Meeting Mr Anderson: Chapter 6

The sun peeking through the window drapes wakes me up. For a moment I wonder where I am and then the events of last night come flooding back to me. I sneak a look over at Jay, who is still fast asleep on his back, the sheets wrapped around his long tanned legs. His chest is uncovered, rising and falling with each breath he takes.

Sliding out of bed, I tiptoe into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I go to the sink and splash some water on my face. Despite the late night and alcohol, by some miracle I look bright-eyed and fresh. Luckily, I left my clutch bag in here last night. I always carry emergency items in here—one quirk of being airline crew, you never know when you may need to quickly freshen up. I comb my hair and brush my teeth. I could apply some makeup. No. Way too obvious.

I creep back into the bedroom and slide back into bed next to Jay. He stretches and murmurs, but his eyes stay shut, his long eyelashes resting on his cheeks. My eyes linger over his face, his strong jawline covered in stubble, his soft, kissable lips. He is so handsome. How many other girls have been lucky enough to wake up to this view? My eyes roam down his torso and to the sheets barely covering him. They’re low on his stomach, the top of his strong V-shaped muscles visible. I’ll just peek. It would be a terrible waste not to.

I slide the sheets down and expose his cock. It’s smooth and perfect, resting up against his stomach. I wriggle down the bed and reach over with one hand and cup his balls. They tighten with my touch. Holding the base of him with my other hand, I lean over and take him inside my mouth. He’s big, and it’s good to finally taste him. I suck and swirl my tongue over his tip. His body rewards me with a small bead of wetness. He tastes so good.

His breathing changes and I realize I’m being watched. I look up and Jay’s bright-blue eyes are fixed on where my lips wrap around him. He reaches down with one hand and plays with my hair, stroking it back off my face and running it through his fingers. I gaze up at him as I slowly sink down, taking all of him deep into my mouth and throat. He’s so big I’m worried I might gag, but I manage not to. I rise again, swirling my tongue around him. I find a rhythm, up and down, moaning with my appreciation of his beautiful body. It’s so good having him here in my mouth. I tug on his balls with my hand and he sucks in a breath.

“Ah, Holly.” His eyes blaze into mine as he says my name.

My lips smile around him. I love hearing him say my name like that.

“Come here, Berry,” he says, and I slowly release him from my mouth, kissing his tip and crawling back up the bed.

He sits up, resting his back against the fabric headboard, and pulls me onto his lap so I’m straddling him. His warm hands drop to either side of my hips. I roll them around so I’m rubbing myself over his rock-hard cock, back and forth, back and forth. He groans and closes his eyes, lost in the sensation.

Reaching over to his bedside table, I take a condom out of the box he used last night. Tearing the packet open, I take it out and roll it down onto him. Jay opens his eyes and watches what I’m doing. He reaches up to cup the side of my face, rubbing his thumb along my bottom lip. I place my hand on top of his and turn my head, drawing his thumb in between my lips, sucking it. His eyes glitter as he leans forward and pulls me into a deep kiss. His strong tongue finds mine, sucking and stroking. I could get lost in his kiss, lose hours in it, and still never feel like I’d had enough.

I raise my hips up and hold the base of him as I lower myself down onto his waiting cock. I roll my hips side to side to get used to his size. Jay groans and he pushes deeper into my mouth with his tongue. His hands go back to my hips as he lifts me up and back down onto him, the sound of my wetness against his body getting louder. He stops kissing me, resting his forehead against mine as we watch our bodies meeting together with each thrust.

“You feel so good, Holly, so damn good.”

I move my hips faster as Jay digs his fingers into my hips. My hands glide up his chest and over his shoulders, up into his hair. I grab it in both hands and tug his head back so he’s looking up into my face. The dark look in his eyes sends heat racing through my core.

“That’s it, baby,” he growls. “Look at me while you ride my cock.”

I see the glint in his eyes, a silent dare to see if I will take the bait.

