Meeting Mr Anderson: Chapter 14

“Adding kidnapping to your list of talents now, are you?” I snap at him as I reach the front door.

“Don’t be smart, Holly.” He glares at me. “What was I supposed to do? You haven’t answered my texts or calls for days.”

I shrug and look over at the garages, anything to avoid his glare.

“So that’s it? One photo, and you’re never going to speak to me again?” he says, his voice low. He sounds like he’s barely containing his anger. Something inside me boils over and I bring my eyes up to him and glare back.

“That’s about right, yeah. What do you expect me to do? Keep running back to you whenever I’m in town so I can be your booty call while you carry on your life with your real girlfriend when I’m not here?” I hiss.

Jay’s eyes widen and his jaw tenses as he clenches his teeth. “Come inside, Holly.”

“What if I don’t want to?” I sniff.

“Then God help me, I will lift you over my shoulder and carry you in,” Jay says, and I know he isn’t joking.

“Fine.” I brush past him, trying not to inhale his mouth-watering scent. I head straight through into the kitchen. It looks just as I remember it, the view out of the open glass doors at the back stunning as always, the sun setting outside, the sky a vivid pinkish red.

“It’s not what you think, Holly,” he says behind me.

“It never is,” I say sarcastically as I turn to face him.

He strides over, stopping inches away from my face. “Don’t you dare! Don’t you fucking dare put me in the same category as your ex!” he shouts, his arms shaking by his sides. “I would never lie to you, Holly. I would never cheat on anyone.”

I stare up at him. “Like I’ve never heard that before,” I fire back.

“For fuck’s sake, Holly!” Jay slams his fist down on the kitchen counter so hard that a glass tips over and rolls off, smashing all over the floor. I jump, but Jay doesn’t even flinch. His eyes are blazing into mine, his chest rising and falling with each breath.

“Go on then, explain,” I say. Heat radiates from his body and the veins in his arms are protruding. He’s so close to me I can smell the same earthy citrus scent that I noticed the first time we met. I shake the thought out of my head. Now is not the time to get distracted by him. So what if he smells incredible? He’s lied to me. I can’t trust him.

Jay takes a step back from me, running a hand through his hair, his shoulders still tense. “It was work, Holly.”

“Sure it was,” I scoff and roll my eyes.

“Are you going to listen to me or not? Because right now, Holly, I’m wondering why I’m even bothering,” he says, sounding exasperated.

I clear my throat and avoid making eye contact. “I’m here now, you might as well say it.” I shrug.

He looks at me, shaking his head before continuing. “Anya was here Friday morning for a breakfast meeting, like I told you.” He gauges my reaction. I don’t say anything, so he carries on. “She wasn’t here alone. Her agent, Doug, was here too, and so was Stefan. Only, they weren’t the ones photographed leaving.”

My eyes widen. “Stefan was here?”

“Yes, he was, and I asked him not to say anything to you once I realized you were pissed about it. I was too angry that you would even think she was here for any other reason. I told him I would explain it to you myself when I spoke to you. Only, you ignored all my calls.” He glares at me again. “What would make you even think there was anything to it?”

“There was a text on your phone that day. She said you were incredible, and she couldn’t wait to do it again,” I blurt out, turning my back on Jay so he can’t see the heat flaring up in my cheeks. Even if she was here for a meeting Friday morning that doesn’t explain the text message or that time we saw her at dinner when she was flirting with Jay.

“Turn around and look at me please, Holly,” he says, his voice strained.

I take a deep breath and turn around, lifting my chin up in defiance as I’m caught in his intense blue stare. He’s scowling at me and his pulse is beating hard in his neck.

“We did a test shoot together a couple of weeks ago. She wants me to promote the male version of her new fragrance. The photos came out well, so we had a meeting here Friday to discuss the contract.” He lets out a big sigh.

I stand there as my anger slips away and my cheeks cool. I look up at his face. His brow is furrowed, and his eyes are burning with intensity. He’s telling the truth. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. He really is telling the truth; I can see it in his face. I was so ready to believe the worst in him. It was so easy for me to think so little of him. My heart is heavy in my chest at the thought of what that must have felt like for him.

“Why didn’t you just ask me, Holly? Why couldn’t you trust me enough to just ask me what was going on, instead of assuming the worst? All this time we’ve spent together,” his eyes bore into mine.

“You seemed different after dinner, distracted. You didn’t want to spend my last night in LA together,” I say, my voice thick with hurt.

