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Pleasing Mr. Parker: Chapter 11


the best damn luck I’ve had since that pigeon shit on me,” I say.

Maria’s hazel eyes widen.

She looks down at the table, a faint blush blooming on her cheeks as she tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She’s tied it up tonight. It exposes her neck, and the way her pulse fluttered just below her ear when I took her hand earlier.

I force down the surge of anger, which is threatening to build again. What she told me about her father and then her ex… she’s been abused by men. Taken advantage of by those who should be willing to trade their last breath for her happiness.


“We should go.” Maria looks at the surrounding tables, which have slowly emptied.

We are one of only two couples remaining on the beach.

“Sure.” I stand and move around the table to pull her chair out. She sways a little as she stands and then giggles.

“Those cocktails were strong.”

“I gave you what you asked for,” I say, catching her eyes drop to my lips for a second.

“You’re right. You did.” She smiles and lets out a contented-sounding sigh. “Now all I’m asking for is the moonlit swim I promised myself in that pool.” She smiles dreamily as she looks up at the starry sky, then back at me, her mouth dropping into a little ‘O’ shape. “I said that out loud, didn’t I?”

“You did.”

I smile back at her. Her cheeks are rosy, and her eyes glassy, the cocktails’ effects in full swing. Is it even safe to swim alone when you’re a little drunk? What if she feels ill suddenly in the water?

I should sit on my deck so I can make sure she’s safe.

My eyes drop over her red dress, hugging the curves of her hips. Then again, sitting there with an erection tenting my pants while she swims will make me look less like a concerned boss and more like a pervy creeper.

We walk back toward the huts through the fairy-lit walkways. Maria links her arm through mine, steadying herself, and I slow to match her pace.

“Griffin.” She stops short, pulling us to a halt, and closes her eyes, inhaling deeply through her nose. Then she exhales, her shoulders sinking as she opens her eyes. “Do you smell them?”

She reaches over to a flower in the bush next to the path and strokes its petals.

“Frangipani. I like to think they smell like soap from heaven.” She smiles at me, and an unfamiliar warmth floods my chest.

I pluck one of the delicate yellow and white flowers from the bush and place it in her hair, wondering what the hell my hands are doing. She isn’t the only one whose senses have been taken over by strong island cocktails. My brothers would rip the piss out of me if they saw me now, acting like I’m the lead role in a romantic movie.

“Come on.” I turn and walk again.

“Are you getting the same flight back as me tomorrow?” Maria asks as we reach her door.

“No. You’re getting the same one back as me.”

Two lines appear between her eyebrows. She’s stunningly beautiful. But there’s something about the way she looks so sweet when she’s confused. Looking at me for clarification. Looking at me, and me only.

It has my dick fighting for attention.

“I arranged another flight. We check out at nine am.”

“Oh?” The two lines disappear, then come straight back again. “I didn’t think there was another morning flight.”

“There is now.”

“Oh? Okay.” She reaches into her bag to retrieve her room key.

The smooth round peaks of her breasts are exposed by her low neckline, and I swallow the thickness in my throat.

“Are you still going swimming?”

“Yes. Are you joining me?”

She snaps her eyes up, closing her mouth quickly, as though regretting her words the second they come out.

I ignore my hammering pulse in my ears. “Of course.”

Five minutes later, I’m in the private pool that runs along the back of the huts, my back resting against the side. The water is warm, and so is the air. The only sound is the ocean behind me. These huts are perfect. Set far enough away from the main hotel building that they are quiet and undisturbed. No one is on the beach this late, either.

It’s just me here.

A door opening draws my eyes up and I fight to prevent my jaw from dropping as Maria steps out onto her deck next door.

“What’s the water like?” She walks to the edge and sits down, her long legs trailing into the pool as she submerges one foot, then the other.

There are thin red strings around her neck, holding her bikini top up. And even thinner ones on her hips, keeping her tiny bikini bottoms from falling away.

I clear my throat. “Why don’t you come in and see for yourself?”

She looks at me and then lowers herself into the pool. My brain turns everything into slow motion, my attention glued to where the water slowly rises over her lower stomach, into the dip of her belly button. Then over her ribs and up to her breasts, covering the full weight of them as she parts her lips and lets out a small sigh, which speaks directly to my throbbing dick.

She swims over and stops in front of me. The depth of the water means it stops directly below her nipples, the hardened outline of which are visible through the thin fabric of her bikini top.

Who makes swimsuits like this? That’s right, probably a man.

Fuck, give me strength.

“Are you okay?” Maria tilts her head to one side as she looks at me.

