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Meeting Mr Anderson: Chapter 4

Jay pulls me toward the stone staircase and exit, his hand gripping mine.

“Wait, I just need to tell Matt.”

I look around but can’t see him anywhere. I pull my cell phone out of my clutch bag and send him a quick text.

Me:  I’m heading off Matt, will share a lift with Jay. Catch you tomorrow?

Three dots show up to signal he’s texting back.

Matt: Okay, babe, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

That doesn’t leave much then, does it. I smile at his cheekiness as I put my phone away.

“Ready?” asks Jay.

I can’t help thinking that this is a loaded question. What the hell am I doing going home with a man like Jay Anderson, whom I barely know? This is so unlike me. A voice in my head screams, ‘Shut up and enjoy it while it lasts, Holly. This guy is a sex god, and you haven’t had sex in forever! Take what you get and fucking love it!’ It sounds like Matt has taken over my head.

“Yes,” I smile at Jay. “I’m so ready.”

He grins back at me and we climb up the stairs and out into the warm California night.

The cab journey to Jay’s house doesn’t take long, but it feels like ages with the anticipation of what might happen after our earlier kiss. We don’t talk, but his hand hasn’t let go of mine since we left the club. His thumb alternates between tracing circles over the back of my hand and stroking across my knuckles. I look out the window at all the lights as we drive, but every now and again I can see Jay out of the corner of my eye watching me. The cab drives up a winding hill. Finally, it stops outside a building, but I can’t see much as it’s too dark. Jay pays the driver from a wad of cash and I notice he gives him a generous tip, then we thank him as we climb out.

I look up at the building, which is behind tall security railings that run all the way around it as far as I can make out in the darkness. Jay puts the thumb of his spare hand—he’s still holding my hand with his other—onto a screen held on a metal post to the side of the railing. There’s a gentle whir as the gates slide open. The security lights come on so we can see our way. I look up at the building. It’s two levels high, large, white, and modern. It’s built into the side of the hill and has a large driveway across the front of it and a large detached garage off to the left-hand side. It must be apartments. I bet the view is beautiful from the back, looking down at the city.

Jay leads me up to the main door at the front. It’s huge and black with a giant handle running down its length. He puts his thumb on another keypad and the door clicks open. Inside Jay presses some buttons on an alarm pad and there’s a double beep as it deactivates. He presses a button and lights come on. My breath draws in sharply. I was so wrong. This isn’t an apartment block. This is all one house. The true extent of Jay’s success and wealth sinks in as I gaze around.

“Would you like a tour?” Jay asks me.

“Yes, please.” I draw in a breath. It will give me time to get my head around just how unexpectedly this night is turning out. “This is incredible!”

“Perk of the job.” He shrugs, seeming embarrassed.

The open double height entryway we are standing in has two staircases, one on each side leading upstairs, with a large modern chandelier hanging down the center. It’s all very neutral and modern—white walls, chrome switches, and a large glass table with a giant exotic-looking flower arrangement on it, its heady scent noticeable as we walk past.

“My housekeeper likes flowers,” he explains as he sees me admiring them.

“You have a housekeeper?”

“Yeah, Maggie looks after the house for me, makes sure things are kept in order.”

We walk into an open-plan lounge and kitchen area. The floor is a kind of polished concrete. One entire wall is glass windows that look out over the city. The lights of LA twinkle below us like tiny stars. There’s a giant U-shaped dark-gray sofa around a marble coffee table, facing a giant TV screen up on the wall. A long dining table with more chairs than I can count with one glance is over to one side. The kitchen is white with dark marble counters and a large breakfast bar with four stools stretches out, dividing the room from the lounge area. There is another door, which I assume is the laundry room and a corridor on one side of the space, which Jay leads me down, and I can see that one room is a huge home gym with every piece of equipment I can think of. So that’s how he stays so fit and muscular.

“This is my office,” he says, opening another door.

