Reckless (Chestnut Springs Book 4): Chapter 31



Willa: Is this in reference to Theo just dragging Winter out of here like a horny caveman?

Summer: Shit. I didn’t mean to put this in the group chat.

Willa: Aww. You guys have a sister chat?

Summer: *salute emoji*

Sloane: What even is that emoji? It always looks like a dick to the forehead to me.

Willa: Sorry, come again?

Sloane: Or a side profile of Pinocchio.

Summer: Sloane . . . it’s a hand. Saluting. Like YES, SIR!

Sloane: Seriously? I’m looking closer now. *salute emoji*

Willa: A fucking dick to the face? Pinocchio? There are tiny bumps that show the fingers. Somebody needs to take away your beer.

Sloane: Anyway, I hope Winter is taking a dick to the face right now.

Willa: Way to change the subject.

Sloane: *salute emoji*

Theo tugs the passenger side door of his truck open, but rather than letting me get in, he pushes ahead and steps up into the truck himself.

“What are you—”

Before I can finish my question, he hauls me up like I weigh nothing, positions me straddling his lap, and slams the truck door.

“What are you—” I try again, fingers already sliding up the back of his neck, tickling the base of his close-cropped hair. But he kisses me, stealing any words or coherent thoughts right out of my mouth.

“There’s no way I’m going to make it home without getting inside you first. This dress has been making me hard all night.”

“You told me to wear something slutty.” I giggle against his lips, going back in for more. “But this is a busy parking lot.”

“And?” His mouth drags down the side of my neck, toward the line of my jaw, while his hands travel under the loose baby doll dress I chose for tonight. It’s flowy with lace details. Each bodice strap ties in a bow at the crest of my shoulders.

It looks really cute with my cowboy boots.

“Someone could see us.”

His hand tugs my panties to the side, stroking me. And I’m already wet.

“Good. Haven’t you figured out I have a thing for that? Go ahead. Get loud.” His mouth works across my collarbones. “I hope someone sees you riding my cock. Screaming my name. I hope they tell everyone. Print it in whatever shitty little newspaper they have in this town. Take out a roadside billboard.”

“Rude.” I huff out a laugh as he tugs down one strap and pulls my nipple into his mouth, licking and circling it. My hips rock when he bites the sensitive peak before pulling the opposite strap down to give both sides equal attention.

He leans back to admire me, breasts bare and heaving. “So fucking pretty.”

And with his eyes on me, I feel beautiful. I don’t wish it was darker. I don’t wish he’d hurry up and shift his eyes somewhere else. I could lie naked in front of him and luxuriate in the way he appreciates my body.

Suddenly, the need to feel him inside me is overwhelming. My hands are at his jeans. His belt. He’s lifting his hips. I’m tugging them down. He’s fisting his length and running the thick head of it through my wet core.

I’m impatient though. With one hand on each of his shoulders, I sink down an inch. He’s notched inside me, and my head falls back in relief.

“Yes,” I breathe.

“So fucking tight.” He doesn’t move, but he groans.

I move down another inch and his hands grip my ass. A light tremor moves through them as he caresses me. “You trying to kill me, Tink?”

I don’t respond, opting to drop my lips to his neck, to kiss him the way he kissed me.

The dip at the base of his throat.

The bump and scar on his collarbone.

Back up to his ear, where I nip at him and then whisper, “No one has ever made me feel so good. Like I don’t need changing or fixing. Like I don’t need saving. Everything is so rushed with us sometimes. I just want to savor you for a minute.”

I kiss his stubble. Beside his mouth. He doesn’t respond, but I don’t give him a chance, because I press my mouth to his in a searing kiss as I lower myself slowly. My hands move over his pecs and shoulders while his roam my back, always returning to squeeze my ass.

He groans into my mouth when I finally drop onto his full length. I feel him swell inside me, filling every bit of space. Like he was made for me.

“Theo.” I nuzzle into his neck, arching my back to push my ass into his grip as I rotate my hips.

“Have you figured out how to make yourself come since that night?”


Over and over again while I thought of you and the way you made me see stars.

“Show me.” He gathers the skirt of my dress and bunches it at my hips. “Lean back. Play with your pussy and come on my cock. I want to watch you again.”

My entire body flushes with heat, and I don’t hesitate.

The glove compartment isn’t far behind me, and I straighten until I feel it cool and smooth against my back. Theo slouches slightly in the seat to accommodate.

He feels even thicker inside me, stretching me to my limits. A rush of wetness seeps from me, and I drop my hand down, spreading it on us.

I trace a finger over where my skin meets his. Soft and hard. His hips move and I feel him. I feel myself.

The way we fit.

“Fuck, Winter. You have no idea what you do to me.” His eyes glow on me, leaving a trail of sparks in their wake.

I move my fingers over the base of his shaft while he fucks me slow and shallow. It’s hot. It’s unhurried. I feel like I’m allowed to explore him. Explore us.

I feel like I have all the time in the world, because I’m suspecting we are doing more than just trying this out.

We’re seeming pretty damn permanent. The sex is new, but learning to need him has been in the making all summer.

I slide my fingers up to my clit and press hard, chin tipped down, while I watch Theo’s hips flex as he slides himself in and out of me. I can’t look away. It’s . . . fucking hot watching him push into my body.

Without shame, I rub my clit in firm circles, using one finger and then two. Then back and forth, more rapidly.

“You like the way you look taking a cock, Winter?”

I don’t even glance at him, still watching his veined length thrusting in a slow, even rhythm. I rub my clit, more frantic now. “I like the way I look taking your cock.”

His hips buck and he hits me deep, shoving me back against the dash. One hand on my inner thigh presses me open wider while the other grips my hip hard.

“Good. Cause it’s the only cock you’re ever going to take.”

Then we both lose it. We’re a tangle of limbs. Curse words. Moans. Whispered names and jerky movements. It all feels like the perfect symphony. The perfect crescendo.

Sweet meets filthy.

Slow meets hard.

His mouth slants over mine, and he whispers, “I hope you’re on birth control this time cause you’re going to be dripping my cum the entire way home.”

And that’s all it takes. His words. His cock. My fingers. We explode together. A flash of light. A rush of heat. Tremors and sweat and heavy breathing.

I feel my body clamp down hard on him. I feel him pulse inside me. My body tingles in parts I’ve never even noticed.

I feel everything.

And when he gathers me against his chest, I feel loved.

He holds me, our breathing erratic, as he carefully lays my skirt over where we’re joined right as I hear . . .



“Winter, ignore it. Just shut up and kiss me. You’re safe with me.”

He sits up straight, combs his fingers through the side of my hair closest to the window, and claims my mouth with heart-rending passion. I hear people beside us, but I don’t look. I’m all eyes on Theo, body attuned so perfectly to his.

I hear giggles followed by, “Those people are making out!”

And I smile into the kiss.

They don’t know we’re doing so much more than making out.

Or that what happened between us here tonight felt like so much more than sex.


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