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If You Dare: Chapter 25



“What the fuck did you give her?”

Violet is passed out in my arms. When she fell unconscious upstairs, she didn’t stir no matter how many times I called her name or tapped her cheek.

I check her pulse again. Slow but steady.

Trey slouches back on the couch with a cup in hand, grinning like a fucking sadistic prick. “No clue what you’re talking about.”

“I know you put something in her fucking drink, Trey.”

“Did you get your dick wet before or after she passed out?”

If she wasn’t in my arms right now, both my hands would be wrapped around his throat. “One last time. What. Did. You. Give. Her.”

He shrugs. “Just a little GHB.”

Jesus. He fucking roofied her. I knew it. “How many other drinks did you spike?”

He rolls his eyes. “Only hers, Christ.”

God, I want nothing more than to lay him out. “I fucking told you to stay away from her.”

“Then you shouldn’t have told her to come here,” he says. “I know she didn’t show up all on her own.”

The invite I sent to Violet was a spontaneous one. A text I typed out as the redhead was feeling up my triceps and purring in my ear no matter how many times I shook her off. I needed Violet. Needed her in my hands, on my face, on my cock.

But Trey can’t know that. He finds out why I really invited her here, and she’ll have an even bigger target on her back.

“Of course she didn’t. I told her to come here, but the point is to keep her conscious so she knows what’s happening.”

“So fuck her when she wakes up then.” He chugs from his cup like drugging a girl is no big deal.

“Monday, I’m letting Coach know about this.”

That smile drops off Trey’s face and he rises like he stands a chance at intimidating me. “Yeah? What are you going to tell him? I spiked a girl’s drink? Where’s your proof?”

“In my fucking hands.”

His eyes fall to Violet’s limp body, tracing over the lines of her face with a demonic hunger. “Anybody could’ve slipped her something.” He claps a hand on my shoulder as he passes. “See you at practice.”

I wish he was wrong, but he isn’t. I can’t prove he’s the one who spiked her drink. Even if I tell Coach he admitted it, that won’t mean shit if Trey calls me a liar and I have no evidence proving otherwise.

“Oh, and Wes?” His wide grin is back. “Let me know how tight her pussy is. I can’t wait to stretch her out.”

He’s dead.


Someone is sleeping in my roommate’s bed, but it’s not Aneesa.

Wes is passed out on top of her blanket, eyes shut and chest rising gently. This is the first time I’ve seen him look peaceful since before Chloe died. He’s in the same clothes he was wearing last night at the party.

My head swims, temple throbbing. What the hell happened last night? All I remember is going upstairs with Wes at the Beta Theta Pi party and his mouth on me. Then nothing.

If Wes is still here, whatever happened can’t be good.

I throw the blanket off me, preparing for the worst. But I’m fully clothed, Aneesa’s dress completely intact. My panties in place. My hand rushes to my chest, the relief spilling over me. Thank god.

I can’t remember having more than one drink last night, but maybe I had so many, I simply forgot how many I really had.

Or maybe Trey put something in that cup he handed me.

Wes invited me to the Beta Theta Pi party to hook up, not to roofie me. This must’ve been entirely Trey’s doing.


Aneesa’s words stick in my head. This is just another trick. Nothing good can come from you being around Wes Novak.

But no, he wouldn’t do something as sick and twisted as instructing his teammate to drug me.

Still, I need to know exactly what happened to me last night.

I jump out of bed and shake his shoulder. His eyes fly open, confused for a second before a weak smile crosses his lips. “Morning, gorgeous.”

The compliment makes my stomach flip. “What happened last night, Wes?”

He sits up, rubbing the back of his neck. “Trey spiked your drink.”

I blink back tears even as my hands curl into fists. Trey is the worst person I’ve ever met. Everything he’s done to me is so much worse than anything Wes has done. He needs to be stopped.

I already know the answer, but I ask it anyway because I have to hear it from his mouth. “You didn’t know, right?”

Wes swings off the bed, opening up my fists and sliding his fingers through mine. I want to melt into him. “Of course not. I’d never do that to anyone, let alone someone I—”

He cuts himself off, but my heart aches to hear the rest. “Someone you what?”