The room has an enormous desk and chair set up with a computer and lots of pictures on the walls. They look like a mix of stills from films and modeling shots. One is of a younger-looking Jay wearing just a pair of jeans pulled down low, with his tanned muscular torso on display, his hair a bit longer and scruffier on top, and the best ‘come fuck me’ look on his face I’ve ever seen.

“That is from one of my first modeling jobs,” he says. “I was eighteen. I hate it but Stefan insists on having it up there to remind him of the early days, and he uses the office just as much as me when he’s here,” Jay explains.

“Stefan’s been working with you a long time?” I ask.

“Yeah, since my first job after I got scouted by a modeling agency,” he says. “Can’t get rid of him,” he jokes. “Seriously though, he’s a great friend now. I trust him, which, like we were talking about earlier, is hard to come by here,” Jay says with a small sigh.  “This house is too big for just me, but it goes with the territory. It’s what people expect and it’s near work. Plus, it’s nice to have the space when I have family and friends stay. Let me show you the view,” he says and leads me back out to the main living area.

He presses some controls on the wall and the entire glass wall of windows slides open, revealing a deck area with seating and sun loungers and an infinity pool. The way it’s been designed and built into the hillside means it’s private and not overlooked. I search for something to say but come up with nothing. It’s like something I’ve seen in the stars’ homes sections of magazines, but then that’s where I am, in Jay Anderson’s home and he is a big Hollywood star. This suddenly feels rather surreal.

“Let me get you a drink,” he says as he sees my expression.

“That would be great, please,”

He disappears into the kitchen, then comes back and hands me a glass of champagne, clinking his glass to mine before taking a sip.

“To rainforest birds,” he toasts with a straight face. “May those poor fellas always find the best stick and bust the best moves to win the girls.” His eyes crinkle at the corners as he laughs out loud.

I can’t help it; I throw my head back and laugh too.

“I really said that,” I say, rolling my eyes.

“You sure did. It’s when I decided there was more to you I had to know, Holly,” he says, his eyes meeting mine.

My heart races and I drink my champagne a little too fast, feeling warmth rush to my head.

“Let me show you the rest of the house,” Jay says, taking my hand again and leading me back inside.

We go back to the main hallway and climb up one flight of stairs. I’m barely paying attention as he points out luxury bedrooms and bathrooms. Five so far? I’ve lost count. All I can think about is that his bedroom must be last. What’s going to happen when we get there? My stomach twists into a nervous knot.

Finally, we reach a set of double doors.

“This is my room,” he says as he presses down on the handles and the doors swing open.

I look around at the room. It’s modern, like the rest of the house. The walls are painted in a soft cream and there is a huge bed with thick, sumptuous-looking white bedding on it. The walls have giant framed prints of coastal photography, incredible images of waves crashing and stretches of perfect white sand.  To one side of the room there is a walk-in wardrobe that I can glimpse lots of neatly arranged clothes and shoes in. I like this room. It has a different feel than the rest of the house. It’s still modern, but more inviting and homey. I slip off my shoes and my feet sink into the cream carpet as I walk in ahead of Jay. I turn to look at him. His eyes are roaming up and down my body, taking in the curves of my hips and the way the gold dress plunges at my neckline, showing off my cleavage. He brings them up to meet mine and they’re dark with desire.

“I just need to use the—” I gesture toward the master en suite bathroom, slipping inside and closing the door behind me. I let out my breath once I’m inside. I’m really here, doing this. I can feel my heart racing. I look up, distracted for a moment. Even the bathroom is luxurious, like a hotel spa. There’s a vast walk-in rainfall shower off to one side, double sinks set into a marble countertop, and a huge free-standing bathtub set in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows which, like the living area downstairs, look out over the incredible view. I take a deep breath and look at my reflection in the mirror above the sinks. The edge of the marble counter feels cool underneath my grip. This is crazy. What am I even doing here in Jay Anderson’s bathroom, of all places? My green eyes stare back at me, my pupils dilated from a mix of champagne and arousal. The small voice inside my head pipes up, ‘Being a lucky bitch, that’s what you’re doing here. Now get out there and enjoy one night off from being just Holly Havers.’ I won’t ever see him again. I can let loose and be whoever I want to be tonight. A mischievous glint grows in my eyes; I’m really doing this. I open the door and walk back into the bedroom where Jay is waiting for me.

