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Meeting Mr Anderson: Chapter 3

We take a cab to the club Stefan gave us the name for. It’s tucked away down a side alley off the Main Street. I look up at the neon sign that says Geode.

“Hmmm, looks interesting,” says Matt, frowning.

“Are you sure we’ve got the right place?”

“It’s where Stefan said they’d be.” I look around in confusion.

We would have missed Geode if we hadn’t had directions from Stefan. There are no windows, just a big dark-gray metal door and the small neon name sign above it.

“There! Look,” I say to Matt, pointing to a small, illuminated button on the wall.

He presses it and after what feels like ages, the huge door opens outward to reveal a security guard. He assesses Matt and me, looking us up and down.


Matt straightens his back and pushes his chest out. “Matt and Holly, we are friends of Jay’s.”

I bite my lip at his blatant exaggeration, but the security guard doesn’t seem to query it. He says something into the cuff of his jacket before nodding at us and standing aside so we can enter.

“Have a fun evening,” he says as we pass him.

In front of us is a dimly lit stone staircase; the sound of sexy club music drifts up from below. We walk down the stairs and at the bottom it opens up into the bar.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. The main room has a long lit-up glass bar running down the length of it, leading out onto a dance floor. Around it are what looks like individual caves with booth seating for around ten people inside each one. The walls of them are made of stone and glisten like there are crystals embedded into them.

“Wow!” says Matt.

“Wow indeed,” I say as I gaze around.

Now I can see why it’s called Geode. I feel like we are in an enchanted underground cave, one that plays sexy music. It’s full of men and women talking, drinking, dancing, and by the looks of it, having a great time. Some I recognize from the studio team, like Jimmy, the warm-up guy.

“There you guys are. You found it okay then?” We turn at the sound of Stefan’s voice.

He comes over and gives us both a kiss on each cheek. “Sorry if you thought you’d gotten the wrong place. The paparazzi haven’t discovered it yet, hence why we love it so much.” He chuckles. “Anyway, I’m so glad you could both make it. Jay said you’d looked after him so well on the flight over, he will be really pleased to see you. He’s around here somewhere.” He waves a hand in the air. “Come and get a drink,” he says as he leads us over to the bar. “This place does the most amazing cocktails; you’ve got to try one, or four.” He laughs.

Matt laughs too. I can see his eyes light up as he studies Stefan in closer detail, and if I’m not mistaken, Stefan’s eyes are drinking Matt in too.

“Holly?” Matt asks.

“Oh yes, please, can you order for me? I’m just going to go to the ladies’ room.”

“Sure thing, gorge,” Matt says to me, his eyes still on Stefan. I smile to myself. I doubt he’s going to miss me while I’m gone.

Stefan points me in the direction of the restrooms, which are at the back of the club. I make my way down past the bar and follow the sign around the corner, passing some more stone alcoves with seating. I find the ladies’ room, which is decorated in the same crystal and stone walls. I check my hair and makeup before leaving.

As I walk past the stone alcoves on my way back to the main bar, an unmistakable voice calls my name.

“Holly.” I turn around and am face-to-face with Jay Anderson.

He looks even more edible up close than he did on stage earlier and I can smell his scent again, the same intoxicating one as on the plane.

“Hello, Mr. Anderson.” My cheeks feel like they’re on fire. I’m glad the lighting is dark in here.

“Hi,” he says, with a twinkle in his eyes. “But I’d really rather you call me Jay. Mr. Anderson is my dad, and besides, it makes me feel ancient.”

“Oh, er…sorry…okay…Jay.” I smile as I look at him, my hands gripping on to my clutch bag for something to do. “This place is quite something,” I say, looking about, anything to stop myself from being drawn into the intense gaze from his incredible eyes. “Thanks again for inviting me and Matt to the show. It was fun,” I continue babbling.

