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Love Redesigned: Chapter 40


Telling Dahlia that I’m falling in love with her wasn’t part of tonight’s plan, but neither was reacting the way I did to her conversation with Lily. When she said we weren’t together, it felt like taking a missile to the chest, and nothing could ease the ache but admitting how I feel.

I don’t want casual, and I’m done pretending otherwise.

While I’m afraid Dahlia might not reciprocate, I’m more afraid of the regret I’m guaranteed to feel if I allow my fear of losing her to rule over my actions.

There is no place for pride or denial when it comes to falling in love with Dahlia. I got my second shot at winning her over, and I refuse to squander it because of my ego or stubbornness.

I carry her over to the living room, only breaking our kiss to place her back on her feet. She sways a little before reaching out for the back of the couch.

Now that’s an idea.

I spin her around. “Bend over.” My hand pushes on the small of her back, and she curls over the cushion.

I lift the hem of her dress, exposing her ass.

She squirms with every pass of my palm over the smooth flesh. “Did you plan for all this to happen?”

“I hoped.” I push her feet apart with the toe of my shoe. “Get yourself ready.”

Her hand trembles as she slips it inside the elastic band of her underwear to reach her pussy. To stop myself from touching her, I focus on grabbing the condom from my wallet and undoing my belt.

The jangle of the buckle stops her.

I slap her ass hard enough to leave a mark. “Stop touching yourself again, and I’ll take you here instead.” I drag a finger along the crease, and she responds with the sweetest shiver.

She pushes her underwear all the way down. The lace stretches around her ankles, trapping her in place like a pair of leg restraints.

I don’t take my eyes off her as I undo the button of my jeans and slide them down my legs, freeing my aching cock in the process. The tip glistens from precum, and a single pump draws more out.


Dahlia’s hand pauses, only to resume her efforts when I catch her staring.

“Like what you see?” I slide my hand up and down.

Her eyes land on my lower half. “Come a little closer so I can get a better look.”

“I think I’ll stay here and enjoy the view for a little longer.”

She leans forward a bit so I can get an unobstructed show of her finger sliding over her slit.

I tug on my cock again, and Dahlia matches by pumping a single finger inside herself.

“Just like that.” I grind out the words.

She follows my pace, slow and steady.

“Another one,” I command.

She bites on the inside of her cheek as she adds a second finger. My languid pace frustrates her, and I find myself smiling more than once at the small huffs of irritation she makes every time my tempo slows back down.

“Julian. Please.”

I pause mid-stroke. “Stop.”

Her brows furrow.

“Show me your hand.”

She lifts it.

“Another pretty little mess.” I lick my bottom lip.

“Clean it,” she orders.

I bend down to suck her fingers. Her sweet gasp sends a wave of pleasure straight to my dick, already hard as steel.

I break away to roll the condom on before stepping between her legs. She shudders when I drag the tip past her entrance, coating my length with her arousal. The torturous back-andforth slide seems to drive her mad based on the noises she makes.

Her patience runs out, and she digs her fingers into the couch before pushing back until my tip slips inside her.

“If you wanted me to fuck you, all you had to do was ask nicely.” I grip her hips hard enough to bruise.

“I’m done playing nice.” She pushes back some more, and I sink deeper.

“Fuck this.” I thrust with enough power to make Dahlia and the couch shake. She claws at the cushions as I slam all the way inside her, pinning her in place with my cock.

Right where she belongs.

She just hasn’t accepted it yet, but she will soon enough. Deep down, I know she feels the same way, but my girl is as stubborn as they come. Her fighting against the idea of us is to be expected with our history…but so is my victory.

She whines as I withdraw fully. Sparks shoot down my spine as I slide my cock back and forth over her entrance, using her arousal as a lubricant while I tease it. Every time she wiggles her hips, I nearly give in to her request to fuck her.

I’m a bastard for edging her this way, but the outcome will be worth it. That much I know.

“Please fuck me.” Her voice cracks.

“My three new favorite words.” I slam back inside her.

Her request might not have been the three-word phrase I would have preferred to hear, but it will do for now.

Both of us groan at the pressure, although I recover quicker than Dahlia and find my tempo. The push and pull between us intensifies as I draw out her orgasm by constantly switching my rhythm. She begs, cries, and pleads for me to let her come, but I only plan on helping her find her release once I’m ready to follow her.

I slide my arm underneath her, and with a few more strokes of her clit, she comes around my cock. It only takes a few jerky thrusts for me to come with a curse. My whole world threatens to go black from the overwhelming pleasure, but Dahlia’s lazy grin keeps me grounded.

Her smile rivals the brightest gem, and I’ll be damned if anyone threatens her happiness again. She is more valuable to me than anything else, and it’s only a matter of time before she realizes that.

And it’s my job to help get her there.

After cleaning up, I drag Dahlia to the couch situated in front of the window facing Lake Aurora. At some point, I will have to drive her home, but I won’t be the first one to suggest it now that I have my arms wrapped around her.

“I can’t believe you bought a lakefront mansion because I was bored.” Dahlia leans her head against my shoulder.

“I’m doing everyone a favor. People get hurt or arrested whenever that happens.”

“Rafa got arrested because you convinced him to break a fire hydrant.”

“He never would have done it in the first place had you not pulled that prank on us with the skunk.”

She flips her hair over her shoulder. “One of my finest moments, if I do say so myself.”

“I’m afraid of whatever you’ve planned next.”

Her smile borders on certifiable. “Don’t be.”

“Is it too late to call a cease-fire?” I pull her white lacy underwear from my pocket and wave it.

She laughs as she snatches it back. “Nothing will save you after the stunt you pulled in the attic.”

I drop my head back with a sigh. “It was worth asking.”

She shrugs. “You’ll forgive me eventually.”

“You’re that confident, huh?”

“Oh yeah. Because you’re falling in love with me.”

“I’m going to regret admitting that, aren’t I?”

“Never. Your precious little heart is safe with me.” She taps the spot over my chest.

Rather than focus on the cold thread of fear slithering through my chest, I choose to believe her.


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