His gorgeous blue eyes look dark as they roam over my body. “Come here, Holly.” His voice sounds strained as though he’s finding it hard to hold back and not stride across the room and grab me.

I walk over to him. I don’t know what it is, but this feels different to every other time I’ve been with someone; maybe it’s because it’s my first one-night stand. Something deep inside me starts to awaken, and something about Jay makes me feel like I can do anything. Perhaps it’s the way he looks at me, the intensity in his eyes, knowing I am his sole focus, or how he’s so openly showing that he wants me. I glance down to where his cock is straining against his trousers. I can be whoever I want to be tonight. I stop in front of him and look at him from under my lashes. He swallows and sucks in his breath before putting his hands either side of my face and pulling me toward him, his mouth finding mine in a heavenly rush of heat and pressure. I rise on my toes and deepen our kiss, our tongues hungry against each other.

I want more, so much more. I can’t pull him in close enough before he draws away and starts tracing a line of kisses along my jawline and down my neck, sweeping my hair back over my shoulder. I lean my head to the other side and expose more of my neck to him.

“You are so beautiful, Holly,” he whispers in my ear, his hands now on my ass, digging his fingers into my skin so he can pull me against him. His erection pushes against my stomach. “The things you make me want to do to you,” he says, his lips finding mine again.

“Show me,” I whisper against them.

He doesn’t need any more encouragement. He reaches up with one hand and unzips my dress, sliding each strap off my shoulders so it drops to the floor in a pile around my feet. Then he unfastens my strapless bra, and it too falls away.

“Fuck,” he hisses, taking in the sight of my breasts rising and falling with each breath I’m trying to catch. He cups them in his hands, squeezing and rolling my hard nipples between his skilled fingers.

“Aaah, that feels so good,” I moan, throwing my head back and arching my breasts up toward him. He leans down and takes one nipple in his mouth, sucking it hard and stretching it out. A rush of arousal soaks my panties and I reach out to feel him through his trousers.

“I’m so wet for you, Jay,” I hear myself say in a voice that doesn’t sound like me at all. “I can’t wait to feel your big cock filling me up.” My words make him lift his eyes from my breasts. but he soon recovers as he sees the dark arousal in mine. There’s no going back now.

“Fucking hell, Holly,” he groans as his eyes search my face. I can tell that I’ve surprised him. I give him a small smile as I part my legs a little wider. His eyes drop to between my legs. “I need to taste you now!” he says, dropping to his knees in front of me and sliding my lace panties down, both hands lingering on my legs. He scrunches my panties in his fist and lifts them to his nose, inhaling deeply, closing his eyes in pleasure. It is the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life. He puts them into the pocket of his trousers and then lifts one of my legs and puts it over his shoulder, his eyes locked back on mine.

His kisses trail up the inside of my thigh as I moan in anticipation. I reach down and grab his hair in my fists, pulling his head further into me. It seems to ignite something in him as then he’s all over me with his tongue, licking and sucking, his stubble rough against my skin. His mouth finds my clitoris and I roll my eyes back in my head as another rush of wetness meets him and he laps it up hungrily.

“You’ve got such a beautiful body, Holly,” he says as he draws back to look up at me, his face glistening with my arousal. He’s still fully dressed and I’m here, ready and open for him. I can’t believe I’m here, doing this with him. It’s almost more than I can take.

“I need to feel you, Jay,” I gasp urgently. He places my leg back down on the floor and rises to his feet, kissing up my body on the way, sucking each nipple hard. I grab his face and pull him into a kiss, my tongue eager to find his and share the taste of myself that is all over him. As we kiss, I unbutton his shirt and slide it down his biceps, his skin hot under my touch. His heady scent almost renders me unable to think. My hands find his belt and I unfasten it.

