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Powerless: Chapter 26


I make that same damn noise when he moves to the opposite hip. I never knew this was a sensitive spot for me, but Jasper homed in on it instantly. My pulse thumps under the palm of his hand. It speeds up when his teeth drag over my hip bone, and his grip around my throat tightens every time I move.

Heat suffuses every limb. My pulse thrums everywhere. I’ve never focused entirely on one thing except for when I’m dancing. But I am now. My mind doesn’t wander to my to-do list or the next episode of my favorite show. It stays on Jasper and the way he’s playing my body like an instrument he’s known his entire life. Like a virtuoso.

As much time as I’ve spent having sex with Jasper in my head, I didn’t expect him to do things to me I’ve only read about, or watched, but never had the nerve to ask for. Not sure the boys I dated would have indulged me anyway.

But Jasper isn’t a boy. He’s a man.

His hand moves away from my throat, and I almost want to beg him to put it back. He trails it down the center of my body, then taps on my hip bone and says, “Now spread these pretty thighs for me.”

My heart rate ratchets up when I catch his eye in the softly lit kitchen.

He’s not brooding Jasper right now, and he’s not sweet Jasper either.

He’s . . . I don’t know. I don’t recognize this look, but I like it. I love it. I especially love being on the receiving end of it

Without another thought, I unlatch my legs from around his waist. I’d been holding him to me for fear he might pull away again, but it feels like we’ve moved past that phase tonight.

It feels like he’s seeing me in a different light.

I push away any shreds of shyness and open my legs, baring myself to him. Panting and dripping.

I’m ready to beg him to touch me when his big, warm palms land on my inner thighs, smoothing up the insides toward my knees and pushing me further open.

“So fucking flexible.” His thumbs brush against my skin, and I swear I could come just from him running his hands all over me.

I’m ready to explode and we’ve barely done anything.

“So fucking pretty.” His dark blue eyes drag over my body like fingertips, their smoldering weight grazing over my skin as he pulls me up to sitting. “Are you on birth control, Sloane?” He holds my thighs open, staring between them. Making me squirm.

“Yes,” I hiss. “Yes. IUD.” Apparently, I’m monosyllabic right now.

“Anything else you need to tell me?” I know what he’s asking. He’s trying to ask it delicately. He’s being responsible, but it hits a nerve all the same.

I sit up. “I don’t know, Jasper. Why don’t you tell me? You’re the one who’s always traipsing around with different women.”

His fingers pulse on my legs, and his eyes snap to mine. A knowing grin touches his lips. “I like you with your claws out, Sloane.” He picks my hands up from where they’re planted against the counter and places one on each of my knees. “Is this uncomfortable? Sitting here?”

Uncomfortable? Is he kidding me? I don’t even know what comfort is anymore. All I can think about is coming with his hands on me. “No.”

“Good.” He licks his lips as he stares down at me, biting down on his bottom lip to stifle a grin. “Stay like that.”

And then he turns and . . . walks away.

I flip my head to watch him. Ready to snap at him. “What the—”

“I was about to tell you I’ve never had sex without a condom, Sloane.” He bends down and picks the bowl up off the floor. “I was about to tell you the only way you’d look prettier was with my cum in that tight little cunt.”

“Jesus,” I mutter, feeling a blush overtake my entire body.

He casually picks up a banana and puts it in the bowl, followed by a couple of apples that must be bruised to shit now. “But you had to make that snarky little remark. A jealous little dig. So now you can wait.”

He shakes his head, and my hands tremble on my knees. Who knew sitting here exposed—waiting for him to fuck me—could actually make me hotter.

I start to pant, and he picks up a broom and dustpan from the corner, carefully sweeping up the bits of glass behind where I’m seated.

“What the hell are you doing?” I ask, almost laughing at how insane this is.

“Can’t have my girl stepping on glass, can I?” He swoops down and sucks on my neck while heading to the garbage. Hard enough I know it will leave a mark.

I thought my heart was racing before. But now? Now it may have stopped altogether.

He washes his hands in the kitchen sink before he comes back, towering over me, all shreds of playfulness gone.

He bends down and kisses the top of my shoulder. “I’ve spent a long time thinking I don’t deserve you,” he whispers. Bending further, his lips move to the top of my hand that’s still clasped over my knee. “That you’re too good for someone like me.”

“Jasper.” I reach out and cup his cheek with my hand, one leg hooking him back to me as he stands up straight. When he’s saying things like this I want to see his eyes. I don’t really give a fuck about following his orders.

There’s no reproach though. Instead, he tilts his head into my touch, and his big, warm body folds around mine.

“I don’t think I suffer from that way of thinking any more. Suddenly I don’t really care about deserving you when it’s so damn clear you belong to me and always have.”

He turns his head and presses a kiss into the center of my palm and moves back down my body as he methodically lays me flat on the cool counter again. My rock-hard nipples rise and fall as I breathe hard. He leans down in front of my spread pussy, pushing me further across the counter as he pulls each of my legs over his shoulders.

Dark blues still on baby blues.

“But, Sloane?”

“Yeah?” I reply instantly, pushing up onto my elbows to better see him.

“I’m done sharing.”

Then his head drops to my pussy, and he makes me see stars with every perfectly placed lick, every growl vibrating through my body. Even the pads of his fingers digging into my thighs make me wild. His hands never stop moving, exploring—driving me insane.

