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Pleasing Mr. Parker: Chapter 15


instantly, a lump wedging itself in there as the deep voice rolls over my skin like waves on the shore.

How long has he been standing there?

“Good evening, Mr. Parker. Oh! I think I see Suze looking for me.” Harley springs up from her seat, giving me a ‘talk later’ look, and takes off before I can grab her and make her stay to help avoid whatever awkward conversation is about to take place.

The back of my chair shifts as weight leans on it. Every hair on the back of my neck stands to attention as I incline my head toward him over my shoulder.

“Come with me, Maria,” he whispers in my ear, sending energy pulsing through my veins.

I stand and turn, but he doesn’t look at me. He keeps his eyes focused ahead of us as he walks, one hand dropping to my lower back, leading me away from the lobby and down one of the hallways. We turn at the end and stop in front of a door. He pulls a card from his pocket, waving it over the sensor to unlock it.


“I don’t—”

“Inside, Maria,” he growls, making me jump.

What the hell is wrong with me tonight? Even though I’m sure he would never touch me unless I wanted him to, I’m still reacting like a rabbit entering the lair of a wolf.

I step inside one of the many meeting rooms the hotel has, one long table in its center, surrounded by gilded chairs with cream and gold fabric cushioning. It screams traditional elegance in here, not like some of the more modern offices on the higher floors.

Griffin closes the door behind us, and the sound of the lock being flicked echoes around the room, all the way to the high ceilings.

“Who were you talking about back there?”

I turn and face him, and his blue eyes appear darker than usual as they blaze into mine.

“You know who.”

He strides toward me, and I step backward. The smooth edge of the table presses into my flesh as he comes right to me, stopping only when we are toe to toe, our chests grazing one anothers.

He pins me to the spot with his intense gaze.

“Don’t play games with me, Maria. Tell me you haven’t spent the night with Todd,” he snaps, his eyes dropping to my mouth and his top lip curling as he says Todd’s name. He’s so close that the heat radiating off his broad body through his tuxedo seems hot enough to burn me. His scent reaches out, grabbing me, holding me frozen to the spot, just as his eyes have.

“Tell me he hasn’t touched you,” he growls.

“Of course not.” I gulp and his eyes drop to my neck, watching the movement.

“Who then?” His tone softens.

He raises a hand, hovering it over my face as though waiting for an invitation, and I lick my lips as I stare back at him.

“Who?” he repeats, cupping the side of my neck, his thumb stroking up and down. The contact of his skin against mine has me sucking in a sharp breath.

“Why do you dislike Todd so much?” I ask, ignoring his question.

“Because he wants to fuck you. And he thinks he will,” Griffin replies without hesitation. “Now tell me who you were talking about with Harley.” He rolls his lips, breathing in heavily through his nose as his gaze drops. He reaches up with his other hand to stroke the diamond necklace, where it falls between my breasts.

“You,” I murmur, my chest rising and falling with each heavy breath I’m struggling to take having him so close to me, having his hands on my body sending tingles dancing over my skin.

All waiting for his next move.

He shakes his head as he lays the diamond strand back down, leaving the back of his fingertips resting against the curves of my breasts.


“What do you mean, no?” My chest continues to rise and fall in exaggerated waves as his eyes roam over my breasts unapologetically, like he has every right to do it.

Like they belong to him.

‘I mean, no, Sweetheart. You said he probably regrets it as much as you do. And I’m telling you that no, he doesn’t.” He follows the path of his fingers with his eyes as he slowly trails them across the neckline of my dress. The fabric is so thin that I swear each microscopic groove of his fingerprints are scarring my skin with their memory. “Tell me you don’t regret it either, Maria. You can’t regret something so perfect.”

“What are you doing?” My voice comes out breathy as his fingers graze the underside of my right breast. But I don’t move. I stand enraptured, gazing at the lines between his dark brows as he frowns in deep concentration, watching his hand near my breast. The other is still on my neck, cupping my jaw.

He looks at me from beneath his dark brows, his blue eyes lighter again, a breath-taking shot of opposing color to his black hair. Dark and light. Just like the two sides to him I’ve witnessed first-hand.

“I’m remembering your taste.” He turns his hand and flattens his palm against my ribs, splaying his fingers out so they cover my skin like a web, immobilizing its prey. He lifts his head, jutting his chin toward me. “Tell me. How many times have you thought about that night?”

“Who said I’ve thought about it at all?” I look at his chin, and my eyes move upward to his parted lips—all soft, smooth… skilled.

am.” His voice vibrates through my core as he closes the already tiny distance between us and places his lips against my ear, his warm breath licking at my skin like a flame as he enunciates each word slowly. “I’m saying you’ve thought about it when you’ve stroked that perfect pink cunt of yours.”

I gasp and fall back onto the table.