“Someone I . . . care about,” he manages.

Not the exact words I hoped to hear, but they’re still more than I deserve. He cares about me. Even after everything.

“You passed out while we were in bed. I carried you back here. Nothing happened,” he adds, even though I already know he wouldn’t take advantage of me while I’m drugged and unconscious.

“So you never left me alone after I passed out? No one . . . did anything to me?”

His eyes grow more tender. “No, I never would’ve left you alone. Not for a second. If anyone had tried something, I would’ve buried them alive.”

My heart soars at the words, and I manage to whisper, “Thank you.”

He drags his thumb over my cheek. My breath catches. “Chloe would’ve haunted my ass if I’d let anything happen to you.”

A surprised, relieved laugh bursts out of my mouth, even as something painful in my chest swells. He mentioned Chloe in front of me. Without rage or blame.

I miss her so much. I wish she was here to cry to. To make Trey pay for what he did to me.

“Having her as a roommate freshman year was the best thing that could’ve happened to me.” I smile because if I don’t, I’ll break down sobbing again, and I’ve cried enough in Wes Novak’s arms. He shouldn’t be forced to comfort his sister’s killer.

“It was the best thing that happened to her too.”

The shock of his words nearly knocks me off my feet. If she’d never met me, she’d still be alive. “I don’t know how you can say that,” I whisper. “I’m the reason she’s dead.”

“You are,” he agrees. Maybe we’ll both spend the rest of our lives trying to forgive me for that. “But she loved you like a sister.”

My eyes flood with tears. Chloe was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister. But I don’t have the right to mourn her. “I loved her too. I still do.”

“I need you, Violet.” His throat is hoarse, pain etched into his features. “If we’re going to get through this, we need each other.”

I nod, wanting that more than anything. All I’ve wanted since she died is to find comfort in Wes’s arms.

He cradles my cheek, managing a smile. “She would be talking so much shit right now if she found us alone in here together.”

“Something about how we’re gross and she’s going to go barf now.”

He laughs, and my god, I’ve missed that sound. “Even though she secretly wanted us together the whole time.”

I shake my head, grinning. “Yeah, I don’t know how I was so blind to her scheming.”

He swipes a strand of hair behind my ear, sending a shiver all the way down. “Or how you were so blind to my advances.”

“What advances?”

Wes rolls his eyes, amused. “I was flirting with you from day one.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t actually mean anything by it.”

His brows furrow. “How does that work?”

“You were just a flirt. You flirted with everybody.”

“Not everybody.”

“I saw you flirting with Edith.”

“Okay, but that’s because I have a thing for cougars.”

I laugh, smacking his arm.

“Seriously, though, you were different from the beginning. I couldn’t get you out of my head. Followed you around campus—”

I hold up a hand. “Wait. You followed me around campus?”

A lopsided smile. “How do you think I found out your favorite candy?”

“I knew it! I knew you were stalking me,” I tease.

He steps closer until there’s no space between us, and I’m forced to crane my neck to peer up at him. “Yeah, I was. I was fucking obsessed.”

A shiver races down my spine.

He bends down and picks me up by the backs of my thighs in one swift movement. In my ear, he murmurs, “I still need to find out how your pussy feels around my cock.”

Oh my god.

Wes tosses me onto the bed, and I expect him to climb on top of me like he did last night, but instead, he grabs me by the hips and pulls me onto his lap. His erection intimidatingly hard between my legs.

His eyes are glued to my face. I’ve never felt sexier, more powerful, than when I’m burning under Wes Novak’s piercing blue gaze.

“Take off your clothes, baby.”

I peel the dress off and toss it at his head. He flings it off with a grin.

“That’s my good girl,” he murmurs, hungry gaze roaming over every inch.

My eyes flutter shut. If there’s anything I’ve learned from the books I’ve been reading lately, it’s that I have a praise kink.

Or maybe I just have a Wes Novak kink.

He loses his patience then, wrapping an arm around the small of my back before he sits up and sucks a nipple into his mouth. I gasp and latch onto his hair. He pulls my nipple between his teeth while I tug on the unruly strands between my fingers.