I thrash against the hard marble when he sucks my clit into his mouth firmly. His tongue working softly, and then flicking sharply. Sliding straight into me as he fucks me with it. He adds two fingers, curling them up into a spot I’ve only reached with a toy. But Jasper? He finds it on the first try, shoving me toward release. Just a steam train barreling down a track to ecstasy.

The rush of it all flushes through my body.

“Jasper, I’m going to—”

He pulls away. Mouth gone. Hand gone. Body aching.

“What are you doing?” I whine, tipping my head back in frustration.

He smirks at me, licking his lips purposefully as he pushes to stand above me. His hands are at the button on his jeans, casually popping it open and dropping the zipper. I see what looks like a painful erection, ready to bust through the dark denim.

“Making you wait,” he responds as he shucks them off and rubs his cock through the fabric of his boxers.

I clench and release at the gravel in his tone, and his gaze drops between my legs.

“Why?” My voice is breathy when I reach down to touch myself. His eyes flare as I circle my clit shamelessly.

He allows me to get away with it for a few seconds before he lifts my hand and sucks that naughty finger into his mouth. With a loud pop, he pulls it out. “Because I like to watch you squirm. I like to make you wait.”

He tugs his boxers off and . . . my eyes are stuck . . . latched onto his long, hard length.

I wish I had something cool and sexy to say after everything he’s told me tonight. But his dick has quite literally rendered me speechless.

“Something you wanna tell me, Sunny?”

“You’re so fucking hot,” is what I blurt.

Only Jasper Gervais would have a body like a titan, a face like a model, and a cock like a pornstar.

With a deep chuckle, he runs the fat head up and down my slit, taking a few extra seconds to press hard against my clit. I bite down on my lip to keep from moaning, from sounding too desperate.

I watch him run his cock all over my pussy. Fisting it firmly. Teasing me with the tip. Pushing it in, watching my body stretch for him, and pulling it back out.

“You want me to fuck you, Sloane?”

“Yesss,” I hiss out.

He lifts his thick cock up and slaps it back down lewdly on my wet core. “Ask politely.”

“You’ve got some nerve, Gervais,” I say, going hot all over.

He quirks a brow as if to say, Go on. And I didn’t make it this far to back down now, so without hesitation I say, “Yes, please.”

My entire body is one huge heartbeat. Just a pulse covered by desperate flesh. I’ve never felt so wanton and I’ve never felt so desired.

Like we’re two opposite ends of a magnet, there’s no resisting the pull. There are forces beyond us at work now, and we’re at their mercy.

Maybe it’s science.

Maybe it’s fate.

But when Jasper slides himself inside me and murmurs with a playful smile, “Such a polite girl,” all I know is that it’s right.

We’re right.

My lashes flutter down as I struggle to accommodate his size. My legs shake as they wrap around his waist and latch together over his firm ass.

His hands start on my thighs and slide sensually up over every curve while he’s seated inside of me. Fingers pulse over my breasts, and his hips shove forward even though he’s as far in as he can get. His arms wrap around my rib cage, and he pulls me up to him, hands splaying possessively over my back as the fullness inside me shifts.

“Jasper, it’s too much,” I murmur, dropping my forehead against his chest.

He plants a kiss against my hair and pulls out, like he’s going to grant me some reprieve. His head drops beside my ear, and he whispers, “You can take it,” right before driving back in.

“Oh god!” I call out as he works himself in and out. Not too fast, but not too slow. Every movement is measured—controlled—and with him, of course, it is.

His career.

His mental game.

His protective streak.

His trauma.

It all makes so much sense.

“Fuck, Jasper!” I gasp as he works me over. He kisses me hard. He brings me to the edge and pulls us both back. I let him take care of me the way he needs to, and I revel in it. I trust him so implicitly. It comes so easily.

I bask in his attention, in the way his hands move over my skin, the way his lips fit so perfectly against mine, the way he chants my name in my ear as he moves against me. Hips slamming roughly making a slapping noise against my ass for several seconds before easing off and rendering me senseless with slow, deep strokes that keep the pressure in my core building in the most delicious way.

“You’re so fucking perfect,” he murmurs. “So fucking tight.”

It feels like I’m riding waves in the ocean, my body soft and relaxed, the white noise of water tumbling in my ears accompanied by his deep, rumblings of worship.

My body feels more his than mine, and I’m entirely at peace with that notion.

I can feel every ridge, every vein, every pulse of him inside me. And it makes me wild. I scratch at him, my nails raking against his back. Urging him to give me more. I bite at him. I’m downright feral with my need for him.

“Closer. Deeper. More,” I beg, and he gives me everything I ask for and more. Eyes always coming back to mine, watching me so damn closely. Cataloguing every little motion, every gasp of pleasure.

Learning me as I learn him.

“Jasper . . .” I moan as he carefully lies me back down on the chilly marble, hands roaming reverently, fluttering over my throat for a moment before shifting down to my hips. “Please don’t stop. I’m so close.”

My hands wrap around his veined forearms, and my eyes sweep over his perfectly defined torso. It’s dotted with perspiration and goes taut every time his hips flex forward into me.

He glances down at my left hand before hitting me with that intense eye contact of his again. “Tell me you’re mine, Sloane.” His thrusts slow, and the look he gives me shows a flash of insecurity.

One that doesn’t need to be there.

Without hesitation I say the words. “I’m yours, Jasper. I always have been.”

Satisfaction flares in his dark irises, and he unleashes on me, one hand slipping down to rub my clit while he fucks me hard enough to make my body slide and stick against the marble.

“And you always will be,” he grunts out as we combust, each of us belonging more to the other than to ourselves as I feel him jerk and spill himself inside me.


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