“I can’t wait to see your cock,” I pant against his mouth. A deep groan escapes his lips, and he grabs my hand to hurry it up. Together we pull down his trousers and boxer shorts and his cock springs free. I look down; it’s large and smooth and has a bead of pre-cum on the tip. I want to taste it, but before I can do anything else Jay walks me backwards toward the bed and pushes me down gently onto it.

“You look incredible lying there on my bed, Holly,” he says, his eyes roaming over my body.

I love the way he looks at me. I feel like a goddess, powerful and strong, my inhibitions set free. I take my hand and slowly put two of my fingers into my mouth and suck them. I have Jay’s full attention and he’s watching me with growing intensity in his eyes. I put my hand between my legs and touch myself, rubbing little circles over my clitoris.

“Does that feel good?” Jay asks, his eyes burning into me.

“Oh,” I moan. “It feels so good, Jay,” I say, and then I slide my two fingers deep inside myself and watch his eyes widen and his breathing quicken. He has his cock in his hand and is stroking it as he watches me. “I need you now. I want to feel you inside me.” He jumps up and grabs something from his bedside drawer. When I look down, he is rolling a condom onto his now angry-looking cock. I smile at the effect I’m having on him.

“Fucking hell, Holly,” he says as he lies down over me and kisses me deeply.

“Mmm,” I moan as I wriggle underneath him. He reaches one of his hands down and his fingers swipe across my dripping wet skin, hot and ready for him. He plunges two of his warm, thick fingers deep inside me and I gasp, my back arching up from the bed. He catches my mouth with his again and kisses me, sucking my bottom lip. I can’t take much more of this; I’ve never wanted anyone like this before.

“Fuck me, Jay,” I demand. “Now!”

His eyes flash and he lifts one of my legs up and wraps it around his waist, holding himself up with his elbows on either side of my head. I hold his gaze as he slowly slides into me, inch by gloriously thick inch. I lose my breath for a moment and he pauses while I get used to his size, then he slides in farther until he’s as deep inside me as he can be.

I let out a soft moan. “More.”

He pulls backwards and then pushes forward again. It feels so good. He pulls out and pushes back in, finding a rhythm, his thrusts growing harder each time. I cry out and hear a deep growl as he says my name, then he straightens his arms, putting them underneath my legs so they’re held up over his shoulders. Then he lets me have it. He plunges into me harder and faster while I grip on to his biceps. They’re solid and tense under my fingers as they hold him up. The bed bangs against the wall, and I cry “Yes, yes!” over and over again, lost in the sensation of his body taking mine.

“That’s it, baby,” Jay growls. “Come for me; I want to feel you.”

I feel my orgasm building deep inside of me as Jay pounds into me. I can hardly breathe as it builds and builds.

“I’m going to come, Jay!” I scream, throwing my head back, as suddenly waves crash over me. I’ve lost all control over my body and completely surrender to him. I’m shuddering uncontrollably as my orgasm continues, my body squeezing Jay’s cock as my muscles ripple around him.

“Fuck, Holly!” He lets out a guttural moan and screws his face up as his cock pulsates and he comes. As he empties himself, his thrusts slow, until he’s still, holding himself inside me.

We’re panting, sweat running down our bodies. Jay rolls to the side of me, holding my leg as he does so our bodies stay connected. We look into each other’s eyes. I’m now painfully aware of how well our bodies fit together, and how good it could be under different circumstances. Jay Anderson allows me to be a different woman—free and uninhibited. Too bad she’s only visiting for one night.

“You are something else, Holly,” Jay says softly as he rubs his thumb across my bottom lip, before leaning in to kiss me again. I kiss him back, trying not to let myself get carried away by how close I feel to him at this precise moment. I can’t deny there’s something about him, something magnetic pulling me closer. But this is just one magical night and he’s wrong.

I’m not the special one. He is.


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