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Reckless (Chestnut Springs Book 4): Chapter 37


That night . . .

She doesn’t say anything when she comes, but her legs shake on my shoulders. Her pussy pulses on my fingers and she covers her face with her hands like she can’t believe what just happened.

“Hard to see you scream my name when you cover your face like that, Tink.” Her head shakes and I hear a soft laugh as I pull away from her body, watching her chest heave and her dusky nipples point up. I undo my belt before she’s even come out from hiding. “Guess that means I’ll have to make you come again.”

That has her hands dropping. “Again?”

My brows drop like I’m unimpressed with her surprise. “And again. And again. Until you can’t move.”

“I already feel like I can’t move.” Her hands flop down beside her, and she stares at the ceiling.

“You’re going to have to, because I’m not done yet.” With that, I grab her ankles and pull her down to the edge of the bed, so her legs are spread while I stand between them. I strip off my clothes. Shirt, jeans, socks, boxers. All gone.

The only thing left is the shocked, horny look on Winter’s usually prim face.

“Enjoying the view?”

She swallows, the column of her throat bobbing. “Yeah. You’re . . .”

I quirk my head, curious about where she’s going with this.

Her hand reaches up, and trembling fingers gently trail over my stomach, tracing my abs, tracking the V-line that runs down to my groin.

“Stupid hot. Like what in the actual fuck?”

I press my lips together, not wanting to laugh right now. Not because it’s funny, but because she finally said something unfiltered.

My dick is already rock hard from finger-fucking her. But I pump it a few times. Liking the way her eyes latch on to the motion. “Open your mouth, Winter.”

Her wide eyes turn up to me, and her lips part. I trace them with the head, watching the drop of pre-cum smear over her top lip. Watching her tongue dart out, like she’s dying to taste me, before opening her mouth wide again.

I don’t think she meant for it to be so sensual, but it undoes me. My control snaps. I take two fistfuls of her hair and push my cock between her lips.

She hums in satisfaction, and the sound vibrates through me. My body clenches as I withdraw and plunge in again. It’s heaven having her warm mouth all around me, her tongue swirling, hands roaming over my torso as I control her head.

Her gaze flits up to mine, full of fire. Want. Desire. Not a trace of ice as far as the eye can see.

Her head goes down farther and farther, hands gripping my ass. She’s swallowing me like she can’t get enough. When she goes too far, she draws back a bit, eyes glassy as she works around that reflex.

Then she goes back down for more.

“That’s it.” I groan. “Choke on it, Winter.” She does, taking me as far back as she can.

She’s driving me insane, pushing me to the end. I don’t want to be there yet, so I pull out. “I’m not ready to come yet, Tink. Not before I fuck you.” I swipe a thumb over her swollen lips to clear the saliva, then I lean down and whisper in her ear, “How should I take you first?”

She licks her lips, a nervous flutter taking over her lashes. I don’t expect her to say anything, but she says in a quiet voice, “From behind.”

“That’s what you like?” My thumb brushes her cheek as she nods up at me. “Good.”

I land a nip on her ear and flip her on the bed, lifting her hips so her ass is in the air.

“Condom?” she asks over her shoulder.

I’m already pulling my wallet out of my discarded jeans. The only response I give her is the sound of foil ripping, and a muttered, “Fuck,” as I roll the rubber over myself.

I swipe through her wetness, watching the way her back arches, her knees slipping wider on the bedspread. She’s soaked for me.

I swipe again. A shiver races down her spine. Her pussy throbs. Her hips rotate and she pushes herself at me.

“Theo, please.” She glances over her shoulder at me, pink lips damp, eyes glazed. “I need—”

“This?” I slide in an inch, and her lips pop open into a little “O” shape.


Her body vibrates with need. I can feel it. My body does it too.

“And this?” I push in a bit further. Her head drops, fingers clutching the sheets like she’s holding on for dear life.

“How about all of it?” I take her all the way, so I’m seated fully inside her tight body.

“Fuck, yes,” she hisses, dropping to her elbows while I take a hold of her hips. “Move, please move.”

“Move? Or fuck you? I wanna hear you say it.”

Her pants come even like a drumbeat. “Fuck me, Theo. Fuck me so hard I forget my name.”

Yeah, that’s what she needs. To forget her name and get a new one.

“Happily,” I growl as I pull out and slam myself back in.

Her body bows, and her moans turn to screams as I hit a steady rhythm. My groans mix with the wet sound of our bodies crashing against each other.

I tug her hair. She spreads her legs further.

I push her head into the bed. She chants my name.

I can feel her start to crumble, and slow my assault when she gets too frantic, too close.

“More,” she murmurs as I draw back to admire her splayed out for me, so snug around my cock.

“More?” She’s a glutton for punishment. “I can do more.”

I lift her, slipping out as I walk us over to the floor-to-ceiling windows that face out over the quiet town. Snow swirls like a snow globe outside.

“Hands on the window and don’t move them.” I place them on the glass above her head.

“And if someone down there sees?”

I grip her ass cheeks and spread her before stepping up behind her and gliding back in slowly. “Then I guess they’re going to see how pretty this tight cunt looks stuffed full of my cock.”

“God,” is her hushed reply, right as she grinds her ass back onto me.

Her breath puffs out on the cold window as I ravage her, the fog waxing and waning with each heavy pant spilling from her lips.

I squeeze her throat. I kiss her neck. I bite her back. She takes it all, chanting my name.

Her hips, her back, her legs—every move she makes is designed to get closer to me. To take it deeper. Harder. It’s never quite enough.

“More. I need more.”

My chest slides against her back, our perspiration mingling as I lean into her, sliding my hand around her body to play with her clit. “Like this? You going to come on my cock if I do this?”

Her head shakes. She’s delirious. Unhinged. Lost to it all. Alive in a way that must be new to her.

I continue using her pussy while working my fingers over her clit.

“Still more.”

“Filthy fucking girl, begging for more,” I rasp against her ear as my hand moves up her throat. I press my thumb between her lips. “Suck.”

She does instantly, our bodies slowing slightly as she hollows her cheeks out and sucks. “Get it nice and wet, Winter.” Her tongue moves now, saliva swirling.

I pull out from her mouth with a pop. She gasps for breath when I place my hand on her ass and circle the entrance. “You going to bend over and beg me for more again?” I press lightly.

She folds at the hips, stares back at me over her shoulder, and says, “Yes. More.”

I move again, sliding my dick in and out of her pussy while slowly working my thumb into her ass. “Like this, Winter? I wanna hear you say it.”

“Yes. Like that.”


“More.” She moans right as I slip all the way in.

“You have no idea how fucking hot you look. How fucking good you feel. Best fuck of my life,” I grind out as I thrust again. She bucks beneath me while I play her body like an expert.

“Theo. Fuck. That feels . . .”

Her hands slide on the glass, and her legs shake.

“I think I . . .”

I can see the way her eyes widen when she realizes she’s about to come again, so I don’t let up.

“Theo!” she calls my name as she topples, and I don’t hold myself off any longer.

Everything tightens, and I tumble off the same cliff. My cock pulses inside her as she grips me tight before her legs give out and we both crumble to the floor. A mess of sweat, weak limbs, and breathless touches.

I tilt her head and kiss her. “Just as pretty as I knew you’d be.”


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