“Oh, I’m going to ride your cock so good,” I hear myself say, accepting his challenge to let my desires flow from my lips. I don’t know what it is, but I can do this with him. I can let my inhibitions go. “Do you like being deep inside me? Feeling me wrapped around you?” I sigh as I continue sliding up and down.

He smiles at me as he grips my hips harder and raises his, slamming into me.

I just got my answer.

“I can’t get enough of it,” he says, sounding pleased that I played the game.

“Then give it to me hard, big boy.” I smile back at him, trying not to giggle.

He smirks up at me as he slams me up and down, over and over. Each time he slams me down, he circles his hips, and a delicious friction rubs against my clitoris, causing the inside of my thighs to shake. The familiar pressure grows inside me as I tip my head back and let out a deep moan.

“That’s it, baby,” Jay says. “Come for me, let me feel you.”

His deep voice pushes me over the edge, and I can’t hold it any longer. I throw my head back and open my mouth, screaming his name as a huge orgasm rushes through me.

“Oh yeah, Holly, that’s my girl.” I hear Jay moan, but it sounds as though he’s far away as I’m lost in my own waves of ecstasy. “I’m going to come,” he groans, his voice pulling me back to him.

He drives into me one last time and I feel his cock swell as he comes long and hard. His body is shuddering, sweat running down his chest. I put my hand there and his heart is pounding while he holds himself deep inside me, riding out the last waves of his orgasm.

“I can’t get enough of your dirty mouth, Holly. It’s such a fucking turn-on that you feel free enough to let it out with me.” He looks at me while he catches his breath. I smile at him. I love this new side of me too. I hope she gets the chance to come out more. I gaze down at Jay’s content face. A lot more.

I take a shower as Jay goes down to his office to call Stefan about work things. He’s given me one of his white T-shirts to wear over my gold dress. At least now if I tie it in a knot around my waist, it looks like a skirt and top combo and less like I’ve hooked up and spent the entire night in someone else’s bed. I pull my hair up into a messy bun on top of my head and look at myself in the bathroom mirror. I’ve put some mascara and lip gloss on that I had in my bag from last night, and I look quite awake. It’s not obvious I’ve been up half the night having the best sex of my life.

I make my way downstairs and into the big open-plan living area. Something smells delicious and my stomach growls. Jay is barefoot at the stove in the kitchen with his back to me. He’s wearing faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt. My eyes run up and down his body, resting on his perfect ass. He hears me and turns.

“There she is,” he says as he spoons some poached eggs out of the pan he’s holding onto two plates of brown toast and wilted spinach. “Come, sit,” he gestures to the breakfast bar, where there’s fresh juice poured into two glasses and some napkins and cutlery laid out. I perch myself up on a stool and take a sip of the juice as Jay sits down next to me.

“Mmm, yummy.” I lick my lips. “What is that?”

“Only the best for you, little Berry. That is a mix of mango, orange, and guava, squeezed by yours truly this morning,” he says, puffing out his chest.


“Yes, I squeezed each fruit between my thighs while you were in the shower,” he says with a smirk.

“You dork,” I laugh, swatting him with my napkin.

“Oh sorry, I forgot. It was you squeezing my fruit between your thighs, wasn’t it?” he teases. “And dork sounds so terribly English, Holly,” he says in a fake posh English accent.

“Oh, I’m sorry if my accent and terminology offends you Mr. Big Shot Actor,” I throw back.

“Not at all.” He smiles, taking a bite of his breakfast, chewing thoughtfully before swallowing. “I take delight in the words that escape your lips, Holly.” He winks at me and I smile down at my plate. As we eat our breakfast, I look around the room, my eyes resting on a framed photograph on the side. It’s of Jay with an older couple and another guy with darker hair and more stubble. The other guy is wearing a brown T-shirt and combat trousers, and is incredibly good-looking, in a rugged way. They’re all smiling at the camera with their arms around each other.