“Holly,” he swallows, taking a deep breath. “I was distracted. I saw you saying goodbye to Stefan, and I knew I was next. I’m not good at goodbyes,” he says, looking down at the floor. I take a step closer to him and he looks up at me. “I knew you were different, but it was that moment that I realized I didn’t want you to leave. Ever again.” He rubs his hands up through his hair, his face pulled tight in anguish. As he brings his eyes to meet mine, they are full of hurt. There’s more to it. Rob. The final goodbye that he never got to say.

“Jay,” I whisper, closing the gap between us and reaching up to touch the side of his face.

He grabs my hand and his eyes flash. “Don’t, Holly. I’m still livid at you for thinking I would treat you like that,” he snaps. The return of his anger toward me is like a slap in the face. He still has hold of my hand and his eyes fix on mine. “You punished me for the mistakes that Simon made,” he says, pulling me hard up against his chest. My heart pounds against him. The heat of his body is almost unbearable next to mine.

He dips his head to my ear. “Don’t ever do it again,” he growls, and then his teeth find my neck and bite, just enough to make me wince. I let out a small whimper, and then his lips are on mine, rough, commanding, his tongue dominating mine. He pushes me up against the wall, one hand holding my neck, the other reaching between my legs. My body betrays me and wetness rushes to meet his fingers, which are now inside my panties. I’ve spent days trying not to think about him, being so hurt at what I thought he had done. Now he’s said a few things and I’m back here already. My body completely at his mercy.

“Stop!” I shout. Jay freezes and draws back to look at me. “You said you used to date?” I pant.

“Holly,” Jay says, a warning tone creeping into his voice.

“So, you have slept with her before?” I continue as he takes his hand back from my soaking wet underwear.

“No, Holly,” he says, his lips only inches from mine. “God, you’re infuriating.” He sighs, reaching to stroke my jaw with the thumb that’s holding my neck, his eyes looking down at my lips. “We dated for a couple of months. Her agent thought it would be good publicity. We had a drunken kiss one night after a party, and it just felt wrong, for both of us. She told me she was in love with someone else.” Jay leans forward so his lips are almost on mine.

“Oh,” I whisper.

“Yes, oh,” Jay says. “So, if you’ve finished, then I would like to continue, please?” he whispers against my lips.

I nod.

“Say it, Holly,” he growls.

“Yes, Jay.”

“Yes, what?” he says, pressing against me harder so his huge erection pushes into my stomach.

“Yes, Jay, I want you to… I need you to fuck me, please,” I whisper, all my restraint against him gone.

His lips shoot back to mine, and his tongue presses back inside my mouth, claiming me. He has me pinned against the wall, one hand holding my neck, and it’s so fucking arousing knowing that he has complete control. Another rush of wetness soaks my panties as his fingers push back inside them. The fabric pulls against my skin and there’s a sound of tearing silk as Jay forces his fingers in and tears them right through. I suck my breath in as he sinks two fingers deep inside me. All I can do is moan against his lips as he fucks me with his fingers, circling my clit with his thumb at the same time.

“You like that, baby?” he murmurs against my lips.

“Uh-huh,” I manage as the pleasure takes over my body.

“Tell me properly,” he says, giving my neck a gentle squeeze.

“I love it, Jay; you know just how to touch me,” I whisper, my legs already growing weak.

“Never forget, Holly. I want you and only you.” He plunges his fingers back inside me again. I cry out and put my hands around his back, digging my nails in.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he growls. “And you’re going to tell me how sorry you are for doubting the way I feel about you.”

“Yes,” I moan as he lifts my dress up over my head and unhooks my bra, throwing it onto the back of the sofa. He leans down to suck my nipples and I press my head back further into the wall as I gasp at how good it feels.

“I’ve missed your tits, Holly. Don’t you ever stay away from me again.”

“I’m sorry,” I moan as my breathing quickens. God, he’s amazing. No one else has ever made me feel like this. No one else has ever had such an effect on my body.

He straightens up and I help him lift his T-shirt up over his head, kissing his chest and running my hands over it as soon as it’s exposed. He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my neck to one side as he sucks and kisses one side of it roughly. My pussy throbs painfully.

“Please, Jay, I’m sorry.” He must believe me. He must know I mean it. I want him so badly.

He unzips his jeans and pulls them down, kicking them off. “I’m not done with you yet, Holly. I need to fuck you hard and you’ve got to be ready for it.”

