Meeting Mr Anderson: Chapter 11

Jay’s arms wrap tightly around my waist from behind as I snuggle back into him. I wish I woke up like this every day. Last night was incredible, so tender. I’ve never experienced that before or felt so close to anyone.

Jay stirs behind me. “Good morning, beautiful.” He yawns.

“Good morning.” I turn my face toward him and he kisses the corner of my mouth. I take a deep breath. I don’t want to bring Simon up again and ruin a perfect morning, but there are things left unsaid. I need to clear the air, so I can move on. “Thank you for what you did last night, standing up for me like you did.”

Jay’s gaze grows serious. “Holly, that guy is a jerk. The way he spoke about you. I wanted to rip his head off. He’s lucky I didn’t.”

“He wasn’t always that bad. He was nice in the beginning.”

“He’s an abusive moron. The thought of you with him…” Jay frowns and takes a deep breath, his forehead furrowing.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” I say.

“Didn’t what?”

“Rip his head off. I don’t fancy visiting prison when I fly over.” I give him a small smile.

Jay raises his eyebrows, his expression softening. “You’d visit me then?”

“Well.” I shrug. “I would be obliged to if you committed murder defending my honor.” I look up and Jay’s smiling to himself. “So, you’ve met one of my exes now,” I begin, not sure where I’m going with this.


I look over at Jay who is propped up on one elbow, studying me. “What? I just wondered what, you know, what yours are like?”

“My what? My exes?” Jay asks.

“Yeah,” I say, avoiding eye contact. “Are they all actresses and models like Anya Katiss?” I’m trying to sound casual, but it’s not working.

“My exes are all in the past, Holly. I’ve dated for a few months here and there, but that’s all.”

“So, did you…” I swallow. “Did you date Anya Katiss once like the papers said?”

“Holly.” Jay sighs. “Do we have to talk about this?” He looks over at me, before blowing out a breath. “Yes, briefly. It was a while ago now, but it wasn’t going anywhere.”

My stomach cramps imagining them together. Him and Anya. Beautiful, exotic Anya, with her perfect hair and long legs up to her ears. Her long legs wrapped around Jay. Oh God, why did I ask?

“Honestly, I’ve found it hard to open up to anyone since losing Rob,” Jay says, his voice heavy.

I look up into his beautiful eyes and all their hidden sadness.

“So yeah,” he continues. “There’s been women, but nothing serious.”

I wait, willing him to say, ‘until now.’ Please say it, Jay. Tell me I’m special and not like the others. But he doesn’t. He’s turned onto his back and is looking at the ceiling. Why did I have to sound so needy? I swallow down an uneasy tightness in my chest. What if I am just one in a line of many? But then, that doesn’t make sense. The way we laugh together, how he was last night, so tender. There must be more to it for him. I hope there is; otherwise, I’m in it up to my neck.

The hotel phone next to the bed rings and cuts into my thoughts. I lean across Jay to answer it, but he gets there first, putting it to his ear.

“Holly’s room.” He smirks at me as I try to grab the phone off him. “No, I’m afraid she can’t come to the phone right now.” He’s nodding and listening.

Who is he talking to? I try to grab the phone again and he leans out of reach, grinning at me like it’s a game. “Jay!” I whisper. “Who is it?”

He puts his finger to my lips, indicating me to hush. “Yeah, she was participating in a magic show last night; it finished late,” he says with a straight face. “Oh? Okay, I will tell her. Bye.”

I stare at Jay as he hangs up the phone. “Who was that?”

“Oh, that? You know, I didn’t ask,” he says with a smirk.

“Jay!” I push him in his chest, and he laughs and grabs my hands, holding them above my head as he rolls me onto my back and lies over the top of me.

“Oh, you’re so cute when you’re getting mad,” he jokes, his eyes crinkling at the corners. I can’t help it, and I grin back. It’s all I can do when he looks at me like that. He kisses me and I melt underneath him. “It was Rachel,” he says, kissing me again. “She says you’ve got half an hour to get yourself off my cock and get your ass dressed and ready for breakfast.”

I laugh. “Okay, I believe you; that sounds exactly like what Rach would say.”

