banging closed behind us reaches me as Luca grabs the waistband of my skirt.
“No!” I yelp, but he already has my skirt torn along the stitches at the side. Jesus!
“Now,” he whispers and places a kiss at the side of my neck, “About that dress . . .”
His hand grabs my right ass cheek, and then he slaps it. The burning sensation spreads over my skin and I bite at my lower lip, as wetness pools between my legs.
“What about the dress?” I choke out, then suck in a breath as his left hand slides down my stomach and inside my panties.
“When I tell you to wear something,”—he places his finger at my core and slides it inside—“you obey, Isabella.”
“And if I don’t?”
“If you don’t, a punishment is in order.” Two more slaps. Then a kiss, on my jaw this time. “But, based on how drenched your pussy is, it seems you quite enjoy my educational methods.”
“I think I do.” I smile, then moan when he adds another finger.
A deep rumbling comes from behind me, followed by the sound of my panties being torn. I hear him fumbling with his belt, and then his fingers leave my pussy. Suddenly, Luca turns me around and grabs me under my thighs, lifting me up. I wrap my arms around his neck, then suck in a breath as my back gets plastered against the door.
“I can’t express how much I enjoy having my cock buried in your pretty pussy, Isabella,” he says and thrusts his rock-hard length inside me.
“The feeling is mutual.” I moan then bury my hands in his hair, squeezing as he pounds into me.
* * *
I walk to the closet and glance at Luca over my shoulder. “So, about this dinner. Is it some special occasion?”
“Do I need a special occasion to take you to dinner?”
“I guess not. How about the white dress? The one with the gray belt?”
“You’re wearing jeans tonight,” Luca says.
“Oh?” That’s strange. He always picks dresses.
“The tight black ones. And that silk pink blouse. No heels.”
“No heels?” I turn to face him. “What kind of dinner it is with jeans and no heels?”
“It’s better if you don’t wear heels the first time.” There’s a smug smile on his lips.
“First time for what?” I take the pants out of the closet and pull them on, before reaching for the pink blouse.
“You’ll see.”
I shake my head, wondering what he has in mind now. I’m just tying the blouse when I feel Luca come to stand behind me. He places his hands on my waist and starts unbuttoning my pants.
“I thought we were going to dinner.”
“We are.” His hand slides into my panties, his fingers stroking my clit for a few seconds before one of them slips inside of me. “You know, I’ve found a solution to your problem.”
“Which problem?” I breathe out, then shudder when he presses on my clit with his thumb.
“Your need to have either my cock or my finger inside of you. I can’t be here all the time, so I’ve found an alternative to make sure your pussy doesn’t feel alone.”
“What . . . alternative?”
He takes a black leather box from the top shelf and puts it in my hands. “Open it.”
I lift the lid and look at the object resting on a velvet cushion inside. It’s an elongated C-shape, with one end thicker and the other smaller, made of silicone. “What’s this?”
“It’s a pussy plug.” He takes the object from the box. “Pull your panties and jeans down.”
I place the box on a shelf and slowly follow his instructions. I’m a little skeptical because sex toys are not something I’ve ever been attracted to. His thumb brushes my clit a few more times, getting me wet.
“Perfect,” Luca whispers in my ear, then pulls his finger out.
I moan at the loss.
“Miss my finger?”
“It’ll get better in a second, tesoro.”
He places the pussy plug between my legs, the narrower side at the front, and the thicker side right at my entrance. He teases my opening with the tip of the bulkier end, then slides it inside me. I gasp and grab the shelf to steady myself. The object isn’t as large as his cock, but it’s much larger than his finger. I take deep breaths as Luca continues until the whole thing is inside me and the narrow tip is pressed to my clit. It’s an odd feeling having a foreign object lodged in me this way, but not uncomfortable.
“Pull your pants up,” he says. “We’ll be late for dinner.”
“Do you want me to remove it? Or will you do it?”
“The toy stays, tesoro.”
“What? Inside?” I look at him over my shoulder in shock, but he just smiles.
When we’re both dressed and ready to go, he saunters over and presses his palm over my pussy. “Looks like a perfect fit. No one will even notice it since it was specifically designed to be wearable.”
The situation still has me reeling when he adds, “Let’s go.”
I take a first, tentative step. The silicone is soft, and the pussy plug doesn’t impede my progress, but my walls do brush the sides of it with every shift. It’s almost like having Luca’s finger in me. The narrow end nested between my folds is touching my clit, rubbing it discreetly with each movement. Another step, then one more. The odd feeling dissipates as I walk, and by the time we reach the stairway, the strangeness is gone completely, replaced with an unexpected sense of . . . comfort.
“So?” Luca asks next to my ear. “Do you like it?”
“I knew you would.”
Walking down the two sets of stairs makes me feel it even more, enough that I have to suppress the need to sigh. When we reach the car and I carefully sit down, the sensation changes again. The thick end pushes a little deeper inside me, and the other side presses onto my clit. I expected there to be at least some irritation with me sitting down, but the shape of it seems to work perfectly with my body.
“How long?” I ask when Luca gets behind the wheel.
“What, tesoro?”
“How long do I get to . . . wear it.”
He smiles. “Addicted already? I knew you would be. You’re too used to having my finger inside you.” He slides his palm between my legs and applies light pressure on the new toy, making me moan. “You wear it whenever I’m not in a position to keep my finger or my cock in you, Isabella. Is that clear?”
“I’ll wake you up in the morning before I leave for work and help you place it. And I’m the only one allowed to remove it. You can do it yourself only when you need to go to the bathroom.”
“Okay.” I lean toward him to whisper in his ear, “You are one kinky man, Luca.”
“So I am. Does it bother you?”
“Not even a little.” I kiss him and slide my hand down his chest until it rests on his crotch. “I like your wickedness.”
“Isabella, behave.”
I smile. “Are there bigger sizes available?”
“Yes. Why?”
“This one feels like having your fingers inside of me,” I say and lick his earlobe. “I’d like to have one that would make me feel like I have your cock there.”
When I feel him harden under my palm, a grin spreads across my face. The fact that I can make him hard just by saying such things to him turns me on so much.
“It would feel amazing having you remove it just to replace it with your cock.” I add, “I would probably come in the process.”
He sucks in a breath and grabs the back of my neck. “If you continue, there won’t be dinner tonight, Isabella.”
“Will you?” I squeeze his cock lightly. “Get me a bigger one?”
“Yes. But you only get to wear it when I say so.”


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