His hand drifts to my other breast, squeezing and kneading. I’ve never wanted him more, my panties damp against the hard cock straining in his jeans.

His eyes bore into mine. “You have no fucking clue how long I’ve been wanting to do this.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting you to,” I gasp.

Wes dips his mouth back down to my other nipple and I whimper. I’m already soaked for him. I grind against his erection and he growls, sending shockwaves through my nipple and down to my toes. “That’s such a good fucking girl.”

He guides my hips with one hand up and down his hard length, the friction sending pleasure through my clit.

“What do you want?” he asks, breathless. “My mouth, my fingers, or my cock?”

“I didn’t realize I could only have one.”

He chuckles. “You can have whatever part of me you want.”

“In that case, I choose option D, all of the above.”

Without another word, he’s flat on his back, pulling me up his body by my hips. When my thighs are around his head, he guides me down.

“Relax,” he urges.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to. I’m half embarrassed, half terrified I’ll suffocate him.

But every worry is forgotten when he pulls my panties to the side and glides his tongue up my slit.

The cool, wet sensation splits me in two and I gasp, arching forward and bracing my hands on the wall.

He groans at my taste. “Fuck, Violet. You’re so sweet.”

I moan, liquid heat pooling low in my belly, knowing the flood he must be tasting between my legs.

His tongue laps at my clit, and I nearly lurch away from the sudden, overwhelming pleasure. But he drags me back down, forcing me to sit on his face.

A low growl from his throat, and I know exactly what he’s thinking before he even says it. “You’re not getting off my face until I tell you to.”

My heart is already pounding. “I won’t,” I breathe.

His tongue strokes me, again and again, the combined friction from my panties grinding against my clit making me squirm.

When his tongue penetrates me with an obscene sound, he shoves my panties further to the side and presses down on my clit with his thumb. I shudder, my thighs trembling around him.

He keeps thrusting his tongue inside me while his thumb presses down, harder and harder, circling my clit and making the pleasure mount mind-blowingly fast.

“Wes,” I pant.

Sensing my impending orgasm, he replaces his thumb with his mouth, sucking my clit. I cry out, the pleasure making my mind spin. His finger finds my slick entrance and slides inside, pumping into me while his mouth works me.

“I can’t wait to feel you come on my tongue.”

At his words, I can’t take anymore. The pleasure mounting to an inevitable crest—

My thighs clench around his head as pleasure barrels through me and stars burst across my vision.

I cry out and collapse, no longer able to brace myself on the wall, and moan as Wes continues sucking on my clit and thrusting his finger inside me through the waves of pleasure.

He doesn’t stop even as the overwhelming sensitivity in my throbbing clit threatens to cleave my brain in two. Even as I try to pull away, his arms keep my thighs pinned in place around his head, preventing me from escaping the pleasure.

When I finally start to come down from the orgasm, heartbeat echoing in my ears, Wes guides me back down his body. The slick evidence of my orgasm glistens on his neck.

A hand flies to my mouth. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry.”

He laughs. “Sorry? A girl’s never been so wet for me, she drips down my neck before. That’s the hottest fucking thing that’s ever happened to me.” He sits up and reaches for the hem of his shirt. “Should probably take my clothes off before you soak them next, though.”

My face warms, but I grin knowing he likes it.

He pushes me off him to slide his jeans and boxers down, then pulls me back on top of him. He wipes at the juices on his neck before stroking his cock, lubricating it before nudging at my entrance.

“You don’t want me to return the favor?”

“You’re about to.”

I grin, but it quickly falls away when his tip slides inside me. A slight burn from the stretch.

Wes tilts my chin up, forcing me to meet his eyes. “You want this.” Like he doesn’t have to ask—he already knows how much my pussy aches for him to be inside me.

I nod quickly.

“Say it,” he commands.

“I want this.”

“Want what?”

“I want you.”

He grins. “What do you want me to do to you?”

I mirror the grin back to him. “I want you to fuck me, Wes.”