“See, Holly, I would never lie to you.” His blue eyes are bright as they look at me, before he kisses me once more.

I hope not, Jay Anderson. I’m not sure my heart could take it.

“There you two are!” Rach says. “You’re late! You know what, never mind. I do not want to know the reason.”

“I do!” Matt announces. “At least someone is getting laid around here.”

Jay has his arm slung over my shoulders. He looks incredible. Even in last night’s T-shirt and jeans, he looks like he’s stepped off a photo shoot. His hair looks extra tousled this morning. Probably because five minutes ago I was grabbing handfuls of it as he went down on me. We were just about to leave the room when he pushed me against the door and dropped to his knees. He said I looked so sweet in the flowery dress I’m wearing that he had to taste me. My body heats just remembering it.

“I know a place we can go for breakfast,” Jay says. “I’ll drive us. I left my car here last night.”

“Did you guys pack your swim stuff like I said in my text?” I ask Rach and Matt.

“Yes, Mum.” Rach rolls her eyes with a smile.

“Absolutely!” says Matt, waving his bag in the air to show me. “Packed the eagle smugglers.”

“The what?” Rach scoffs.

“Darling, budgie smugglers are just too misleading for what’s in mine,” he says, pursing his lips at her.

“Ugh, please, that’s not an image I want before breakfast.” Rach curls her lips in disgust.

Jay and I laugh, listening to the pair of them. “Come on, you two, let’s get going,” I say.

“Stefan said he’ll meet us there,” Jay adds.

Matt’s eyes light up. “Come on, Rach, stop holding us up!”

“Oh yeah, because I’m the one talking about my eagle smugglers and stopping us from leaving,” she shoots back.

They continue bickering with each other as we head out of the hotel’s main entrance and into the warm sun. Cooper sees us immediately.

“Good morning, Mr. Anderson, Holly,” he says, smiling and nodding at Matt and Rach too.

“Cooper, call me Jay, please. You make me sound so old.”

Cooper smiles. “I’ve already brought your car around, Jay. I heard you guys in the lobby.”

Rach pokes Matt in the ribs. “See, now Cooper’s been put off his breakfast by your oversharing too.”

Cooper laughs. “Not at all. Where you guys headed?”

“We’re going to get some breakfast at the coast, and then I want to show these guys around my neighborhood,” Jay says.

“Well, have a great day,” Cooper calls.

“Thanks! Say hi to Eric,” Jay calls back as we get into his Ferrari.

“Well, it’ll do, I suppose.” Rach shrugs as she slips into the back seat next to Matt.

“Oh, come on, ice queen,” Matt teases, “you can admit this is pretty cool.”

“Okay, Matt, I will agree with you on this occasion, but don’t get used to it,” Rach murmurs.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Matt says with his hands up in front of him.

“Nice car, Jay,” she says with a smile.

He looks at her in the rear-view mirror. “I’m glad it meets your approval. I wouldn’t want you thinking I drive Holly around in an old death trap.” He smiles.

“Okay, you get one point,” Rach jokes. “And two points for almost strangling Simon last night. That’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages.” She laughs. “I would give you three points if you’d finished the job.”

Jay catches my eye at the mention of Simon. I reach over and squeeze his thigh in reassurance that I’m okay, before he starts the engine and drives off.

“Are we almost there yet?” Matt asks from the back seat. We’ve been driving for just over twenty minutes, chatting and listening to the radio.

“Yeah, any minute now,” Jay says as he turns the car off the main road and pulls over to park. We are right by the beach and I can see sand and sea stretching off into the distance.

“Where are we?” asks Rach.

“This,” Jay says, extending his arms toward what looks like a large wooden shack on stilts, “is Malibu’s best breakfast spot. The views are amazing.”

We all climb out of the car and make our way over to the white painted structure.

“Ladies first,” Matt says as Rach and I climb up the wooden steps to the deck at the top.

Once up there, I can see what Jay means. “Wow.” I smile over at him as he gets to the top behind us. He smiles back and wraps his arm around my waist. The view up here is incredible. You can see right across the white sand beach. The coastline curves around and off in the distance and there’s a large arched rock formation that reaches out into the sea from the beach.