I’m clenching my jaw and staring at her. What must I look like? A man who’s barely holding it together?

“Yes. Fine. Perfect. Dandy.

She narrows her eyes at me and then laughs. “What was in those drinks? Griffin Parker saying the word dandy?” Her eyes are bright. “Whatever it was, I need some to take back to New York.”

I press my lips together as she moves closer.

“Why? What does it do to you when I say it? Dandy,” I murmur, causing a whole new fit of laughter, which makes her tits shake against the surface of the water. “Dandy…” I growl again, reaching out and grabbing her by the waist and pulling her to me.

Fuck, what am I doing?

She comes easily, then snakes her arms up around my neck, her eyes holding mine as her laugh dies down.

I widen my feet, pulling her between my thighs, right up against my body. My breath mingles with hers and my cock presses into her hip. But I don’t care. All I care about is her—her beautiful golden eyes, pinching a little in the corners as they search my own. There is hesitation in them; it practically screams from them.

I shouldn’t have touched her, pulled her to me. I’ve crossed a line. Gone too far.


She crashes her lips against mine, stealing my words before they can form as she kisses me with frenzied heat and passion, panting against my mouth. She slides her fingers into my hair and grabs fistfuls of it.

Any hesitation I imagined vanishes with her kiss, along with all my self-restraint.

“Fuck!” I groan into her mouth, before spinning us in the water so her back is against the side.

I press my entire body into hers as I run my hand from her waist up over her ribs and to the curve of her breast. She moans as my fingertips graze her nipple, and arches into my hand.

I’ve got her.

She wants this.

And that knowledge makes my dick throb, power coursing through my veins and beating out a relentless pulse through my hardened length.

“Fuck,” I groan again in response to her gasp when my cock brushes over her.

I grab her throat with my other hand and slide my tongue inside her mouth. Tasting her, drawing out of her what I want. What I need from her. Her fingers loosen in my hair, and she relaxes her neck against my hand, tilting her head back so I can deepen our kiss.

Trusting me.

“Why did you pack such a sexy little swimsuit?” I growl, my lips sliding from hers, along her jawline and toward her ear. “Were you planning on fucking Todd while you were here?”

“What?” Her breasts rise and fall, squashed against my chest as her breath shudders in her chest.

“You heard me,” I say into her ear before I run the tip of my nose down the side of her neck and pause at her shoulder.

“Of course not!”

“You haven’t thought about him fucking you?”

I open my mouth and lick slowly with the flat of my tongue up the side of her neck and back to her ear. The idea that she packed this tiny scrap of material to wear in front of him has adrenaline crashing through my chest like a tsunami.

“No,” she replies.

But her voice is tiny, barely a whisper.

“Don’t lie to me, Maria.” I flex my hand against her throat and twist her chin so her eyes meet mine.

“I’m not!” She glares at me. “Not everyone lies to you, Griffin.”

My jaw tenses as I stare at her, blood racing in my ears as my cock grows painfully hard in my trunks.

“Who then?”

Her forehead wrinkles as she opens her mouth to speak.

“Who do you think about?” I cut her off, my eyes dropping to her jaw as I rub my thumb over it. Back and forth. Back and forth. “When you come? Whose face do you see? Who do you think of?”

“I…” Her eyes dart between mine.

“Too long.” I tut. “You took too fucking long to answer.” I rub my thumb higher, so it presses against her plump bottom lip. “I’ll make it easy for you to answer next time.”

Her eyes widen as I let go of her throat and grab both of her hips, lifting her out of the water and onto the side of the pool in one swift move.

Arousal surges through me as I place my palm on her chest and push her backward so she is leaning on her forearms.

“Griffin, the other huts.” She glances side to side.

I chuckle darkly as with one flick of my wrist, I undo one tied side of her bikini bottoms, followed by the other.

“What about them?”

“The other guests?”

“Sweetheart, you can scream as loud as you like when you come on my face. I booked them all. There’s no one here but you and me.”

I smirk at her as her brows shoot up her forehead.

“Now stop fucking interrupting and spread them.”

She looks back at me.

“Spread. Them,” I grit out, lifting her feet from the water and placing them on the ground as I pull her bottoms out from underneath her and hurl them across the pool onto her deck.

She parts her legs slowly, watching my face.


Her feet inch along the edge of the pool away from each other, so her pussy is spread open, pink, and inviting, and shining with wetness.


I grab one of her hip bones with one hand and then drop my head to the side to admire her. My other hand goes inside my trunks to my cock, which I squeeze, then leisurely stroke a few times to take the edge off the ball-crushing ache that’s going on down there.

