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Meeting Mr Anderson: Chapter 15

I wake alone in Jay’s bed. The bedside clock shows it’s almost ten a.m. Wow, I was tired. I sit up and stretch my arms above my head. There’s a familiar ache between my legs, evidence of last night’s incredible make-up session. I got it all so wrong. I’m an idiot for putting us both through the last few days. I just thought the worst. After everything with Simon, I was so quick to jump to the wrong conclusion, without even giving Jay a chance to explain. I should have trusted him. My body knew that very first night to trust him. I’ve done and said things in bed I would never have dreamed of doing before. Jay makes opening up to him seem safe and right. I feel desired and wanted. He deserves so much better than the way I flew off the handle.

My phone is on the bedside table, charging. Jay must have plugged it in for me. He’s so thoughtful. I bring up Jay’s number in my phone and delete ‘Lying cheat,’ replacing it with ‘Jay’ before sending a quick text to Matt and Rach.

Me: Hey, guys, I’ve seen Jay and we’ve sorted everything out. I totally got the wrong idea! He’s doing Anya’s perfume promotion. There’s nothing going on. I feel so stupid. You guys have both been there for me this week and I can’t thank you enough. I have the most wonderful friends. I love you both.

They’ll be wondering what’s going on. They both knew I was coming to LA yesterday, and I spoke to them both before I left the hotel last night. They’ve been so sweet, checking in on me and listening to me rant. My phone beeps.

Matt: That’s such amazing news, Holls! I just knew he wouldn’t have done that. It’s so obvious he only has eyes for you. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Love you.

 I’ve just finished reading Matt’s message when Rach’s arrives.

Rach: I hope you sat on his face and he made it up to you hard! Seriously though, I’m happy for you.

I smirk at Rach’s text. Knowing how much Jay loves going down on me, I’m not sure who would be the one making up to whom in her scenario.

I swing my legs out of bed and use the bathroom before pulling on one of Jay’s T-shirts. I have to stay naked on the bottom half after he ripped my panties to shreds last night. God, that was hot. I was putty in his hands. I would have done anything for him. The level of arousal he brought out of me was off the scale. I’m not sure I will ever get used to the intensity of his touch on my skin. I pull his T-shirt down as far as I can and head downstairs.

Jay’s voice is drifting up the hallway from his office. It sounds like he’s on the phone. I walk into the kitchen and decide to get a glass of juice before going to say good morning. I glance down at the floor as I open the fridge and take out a small bottle of juice. All signs of last night’s smashed glass have gone.

“Good morning, dear, you must be Holly?”

I gasp and the juice nearly slips from my hand as the fridge door swings shut and I look at the lady in front of me. She’s older, probably in her seventies. She has a kind smile framed by bright-fuchsia lipstick. She’s wearing purple trousers and a floral blouse underneath her apron, her feet in a pair of green Crocs. If she were your nana, she’d be a funky one.

“I’m Margaret.” She smiles, holding out her hand. I shake it and give her a small smile. “Call me Maggie.” She looks at my puzzled face. “I’m the housekeeper.” She chuckles.

“Oh.” Realization hits me. “You do the beautiful flower arrangements.”

She puffs her chest up at my compliment and her face breaks into a wide grin. “Always loved flowers, I have. You know they have their own language?”

“I, er, didn’t know that.” I smile, pulling Jay’s T-shirt down as far as I can.

“Oh, don’t you worry, Holly. If I had legs like yours, I wouldn’t hide them away.” She chuckles again. “Not around a man like Jay, anyway. He’s a good egg, love; he’ll look after you.” She squeezes my arm before turning around to continue her tidying. She picks up some mail and sorts through it, humming a tune to herself. “Don’t mind me. I’m just about finished,” she says as she takes her apron off and looks up at me with a bright smile. “Nice to meet you, Holly.”

“You too, Maggie.” I smile back. She’s warm and friendly. I can see why Jay enjoys having her as a housekeeper. I smile again and wave as she leaves, and the front door clicks shut behind her.

I head down to Jay’s office and knock before poking my head around the door. He’s sitting in the chair at his desk and looks up when he sees me. His beautiful blue eyes look straight into mine. Inside, my stomach dances in response. He’s wearing his faded jeans and a khaki T-shirt. He leans back in the chair, his legs wide as he watches me.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” He stretches his arms behind his head, his tanned biceps flexing as he gives me a slow, sexy smile.

“So… I just met Maggie,” I say, biting my lip.

“Ah, great. I wanted you to meet her.”

“Yeah, she’s lovely. I didn’t know she was going to be here though; otherwise, I would have put more on.” I step out from behind the door. Jay’s eyes scan down my body and he raises an eyebrow as he takes in my bare legs.

“Now that’s a sight.” He puts one hand down to his crotch and adjusts himself.

“I just hope she didn’t notice what else was missing.” I turn around and look back over my shoulder at Jay, lifting the T-shirt.

He lets out a low whistle and pats his lap. “Bring that gorgeous ass over here, Berry.”

I saunter over to him and he pulls me down into his lap, lifting my legs over one arm of the chair. I sink into his chest as he wraps me in his arms and presses a kiss to my forehead.