“Brides and grooms travel across the county to have their picture taken there under that archway,” Jay says as he sees me looking.

“I can see why.” I sigh. “It looks so romantic. I wonder how many couples have stood there together, feeling the sand beneath their feet.” He smiles at me, his blue eyes bright and clear.

“Hey, guys!” Stefan’s waving at us from a table on the outer deck, which runs the length of the building, out over the sandy beach. Next to the deck is the roofed part of the restaurant. It’s all whitewashed wood, rattan chairs against driftwood tables, and comfy-looking deck sofas you can imagine sinking into. We make our way over to him and say hello, before sitting down into the plush blue cushions of the sofas. Jay and I on one, Matt and Stefan on another, and Rach with one to herself.

“This place is stunning,” Matt says. “What other surprises do you have up your sleeve?” He looks at Jay and Stefan.

“Wait until you taste the food,” Stefan says, rolling his eyes back in his head as he touches Matt on the knee. Matt beams back at him like the Cheshire cat.

“I hope they do a strong Bloody Mary. I’m going to need it playing gooseberry with you lot,” Rach says, leaning back into her sofa. “What the hell was I thinking? I could be in New York hooking up with a hottie in a suit,” she says, tilting her face up toward the sun.

“Come on, Rach, you know having wild sex with a stranger is nowhere near as fun as hanging out with us,” Matt teases, “no matter how big his cock is.”

She looks over at Matt with narrowed eyes.

“We love you, Rach. I appreciate that you’re here with us and missing out on having sex with some random guy.” I smile, reaching over to squeeze her leg.

“That’s what friends do”—she sighs—“sacrifice for the good of the team.” We all smile at her dry sense of humor.

“So, you hook up with random guys on your layovers, Rach?” asks Stefan, fascinated by the mechanics of it all.

“Yeah, if I feel like it.” Rach shrugs. “Why don’t you, if you get the chance?” she redirects back at Stefan, who looks flustered.

“Well, I, um, no. I’ve never had a one-night stand, only long-term partners.”

“Really?” says Matt, his smile wide. Oh hell, here we go. Matt’s going to be even more into Stefan now that he knows he follows his heart first and not his dick.

“Your loss, I guess.” Rach shrugs.

A server comes over to take our orders. Rach orders a Bloody Mary and the rest of us go for various breakfast smoothies from the menu. We decide to order a breakfast sharing platter to have between us all.

“Oh, could I please have a peppermint tea as well?” I ask before he leaves.

“You like peppermint tea?” Jay says.

“Yeah, I do. I find it calming.” I smile back at him. He studies me for a moment and then pulls me back into the sofa so I’m nestled under his arm, against his chest. I inhale. Just the natural smell of him is such a turn-on; he couldn’t get any sexier. I look up at him. This is where he belongs, by the coast, under the sun. He seems relaxed and free, smiling and chatting with everyone. There’s a tug at my heart. I don’t want to admit it, but I know I’m dangerously close to falling for him. How could I not? I never stood a chance.

We chat and laugh, enjoying the warmth of the sun as we have our drinks and breakfast. Stefan is right. The food here is amazing. We have fresh tropical fruit platters, mini granolas and yogurt, small pastries, and warm egg fritters. It is all so delicious and now I’m stuffed. We settle the bill; Jay insists on getting it.

“Shall we head back to my place?” Jay asks. “The sun will be on the pool for the rest of the day now; it’ll be perfect for swimming.” He leans down to whisper in my ear, “Plus, I want to see you in that sexy little bikini I heard so much about when you were in Dubai.”

I chuckle and go to swat him on the chest, but he catches my hand and brings my fingertips to his lips instead where he kisses them, keeping his eyes focused on me.

“Sounds like a plan,” says Matt, stretching his arms over his head as he gets up.

“You can ride in my car,” Stefan says to him.

“Oh, sure,” says Matt casually. I know in his head he’s high-fiving himself.

“I’m coming with you guys,” Rach says to me. “If I must watch someone flirt and make sexy eyes, it is definitely not going to be Matt. I’m still preparing myself for what we have in store when his peanut smugglers come out at the pool. I don’t think I can take much more.”