“Who’s that?” I ask, pointing toward the photo with my fork.

“That’s my parents and brother Blake.” He smiles.

“You look like your dad,” I say as I take in the older man. He’s got salt-and-pepper hair and a strong defined jawline, but it’s his bright-blue eyes that hold the most resemblance; they’re full of warmth. The lady next to him is delicate and beautiful, her smile wide and her light-blond hair cut into a stylish layered cut that just skims her shoulders.

“Yeah, I get told that a lot,” Jay says, taking a swig of his drink. “I’m hoping to get up and see them while we have a break from filming the show.”

“That sounds lovely. Are they far?”

“Not really, around an hour and a half on a good run. It’s just been so crazy with work recently that I haven’t made it back for a few weeks,” Jay says, looking at the photo.

“Much-needed then.” I smile.

“Definitely,” he agrees.

We eat the rest of our breakfast in companionable silence before Jay speaks again.

“So, I’ve got some meetings to go to today, but I should be finished by late afternoon. Can I take you out for dinner tonight?” he asks casually.

I almost choke on the mouthful of food as I swallow. “Oh yeah, sure, sounds good.” He wants to see me again tonight? Maybe this isn’t just a one-off thing to him.

“Great.” Jay smiles. “I’ll drop you back at your hotel on my way to my meeting and can come back to pick you up tonight.”

Ten minutes later I’ve gathered my things and am sitting in the passenger seat of Jay’s Ferrari. I should have known. I had rolled my eyes when I saw it, much to Jay’s amusement. I can’t believe I thought the garages belonged to apartments when in reality they all belong to Jay. He drives me back to my hotel, one hand on the steering wheel and the other resting on my thigh. We pull up outside the main doors and the valet guy does a double take from his desk near the entrance. I’m not sure if it’s recognizing Jay or checking out the car, but either Jay doesn’t notice or is so used to it he isn’t bothered. He gets out of the car and comes around to open my door for me. I climb out and he catches me around the waist, pulling me in for a deep kiss that is over far too quickly.

“See you tonight,” he calls as he gets back into the car, and after giving me one last smile, he drives away. Then he’s gone, leaving my lips tingling. I put my fingers to them. Yes, see you later, Jay Anderson.

Back in my hotel room, I flop myself backwards onto the bed, my body sinking into the mattress. I kick my shoes off my feet and stare at the ceiling. Maybe I dreamed the last twenty-four hours? I pinch my arm hard. Ouch! Nope, not a dream. I sit up and look around the hotel room, my suitcase open on the floor, my uniform hanging up. This is my life. It’s a world away from Jay’s Hollywood existence. The last twenty-four hours have been amazing, but when I fly home, that’s it. It’ll be over. He won’t even remember my name. Just another girl that couldn’t deny her attraction to him. Yet, deep down, I can’t let myself believe that. There’s a connection between us. I can feel it, I swear, or maybe I’m delusional?

“Oh, Holly, what have you got yourself into?” I groan, dragging my hands down my face.

The phone beside my bed rings, making me jump. I reach over and grab the handset.


“Holly! You naughty little minx! I’ve been trying to call you for hours!” Matt shouts through the phone. I can’t help smiling at his tone despite my mood just moments ago. “I need all the details, you know! You aren’t getting away with it! Did you at least give the man a rest at some point last night?” Matt asks.

I bite my lip. He’s got me. He always cheers me up; his bubbly personality is infectious. “Should I be asking you the same thing?” I tease.

“Oh, Holly, I’m in love!” he gushes. “I just need Stefan to realize that I am the answer to all his prayers!”

“He would be the lucky one,” I say to Matt, and I mean it. He has a heart of gold. Although Stefan doesn’t stand a chance. Once Matt wants something, he goes for it.

“So, what’s the plan for the rest of today then? Assuming you can still walk, that is?” Matt chuckles, amused at his own joke.

“So, Jay wants to take me out to dinner tonight,” I say nervously.