That’s all he needs to hear. He pulls me down onto his cock slowly, letting me stretch and acclimate to him. He rubs my clit as he works his cock in, the sting and burn from the stretch making me grind my teeth. Until a new kind of pleasure fills me. We’re both breathing heavily now.

“Do you like my cock inside you?” he pants.

My hands are on his abdomen, luxuriating in the incredible six-pack beneath my palms. “Yes. I love it.”

His thumb on my clit rubs harder. “I want to watch you ride me.”

I oblige him. Resting my hands on his chest, I slowly drag my hips up and down, feeling the stretch of his cock filling me with every movement.

“That’s it, baby,” he praises. “Take every inch.”

Pride fills me up, making me move faster, the squelch of our joining filling my ears. He tips his head back and groans. I want to hear that sound from him every day. Want to be the reason for it.

When I glance down at where our bodies connect, I realize there are still a few inches that I haven’t gotten inside me. How is that possible? I already feel completely filled up. “I don’t think I can take every inch,” I gasp.

He chuckles. “Not yet. But you will.”

Pleasure shoots through me. At his words, at his cock hitting that sweet spot inside me, at his frantic thumb on my clit.

“Do you want to get fucked now, baby?”

The word comes out of me in a gasp. “Yes.”

Wes flips me on my back and thrusts inside me, making me cry out. The angle is deep, his hard thrusts almost punishing if it didn’t feel so good. The mattress squeaks beneath us, Wes’s heavy body lying on top of me and fucking me into the bed. So hard our bodies might actually leave an imprint in the mattress.

He groans in my ear, and his sounds turn my body to liquid. “Fuck yes, baby. You’re so fucking tight. You’re going to make me cum so hard.”

He braces his hands on either side of my head, pushing himself up while he keeps slamming into me. My tits bounce wildly.

“You feel so good,” I gasp.

“My belt is too far. This will have to do.” He wraps a hand around my throat, squeezing the sides of my neck.

At the restriction of blood flow to my head, the pleasure mounts. The same way it did when he wrapped his belt around my neck in the library before he made me swallow down his thick cock and cum.

“Wes!” I croak.

“I know, baby. You’re doing amazing. You’re taking my cock like such a fucking good girl.”

The friction from his pelvis hitting my clit with every thrust combined with the overwhelming feel of him filling me sends me tumbling over the edge. “Wes, I’m going to—”

The cry rips from my throat, struggling to escape past his tight grip on my neck as the orgasm barrels through me. He covers my mouth with his, swallowing down my cries, pumping into me like he’s punishing my pussy for making him wait all this time.

“Fuck, baby, I’m going to cum on you. I’m going to paint you with every drop.” His thrusts turn so hard, pain mixes with the pleasure. I scream, tits bouncing and body coming apart with every slam of his cock inside me. “That’s music to my fucking ears.”

I’m not sure how much more I can take, pussy growing sore just before he hisses, “Fuck!”

He jerks out of me, making me yelp, and ropes of his hot cum shoot out, spilling onto my tits and stomach as my pussy continues throbbing.

In the aftermath, we’re both breathless, panting and frozen while we try to catch our breath.

Wes is the first one to recover, regaining his composure enough to grab a tissue to clean me off. Then another and another. I can’t believe I managed to swallow all of that.

“Holy fucking hell, Violet.” He leans down to kiss me, the brush of his lips against mine surprisingly tender after he just tried pounding me into my mattress.

He slips on his boxers and bumps back into my desk, moving the mouse connected to my laptop and stirring it awake. I race to close it, not caring that I’m still fully naked, but he’s faster.

He holds me back with one hand while keeping the laptop propped open with the other. A wolfish smile spreads. “What’s this? Get on your knees for me. Is this your new story?”

“No, it’s . . .” I scramble for an excuse. “A classmate’s.”

His grin widens. “No, this is definitely your fanfiction of me. I want to read it when it’s done.”

“There’s no way in hell I’m letting you read it.” But I can’t fight the smile flickering across my face. He still wants to read something I’ve written.

“Be sure to dedicate it to me too,” he says, pretending he didn’t hear me. He grabs me by the back of my thighs, wrapping them around him, and returns me to the bed. “Only right to dedicate your story to your muse.”


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