“You let me sleep really late,” I whisper.

“You looked so beautiful; I didn’t want to wake you.” He traces a finger across my cheek.

Could this man get any better? I soak up his attention. I love it when he’s like this, tender and attentive. I also love it when he’s commanding and dirty. Two pieces of a perfect package.

“Have I interrupted you? Were you hard at work?”

“You’ll always be a welcome interruption, and yes, I am hard.” He smirks, lifting his hips so his erection presses into me.

“Oh, I can see you’ve had your clown juice this morning.” I shake my head at him.

“I’m always ready to clown around with you, Berry,” he says as his hands go to the sensitive area below my bum and dance on my skin. I shriek and kick my legs.

“Jay, stop!” I laugh as he tickles me.

“Why would I do that?” His hands grow more determined in their attack.

I can barely talk for laughing. “Because.” I try to catch my breath between giggles. “Because I might wet myself!”

His eyes light up. “Don’t all clowns have one of those flowers that get you wet? Seeing as I am a clown.”

“Okay.” I pant. “I’m sorry I called you a clown.”

“Mmm, you don’t seem that sorry,” he teases and tickles me harder, delighted that he’s torturing me.

“I am! I swear!” I’m almost crying from laughing now.

“Nah, not convinced.” He smirks.

“Please! I’ll do anything!” Inspiration hits me. “I’ll suck your cock!” I shriek.

Jay’s hands freeze and I try to catch my breath, my chest heaving up and down. I wipe away the tears from my eyes as my last giggle subsides.

“I think I’ve discovered your special spot.”

“Oh, you found that the first time,” I say, my breathing returning to normal.

“Is that right?” He leans down, his warm lips pressing against mine, his tongue tracing my lips. It’s such a sensual kiss, I could get lost in it. He repositions me in his lap and unzips his jeans, his eyes bright and playful. “Time to collect my bribe.”

I slide myself off his lap and onto my knees between his legs. “Well then, these will need to go.” I tug at his jeans. Jay lifts himself up off the chair so I can pull them and his boxer shorts off. His cock springs free, a bead of arousal on its tip.

“Now, what should I do with you?” I say as I part Jay’s legs wider and lean back onto my heels. I run my hands up his tanned legs, pausing at his hips. Then I stroke down the inside of his thighs, my thumbs skimming his balls. Jay sucks in a breath as I look up at him from under my eyelashes.

I dip my head without breaking eye contact and part my lips to kiss his inner thighs. I have his full attention as I flick the tip of my tongue over his balls. He moans, his eyes never leaving mine. I curve my tongue around them, one at a time. I love doing this for him. I want to give him everything. With one hand wrapped around the base of his cock, I take one ball into my mouth and suck.

Jay lets out a low groan as I swap to the other side. “Holly…”

Rising onto my knees, I lick all the way up his hard length, every vein pulsing underneath my touch. I pause when I get to the top. Jay’s still watching me, his eyes hooded. They widen as I lick my lips and wrap them around the head of his cock, sucking the bead of arousal off. He tastes so good. I moan as I suck him, knowing that he’ll feel the vibration.

He sucks in his breath. “Fuck.”

I love hearing the effect I’m having on him. I sink down, sliding him deep into my throat and look up. He brings his hands to my hair, gathering it off my face into his palm. The action has me soaking wet between the legs as his gaze burns into me. I suck back up him, swirling my tongue, before taking him deep again. The hands in my hair guide my head as I tug on his balls.

“That feels amazing,” Jay hisses as his grip on my hair tightens. He lifts my head up again, drawing his cock almost all the way out of my mouth before pushing me back down, raising his hips at the same time. His cock is so thick, I have to open my throat to stop myself from gagging. I moan again and rise back up, looking up into his eyes as I suck harder.

“Holly.” His eyes flash as he pushes my head back down and drags it straight back up. His hands pull my hair tighter. I rest my hands on his hips and will him with my eyes to fuck my mouth. He looks at me, understanding clear in his eyes.

“Fuck,” he groans as he guides my head up and down faster, slamming his hips up to meet my lips. I’m at his complete mercy now, only able to moan at how good he tastes, deep inside my mouth. The heat of his cock fires through my entire body.

“I’m going to come, Holly.” Jay’s jaw tenses as his eyes burn into mine. I hold my breath in anticipation as his thighs tense and his balls pull toward his body. That’s when I taste him, hot, salty, and fucking delicious. He hisses my name as his cock pumps into my mouth. I suck each fresh release up and swallow it down, not wanting to lose any drop of him. He’s just so raw and sexy like this. His grip on my hair loosens, but I keep sucking him, sliding my mouth up and down over his cock until he puts his hands on my face and stops me. Sliding my lips over his tip one more time, I kiss it and tilt my face up.

He’s looking at me in wonder, an easy smile spreading across his face. “Remind me to tickle you more often if that’s what happens,” he says, pulling me up and into his lap. He leans forward and dusts his thumb across my tender lips before kissing them.

I love this feeling of him taking care of me. Whatever I did in a previous life to deserve to meet Jay in this one, I am eternally grateful for. Sex with him is so intense, and he’s so gentle and caring the rest of the time. I’m hooked.