“I know it’s just because you’re jealous, darling,” coos Matt. “How someone as charming and funny as me can also have the body of a God, is too much to take in for some people.”

Rach snorts and we all laugh as we make our way back to Stefan and Jay’s cars. Jay slings his arm around my shoulders again as though it’s the most natural thing in the world.

We drive back to Jay’s house with the windows down and the radio blaring. Rach and I sing along to some of our favorite songs as they play. Jay laughs at us to begin with until we persuade him to join us. My mouth drops open when I hear his singing voice. It’s deep and sexy and if he weren’t an actor, he could be a chart-topping country singer. I shouldn’t be surprised. I guess it goes with the territory, having multiple performing talents. I gaze over at him.

“What?” He catches me looking.

“Nothing.” I turn back to look out the window, a smile glued to my face. I can see him from the corner of my eye and he’s smiling to himself too.

We get back to Jay’s house before Stefan and Matt, and we head inside.

“This is some place you’ve got here,” Rach says, looking around as we walk through from the entry hall into the large open-plan living and kitchen area.

“Thanks.” Jay smiles, leaning back against the kitchen counter. “Why don’t you two get ready to swim and I’ll get some drinks ready for us all. Stefan and Matt can’t be far away.”

“Okay,” Rach says. “Holls, you can give me a tour of upstairs.”

“You head up. I’ll be right behind you,” I say, but Rach is already going up one staircase.

I turn back to Jay and wrap my arms around his neck, standing on my tiptoes so my lips almost meet his. His eyes sparkle at me as I rise and dust my lips against his, kissing him.

“I will be back soon,” I whisper, “in my string bikini.”

“Then you’d better go now, before I have you right here on the counter,” Jay says, mirroring my smirk.

“Feeling naughty, Mr. Anderson?” I murmur against his lips, kissing him once more before I pull myself away.

“Always with you, Berry.” He winks at me as I head off to find Rach.

“I love that swimsuit,” I say to Rach, taking in her abstract print one-piece with sexy cut-out sides.

“Thanks! It’s new. It was a present to myself with the extra money I got from Mr. X last month.” She smiles as she looks down at herself.

“Mr. X is turning out to be your most loyal customer.” I raise an eyebrow.

“I know, right?” Rach shakes her head in disbelief. “It’s crazy. And get this.” She leans in closer to me. “He said he wants sole purchasing rights.” Her eyes are wide.

“What?” I laugh, amazed at what I’m hearing.

“Of course, I’ve already told him exclusivity will cost more.”

“What did he say?”

“He said the cost was inconsequential.”

“Wow, he’s really into it, Rach.”

“I know,” Rach says, delighted. “I’m going to have saved a deposit for a house much sooner than I thought at this rate!”

“You must have some serious pheromones.” I giggle. “He just can’t get enough of whatever it is you smell of.”

“Power,” she says. “The power to fulfill his secret sniffing fantasies.”

I look across at her and we both giggle more.

“Come on, let’s go see if Matt and Stefan are here yet.”

We head downstairs and into the kitchen. Jay looks up as he sees me and rubs his hand across his chin as his gaze roams over my body in my white string bikini. Arousal stirs inside me, seeing the effect I’m having on him. His eyes lock on mine and he doesn’t need to say anything. I know that look. He wants me and he wants it to be rough.

“There you are!” Rach calls out as Stefan and Matt walk in. I catch Matt’s eye and he gives me a tell you later look, so I know better than to ask where they’ve been.

Rach and I head out to the pool. It’s even more beautiful in the daylight; we can see for miles across LA. The pool itself is so clear and inviting, and around it are sun loungers and one large four-poster cabana bed with sheer white drapes. Jay was right. The sun is hitting the deck and pool right now and its heat warms my skin.

Rach and I lie back next to each other on two sun loungers as the boys come out in their swim trunks. Stefan’s are black and Matt’s, I’m relieved to see, are a cool tropical print with no eagles visible anywhere. Then Jay comes out. He has on a pair of loose-fitting light-blue trunks. His thighs are large and muscular and his broad, tanned chest, defined abs, and toned V are hard to miss. He looks like a billboard advert for Men’s Health magazine.