“It was,” he says, studying me. I look at him and notice he looks amused again. He must think I’m a total clown. “I’m glad you came.” I wait for him to elaborate, but he doesn’t. He just keeps studying my face. I stand there, staring back at him when Matt bounds over, almost spilling his drink.

“Hi, Jay!” He beams as though they’re now best pals. Clearly the cocktail’s effects are already kicking in. Before Jay can answer, he’s speaking again. “Holly! Stefan was right! These cocktails are to die for! This is my third already. You have to try this one I got for you.” He thrusts it into my hand. I take a sip, conscious that Jay’s eyes are on my lips as I raise the glass to them and sip the honey-colored liquid.

“Oh! Yum.” I lick the sweet, intense flavor from my lips. “You’re not wrong. These are delicious,” I say as I take another, much larger mouthful. I could do with the Dutch courage. I sneak a glance up at Jay over the rim of the glass. Matt’s already disappeared, back to find Stefan probably. Damn. Now we’re alone and I need to think of something to say. Luckily, he speaks first.

“So how long have you been flying, Holly?”

“Oh, um, eight years now. It’s an amazing job. I get to travel and be paid for it, come to places like LA.”

“You like LA?” His eyebrows lift and he sounds pleased.

“I do,” I say, feeling braver from the cocktail. “I love the feel of it here, like anything is possible. The people are welcoming.” I look up at him and he’s listening intently, completely focused on me. “You’ve got the beaches, the hills, Big Bear mountain for skiing not far away,” I continue.

“You like skiing?”

“Well, actually, I probably look like Bambi on ice. I should stick to yoga,” I say before willing myself to shut up. I say such stupid things! But Jay’s smiling and it reaches his eyes. Oh God, they’re such beautiful, kind eyes. “How about you? What’s it like living in LA?”  I say, dropping my eyes down so I don’t combust under his gaze. It doesn’t help though. Now his perfect teeth and full, soft-looking lips are in my eyeline.

Jay pauses before he speaks, thank God. I would have missed whatever he is about to say otherwise. “It’s good, I mean I’m lucky.” He hesitates and takes a breath and I watch his Adam’s apple as he swallows. I never realized how arousing a neck could be. I wonder what it would be like to kiss… “I get to do what I love,” he continues, “but there’s a lot of fake people here, Holly. People that want something from you. You hold your real friends close as they’re hard to find. I’m just a guy who wound up with a job in the spotlight.” He rubs his hand over the stubble on his chin in thought as he looks at me.

“Yeah, I guess it is just a job. Although I bet you don’t have to collect bags of other people’s vomit,” I say, before throwing a hand across my mouth, mortified that once again I’ve just said something ridiculous out loud.

Jay looks at me, his eyes lighting up as he laughs. It’s possibly the best sound I’ve ever heard. It’s a kind laugh. He’s not laughing at me; in fact, he looks relaxed and happy. The photograph in the magazine article looking free and happy at the beach, face up to the sun, comes to mind. I drop my arm by my side and find myself laughing with him. He shakes his head. “That’s what I like about you, Holly; you’re real, you’re not trying to be someone else. You’ve got your own way of looking at things,” he says. “It’s refreshing. You remind me that there’s a real world outside this weird LA fishbowl.”

“Some days I think it might be more fun to change and be someone else,” I murmur while I process his words. “That’s what I like about you Holly.”  Did I just imagine him saying that?

“Please don’t change, Holly,” Jay says softly, drawing me out of my thoughts.

When I look up into his eyes, there’s a vulnerability hiding there that I can’t put my finger on. He’s a wealthy, successful actor with probably a million women ready to drop their panties for him, yet he seems, I don’t know—normal. As though he’s got his own insecurities and regrets. I let out a deep breath. He’s actually easy to talk to. He seems genuine and down-to-earth. I mean, he is smoking hot. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a guy that looks like him in the small town I grew up in back in England. Physically, he would stand out like a sore thumb. But who he is as a person maybe isn’t so far removed from the rest of the world.

“Do people comment on your eyes?” he asks, studying them.