“If you’ve got any energy left, I thought you might like to come and spend the night away with me tonight,” he says, between kisses.

“Sounds interesting. Where are you going?” I ask, running my fingers up and down the stubble on his jaw.

“To see my parents. My brother Blake is going to be there too.”

“You want me to meet your parents?”

“Yes, Holly, I do.” He smiles. “Is that such a crazy thing?”

I swallow and try not to grin. “No, not crazy at all. That sounds lovely.” I can’t believe he wants me to meet his parents. Guys don’t introduce every girl to their parents, do they? This must be a good thing.

“But I don’t have any panties to wear. You ripped them off me,” I tease.

“I would happily have you not own any clothes and just stay home with me,” he jokes, nipping my bottom lip between his teeth before kissing me again. “We can go back to your hotel to pack some things. You can wear a pair of mine for now.”

“Okay.” I smile. I can’t believe I’m meeting his family.

Back at my hotel, I leave Jay chatting with Cooper while I go change. I’ve given him a telling-off for tricking me with the taxi last night. He was so apologetic about it all, and Jay said not to blame him as he had asked for his help. Cooper looked so sorry for himself that I had to forgive him. I even ended up thanking him, as I wouldn’t have given Jay the time of day otherwise. I would still be miserable and would have ruined the best thing to happen to me in a long time.

I pack my bag with enough to last me for the night. I go for a slouchy T-shirt that ties around the waist and has a faded beach scene on it and some denim shorts to wear tomorrow, along with my toiletry bag and makeup bag.

I twist my hair up into a messy bun in front of the mirror. All the sex is making my eyes sparkle. Pulling the floral dress I had on last night over my head, I change it for a coral off the shoulder one. I call my flight manager’s room and leave a message and contact details, telling her I’m staying out of the city for the night. Then I head back down to the front of the hotel.

Jay and Cooper are standing where I left them, chatting and laughing. As I walk over to them, something dark across the street moves. Then I see him. A man disappearing around the corner again, just like last night.

“You okay, Holls?” Jay asks, concerned when he sees my face.

I look past him, searching the street opposite. “It’s probably nothing.” I shrug, not wanting to make a big deal out of it. “It’s just, there was a guy standing over there watching me. He went down that side street.” I point to a building. “He was there last night, and he was just there now too.”

“I’ll check it out.”

“No, Jay, it’s nothing. Just leave it.” But he’s already halfway across the street.

Cooper and I watch as he disappears down the side of the building the man had gone down a few moments ago. A few minutes pass and then Jay reappears, jogging back over.

He’s shaking his head. “It runs down to the next street over. No sign of anyone.”

“I’ll check the CCTV.” Cooper taps at the computer at his desk. “I can check last night’s too; it picks up quite a large area. Leave it to me and I’ll let you know if I find anything.”

“Thanks, man.” Jay pats him on the shoulder.

“Thanks, Coop, I appreciate it.”

“No problem, Holly. If there’s someone snooping around, we’ll get him. Probably a photographer looking for a story.”

“Yeah. I guess I’m just not used to it,” I say as Jay wraps his arm around my waist.

“Come on, Berry, we better hit the road.”

“See you later, Coop,” we both call as we climb into Jay’s car and head off for his parents’ house.

It’s such a gorgeous, sunny day that we drive with the windows down and country music blaring. The car fills with song after song of toe-tapping tales of romance, whiskey, and starry nights. I sink back in my seat and smile. This feels so right, just driving in the car with Jay behind the wheel. I look across at him. He looks relaxed, his sun-kissed hair blowing in the breeze. He’s got one arm resting on the open window the steering wheel between his fingers, and his other hand resting on his leg. I reach across and slide my fingers between his, the back of my hand lying on the muscles of his thigh.

“You okay, Berry?” He turns the radio down and brings our intertwined hands up to his mouth to kiss my fingers, his eyes bright as he catches my gaze.

“I am now.” I smile. “It’s almost worth fighting to get the making up afterward.”

Jay smirks at me. “I like the making up part too.” His face turns serious. “But I never want to fight with you again, Holly. It was a rough few days, wondering what you were doing, and what I could have done differently not to hurt you.”

“Jay, it’s not your fault. It’s mine, my past. Dating someone like Simon ruined my trust in anyone and my confidence in myself.” Jay’s hand squeezes mine tighter at the mention of Simon, and he’s clenching his jaw. “Then I met you and it was different. I feel different. I do things I’ve never done before. I like things I didn’t even know I liked.” Like being a dirty-talking nymphomaniac.

“I want you to be yourself, Holly. You can trust me. I will never intentionally hurt you.” He looks over at me, his beautiful blue eyes searching mine.

“I know that now. My body knew a long time ago.” I blush. “My head just took time catching up.”

Jay is smiling as he looks ahead at the road. “Well, I’m just glad it’s all in the same place now.”

“It is. It’s all here, with you,” I say as I lean my head against his shoulder, inhaling his scent. He kisses the top of my head and I know it’s going to be okay. I lift my free arm and turn the radio back up as I snuggle up to him and gaze out at the road ahead.


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