He catches me, an arm sliding around my waist seamlessly as he holds me up against him.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.” He slides his other hand from my neck and runs his palm all the way down my body, over my breast, dragging the sheer fabric over my hardened nipple. He smiles to himself as I let out a tiny moan. Why the hell can’t I move? I’m not a pushover, yet the moment his hands are on me, I’m under his spell.

“If I were to slide my hand inside your panties right now“—he runs his hand down and cups the area between my legs roughly through my dress—”we both know what I’d find.”

My body tingles beneath his hand as I stare back into his eyes. He’s looking at me with such intensity I can’t even blink and break it for one microsecond.

“What?” I pant as he curls his fingers into the fabric and pulls me even closer to him.

He dips his head so his lips skim mine.

“A pretty cunt, soaking wet and aching for me to fill her.”


I’m cut off by his tongue as he licks my bottom lip, a low groan catching in his throat as I part my lips wider and allow my breath to entwine with his.

“Don’t make me wait, Sweetheart,” he says into my mouth, our faces pressed together. “I’m fucking starving for you.”

The desire in his eyes burns like a blue flame as I allow my eyes to fall closed and surrender to him. He holds me around the waist, one arm wrapped around me tight, the other still holding me between the legs, and fuck, if it isn’t the most aroused I’ve ever been in my life.

He pushes his lips onto mine, a deep moan coming from him as he kisses me with a depth that makes me rise to my toes. His lips, his tongue… they work together, exploring me, turning me inside out. Waves of pleasure crash through me and I slide my hands up into his hair, fisting handfuls, pulling him in deeper, letting him reach right inside me and take everything.

Take whatever he wants.

I’m powerless to stop him at this moment. And I couldn’t care less.

Tiny whimpers escape me as he continues kissing me with such force that my knees suddenly go weak. If he wasn’t holding me against him so tightly, I would fall to the floor, a puddle of jelly, all my bones crushed, kissed away by the sheer power of this man.

He pulls back, panting, his lips hovering over mine as he searches my eyes. “Tell me.”

“Tell you what?” I pant back, our hearts pounding next to one another in our chests.

He flexes the hand that’s cupping me, and then squeezes. I fall forward with a gasp as pleasure shoots through me.

“Tell me whose face you see when you make yourself come.”

The material of the dress is so thin, I’m surprised my growing wetness isn’t dripping down his fingers already.

“Who do you think?”

He’s right. He could never be wrong about that. His face is etched into my soul forever.

“Say it,” he growls, squeezing harder.

My pulse throbs between my legs. I bet he can feel it against his hand, it’s that strong.

“Yours, Griffin. It’s your face I see when I touch myself at night. It’s your face that wakes me from my dreams and demands that I make myself come again before I can go back to sleep,” I confess breathlessly as the heat in my core reaches a boiling point.

I might combust if I don’t have his skin against mine soon.

His eyes darken again as both of his hands fly to my thighs, and he yanks my dress up around my waist.

“Fuck, Maria. You’re mine. You’re absolutely fucking perfect, and you’re mine. All. Mine. You hear me?”

All I can do is nod as blood rushes in my ears and Griffin tears my panties down past my hips, sliding two fingers deep inside me.

“God!” I cry out, my hands dropping from his hair to grip onto his shoulders.

He pumps in and out of me, his thumb finding my clitoris and teasing circles over it. I’m so wet it’s a miracle the guests in the ballroom down the hall can’t hear.

“This cunt is mine, Sweetheart,” he groans, his forehead pressed against mine as my body sucks him in like it’s begging for more. “Don’t ever disappear again when I’m in the middle of enjoying it. If you pull that shit again, I will fuck you so hard that you’ll think you’re going to break in two. Understood?” He sucks in a breath and then hisses out, pulling back to watch his hand work me.

He looks up at me and cocks a brow, waiting.


I throw my head back as the first pulse threatens to explode. I would say anything right now to ensure he doesn’t stop.

“I promise.”

“Louder.” He jabs his thumb into my clit and sends a shockwave of pleasure to me, and my face distorts as I cry out and squirm against him.

“I…” Gasp “… promise…” Gasp.

He grins a wicked grin. “Good girl. Now you can come.”

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s his words, or the way he’s looking at me like I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen—a goddess just for him—but his words act as a key, unlocking an invisible barrier inside me. I didn’t think I was waiting for him—for his permission. But I should know better. Griffin Parker has told me himself that my pleasure belongs to him. My head might not be listening, but my body certainly is.

His eyes hold mine as my entire body tenses. I stare back at him, my eyes widening a split second before I’m thrown over the edge, racing through the air, desperately trying to grip on to something to ground me. The only thing is his eyes. Bright blue anchors that pin me to them as I come apart, shaking, contracting, moaning, screaming—every damn thing my body can do when it comes with a strength I’ve never known before.

“Again,” he growls.

His fingers continue their assault on my senses, not giving me a moment’s reprieve.

