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Meeting Mr Anderson: Chapter 9

I left LA four days ago, and time is dragging. All I can think about is going back and seeing Jay in person again. He has texted me every day since I left.

I lie back on my sun lounger and let out a deep breath, putting my book down on the table next to me. It’s no use. I can’t concentrate on anything except what will happen when I fly back to LA.

“Have you finished, miss?” asks a server.

“Oh yes, thank you,” I say as he takes my empty glass.

I’m poolside at the crew hotel in Dubai. It’s late afternoon and the other crew have gone up to get ready for drinks in the bar later. I chose to stay behind by myself. I’m trying to distract myself with something, anything other than the fact it’s still five days until I see him again. His texts have been flirty and lighthearted, and I’m trying my hardest not to get swept along by it all. I will get a better grasp of this whole crazy situation when I can see Jay in person again. My phone buzzes and my stomach clenches, as it has every time I’ve had a text, in case it’s one from Jay. This time it’s from Matt; I can breathe again.

Matt: OMG Holls! Check out Celeb Central’s website.

What is he going on about now? I load up Celeb Central’s site on my phone. We get Celeb Central onboard the aircraft. It’s the highest selling celebrity gossip magazine available. The crew love reading it in the galley to see what’s happening.

The site finishes loading. What the hell? I bolt upright into a sitting position and push my sunglasses up onto my forehead. Oh my God. The main image on their headline page is of me and Jay the night he took me to dinner. It’s a clear side shot of the two of us holding hands outside the restaurant. Jay looks gorgeous as always, ever the American jock, all muscles, eyes, and smile.  I must give it to the photographer; I don’t look too bad as far as photos of myself go. I look curvy and sun-kissed and dare I say it, sexy?  That dress was a great buy; I will have to thank Matt again for all the hours spent shopping to find it. I scour down the page and see there’s a short written piece accompanying the photo.

Pictured above: Jay Anderson, 31, with a mystery beauty.

Jay, one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors—known for his smash hit show Steel Force, and numerous film roles and advertising campaigns—was spotted out at Fusion restaurant in Hollywood with an unknown date. Sources suggest she could be an English flight attendant he met on a recent flight from London.

The actor has been linked to Victoria’s Secret model Anya Katiss, and other models and actresses, but has never confirmed being in a relationship with anyone.

This is crazy! Maybe I shouldn’t have been so naïve. I mean, Jay is well known. Of course the press is going to be interested in who he’s out with. Luckily, they didn’t name me, although anyone who knows me could recognize me from that photo. I text Matt back.

Me: I’ve just seen it! OMG.

Seeing myself online like this is weird. I glance around the pool. I’m not expecting a photographer to be hiding in a bush watching me, but sunbathing alone doesn’t seem appealing anymore. I pack my book and phone into my bag and throw the caftan I packed for the trip over my head before making my way back up to my room. I’ve just about made it through the door when my phone rings. I fish it out of my bag. The screen’s lit up with the name Magic Cock.


“Hi, Holly,” the voice as smooth as velvet says.

Warmth spreads inside me just from the sound of his voice saying my name.

“Listen, I wanted to call and warn you that the magazine Celeb Central is running a story with a photo of us together.” Jay sighs. “Stefan held it off as long as he could, but they ran it anyway. I’m sorry to drag you into this. I know it’s a lot to take in.”

“It’s okay,” I say, trying to reassure him he doesn’t need to worry about me. “They don’t even know who I am. My name’s not in it or anything.”

“I know, but I know how they can be, like a dog with a bone. They’ll be wanting to find out who you are.”

“Well, it’ll be a bit disappointing for them if they find out. I’m just me.” I drop my bag onto the floor and sit down on the bed.

“I happen to think that just you will excite them tremendously.” I can hear the smile in his voice. “But not as much as you excite me,” he adds.

I laugh down the phone. That’s better. The cheeky Jay is back, all trace of seriousness now gone from his voice. “Oh? Maybe you can show me in five days? If you can last that long,” I tease.

“Ugh,” he grumbles. “That’s such a long time, Berry. Where are you now?”

I sink back against the plush pillows. “I just got back to my room. I didn’t feel like staying at the pool any longer.”

There’s a pause, and it sounds like a door closes.

“What are you wearing?” he whispers.

I smile as I pick up on the aroused tone in his voice. He wants to play, does he? “Just my bikini. My tiny string bikini,” I say, biting my bottom lip with a gentle sigh.

“If I was there, I would undo that with my teeth.”

“I can take it off.” I pretend to sound all innocent. “I mean, it is still wet. I shouldn’t wear it on the bed.”

“That sounds like it’s for the best. Take it off and tell me what you see,” he says.

I sit up to remove my caftan and bikini and lie back naked against the pillows, the phone glued to my ear. “I see my body…naked; it’s all warm from the sun.”

“Yeah?” Jay sucks in a breath. “What else?”

“I see my breasts; my nipples are hard wishing you were here to suck them.”

