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If You Dare: Chapter 26



“I just made out with Luke!” Chloe squeals in my ear.

We were supposed to meet at our dorm twenty minutes ago and head to Wes’s apartment together. Chloe somehow convinced him to drive us to the nearest local bookstore so she can buy the entire ten-book series of what she affectionately refers to as “fae porn,” the first book of which she devoured last week. How she even makes time for reading in her hectic schedule puts her at god-tier reader level.

“I guess that’s a good excuse for ghosting me,” I say into the phone.

“It’s a great excuse for ghosting you. Besides, it’s not ghosting if I’m still following through on our plans. I’m just meeting you at his apartment. Nothing’s standing between me and those books—not even Luke and his amazingly soft lips.”

I grin. “How was it?”

“So. Sexy. He swept me up in his arms and tipped my head back like he was the hot vampire and I was the one mortal human in the entire world he couldn’t resist.”

“Wow.” I’m smiling so wide, it hurts. I’m so happy for her. She and Luke are the perfect couple.

“I know! I was like, ‘Excuse me, sir, how long have you been seventeen?’”

“Did he get the reference?”

She laughs. “Of course not. I can’t wait to corrupt him. Anyway, I’m gonna go change and I’ll meet you there.” She hangs up without another word.

I knock on the door to Wes’s apartment. I’m pretty sure there’s music coming from the other side, but after two minutes when no one opens the door, I knock again, louder this time.

A shout comes from the other side that I’m pretty sure is “Come in,” so I try the handle and step into his apartment.

To the left, a bathroom door is open and music plays while a shower pours.

I freeze, visions of Wes naked and wet and covered in suds flooding my mind until he shouts, “Chloe?”

“Um, no!” I croak and clear my throat. Even after kissing him on the Ferris wheel, he still makes me nervous. “It’s me! Violet!”

“I’ll be out in a sec!”

I take a seat on the couch to wait. After a few minutes scrolling on my phone, a door on the other side of the room opens.

Trey stops in the doorway when he spots me, and my stomach gives a nervous flip.

I’ve had a bad feeling about Trey since that first day I met him in the dining hall. Every time I make eye contact with him, he leers at me. I’m not sure if he makes every girl’s skin crawl or if I’m his sole, unfortunate target.

He swaggers toward me from his bedroom, a rotten smile twisting his lips as he plops onto the couch beside me. Too close. His knee bumps against mine and I reflexively scoot away.

His grin only stretches. A predator who loves the chase.

“Hey, pretty girl,” he coos, draping an arm across the couch behind my shoulders. I long for a magic wand to turn myself invisible. “Come all this way to see me?”

“Wes, actually.” I gulp. “We’re all going to the bookstore.”

A spark of amusement in those green eyes. “The three of us?”

“Me, Wes, and Chloe.”

His eyelids flutter shut for a second before springing open again, a new blazing fire of interest burning there. He skims my cheek, and I’m frozen in place. A terrified rabbit bracing herself for the predator’s next move.

“You know what I’d do for a threesome with the two of you?” he purrs. My stomach churns. I don’t want to know. “Your sweet pussy grinding on my mouth while she rides my cock with her tight little cunt. You two squeezing each other’s tits and making out on top of me.”

Trey lets out a low groan that turns my stomach. God, he fantasizes about Chloe and me like that when we’re both nothing but repulsed by him.

I glance over my shoulder, hoping Wes will finish in the shower soon and come to my rescue. Trey grips my chin, squeezing and jerking me back to face him.

“Pounding you both with my hard cock.” His hand drifts into my hair now, twisting locks of it in his palm and tugging so hard my eyes sting. “All three holes.”

I try to scoot away from him, but his hand twisted in my hair holds me in place. His lips brush against my neck, and I cringe as his tongue slides out, gliding up from the base of my neck to my jaw.

“Stop.” But the word gets stuck in my throat, so quiet I’m not sure he can hear it over the pounding of my heart.

He nips along my jawline until his long, sharp face is directly in front of me again. He smashes his mouth against mine, pulling my hair back and moving his lips over mine like he’s feasting on me.

I shove at his chest, but he pretends he doesn’t notice me fighting him off.

From the hallway behind us, a low voice calls, “Chloe here yet?”

Trey jerks away from me, my lips tingling like they’ve just been smacked with a hammer. He pulls his arm from behind me and scoots a solid six inches away, leaning casually back against the arm of the couch.

Wes stops in the middle of the room, wet, inky hair dripping onto his blue shirt. The sight of him makes me want to jump from the couch and run to him. Let him envelop me in his arms and keep me safe.

“Everything all right out here?” Wes asks, a note of strain in his voice.

“Just dandy.” Trey pats my knee with a smile before standing, leaving me immobile and dazed, my heart still thumping.


I swear Trey pulls his arm from around Violet when I stride in the room. The same rage boils in my gut from the night I walked in on my ex cheating on me.

I warned Violet the second I kissed her, she would be mine. I made it clear how this would work. What claiming her meant.

But she wouldn’t fuck around with other guys behind my back. She’s not like Britt. She’s sweet, careful, bashful. Britt’s the kind of girl who has the confidence to go after guys. The arrogance to think she can get any guy she wants and not suffer the consequences of fucking around behind their backs. Violet isn’t like that.

Trey nearly waltzes past me until he mutters, “She’s got soft lips, man. And I don’t mean the ones on her face.”

Something in me snaps. Trey’s bedroom door clicks shut behind him, and I grab Violet’s hand, tugging her to my own room, cluttered and reeking of old gym shoes, but I don’t care. “Did something happen between you and Trey? Be honest.”

Her eyes widen, and I expect her to lie through her teeth. Offer up some excuse like Britt did. I was drunk, Wes. I was high. I wasn’t thinking straight. Magically becoming totally sober the second someone called her out on her bullshit.

My hands ball into fists and I want to slam them against the wall, but I know that’ll send Violet running for the door, and I need to get the truth out of her first.

She nods. “He . . . kissed me.”

I shut my eyes, forcing a slow breath through my nose that doesn’t do shit for calming me down. “Did you want him to?”

Violet shakes her head quickly. “No. I told him to stop.”

Now I definitely want to fucking end him. But a sick part of me is relieved that she didn’t want him. Didn’t let him kiss her willingly.

She’s into me, not Trey. She wouldn’t betray me like that. She’s not Britt. They’re two different girls. I couldn’t trust Britt as far as I could throw her.

But I can trust Violet.


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