“Sorry?” I’m too busy calming the somersaults my stomach is doing to process what he just said.

“Your eyes? They’re such a deep green.”

“Oh.” My fingers reach up and touch the skin on my cheek.

His eyebrows knit together, as though he’s trying to make a decision. Then he reaches out his hand and rests it on top of mine on the side of my face, his thumb dusting across my lips. I freeze; surely he’s not going to? My thoughts are cut short as he leans in toward me and his lips find mine. I’m stunned, but then the warmth of his lips against mine brings me back to the present. The scent of earthy citrus invades my senses and takes control of my body. He kisses me gently at first, slowly, his lips brushing against mine and parting them.

“Mmm.” I sigh, remembering to breathe.

He must take this as an invitation, as he pulls me in deeper, his tongue parting my lips further to seek out mine. He’s an incredible kisser. The sound of my own heartbeat pounds in my ears, and my pulse throbs out a rhythm deep between my legs. What is he doing to me? His arms move down around my waist and pull me up against his hard, muscular body. I reach up, running my free hand over his broad chest and slide my other hand free, snaking them both around the back of his neck. Something about this feels so right. I reach one hand up higher and run it through his hair, tugging some between my fingers. He groans into my mouth and draws me tighter against him, his kiss getting hungrier, more urgent, his tongue really exploring mine now. I am pressed up against him and there’s no denying he has a rock-hard erection. I swallow as a wave of arousal flows through me. I don’t do this. I’m not that girl who kisses hot guys she barely knows. Yet, I never want it to end.

“Holly,” he says as he pulls back, his eyes burning into mine. He looks like he’s battling with something in his head; a small frown passes over his lips, gone as soon as it appears.

I stand there stunned, silenced by his kiss and the intensity in which he’s studying me. He looks like he’s going to say something else, but instead leans in close and presses a gentle kiss to my tingling lips.

“Do you want to dance?”

All I can manage to do is nod. He’s going to need to hold me up; my legs are about to give way. That was one hell of a kiss. I have never been kissed like that before in my life, with so much desire. It was like we were the only two people in the world at that moment. If I could orgasm from a kiss alone, then that would have done it. I glance around. The club is busy, but no one seems to have noticed what just happened, yet to me it feels like a mass of fireworks have just gone off.

Jay takes my hand. It seems small and delicate inside his long, strong fingers. He leads us over to the dance floor. It’s packed, so we are pushed up close to one another. We dance together to song after song. Jay’s eyes never leave mine as I sway and move my body against his in time to the music. The way he’s looking at me, I’m pretty sure there could be an earthquake and he would keep dancing, his hands resting on my hips, his eyes delving into mine.

The music changes to something more sensual and he smiles at me as he spins me around so my back is resting against his chest. I lean back against him, happy to let him take control. His breath tickles my neck, making the hairs stand on end as a shiver runs from my head to my toes. I feel like a stranger in my own body. I don’t dance like this. I’m not a sexy dancer like my friend Rachel. I’m the one who closes my eyes and gets lost in a good song, arms waving in the air. Jay seems to like it though, judging by the erection pressing into me.

Just for one night, suppose I can be someone else? I can be the girl who has a fun night with an almost stranger. It’s not as though I’m likely to see him again. Matt’s words at the show about grabbing opportunities echo around my head. It’s time I stopped letting the old wounds Simon inflicted on my self-confidence control me. I need to find me again. Maybe a hot distraction like Jay Anderson is just what I need tonight.

His hands tighten on my hips. It feels so good to be desired again. So what if he does this all the time with women he’s just met? Surely I can get something out of it too? I slow my hips down and rock them side to side, dragging my body over his again and again. Who knew I could be such a tease? Although am I only a tease if I don’t go any further? I don’t have long to consider the thought before Jay brings his mouth down to my ear and nips it with his teeth. I shudder as a small gasp escapes my lips.

“Holly,” he growls. “You’re coming home with me, now!”


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