“Totally see why you’re smiling all the time if you’re banging him, Holls,” Rach whispers out of the side of her mouth before they get too close. “Fucking hell.”

I just reply with a smile. What can I say? She’s right. I am smiling all the time because of him.

“I made drinks, guys,” Jay says, gesturing to a table of glasses and two large jugs of something fruity.

“I’ll pour,” offers Matt, handing one around to everyone before settling down on a lounger between Rach and Stefan.

Jay grabs another sun lounger and pulls it along the deck so it’s flush up against mine, before he lies down on it. He rests one hand on my thigh and the other behind his head, closing his eyes up toward the sun. He looks so relaxed, so sexy.

“Did you squeeze the fruits for this juice between your thighs too?” I whisper, remembering the first morning I woke up in his house.

His eyes crinkle at the corners as he smiles. “I’m conserving all my energy for you later,” he says as he runs his hand up and down my thigh.

“Is that a promise?” I tease as I close my eyes and relax back on my lounger.

For a while we all just lie there, enjoying the sun and peace until Rach’s phone vibrates. She picks it up to text whoever it is back, and it buzzes again as she taps out another reply.

“Who are you texting?” asks Matt.

“Well, if you must know, Mr. Nosy, I’m texting a guy I know in Vegas. I’m flying there next week.”

“So, you’re arranging your booty call then?” Matt teases.

“Hell, yes, I am!” Rach almost shouts. “Do you know how long it’s been?”

“Are there cobwebs?” Matt asks with a smirk.

“Ew, gross.” Rach wrinkles up her nose. “Of course not. But it’s been long enough that last night I had another of the sexy dreams I get. This time about Boris Johnson. My body is screaming out for it,” Rach groans, crossing her arms, her glossy dark hair shining in the sun.

“Oh, Rach.” I laugh. It’s her weird thing that when she’s sexually frustrated, she dreams about some rather unusual partners. They’re almost always politicians.

“You’re having sexy dreams about your prime minister?” Stefan laughs in delight.

Rach eyes him darkly. “Don’t laugh too hard. It could be you next. Maybe you’ll get Joe Biden, or Donald Trump!”

Stefan’s face is a picture. He’s horrified. I can’t stop myself; I laugh out loud, almost spilling my drink. Jay takes it from me and puts it on the floor next to him.

“Thank you,” I manage through my laugh. Just when it seems over and I take a breath, it starts all over again, and I’m in hysterics once more. Soon everyone else is laughing just as much, and each time we think we’ve stopped, one of us will smirk and it all starts over. I look around. I’m so lucky to be here with everyone.

“Hey, Holls, can you help me get some more drinks?” Jay asks, picking up the tray of empties and heading toward the kitchen. We’ve been enjoying the sun for the last couple of hours and I’m so relaxed.

“Sure. Back in a sec, guys,” I call, but the others don’t reply. Rach is listening to music with her earbuds in, and Matt and Stefan are in the pool talking.

I follow Jay into the kitchen. The sudden change in temperature from the air conditioning makes my nipples harden. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Jay, who is leaning against the kitchen counter with one hand inside his trunks, stroking his cock.

“Starting without me?”

“Get over here,” he says, his eyes dark.

I do as I’m told and walk over to him, stopping in front of him and sliding my hand down to join his on his cock.

“Save some for me.” I smile, biting my bottom lip.

“God, Holly, you’re so fucking sexy,” he says as his other hand grabs my breast and pulls my hard nipple through my bikini top.

I moan and arch into his hand. Then his lips are on mine, hot and urgent, his tongue finding mine and stroking and sucking so perfectly that my legs tremble.

“Jay, they’ll see us,” I say between kisses.

“So?” he says, kissing me harder. “Okay, get in here,” he growls, pulling me into the laundry room and shutting the door. He backs me up against the counter, his kisses growing deeper and more dominant, claiming my mouth as his. My body is hot and wet with arousal, my pussy throbbing for him.

“Jay,” I pant against his lips. “I need you.”