“God, Holly,” Jay groans. “Touch them for me, tell me how it feels.”

I put my phone on speaker and place it on the pillow next to me. “Mmm, it feels so good, Jay,” I murmur as I run my hands down and over each breast, cupping them underneath. Then I roll each nipple between my finger and thumb. “I’m touching my nipples and imagining it’s your mouth there. All hot and wet, sucking them hard.”

Jay lets out a low growl. “I’m so hard for you, Holly. What I would give to be there right now.”

“I wish you were.”

“Open your legs for me, put your hand there and tell me what it feels like.”

I do as he says and snake one hand lower between my legs, keeping the other on my breast, tugging my nipple. “It feels smooth.”

“Yes?” Jay’s voice sounds strained.

“It feels hot.”


“And it feels so wet.”

“Aargh, fuck, Holly,” he groans. It sounds like a belt buckle and zipper is being undone.

“I want you to touch yourself for me, baby,” Jay says. “I want to listen to you do it and I want you to tell me exactly what you’re doing.”

“Okay,” I whisper. “Are you touching yourself too?”

“You bet I am. I can’t listen to you, knowing you’re naked and ready for me, without my cock feeling like it might explode.”

I grin at the picture my mind conjures up. I know just what that looks like. Jay all hot and aroused, his eyes intense and his hand on his huge erection. A rush of wet arousal floods my pussy at the image. “Oh, I feel so wet, Jay. So wet and ready for you to fill me up with your big, hard cock.”

“Fuck,” he hisses.

“Mmm, I’m stroking myself in circles, Jay, and imagining it’s your tongue,” I gasp, arching my back off the bed as another wave of arousal washes over me.

“Just wait until I see you, baby. I’m going to suck that pretty little pussy of yours dry.”

“I can’t wait. I love you going down on me, your head between my legs and my hands in your hair, pulling you closer.”

“Oh God,” Jay moans through gritted teeth. “Put your fingers inside yourself for me, Berry; imagine it’s my cock filling you up.”

I do as I’m told and slide two fingers deep inside myself and let out a loud gasp.

Jay clears his throat. “Oh yeah, that’s it. Tell me how it feels.”

“It feels so hot and wet, Jay. My body is grabbing onto my fingers, wishing it was your cock,” I moan.

“Fuck yourself with them,” he demands.

I bury my fingers deep inside myself and slide them in and out, moaning and writhing on the bed. It’s so good and the sound of Jay’s heavy, aroused breathing on the phone turns me on even more. I know I’m getting to him.

“Oh, it feels so good, Jay!” I groan.

“That’s it, Holly, don’t stop; do it faster for me. Faster and harder.”

I pick up my pace and slide my fingers in and out of my dripping wet sex.

“Touch your clit with your other hand,” Jay orders.

I take my other hand off my breast and do as he says, rubbing in circles as my other hand continues to thrust in and out. “Oh, Jay,” I moan.

“That’s it, Holly. Let me hear you when you come. I need to know just how you sound when you do it for yourself.”

My orgasm is building deep inside me, my entire body rigid as I climb higher. “Oh, oh, it’s coming. It’s coming!” I pant as my muscles clench hard.

“That’s it, baby,” Jay growls.

My fingers move faster and faster, imagining that it’s him inside me. The sound of my wet arousal is loud in the room and he must be able to hear it on the phone. “Oh, Jay! I’m going to come! Jay!” I scream as a huge orgasm hits me and lifts my back off the bed as my muscles contract around my fingers. I’m shuddering as each wave crashes over me, stealing my breath. I collapse back on the bed, panting.

“Oh, Holly.” Jay’s breathing gets faster and faster until he lets out a loud, deep groan. “Fuck! Oh fuck, Holly.” He moans as his orgasm rises and reaches its peak. It’s got to be one of the hottest things I have ever heard.

We are both out of breath, just listening to each other’s breathing return to normal. Not being able to help myself, I giggle.

“What’s so funny?” comes Jay’s warm voice through the phone.

“I’ve never done that before,” I confess. “You have this knack for bringing out all these new naughty streaks in me.”

“Ooh, naughty streaks. I look forward to seeing more of those when you’re here.”

I bite my lip as I look across to my hotel room window. Thank goodness I’m up high and there’s no way anyone could have seen me. “Seriously, though. I don’t know what it is.”

“Holly, it’s nothing I do. It’s all you. You are so fucking hot.”

Heat flushes my cheeks, hearing him talk about me like that. “Did I hear you shut the door earlier?”

“Yeah, I’m at home, but we were having a work meeting. I stepped out into the bathroom downstairs.”

W-we were having a meeting?” I stutter.

“Yeah, me, Stefan, and a couple of other people. They’re out on the deck,” he states.

“You mean to tell me we just did that,” I whisper, “and there are other people in your house?”

He laughs. “Relax, Holly, no one could hear. I wouldn’t let anyone else share you. Your sexy little mouth is all mine.”

