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If You Dare: Chapter 3



I don’t have time to be a stalker.

Between morning classes, training on the ice or in the gym by afternoon, followed by practice, an hour of lectures from Coach, and studying before bed, my schedule’s fully booked.

Yet here I am. Here I’ve been since she showed up on campus. Following Violet Harris.

She’s oblivious to the shadow at her back. But in the few days since I met her, I’ve memorized her daily routine and her coffee order. I know the snacks she prefers from the vending machine. I know the smile she uses when she’s genuinely happy to see someone and the one she uses when she’s being polite.

Stalking isn’t in my blood. Girls chase me, not the other way around. Which makes my obsession with Violet Harris a total fucking enigma.

“Are you going to ask her out?” A bubbly voice half-shouts.

Chloe climbs onto a stool at my table. Violet’s ordering a sub twenty feet ahead of us.

Everything about her screams that she’s a girl who either doesn’t know how to stand out or doesn’t want to. Long, brown hair swept up in a ponytail, a gray shirt that’s way too big on her, and round hazel eyes like a scared bunny. Her thighs are incredible in those shorts. All I can think about is how they’d feel wrapped around my back while I’m driving my cock inside her.

“Keep your voice down,” I hiss. “And no. I don’t date.”

Chloe knows that, but she likes to pretend I’ll come around someday. “Good.”

I lift a brow. “Why’s that good?”

“Because Violet’s my roommate, and if you start dating her and break up, I’m stuck in the middle.”

I give her a sardonic smile. “On second thought, maybe I’ll make an exception for her.”

“Too bad, she’s forbidden.”

I don’t really give a shit who Chloe does and doesn’t want me to be with. I’ll never be interested in that shit again after what Britt did. I’m focusing on college, hockey, friends, family, and fucking. That’s it. Messing around with relationships and feelings and all that bullshit is the fastest way to fuck with your head and screw everything up. Not making that mistake again.

“Why would you think I’d be into her anyway? I just met the girl.”

“So why are you following her around like a stalker?” Chloe waves over her head, catching Violet’s eye.

She smiles and heads our way. My stupid heart stutters. “Making sure she’s not some psycho who will kill you in your sleep.”

Chloe side-eyes me. “I know you, Wes. You’ve never looked at a girl like that.”


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