“Holly, I fucking need you too.” His voice is deep and fierce, and I can tell he wants to play dirty.

He lifts me up onto the counter and I wrap my legs around his waist, drawing him in closer to me. I run my hands up over his chest and around the back of his neck, up into his hair. He kisses me harder, pulling back to bite and suck my bottom lip, his hands gripping my ass and pulling me against his body.


“Yes, Berry,” he growls, turning his attention to kissing and biting behind my ear and down the side of my neck.

“Fill me up with your cock,” I moan as I grab fistfuls of his hair between my hands and tug. It has the effect I knew it would. Jay groans and grabs at the ties for my bikini, lifting me up to remove it. He reaches down and slides his trunks off. I lift my legs over the top of his arms and wiggle my bottom forward to the edge of the counter.

He looks at me with his piercing blue eyes, dark with desire, before slowly sliding his cock deep inside my pussy, inch by thick inch.

“Yes, just like that,” I moan, taking my hands from his hair and placing them on the counter behind me so he can pull my hips even closer for deeper access.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” Jay hisses through his teeth as he pulls out and slides back in deeper, his hands holding my hips, his eyes watching where our bodies meet.

“I need to you to fuck me hard, Jay, so hard, baby. I need to know how much you want me,” I moan as another rush of wetness flows over us.

“You need to know how much I want you?” Jay asks darkly as he slides out and rams back into me so hard it makes me gasp.

I nod.

“Oh, I want you, Holly,” he growls, pulling out again and slamming back into me harder. “I’ve never wanted anything more.” His hands dig into my skin and he starts to really give it to me, his hard, deep thrusts growing faster and faster.

“Oh God, Jay!” I call out. “Your cock feels so good fucking me like that. Please don’t stop.”

Every inch of him is sliding in and out of my body, and it’s incredible. I look up into his eyes as he fills me.

“Fuck, Holly, I don’t want to come before you,” he groans as he struggles to keep control. “Touch yourself for me,” he orders.

I place two of my fingers up to Jay’s lips and he takes them into his mouth, rolling his tongue over them and sucking them. I pull them out and place them against my clit while he watches.

“Oh yeah,” he groans. “Do it, baby.”

I rub circles against myself, throwing my head back to moan at how good it feels combined with the fast pounding he’s giving me.

“That’s it, baby, tell me how it feels,” Jay growls.

“It feels so good. I’m so wet for you. I can’t ever get enough of having you inside me,” I cry as his thrusts grow even faster. “Oh, Jay! I’m going to come,” I cry out as the pressure becomes too much.

“Yeah, baby, come on my cock for me. Wrap your tight little pussy around me and squeeze,” Jay hisses.

I explode with a scream, my body convulsing around him. My legs shudder in his arms as wave upon wave of pleasure rolls through my body.

“Oh God, I can feel you,” Jay groans. “You feel so good, so fucking good!” His cock swells inside me before he moans my name and comes in a rush. He keeps thrusting as he empties, and I sigh at how good it still feels. His movements slow down to a stop as he reaches forward and pulls me to him. His hands go to either side of my face as his mouth finds mine.

“It just keeps getting better with you, Holly,” he says as he rests his forehead against mine.

“I could say the same thing,” I say, looking into his eyes.

He smiles and gently pulls out of me. “I’ll check the others haven’t missed us too much. You take your time,” he says, leaning in to kiss me once more before putting his trunks back on. He goes back out to the kitchen, closing the door behind him.

I slide off the counter and put my bikini back on before heading down the hall to use the downstairs bathroom. When I come back into the kitchen, the others are still outside. They’re all in the pool, laughing and splashing each other. It doesn’t look like they missed us at all. I smile as Jay gets soaked by a perfectly timed splash from Stefan and laughs out loud.

Jay’s phone lights up on the counter with a message. I pick it up, about to take it to him.

Anya: You were incredible the other day. I can’t wait to do it again! Anya

My stomach churns as I process the words. It must be from Anya Katiss. What the hell? Jay’s laugh echoes in my ears. He sounds like he’s having fun out in the pool. Has he been having fun with Anya too? I swallow the lump that’s forming in my throat. Just what the hell has he been doing with her?


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