One glance at her flushed face and parted lips as she gazes at me in anticipation tells me I won’t have to wait long for that glorious moment of tasting her release on my tongue.

It will be mine. All. Mine.

“Watch,” I growl, dropping in the water so my head is at perfect pussy eating height.

She moves forward a little, and my cock weeps in response to the glorious bolt of pleasure taking over her face as I spit on her.

Then I lower my mouth and claim her.


She drops her head back and moans as I spread her lips with my fingers and delve deeper, licking and tasting her. Every soft fold of skin, every drop of sweet wetness like the most incredible high against my tongue.

“Look. At. Me.”

She forces her eyes back to me and watches as I take my time with her, savoring every shiver her body makes against my tongue, devouring every wave of wetness she sends to me.

And fuck, does she send them. Her cunt is dripping with the need to be filled and fucked.

But I want this first.

need this first.

Her taste… it’s… it’s perfect.

She tastes fucking perfect. Just how I feared she might.

My sucking and licking increases with my growing desire to claim her next orgasm as mine. It’s all I can do to stop myself from freeing my cock and climbing up and pounding into her tight, wet heat. I want her first to be on my face with her eyes glued to mine. I want to watch and see the moment she realizes that a part of her will always be mine from now on.

No matter what she does, in this moment, Maria and her pleasure belong to me.

I place my mouth over her swollen clit and suck. Her eyes widen and she shudders, panting as she climbs toward her release.

I stop without warning and draw back.

“Tell me.”

“Tell you what?” She writhes against the ground, lifting her hips toward me, desperately chasing after what she almost had.

What she almost succumbed to on my tongue.

I stare into her eyes and place my hand flat over her pussy, pushing it down to the ground. She squirms against my hand, trying to create friction for her needy cunt.

“Tell me whose face you’ll see when you come from now on.”

“Griffin,” she moans, reaching for me.

“Tell. Me.”

“Yours… yours… please…” Her face is screwed up. She rolls her hips, trying again to grind against my palm.

I tear my hand away. She’s so pretty and swollen. Leaning down, I take a slow, deep breath and inhale the scent of her arousal.

“That’s right, Sweetheart,” I murmur. “Mine.”

She whimpers and then I sink two fingers roughly inside her, surprising her and making her cry out. Her body wraps around them snugly and squeezes.

“This tight little cunt is going to remember me, Maria,” I growl.

I work her into a frenzy, adding a third finger and pumping in and out of her, my skin coming out slick from her juices as the sound of it crackles in the air between us.

“Griffin…” Her hands are curled into fists by her sides, her knuckles pale. Her eyes fixed on me.

“Mine,” I growl against her clitoris as I lap at it with my tongue. “All. Mine.”

She gasps and bucks up into me, spreading her taste further around my face.

“Say it.”

She grinds shamelessly against me, her lower back arching off the ground.

“Say it,” I repeat, pushing her down so our eye contact isn’t broken.

She looks me right in the eye, licking her lips. “Yours.”

I smirk and suck the little ball of nerves between my lips. She struggles to stop her eyes from rolling back in her head. She writhes against my face, her body shaking and shuddering, fighting to get away from the over sensitivity as I graze her clit with my teeth.

No, you don’t, Sweetheart.

I suck again, swirling my tongue over her and twisting my fingers inside her, my chest expanding with delight as I soak up the perfect moment where she tenses and then spasms, coming hard on my face.

“Fuck yes! Give it to me,” I groan into her, my tongue gathering up every drop of her, not wanting to miss one. “Don’t hold anything back. Give it to me!”

She wriggles and pants and moans and gasps.

And I bathe in every single movement and sound she makes.

I fucking bathe in it.

I slide my fingers out of her and grab both of her hips, dragging her closer and sinking my face into her, breathing deeply, calmness washing over me in waves.

My ears fill with the sound of my own deep groans as I rub her all over me, relishing the tiny aftershocks as I drink her up until she’s quiet and quivering beneath me, her fists loosened, her breath slowing.

That pleasure. Her pleasure.

It’s mine now.

One night underneath a starry sky in The Bahamas.

One orgasm that exploded with the strength of a hurtling comet against my tongue.

It will always be mine.

All. Mine.

She lies limp and spent, fallen back against the ground as she stares at the night sky, lost in her own moment of bliss, sweat glistening between her perfect breasts as they rise and fall with each steadying breath she takes.

There’s no fucking way she’ll ever forget my face.


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