“So, you and me need to go shopping right now!” Matt fires back.

“Okay, okay.” I laugh, giving in to him. “Give me ten minutes to get changed and I will meet you in the lobby.”

We hang up and I grab my cell phone, tapping out a quick text to my other best friend, Rachel. I already texted her yesterday and told her we were off to the show. There’s no way she will expect what I’m about to send, though.

Me: You’ll never guess what happened last night. I only spent the night at Jay Anderson’s house!

I grin as my phone beeps with a text straight back from her.

Rachel: Holly! OMG! You so deserved a night of hot sex… Please tell me the sex was HOT!

Me: Scorching…

Rachel: YES! Lucky bitch! I need to know EVERYTHING!

Me: Lol, okay. I’m just about to meet Matt. Will call you ASAP.

Rachel: Can’t wait, speak to you soon

Three hours later we have been in what must be nearly every shop in the mall. Matt has had me trying on outfit after outfit for the perfect thing to wear tonight.

“I don’t even know where we’re going,” I huff as I collapse onto a bench outside Victoria’s Secret. “I might not need to dress up at all. What’s wrong with my black jeans and that silky blouse?” I suggest, thinking of the only other smart outfit I have packed for the trip.

“You can’t wear jeans!” Matt cries in outrage. “Not for dinner, Holly. What if lover boy wants to caress your leg under the table?” He raises his eyebrows at me.

I should think up a witty comeback for feminist rights, but the thought of Jay putting his hands anywhere on my body is so appealing that I jump up off the bench with a newfound enthusiasm.

“Well, what are you waiting for then?” I bark at Matt. “Let’s continue the search in there.” I point as I march off toward the doors of Victoria’s Secret.

An hour later we are in Starbucks, sipping on chai lattes, feeling pleased with ourselves, the evidence of our success scattered around our feet in various shopping bags. I bought a sexy strapless lingerie set in a gorgeous cream lace with gold flecks and the most beautiful strapless copper-colored dress that cinches in at the waist and then drapes down over the curves of my hips to just below my knee. It shimmers as I walk, and I feel like a fifties starlet in it. Matt even persuaded me to get a pair of gorgeous strappy sandals in the same color. Well, he grabbed my card when I wasn’t looking and ran off to the till, but I’m glad he did as they are stunning.

“So, tell me more about Stefan,” I say to Matt, leaning across the table with my chin on top of my hands.

“Holly, he’s great, really great,” gushes Matt. “Nothing happened last night; we just talked for hours. He’s so smart. You know, he studied business and then got a job as an intern at a top PR firm. He worked his way up, and then that’s when he met Jay. Jay was his first client.” Matt’s eyes look dreamy as he talks. “They hit it off so well as friends that when Jay’s career took off, Stefan left the agency to work with him full time.”

“It sounds like they’re close.”

“Yeah, they must be. There must be times when they disagree over things, though. Imagine working with your friend and seeing them all the time,” Matt says.

“Yeah, imagine that. Having to work with a friend for hours at a time and he works you like a slave driver, nowhere to escape to as you’re stuck in a metal tube in the sky,” I joke.

“Yeah.” Matt sighs. “Hey! What?” he says, sitting up straight as he realizes what I said.

“You know I love you really, Matt.” I wink at him. He narrows his eyes at me.

“Yes, Holly, you’re lucky that I do know that. Otherwise, you’d have sole responsibility for cleaning the toilets every flight.”

I shudder at the thought.

“Right, drink up!” Matt orders, signaling to my still half-full mug.

“What? Why?”

“Duh.” He rolls his eyes. “We need to get you ready.”

I glance at my watch. “Matt, it’s only four o’clock.”

“Then we’re already late!” He slaps his palms flat on the table, making the people at the nearby table look over.

I do as I’m told and down my drink, looking at the determined focus his eyes have taken on. Compliance might be my best option here and besides, the quicker I get ready, the sooner tonight will be here. The sooner I can see him again.


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