This is torture. I just need to have him inside me now. I want to scream at him to give it to me. I’m panting and sweating, and every nerve ending is waiting to explode under his touch. He drops to his knees and lifts one of my legs over his shoulder. Oh fuck. Here we go. He can’t get enough of going down on me. I’ve got no chance of getting him back up here until I’ve come now. He will make sure of it. His mouth kisses my burning hot skin, and I cry out in pleasure. He is so good at this. He parts me wider with his fingers before his tongue slides in, tasting me. I can barely stay standing as my legs shake with the intensity of his touch.

“Jay,” I pant, reaching down to grab his hair in my hands. There’s a sharp intake of breath as he feels my hands there. He licks me again, deeper, and faster, his tongue sliding up inside me and caressing in long strokes. “Oh, Jay!” His mouth finds my clitoris and sucks as he sinks three fingers inside me, stretching me wide open. It’s so intense, the pleasure more than I can handle. “Oh fuck!” I cry as I come hard on his face. He growls and pushes his fingers deeper inside me, his tongue driving in circles over me as I keep coming in hard waves all over him. He laps each one up, licking and sucking until I beg him to stop.

“Please, Jay, I’m sorry!” I cry.

I’m panting as he stands up and kisses me so I can taste myself on his mouth.

“Come on, Berry,” he breathes against my lips as he lifts me up with my legs around his waist and carries me out the back door and over to the cabana bed on the deck. He lays me down on my back and rises over me.

“I need to fuck you hard, baby.”

“I need it too. I want you to know I will never doubt you again,” I whisper, looking up into his piercing eyes.

He uses one hand to bring my wrists together above my head and holds them there as he slides into me in one deep thrust. I throw my head back and moan.

“Oh, Holly. You’ve no idea how much I love your tight little pussy. Especially when it’s soaking wet for me,” he says, sliding his cock in and out.  All I can do is lie there with my legs spread for him and watch him take complete control. It’s a massive turn-on.

His thrusts grow deeper, and I’m forced down into the mattress.

“Yes, Jay!” I cry. “That feels so good!”

He lets go of my hands and grabs on to my hips, rising onto his knees and bringing my legs up, opening them wide. His pace quickens and he drives into me over and over, pulling my hips back onto his thick cock. It feels amazing. My entire body is tense and tingling.

“Oh fuck, Jay, I’m going to come,” I cry. My hands grab on to his, holding my hips as he drags my body back onto his.

“Tell me, Holly,” he growls.

“I’m going to come all over your big hard cock, Jay!” I cry. “I’m going to come so hard for you, baby,” I say as I shake underneath him.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he groans through his teeth. My orgasm builds until I can’t hold it any longer and it rips through me. I scream out loud underneath him, squeezing my eyes shut and digging my nails into the backs of his hands.

“That’s it, baby,” he hisses, pushing into me harder as I ride my orgasm out around him.

I fight for a deep breath as I continue shuddering beneath him.

“Oh fuck!” Jay growls as he quickens his pace. “Fuck, fuck, Holly!” He lets out a loud groan as he comes inside me. His cock pumps deep inside me as he lets it out, his body hot and swollen. It feels raw and amazing.

He slows down and stills inside me, panting and sweating.

“Jay.” I reach up and cup his face in my hands. His beautiful blue eyes look back at me. “I’m sorry I doubted you,” I whisper. “I’m so sorry.”

We lie out on the cabana in the warm evening air for a while, just content to be together. I’m tracing patterns on Jay’s chest with my finger as he lies on his back, his arm holding me against his side.

“You know one thing that made me feel better when you weren’t here?” he says.

“What?” I ask.

“I knew if you felt so hurt, you must have strong feelings for me. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have cared so much.” I look up and he’s smiling at me.

“Oh, I must have strong feelings then,” I tease.

He grins. “I would even say you like me better than peppermint tea.”

“Don’t go getting carried away. That’s not just any old tea, you know.” I smirk, kissing his side.

“No, you’re right. I mean, that’s like you saying that I must like you better than my Ferrari,” he says, his eyes crinkling at the sides.

“Preposterous.” I giggle.

“Outrageous,” he agrees.

He looks into my eyes. “I’m glad you’re back, Holly.”

“Me too.” I smile as he leans down and kisses me.

“Let’s get you up to bed. You must be shattered after flying in today.”

I am. Not only the flight, but all the emotions of the last few days have just exhausted me.

“That sounds good.” I start to get up, but Jay stops me and wraps his arms underneath me, lifting me up off the mattress.

“Come on, sleeping beauty,” he says as he carries me to his bedroom. He lays me on his bed and covers me up with the duvet before lying down beside me.

“Jay,” I murmur.

“Yes, Berry?”

“You’re much tastier than tea,” I say as I drift off to sleep.


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