I let out the breath I was holding. “Okay.” I pause as I smile. “I better let you get back to work.” I sigh. I could chat with Jay all day.

“Yeah, they may start to miss me soon. I’ll see you soon, Berry.”

“Bye, Magic Cock,” I say, and hang up to the sound of Jay laughing.

I lie back on the bed until my heightened senses have all calmed down. Then I decide to order room service and have a hot bath. I have time to go to the hotel gym in the morning and do some yoga before checking out for the flight home. I’m looking forward to it. I always find it helps put me in a good mood when I make the time to do it. Although, after earlier this evening on the phone with Jay, I would say I’m in a great mood. I keep telling myself not to get carried away; this might just be a brief fling, but I can’t help feeling that it’s more.

My phone beeps with a text from Matt. He’s in Boston now on a one-night layover.

Matt: Hey Holls, I’m just about to get onboard to fly home. I need to come and see you tomorrow night when you get home.

I’m looking forward to it already; it’ll be great to see Matt. We haven’t seen each other in person since landing back from LA.

Me: Rachel is home too. Come to our place and we can get takeout. 7 pm?  

Matt: It’s a date! See you then. Xo

He said he needs to see me. Sounds urgent. Or maybe not, knowing Matt. That’s just the way he talks. He could have found a new favorite flavor of coffee at Starbucks and need to see you, desperate to share his discovery.

I curl up in the big plush bed. This hotel outranks the LA crew hotel for having the best beds. They’re so cozy and luxurious. My thoughts move to LA and what Jay is doing as I drift off.

“This is lovely,” Matt says, sitting back on our sofa with a glass of wine.

We’ve ordered Chinese and have it all set out on the coffee table for the three of us to share.

“Isn’t it?” agrees Rach, clinking her glass against Matt’s and then mine.

“So, I was meaning to talk to you about something, Holly,” Matt says.

I look at him, puzzled. “Okay?”

“Simon was the first officer on the Boston flight I just did.”

“Wanker,” Rach throws in as she takes a bite of her spring roll.

“Massive wanker,” continues Matt. “So, one of the crew had the latest issue of Celeb Central on the crew bus to the hotel and they recognized you.”

“Mmm, I worried that might happen,” I say, taking a sip of my wine.

“Only, they got rather excited about it and were talking about it pretty loud. Simon heard and wanted to see the photo.”

“Oh.” My face falls at the mention of Simon.

“Yeah, it was so funny, Holly! You should have seen his face. He looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp!” Matt claps his hands together gleefully. “I reckon he swallowed a bit of his own vomit back down when he realized it was you looking all smoking hot in the photo!”

“Ugh! Hello, I’m eating.” Rachel gestures at the takeaway.

“Sorry, babes,” Matt says.

“Anyway, he was seething. Could practically see the steam coming out of his ears.” Matt laughs. “I just had to tell you, Holly. I think he’s realized what a fool he was to be such a prick to you. Now you’ve moved on to new pastures. Much, much greener, sexier pastures,” Matt grins.

“Huh,” I mumble, letting Matt’s words sink in. “Well, I hope he never treats anyone else the way he treated me. But I don’t wish him any bad.” Matt and Rachel both look at me open-mouthed.

“You’re a much better person than me, Holly,” Rach says. “I would want to feed him his balls. Shove them down his slimy, lying throat.” She demonstrates by jabbing two fingers in the air.

“Me too, Holly. All those hurtful things he said and did to you and the rumors about the other women.” Matt shakes his head in disgust.

“I love you guys.” I smile at them both getting worked up. “You’ve always got my back and I love how much you want to fight for me. But I want to leave him in the past. It was almost ten months ago now. I need to build a bridge and get over it,” I declare.

“Or you could get a Jay, and get under him,” Matt says with a cheeky wink as we all laugh.

“You’re so naughty.” I raise an eyebrow at him over the rim of my wineglass.

“Don’t give me the innocent butter-wouldn’t-melt face, Holly. We both know you’ve been loving your newfound naughty behavior since meeting Mr. Anderson.”

He’s got me there. I can’t deny I have been enjoying every minute. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say, trying to hide my smirk.

“Oh, really? Rach, do you hear this? She doesn’t know what we’re talking about.”

“Bullshit,” Rach fires back.

“Well, it’s a good thing that Rach and I swapped onto your next LA flight then, isn’t it?” Matt says with a poker straight face, as I turn to him with my eyes wide.

“Absolutely,” says Rach. “There will be witnesses to your behavior.”

“You guys are both on the same LA as me?” I beam, leaning forward on the sofa.

“Looks that way.” Rach shrugs with a wink.

“This is going to be so much fun!” I squeal. The three of us hardly ever get to all work the same flight.

“LA, here we come again, baby!” Matt announces with a grin and we all clink our glasses together.

I take a big gulp of my wine. LA, here we come again, or more accurately, Jay Anderson, here I come.


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