“I can’t… I can’t…” I swallow down giant gulps of air, grabbing at his shirt, his jacket, his hair—anything I can get my hands on as my body veers out of my control… and under his.

He watches me, his eyes holding mine, his deep voice sounding in complete control, a tenderness creeping into it.

“You can, Sweetheart. Let it go.”

I pant, and he curls his fingers inside me toward my G-spot, his grip on my waist tightening as he holds me up. Then I come again, gripping onto his clothes, and pulling him up against me, my lips seeking his as I squeeze my eyes shut and moisture pricks in their corners.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he whispers. And then his lips are on mine again, their urgency growing, along with my own. I pull his shirt from his waistband and my hands dive inside to run over his abs.

“Griffin,” I murmur between kisses, my hands exploring his smooth skin, delighting at every contraction and ripple of his muscles as he tenses at my touch.

I want him. I want him so badly. My ears are ringing and I can barely think straight. But I couldn’t care less. All I’m thinking of right now is having more of his hot skin against mine, surrounding me, claiming me. I know I’m acting crazy, but right this second, nothing else matters. The world could be ending, and all I would be able to think about is having Griffin Parker’s body inside mine.

His tongue dances against mine, driving me back into the table as he takes my hand and guides it to his hard cock, straining in his tuxedo pants. I wrap my fingers around his thick length, and he curses, diving back in to kiss me deeper. I run my hand up and down over him through his pants, as he lifts me and sits me on the table. He grasps my neck roughly and reaches for his zipper. The sound of each tooth coming undone cuts through the air, sending a moan of impatience from my lips.


“Griffin?” another voice shouts over mine. “Griffin, are you in there?” The door vibrates as someone knocks on it.

I freeze, my breath catching in my throat. Griffin turns his head, and we both watch over his shoulder as the handle lowers.

My heart hammers in my chest and I press my hand to my mouth. If he didn’t lock it properly—and the other person has a key card—then I’m about to get caught, with my panties literally around my ankles. I look up at his hair in panic. It’s messed up from where I’ve had it in my fists. Both of us are panting, our faces flushed. There’s no question about what we’ve been doing.

His jaw tenses, and the door remains closed. My chest sags, and I relax a little, taking my hands off his body and dropping them to my sides.

“Yes, Em. I’m in here,” he calls back, his eyes returning to hold mine.

Emily. I couldn’t recognize her voice. Not when my ears were still ringing from the strength of the two orgasms I’ve just had.

“What are you doing in there?”

I stare back at Griffin. A muscle in his jaw ticks.

“Just having a minute. I felt a migraine coming on.” He rubs his thumb over my bottom lip, his dark brows pulling together.

“Oh, okay. Can I get you anything?”

“No, thanks. I’m good. I’ll be out soon. Go back to the gala.”

There’s shuffling on the other side of the door.

Why won’t she leave? I mouth to Griffin.

He tilts his head to the door to listen and I wipe underneath my eyes, hoping my make-up isn’t too ruined.

There’s more shuffling outside, and then a voice I recognize.

“Emily! Just who I was looking for. Please, you must introduce me to the most gorgeous man I’ve just seen at the bar. I know you’ll know who he is. I think my ovaries might explode. He’s just… well, come and see for yourself.”


I could marry that girl right now.

“Griffin? I’ll see you back in there, okay? Let me know if you need anything,” Emily calls through the door.

“Will do,” Griffin calls back, his shoulders relaxing as the two of them walk away.

“Oh, my God.” I slide off the table, pushing Griffin back so I have space to stand and pull my panties up and straighten my dress. “What the hell?”

“It’s fine. The door was locked.” He reaches for me, but I slip to the side, putting more space between us.

‘It’s not fine, Griffin. We were almost caught. At work.” My stomach twists as nausea rolls through it. ‘I brought Todd with me, and I’m in here with you’—I glance behind me—’on a fucking meeting table!”

“Maria,” he growls out what sounds like a warning.

“Don’t.” I hold up a hand as I take a deep breath. “Please don’t. I can’t talk to you right now. I don’t trust myself when I’m alone with you.”

My stomach rolls again, and I clasp a fist to my lips as I stare at the floor. What the hell am I doing? This isn’t me. This isn’t who I am. This is where I work. Where my team respects me. If Emily had walked in, or God forbid, another guest from the gala… I swallow down the bile in my throat.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he snaps, reaching for my wrist.

“Exactly as it sounds.” I shake off his hand. “We shouldn’t be alone together like this. It’s a bad idea.”

I walk to the door.

“Maria.” His voice has a dark edge to it. “Don’t walk out that door, Sweetheart.”

A chill runs up my spine and I turn back to him, his eyes blazing into mine.

“I’m not your Sweetheart.” My voice is thick with regret. “I never can be.”

I unlock the door and open it, checking the corridor outside.


I swear I feel the fire from his eyes burning into my back as I walk out into the corridor.

I don’t look back.


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